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They dreamed and found each other...

She had come to us with a dream to find her man, he has applied to us to meet his beloved and the only one. Both of them were united with one goal - to love and to be loved, to find their eternal love and to create a family.

And there are a lot of people like they are and they joined with this very aim. And today we have people to tell about, to show and to be proud of.

Watch and enjoy!

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Engagement in Donetsk: Fernando and Yana.
It's time to say good bye to loneliness...

Yana and Fernando met in May 2014 in Donetsk. They didn't write letters or chat, they simply met in Donetsk once the branch manager Marina showed Fernando a photo of Yana. Since that moment Fernando and Yana couldn't imagine their life without each other.

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After asking Marina to help me, I liked the attitude of Yana to meet me immediately the next day. When I saw her for the first time I was captured with her sweet smile. From the very beginning she was logically shy but while walking to river place in Donetsk and asking each other personal questions, I was sure finally that it makes great sense.She showed enthusiasm,great tenderness and joy during our meeting. It happened we even hugged each other to take some photos and I felt that she accepted me. At that moment I started to think she is that woman I want to live with. I had great desire to know her more the following days. She attracted me more and more and I was falling in love with that lovely lady named Yana.


The first minute I saw Fernando, I was impressed my his appearance. Fernando is very attractive and he is my type of the man's appearance. Then I felt that he irradiated tranquillity and friendliness. He is confident and very polite, but this politeness is not pretentious, it is indeed very favourable attitude towards people. Fernando did not act a part, he did not present himself in a favourable light. It was so interesting for me to talk to him and immediately I wanted to get to know more about this man. Now I'm surprised and I'm curious why I've felt at once that I can be together with this man in the future, as I've known him only several minutes, hours. That day I realized the destiny gave me one of the most important gifts in my life.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Now they live together in Mexico and they are gradually preparing for a memorable day in their family life...

Dear Fernando and Yana!

Congratulations, we are so happy for you two! May your engagement be the beginning of a lifetime filled with special love and happiness. May your future be a bright and happy one.

Wedding in Ivano-Frankivsk:
Olga and Klaus. Long way to happiness

Olga and Klaus started their communication in 2012. They had been communicating for one year before Klaus decided to come to Ukraine and meet his beloved Olga. It gave them a great opportunity to get to know each other better and get closer.

First they were just exchanging letters and photos but then they realized that it was time to do the next step. Their first video chat was really exciting. Finally they were able to see each other's sparkling eyes and smile. Not so long after their first video chat Klaus decided to meet Olga in person.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

They had a great time together in Ivano-Frankivsk. They were walking around the city exploring the most interesting places of it. Ivano-Frankivsk region is situated close to the mountains. Olga couldn't but show Klaus the beauty of her native region. They decided to take a short trip to the mountain city of Yaremche where they could drive ATV and taste delicious Ukrainian national cuisine. With every day Olga and Klaus became closer and closer. And when Klaus got acquainted with Olga's son they got on very well.

Next time when Klaus visited Olga, he made a proposal and she accepted. Olga realized that if she wanted to be with her beloved man, then she needed to do everything possible to be close to him. She joined the German language courses and made a really great progress in quite a short period of time.

In December, 2014 they got married! The wedding took place in Germany where they happily live at the moment.

Dear Klaus and Olga!

You are two beautiful people, now teamed as a man and a wife. Congratulations on tying the knot! Take a moment to enjoy all the special memories that you both will remember for the rest of your lives. Your greatest adventure has just begun.

Wedding in Poltava:
Michael and Vika. A real meeting can lead to happiness!

For Vika and Michael the way towards each other was long. Both of them had been on the site of UaDreams for several years. But they didn't have luck in their search. Moreover, for some reason they didn't come up too each other's profiles on the site. Michael communicated with several other ladies. Vika also tried luck with other men...

How Michael's daughter chose a wife for him,
and how Vika planned to participate in a TV-show

Before meeting Michael Vika decided to try luck elsewhere. She was very interested in finding her love and was eager to create a family in the soonest time. So, she registered in some kind of family TV show and even was selected as one of the participants. So, she just waited when the show started. Vika warned the manager of Poltava branch of UaDreams that she would leave Poltava and the agency for some time and go to another city for shooting in TV show where hopefully she would meet her man...

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Michael used to be married before an has a little daughter Emma. He had been alone for a long time and even Emma told him one day that he needed a wife who would make him happy. Michael asked his daughter: "And what if you don't like the woman I choose to be my wife?" Then Emma answered: "OK, then let me choose a wife for you!". When Michael opened Gallery of Ladies on the site of UaDreams, Emma pointed out to Viktoria's profile...

