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Lee: I was treated like King!

Great Wonderful!
So Great Experience!
I was treated like King!
I will never forget these wonderful, wonderful people!
They are The Best and My Friends

Video of Lee:

I want to welcome you to this wonderful experience. Has anybody ever had any doubts im just totally blown away, amazed how this wonderful people. Im not acting, Im not an actor. This is my true feelings, how I feel, that I come to the Ukraine.

I was actually fearful, I was scared, and I had my doubts, but all that has been eliminated. I've met the kindest, wonderful human beings that a man can meet. Beautiful girls, beautiful people. I encourage everyone and anybody, who has any doubts about coming here, about not finding the person, that they really would like to find. And they think that they have an experience of a lifetime. I will remember this moment, this day, this hour, this time in my life for the rest of my life. It's been absolutely a wonderful experience! I've been treated like a king!

And beyond that, I've never been treated so well even in my own home country — has never treated me like this people. The welcomed me with opened arms, warm smile ans opened heart. I don't think anybody could determine how much I appreciate these people. They've done everything for me. Everything! I haven't have to do anything, but just wake up in the morning — breakfast is there. I didnt have to do anything — supper is there. I didnt have to worry about nothing — the car is there.

These people are amazing! And if anybody has any doubts, any doubts... I am an American, you can call me, you can ask me, you can e-mail me. I'll give you my honest opinion. It's the best, most fantastic thing I've ever done in my life! I encourage you, I tell you. All you gotta do is ask me a question, I'll be more than happy to answer your questions. These people are the best! Thank you!

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Lee K. / USA /
16 July 2012
trip to Simferopol

Phillip: UaDreams decided to refund 100% of my package

I have been a good customer of for several years and the service has always been very professional and efficient.

Recently, I decided to reserve a trip package. Unfortunately with recent terrible explosion in West, Texas that damaged a friends home I had to cancel my package. The cancelation was 30 days before my arrival date so I knew I would lose 50% of my package money.

I asked UaDreams to cancel but I did not tell them the reason for canceling. UaDreams handled my cancelation very professionally and inquired about the reason for canceling.

When I supplied the reason, UaDreams decided to refund 100% of my package less the administrative fee. To me this was more than fair and honest. UaDreams demonstrated a very professional and ethical business practice. In my experience, UaDreams customer support makes them a very respected company and in the future I will definitely use there services.

Phillip / USA
5 May 2013

Joe: Thanks for the International Kissing Day video!

I enjoyed watching the video, there were a few ladies on the video that I have written to, but never watched a video of them. I do enjoy the videos. It really lets me know how the lady looks, and some of her personality. Thanks for posting the videos and yes, thanks for the free birthday gift too! God Bless!! Joe from USA

Joe / USA
7 July 2014

Oscar: I do highly congratulate the whole UAdreams team for the wonderful Gift / Video

First I do highly congratulate the whole UAdreams team for the wonderful Gift / Video is devoting to his followers, me included. That´s why I do sincerely thank you so much.

What a careful presentation, so nice melody; the girls and their personal expression... no comment...

You are capable of transmit / share love between future couples ´cause you already have love in yourselves.

Oscar / Peru
4 July 2014

John: My interpreter was like my momma!!

The meeting with my lady was excellent and i enjoyed it very much. My interpreter was very attentive and looked after me and all my needs, like my momma!! It was a great trip to Cherkassy and i would encourage all to visit here.

It was great to meet my lady after 7 months and spend time with her. The staff was excellent and I enjoyed my visit here very much. I would like to return to Cherkassy and continue relations with my lady here and encourage others to come here to find there love.

John / USA
1 July 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Oscar: It is always great!

Hello, I am Oscar from state of Tennessee in USA and I am here to once again say "thank you" to this agency for giving us guys free photo and video credits on our birthdays. My birthday just passed and I had forgotten about this till I came here to write a letter and seen the extra credits.

Also, I wish to say that I just seen the video on agency home page about ladies there blowing kisses to us because it is International Kisses Day? I did not know such holiday existed! I learn something new today. This was great idea to have ladies do this for us. Makes me feel good to know that there are ladies far away who care and are interested in us foreign guys to do this.

And also, "thank you" to the agency for posting photos of July 4 celebrations here in USA from the past. That was very nice and thoughtful of you to remember us. I appreciate that very much! Agency also sent me an email with congratulations on upcoming July 4th. Thank you. I enjoyed that email very much. I wish nothing but blessings, happiness, peace and much prosperity for all Ukrainians.


Oscar / USA
1 July 2014

Peter: Thanking you for your July 4th words and more

Dear President and other support staff.

I wanted to thank you for your July 4th wish to we Americans. I know your struggle for freedom right now. I appreciate your bravery to tell it like it is.