When the translator of the agency called to Vika and told her that some man Michael wrote to her and wanted to start relationship, Vika hesitated. Then she looked at Michael's profile and said: "He looks nice and interesting. OK, I will give it the last chance. If I have no luck again, I'm leaving the agency!"

Michael can speak Ukrainian and Russian, but his writing skills are not very good yet. So, Vika and Michael corresponded in English with the help of translator. They found out that they had a lot in common. And when they had their first video chat, they liked each other a lot. After several letters and several chats Michael offered Vika to meet in real life. He told that it was not a problem for him to come to Ukraine in the soonest time. Vika agreed. They chose the dates...

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Right before Michael's visit Vika got a call from the TV show manager and was told that in a few days the show would start and Vika had to pack things and go to another city. As the result Vika had to choose – either to meet Michael or take part in the show. She chose Michael and never regretted :)

On their first date they both felt something like “Click”. They tried to communicate with the help of a translator first, but then realized that they could understand each other without anyone's help. Even if there was some language barrier, their hearts helped to understand everything they wanted to tell each other.

Michael stayed in Poltava for a week and all free time they spent together. After he came back home Vika started making Visa and one month later she went to Germany to visit Michael at his place. After that visit they realized that they were meant for each other and didn't want to be apart any more...

Dear Michael and Vika!

Congratulations on the most important union of your life! You are a perfect pair. You are an inspiration to us. May you two always find love and hope in the company of one another. Enjoy a happy, fulfilling married life!

Engagement in Sumy:
Jean-Luc and Nadya. How the Lady yielded to charisma of the Real Gentleman

Nadya at once made an impression of a very nice lady on Jean-Luc, but he was worried about possible language barrier. How would they be able to communicate, if Nadya didn't speak English?

Our professional graduated translator helped with translation of their correspondence, and Nadya put her heart in each letter. The result of our work: the couple didn't even notice that each of them communicated in his / her native language! With the help of UaDreams their relations developed and their affection towards each other was turning into a really warm and full of trust relatioship.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Soon Jean-Luc ordered Monthly Unlimited Letters to Nadya and began to send her 5 letters a day! His letters were so lovely, romantic and joyful, that Nadya was waiting every day for these letters that became a real pleasure for her. It is an incredibly romantic story!

Finally, Jean-Luc made a decision to come to Ukraine for a long-awaited date with Nadya! Of course, Nadya was excited...

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

How Jean-Luc conquered Nadya's heart on their first meeting and what happened next?

Jean-Luc's secret: from the first minutes of the date he looked at Nadya amorously! He acted like a real gentleman in everything, for example he never allowed the lady to open the door of a car by herself. Both Nadya and our translator then said that Jean-Luc was such a nice man that it seemed they had known each other for 1000 years.

Jean-Luc has already been to Ukraine for several times and every time he says he is very happy :)

«What this girl really needs is a man who keeps his feet on the ground firmly. The man who will keep her by his side and will never let her go.»

/ UaDreams translator

By the way, the problem of language barrier has been already solved — Nadya is studying French intensely now and preparing for the exam at the embassy. Indeed, when there is love between two people, it is easy to overcome any difficulties! (and have you taken care of your lady? Order a foreign language course for her in the best language school of her city)

It is love at first sight. It is a story about a man and a woman, who will walk together through life smiling, holding hands strongly, supporting each other in foul and fair.

Dear Jean-Luc and Nadya!

You are a very beautiful couple, and we sincerely wish you happiness, love and good luck! May you have many happy years together!

Jean-Luc's testimonial about our work

It was absolutely perfect.

I got all what I was supposed to meet. Hotel was perfect and near everything you need. Restaurants and staff are very professional.

My official translator was amazing, friendly, professional, helpful and available anytime we need her services.

And most important of course my lady was not only was she was supposed to be… but even better. I can’t wait to come back and to live our life together.

This was an incredible 5 days spent in Sumy. We shared 2 months of letters before. I could advise the trip.

Then I came in Sumy to meet her. With the help of Julia, our translator, nothing would have been the same. Julia was really helpful in any occasion and it was important, really important to have such presence not far. It’s not easy to not be able to speak the same language but the help of a translator everything is more easy, but with the help of Julia.

It was just fantastic and I’ve spent 5 delicious days here in Sumy and I know by now, I founded a lady to share my life with.

Engagement in Odessa:
Michael and Tatyana. How one autumn morning changed their whole life

Michael was the first to write Tatyana on UaDreams and offered her to get acquainted. What a bold start! The lady accepted his invitation with interest and their love boat put off for its journey.

Michael turned to be an interesting interlocutor, and they tried to learn about each other as much as possible. And one day Tanya and Michael understood that their communication is something more than fellow correspondence and they decided to meet, so Michael came to Ukraine...

At the first meeting Tanya and Michael liked each other very much. They felt this very chemistry... Sociable and friendly Michael conquered Tanya's confidence. She understood that only to him she can fully and completely entrust herself and her son.

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Employees of our branch made their best to organize for the couple several days of heartwarming communication, so Tanya and Michael felt almost as native people. The lady introduced Michael to her family and son. All the family was very glad for Tatyana! And Michael gave Tanya a ring as a birthday gift.

When it was time to part, Tanya came to see Michael off to the airport. Michael will never forget this autumn morning: he was so affected and upset because of the leave.

Tanya was there by his side at the airport early in the morning, and this gave him the main hope of his life — that very soon they would be finally together..

Did Tanya wait for Michael? Did Michael return to Ukraine to make Tanya a marriage proposal?

Michael returned back home. All the time, while Tanya and Michael were far apart, they were in touch, and though Tanya spoke English not well, their communication was lively and natural thanks to the help of our translators.

Finally it was time for another meeting — on Christmas he came to visit his beloved again! They spent the whole time with Tanya's closest people.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Michael was surrounded with care, warmth and attention — the whole Tatiana's family really admired him. During the whole time of their acquaintance and especially at his last visit Michael completely conquered his lady's heart and made her a proposal!

She accepted the proposal!!! The wedding day was named for August in Odessa, just on Tayana's birthday, and next March Tatyana plans to visit Michael in England right on his birthday!

This couple came to in search of a life partner, they worked on their relationship and they really deserve their love and happiness!

We are very glad that we could help two loving hearts to find each other and are proud of the profesionalism of our team. All our staff (more than 50 translators work for us) do their job on the highest level, in order you can find your dream with us!

Dear Michael and Tatyana!

You two are perfect together! As you unite today in love and in friendship, we wish you happiness that reaches every corner of your heart!

Wedding in Sumy:
Murat and Lena. Born for each other

This is a story of Murat and Lena, two kindred souls that were meant to be together. And it took them only 2 months to understand it.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

It was like a thunderclap out of clear sky, when Lena heard Murat's calling to UaDreams video chat. They understood that they were meant for each other from the very first minute when their eyes met in the chat. Probably, the Cupid sent his arrow exactly at that moment, who knows… It was obvious for both of them that there was no need to look for someone else anymore.

Leaving the online world...

Their first meeting took place at agency office and it was fabulous. A huge bouquet of roses added bright colors to that day! It wasn't a meeting of two people who saw each other for the first time. It felt like a wife is meeting her husband from a long business trip, that separated them for so many years before this wonderful evening. Two souls united after long time of separation.

They fell in love with each other even more and shortly after this meeting their hearts decided to join in a sacred marriage!

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Our newlyweds say, "We can't describe how happy we are. We really love each other and we can't imagine our lives without each other. Really, we want to thank for their service. Everything is possible. A man just has to choose the right lady, to feel her, come and visit her."

We congratulate our dear Lena and Murat with their wedding and wish them all the best in their happily married life! May their path be dustless, the sky above them clear and may their destiny be kind and generous to them!

Wedding in Kharkov:
Alia and Willie. Hearts unite again!

Some people say that love does not exist in the modern world. But everybody dreams to feel this magical power that unites two souls, dreams about a person, whom they can give their heart and to be loved back with an equal passion and affection. Alia and Willie is an example of true believers, who believed in love despite the distance and they found it in the eyes of each other, when they first met.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Their first romantic date happened thanks to Uadreams in Ukraine. Willie came to visit two ladies, but sincere and easy going beauty Alia conquered Willie's heart at once. Then it was Willie's turn to win her over. As a real gentlemen, our hero presented his lady with flowers and surrounded her with love and care. He treated her like a queen and eventually won her tender heart.

When Willie came to Ukraine for the second time, he came to visit Alia only. Having spent a month together, they understood that there was a strong bond between them that could not be broken. They celebrated the New Year's Day in the Crimea, their next vacation they spent together at the picturesque Dominican Republic.