I wish our US government would do much MORE to help you. Even though I am a pacifist by nature, I still wish we would give Ukraine weapons to defend itself from the separatists and Russian goons helping them.

I was in tears as I read your words about our two countries and freedom. The Maidan showed the world true democracy, but the world, though nice to Ukraine with words, has not come forth with help as much as I would like to see.

As for me, I help four Ukraine families in Nikolaev with little stipends each month to help them. I KNOW these people from my previous Ukraine trips.

This article you wrote brought me to tears, even as your work with orphanages in Ukraine. You are the only site I know doing some philanthropy with your profits. God bless you for it.

Keep up the good work and showing the men you are MORE than just another agency trying to get their money. Keep us up on what you are doing and the wonderful explanations of your customs.

And may God bless your business, too. It is a hard time in Ukraine. Travel for us from the USA is limited.

But hopefully, things will settle down in the near future (if Russia would but trust that economically Ukraine will never fully leave them).

Peter / USA
1 July 2014

Chris: I enjoyed every minute every second I had here

I arrived here on the 26th of June and met with a beautiful lady behind you and I had a wonderful first day with her. The city is wonderful! People here in the city are very humble, very accepting, very caring. I enjoyed every minute every second I had here. I would definitely advice people to come to this city and meet a beautiful woman as I did.

And also ask for Valentine as your interpreter. He was wonderful! In fact he was great! Now he is a good friend of mine. The hotel I stayed at with people were wonderful, the staff was very helpful when I needed something, food was good.

And I fall seriously in love with my lady and I asked her to marry me and she accepted and we will get married here soon and share our lives together.

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Chris / USA
26 June 2014
trip to Zaporozhye

Volker: I can say that I am very satisfied with the service

The service from the branch was very good. The translator was very good and let me and my lady free time that was very important. I can say that I am very satisfied with the service.

Volker / Germany
25-28 June 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Brandon: I can not wait till my next visit

I have had a great trip. I couldn’t ask for anything else. The planning was very easy. I have felt very welcome the entire time coming to visit my lady has the best decision I have ever made. We get alone great. This trip wouldn’t of been such a success without my translator. She has been the best and has done above to make sure everything has gone well. I can not wait till my next visit.


Brandon / USA
22-25 June 2014
trip to Poltava

Glen: I’ve got to live like locals and I felt accepted

I’m happy I came here, I really enjoyed meeting people from the agency. Natalia and Eugene they were both great, very helpful and hospital. the arrangement of coming was fairly easy, bet there was a slight sense of pushing that doesn’t need to be there, in the sense of rush with tickets or payment, but once I got there I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the translation, as it was not just translation but Natalia helped me a lot to understand the soul of the country and people here. I enjoyed my time with my lady and Natalia, also I met lots of great people here. I’ve got to live like locals and I felt accepted.

The great thing is the Lady I met here in reality possesses all the traits I thought she would, so we could continue to grow relations we started on the site. So I have a desire to come back here as I truly enjoyed my time here.

Glen / Canada
21-28 June 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Stein Olav: My review of the stay and the use of an interpreter

The driver.

I was greeted at the airport by a very nice man. He helped me to switch to the UAH. His English was impeccable. It happened that he sometimes had to ask me to talk slowly. The journey down to the Poltava took about 3.5-4 hours. We stopped on the way and grabbed a hot dog. This was the first time I tasted it. Unfamiliar but good. I put the incredibly high value on what he told me. He said that I may have with me flowers to the Lady. He knew of a place not far from the hotel where they were selling flowers. I bought a bouquet of roses to my Lady. He drove me to the hotel and we agreed departure 26/6 2014.

Conclusion of the driver:

An incredibly clever driver. Awesome guy to deal with. He made my journey comfortable on the way that he got me to think about anything other than a meeting with the Lady. I will recommender him strongly.

The reception at the Agency.

I was received by a very bubbly Lady, Irina. She did well in the courage and we went to her Office. There we talked a little about how my trip was and in General about everything she retrieved first interpreter, Evgenia that was going to be with us. Then come my Lady in. Wow, what a Lady! We were photographed before we went down to my hotel where she got hers presents. The Agency has been of invaluable assistance to us, even here in Poltava.

The Interpreter, Evgenia.

She is a very great lady and knows how to behave, even though she is only 21 years old! I did not feel that there was any difference between us when we were talking together. She was excellent in English and interpreted in an incredibly wonderful way. She told me when I spoke too fast, something I tend to do when I get carried away, to slow down. The way she mastered hers job was very professional. Anyway, she got us to feel safe.

Even with her personal problems with hers father, she carried out their tasks in an excellent manner. She is very strong in the faith of hers job, it is carried out to grade on a scale of 1-10: 10 +. Take good care of her, she deserves it.