Finally it was time to meet Willie's family at at a magnificent island, called Guam. His hospitable family accepted Alia as a new family member, who she became very soon.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Happily Ever After

Their wedding took place at Guam, where they gave their agreement to live one life, as a happy family, under the clear blue sky and the warm sun. Why did they choose this piece of Paradise? Willie is retired from the Army, and now he lives with his family here.

Alia and Willie still can't belive their happiness. Thanks to Uadreams Alia found her prince, although without the white horse (as she says, the most important is the inner world of a man). Willie can't help, but love and admire his pretty ukrainian wife, her sincere smile, loving eyes, positive attitude to life and her passionate heart.

However impersonal the modern world is, the real fairytale still exists in it. All you should do is truly believe in love and its magic, and do whatever it takes you to gain love of a person, who caught your heart's attention. Do not hesitate and take this chance with us! We are sure, you can make it! Our team will support you all along the way to your dream. We are always happy to help you add bright colours and emotions into your life and to write a personal fairytale for you!

Our newlyweds want to share with you their positive emotions!

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Dear Willie and Alia,

We sincerely wish you a happy life, filled with love!
May you carry your feelings through out many years!

Wedding in Kremenchug:
Dasha and Nico. A perfect way to win lady's heart

They met for the first time, when Nico from Germany came to Ukraine on his business affairs. Nico at once noticed the lady at the hotel reception, where he stayed. It was Dasha and she was so charming...

Dasha was a client of our agency and she offered Nico to continue their acquaintance through the site, because she considered that it is more convenient and safe for her to communicate in such a way. Nico liked a lot that he found a lot of pictures of his beloved lady on the site and her profile from which he could get to know a lot of new things about her. And it was easier for Dasha: if she could not check her mail during the day, the agency would call her and tell that she had a new letter from her beloved. Then Nico would not have to wait for her reply for a long time!

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Nico wanted very much to know Dasha better! He gladly accepted her offer, returned home to Germany and registrated on UaDreams at once. And their communication became incredibly convenient, pleasant and interesting.

Soon they couldn't imagine their lives without each other. The marriage of loving couple took place in Dasha's native town — Kremenchug.

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From the depth of our hearts we congratulate
Dasha and Nico with the beginning of their common life
and wish them Love and Mutual Understanding.

Wedding in Ivano-Frankovsk:
Olga and William. Unexpected start of relations

We want to share with you an amazing story happened just before our eyes.

Everything started not ordinary. William came to Ukraine to meet with the girl he had the correspondence with. But from the first meets it became quite clear to them that they did not match.

We came to the resque and tried to help William to make his trip more pleasant. Having discussed the situation with him, we offered him to meet another lady — Olga. It was not love from the first sight, but for sure a lot of sympathy appeared between them. Successful and unexpected start of relations.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Olga invited William home, introduced him to her mother. Olga made William a very nice surprise – the book about gardening, and it turned out William was a big fan of planting flowers and trees.

Several months passed, the couple corresponded and they got acquainted with each other better and better. William came to Ukraine to see Olga once again, and finally Olga decided to visit him.

So, after a year of life together in America they got married! William found his dream.

In September 2012 Olga and William came to Ukraine to have a church wedding and to celebrate this event with the mother and other relatives of Olga. Church allows to take a church wedding only once in one's life, theat's why only very loving people decide to this step. By the way, the employees of UaDreams were also invited to the wedding!

Dear William and Olga,

we congratulate you from the depth of our hearts! On such a beautiful occasion, when your two souls unite, may your love and affection for each other never fade away. Have a wonderful married life!

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Wedding in Cherkasy:
Natasha and Robert. From virtual kisses to real love

Natasha and Robert are one of the couples which we are very proud of. They sincerely believed in real love and found courage to overcome the large distance that divided them.

Robert is a very kind and reliable man, a dream of every lady. He was born in the USA, moved to Germany, due to his job visited a lot of countries all over the world. Natasha is Ukrainian, lovely and very elegant — a real Lady.

During their first video chat Natasha even could not see Robert because of some technical problems, but Robert understood at once that he would like to see this wonderful lady every day. Some time later their chats ended not only with simple «see you», but with incredibly warm «kisses», «I miss you», «I hug you» and.... «I love you so much!!!»

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

In next years's summer Natasha sent to Robert a message entitled «The last letter kiss». Finally he deciced to come to Ukraine! They had been visiting each other during more than a year, and soon they got married.

Now Robert, Natasha and her 15-years old son Vladik live in Germany. All together they already have travelled all over the Europe. They are very happy together and we wish the joy they share to grow deeper day by day!

Wedding in Lutsk:
Frank and Marianna. It was love at first sight

Frank and Mariana have been corresponding for only three months before the first meeting. The couple decided not to put off their meeting on the back burner and thus Frank came to Lutsk in February 2011 for the first time.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

It was a heartwarming meeting, romantic gifts and surprises, walkings throughout the ancient city and the soulful conversations. All these bonded two people so much, that Frank made a proposal of marriage to Marianna. The lady agreed at once to spend all her life with a man of her dream.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

The enamored couldn't live a day in separation, that's why before the wedding Frank came to Ukraine once for two-three weeks to spend time with his only one. They were still continuing to correspond and to exchange sms. The beloved applied to the registrar and in June 2011 had a beautiful and romantic wedding. According to the mutual desire the wedding was held in Lutsk with all the traditions of ukrainian customs. On the next day after wedding the newlyweds went for a honeymoon to Turkey. Frank and Marianna are the outstanding representatives of the true love. The love from the first line, from the first sight. congratulates the newlyweds to their life's holiday and wish them to live all their life in a happiness and concent. We wish a health and well-being to them and their loved once!

Wedding in Lutsk:
Leandro and Irina. Celebration by Brazilian traditions

Irina and Leandro got acquainted in summer of 2009. It was love at first sight. Everyday letters and phone calls from her beloved helped Irina to learn the language. Leandro came to Ukraine in 3 months. They spent a great time and it was very hard for them to part with each other. In a couple of months Leandro took Irina to visit his country.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

When the visa of Irina's being in Brazil expired Leandro submitted all documents for the organization of the full relocation of his beloved to his country and for the marriage ceremony. He came to take Irina to Brazil forever after all the documents were ready. The wedding was held in Brazil by all traditions of the groom.

Both Irina and Leandro tell they are happy and grateful UaDreams for joining their hearts.

We congratulate newly-married couple and wish and wish their marriage be filled with all the right ingredients: a heap of love, a dash of humour, a touch of romance, and a spoonful of understanding.
May your joy last forever.

P.S. Double happiness!
One more pleasant thing happened in this story: Leandro noticed Irina's friend and told his friend about her. So this way we have two beloved couples!

Irina & Leandro
Love story after wedding

Wedding is just the first step of a long and wonderful way. How various life of the couples who got acquainted at can be? Irina and Leandro agreed to tell us about their happy life.

Family idyll. What's the next step? ;)

Leandro took his beloved to his native country, to the hot Brazil. His parents love Irina very much, the whole close-knit family is just adore her!

While Leandro is at work, Ira makes shopping with her mother-in-law and helps with some housework. And soon the couple will move to their own house, because they are already planning children :).

By the way, the girl friend of Irina Anya, who also was a client of our agency, married a friend of Leandro. So, Ira is not bored there and there is a real paradise for them!

Ira already speaks English and Portuguese quite well, although when she met with Leandro, the did not know these languages at all.

They come to Ukraine every year to visit Irina's parents. They came to our office and thanked us very much for helping them to find each other.

We do our job to help you to find your dream.

Just make the first step and we will help you!

Wedding in Kremenchug: Tony and Valia

Let's us introduce you one of our couples. Tony and Valia met each other on our site and are happy in their marriage now.

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Not long time ago they were in a search of their halves, they decided to use our service and,of course, we were happy to help them on their way to each other. Now you can see the happy end of this story and we wish you never lose your hope! Dreams come true with UADreams!

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Wedding in Zaporozhye:
Alla and Colin

Dear Alla and Colin!

We are happy to congratulate You with your decision to be happy together- with your wedding! Live this life in peace and tenderness, holding each other hands and never stop kissing! Love rules the world and now it will rule your lives, Your dreams and intentions!

We wish You Happiness!!!

Wedding in Simferopol: Sveta and Keith

Dear Keith and Sveta! team sincerely congratulate Keith and Sveta with a happy marriage. Marriage Day is the most beautiful and important day of someone's life. This is the day when two lives become one and two souls promise to walk on the road of life together. We wish this gorgeous couple many years of happy family life!

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with

Here are some words from Keith and Sveta:

I came to Simferopol branch of Uadreams company in November of 2006. I met Svetlana and we spent 3 days together and had a great time. I returned to the USA and we continued to talk in email and on the phone very often. I came back to Ukraine the following July and spent two great weeks with her and her family. Svetlana and I fell in love. Svetlana and I would like to thank Alex, the manager of Simferopol branch and all the staff of for bringing us together. Sveta and I were married in October of this year and now live together in the USA. Thank you very much Alex and to everyone at your UaDreams company.