Thank you very much.
Stein Olav

Stein Olav / Norway
17 June 2014
trip to Poltava

Stein Olav: If it had not been for you, we would not have come as far as we are

Hey. I will send you a thanks from my heart for what you have done for my lady and me. If it had not been for you, we would not have come as far as we are. We have incredible feelings for each other and call each other girl / boyfriends. Now it’s just our meeting on June 19 that can tell us how it goes.

I hope you have some patience with this letter because I will tell you how I feel. I must admit that I was incredibly wary of an agency that was involved interconnects. I have all the time heard that you are incredibly frivolous, that you are only looking for money. Here in Sandefjord, it seems as that there are several who have been with you and not found the right one. I have more than once received insults rained down upon me. Why? I once said that girls from the east are more adults for ages, they like to take care of her husband. If I am faithful to them, they trust me and follow me for life. I do not think I’m far from the truth. Even from my own and my friends I have received warnings and told to cut out.

For me, the truth is quite different. Of course I was sceptical at first, it’s just healthy. As it has gone better between my lady and me. We would meet before, but decided to postpone this. I actually think this was very wise. Now we both are nearly as 14 - year olds again. Our feelings for each other are now very strong. This is thanks to the help you have provided. You have at a safe and secure manner helped the lady with translations, you have given us both a confidence that I do not know if we’d managed if we had met on a previous steady and without any back.

The fact that you do not want us to enter each other’s addresses, phone No. etc. may seem somewhat suspicious and strange to an outsider, but not for us now. The fact that we have to go to your office the first time is also a security for her that I am who I publish me. Just to be picked up and brought back to the airport is for me a very great confidence the first time I visit a foreign country. It costs money, but I feel it is worth it.

I also feel the confidence my lady has when she and I were chatting. She chairs 100% of its interpreter which for me makes it much safer to say what I mean. I hope you will continue with your efforts, there are many single people out in the world.

Many heartfelt thanks for what you have been there for me and my girlfriend.

Stein Olav

Stein Olav / Norway
17 June 2014
trip to Poltava

Luis: I had a nice time in Rovno

I had a nice time in Rovno.
I met a beautiful woman from this city.
My translator Ivanna was very sweet and very nice, she treated me like old friend!
Luis from LosAngeles

Luis / USA
14 June 2014
trip to Rovno

Masood: She is much more than my expectation

I met the lady, I have been chatting on the web site and found her to be good of a person. She is much more than my expectation. I am impressed. The translation is also of good help and I found the service of good quality.

Masood / Pakistan
10 June 2014
trip to Kharkov

Mark: Like a dream

From the first meeting to our last day together, the time I spent with my lady was unbelievable. Like a dream. Our translator Anya was very professional and friendly. She even joined us on our many adventures; zip-lining, roller blading, interactive rides and the ferris wheel.

Everything here went better than expected. I will not hesitate to use the services of UADreams when I come back to see my special lady…and after I learn more Russian!

All the best to your search!

Mark / USA
10-16 June 2014
trip to Kharkov

Ludek: I have and I find no complain

I like the service you provide for me. I have and I find no complain. This comment comes from Ludek

Ludek / Germany
7 June 2014
trip to Lutsk

Ronald: My stay in Cherkassy has been peaceful

Despite recent conflicts within Ukraine i am glad i did not cancel my trip to Cherkassy to meet with my lady who I have been writing to for some months prior to my visit. I found the Ukraine people in Kiev and travelling to Cherkassy friendly and helpful. My stay in Cherkassy has been peaceful. I recommend to anyone to visit Ukraine and Cherkassy. I hope to return soon.

Ronald / United Kingdom
6 June 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Joel: My lady was polite, kind and gentle

Mariana was excellent, translation was high quality. My lady was polite, kind and gentle. I like the city very much. Joel

Joel / France
5-8 June 2014
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Adriaan: The girl I met was even more than I expected

The girl I met was even more than I expected. She is nice and her English is also OK! Too good to describe! Translator is very good.

Adriaan / Netherlands
1 June 2014
trip to Nikolaev

Edward: She impressed me a lot with something I didn`t know she could do

Everything was and is still perfect.
The meeting with the girl was nice.
We have the same taste and a lot in common.

The third day when I met the girl was amazing. She impressed me a lot with something I didn`t know she could do. It was amazing she had hidden her talent. After a simple question we found out she could do more that I knew. Also the translator helped the girl to do this. I am very proud of this! (the lady can make beautiful braids)

Edward / Netherlands
1 June 2014
trip to Nikolaev

Pete: The term here at UADreams was fantastic

I had a very nice time visiting the city and the term here at UADreams was fantastic. I was very impressed with their office and the staff was friendly.

Pete / USA
31 May 2014
trip to Kharkov

John: Lady was Wonderful!