Keith and Svetlana

A newborn in Simferopol branch!
Sveta and Keith become parents!

Some time ago we have already reported about a magical story of love between Keith and Sveta who found each other with help of Simferopol branch of uadreams and happily got married. Today, at this special time right before the holiday of all beloved - St. Valentines day, we have another, truly great reason to congratulate this wonderful couple! Few days ago their young family become bigger as they become parents to a wonderful baby boy that they are going to name Nick!

All the UaDreams staff feels very happy for Keith of Sveta and wishes strong, health and happy prosperous life to the newly born Nick. We hope that his birth will make the bound of love of between his parents stronger and deeper... We are indeed glad to know that the love we helped them to find gives its wonderful fruits and brings joy to the people who share it... We will keep doing the best we can to bring our clients together and help them find their true love, happiness of family life and joy of becoming parents in the future, and hopefully we will be able to help you to find what you are looking for as we already did it to many of our customers.


Wedding in Zaporozhye: Alla and Mervin

Dear Mervin and Alla!

We are happy to congratulate you with the birth of your family-this exciting union of two loving hearts. We know it was long way for both of you and you both, TOGETHER, do deserve this happiness we can see in your eyes now!

We wish you wisdom in making decisions, tenderness and care, sincerety and understanding!

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Wedding in Sumy:
Alyona and Charlie. Happy bride's story

Hello dear men who opened this part of the site "Uadreams"!

My name is Alyona, I am 28. My husband is 51, his name is Charlie. We got married in January and now we live in Sandbach, a small town not far from Manchester, UK. Now I will tell you our story

My husband and I met on this site. He came to Sumy to another woman but their relationships didn't work out. The girl, his interpreter from the agency, saw that my intentions were serious, so she advised me to write a letter to that man, as he seemed to be serious about all that too. I looked through his profile and photos and decided to be the first step to send him a letter. Charlie and I were inclined to have strong relationships from the very beginning.

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After 2 months of every day correspondence he came to Sumy for a week. We had a wonderful time here, I introduced him to my friends and parents.

Then I applied to the bride visa to go to Great Britain. At the end of September my darling came to Sumy again to take me to UK with him. I came there and soon found new friends whose husbands are Englishmen too and who helped me to get used to the new country.

Now I am attending college, I study English and soon I will have exams. Now we are waiting for my new visa for 2 years. After this I am going to come to Sumy to register a new passport with my husband's surname.

I am full of new excitements and going to write an article about life here to a local Ukrainian newspaper.

What else can I add? I am happy, I am beloved. I live with the man whom I love in a comfortable house in a country that has so much opportunities.

I wish all men from this site to find their beloved women here, to live with her long life in love and understanding.

I recommend you to pay attention to the Sumy branch of the "UADREAMS" marriage agency.

Wedding in Kremenchug: Olga and Clark

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Wedding in Lutsk:
Oksana and David. The party was great!

The staff of Lutsk branch was happy to be present at the wedding of Oksana and David! The party was great and it took part in the best restaurant of Lutsk on April 21, 2007.

Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with Parade of Brides in Ukraine with congratulates you on your first big step together! A romantic journey begins with marriage - may your new journey see love, care, passion and trust. We wish you lots of success, may you find a best friend in each other. We wish Oksana and David mutual everlasting love, good health and happiness in their family life!

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Wedding in Poltava: Elena and Steve

The staff of Poltava branch and are happy to conratulate Elena and Steve to their wedding! Through the storms of life, may your love for one another be steadfast and strong. Wishing you a lifetime of the greatest joy, love and happiness. Congratulations!

Wedding in Simferopol: Natalya and Edwin

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Wedding in Odessa:
Tatiana and Lawrence

Dear Tatiana and Lawrence! and Odessa branch warmly congratulates you to your wedding and wish you lots of love and happiness filled with the sweetness of newly married life. May your love bloom brighter and your companionship grow sweeter with each passing year.

May all your dreams come true together!

Wedding in Odessa: Elena and Dwayne

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We are glad to present Elena and Dwayne - they met almost at the end of this year in Odessa and now they are engaged! They will meet the next new year together- happy and in love.

All the staff of congratulates Elena and Dwayne on this great event in their life and we all wish them to be happy together! And we say to those who have not met their soul mate - don't give up! One day your happiness will find you!

We do not post all our marriages. This page is just a small sample of men and ladies who have agreed to allow us to show them to the world. Most couples prefer privacy, sorry.