Translator was excellent and professional. She was polite and friendly and did an excellent job! Lady was Wonderful!

John / USA
31 May 2014
trip to Nikolaev

Tony: I can encourage you: Get over there as soon as you can!

Hi, my name is Tony, and I've just recently arrived back from Lutsk in Ukraine, Western Ukraine, and to be honest with you guys I did have some doubts about this agency but they were very much as pals very quickly. I can't say the interpreter Julia enough for the great help she did with a wonderful woman that I have met up with. I'll be returning very soon. I can encourage you: Get over there as soon as you can! People are wonderful, the agency was a great help and I wanna say everyone over there: Ukraine is a great country. Thanks

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Tony / Australia
30 May 2014
trip to Lutsk

Alistair: Everybody was very friendly

Hello, my name is Alistair, I came from the UK. I came over to Kharkov for a trip with UaDreams. I had a great time, everybody was very friendly, I had a good arrival at city, I had a lot of time with my lady today and with my interpreter Natalia. I had a great time and I recommend it. Thank you, bye!

Had a great trip. Good and friendly interpreter, enjoyed Kharkov, much more peaceful than I was led to believe.

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Alistair / United Kingdom
29 May 2014
trip to Kharkov

Henrik: And I am very satisfied with the way I got the interpreter

Hi, my name is Henrik. I am here in Odessa with UaDreams. And I am very satisfied with the way I got the interpreter on a whole trip. And she has been very nice to support me in my journey and she has shown me a lot of interesting things. And showed me a beautiful girl....

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Henrik / Danemark
29 May 2014
trip to Odessa

Gerardo: The help of enterpreter was excelent

Everything was ok. I had opportinity to know and get acquaintence with nice special lady. The help of enterpreter was excelent. The places and activities she suggested were nice. Thanks for everything!

Gerardo / Mexico
28 May — 1 June 2014
trip to Lutsk

Igor: The ladies are wonderful

Очень понравилась встреча. Отличный город! Прекрасные девушки. Спасибо Uadreams за оказанную помощь.

I liked the meeting very much. The city is excellent. The ladies are wonderful. Thanks to UaDreams for their help.

Igor / Belgium
28-29 May 2014
trip to Nikolaev

Zeke: Please continue to show the pictures of your ladies who have kids on your site

Please continue to show the pictures of your ladies who have kids on your site. It gives me hope for a better future. I believe in a better future. I believe in Ukraine and peace.

Thank you,

Zeke / USA
28 May 2014

Al and Irina: Hope we can send you our wedding pictures in the near future

Hi thanks for your service. I am sending you some pictures you requested. I spent a month with Irina in Odessa. Feb. 18 - Mar. 17 2014. I had a wonderful time. I am so happy Irina has agreed to come with me in the USA this summer.

I cannot wait to have Irina with me here in the USA. She is trying to gert her visa and passport. I hope you like our pictures and can use them. Also Kate our translator has some nice pictures that you can use. I am so excited about finding Irina on your site. We still have a wonderful time together. Kate our translator was so helpful to us. Kate is now our good friend. Hope we can send you our wedding pictures in the near future. Al.

Al / USA
23 May 2014
trip to Odessa

Luyen: Of course, my girl was exactly I was hoping for

The office was difficult to get to, but I called they were there to help me immediately. My translator Ella was great and funny. Great personality too. Of course, my girl was exactly I was hoping for.

Thanks a million!

Luyen / USA
23-25 May 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Oscar: What may seem like a drop in the ocean to you is a treasure chest for others

It was long time coming for one that once doubted, but I can confirm the UaDreams Merefa agency, staff & the ladies are real. As a former airlines sales rep, I appreciated the agency giving me the flexibility to set up my own plane, hotel & car rental reservations. As we say here in Texas, "This ain't my first rodeo!" Despite this, UaDreams Olia & Irina were supportive & available if I needed their assistance. The Merefa manager Marina & translators were accommodating & friendly during my stay.

I decided to bring my daughter's gently used holiday dresses & stuffed animals to a Ukrainian orphanage after my lady informed me of her local support of a local orphanage. Also, I informed UaDreams & the Merefa agency staff whom coordinated with a baby orphanage in need of pampers, creams, etc. which we jointly purchased locally.

Its a humbling experience to witness firsthand where the children reside & the lack of daily items they need. I highly encourage ALL gentlemen to just take couple of hours of your time on your next visit to Ukraine & go to a local orphanage with your lady & local agency staff. UaDreams is truly committed in this & will do the leg work for you. What may seem like a drop in the ocean to you is a treasure chest for others.

Thank you! ~ Oscar

Read and watch a video, how Oscar and Kharkov staff helped orphans

Oscar / Texas, USA
16-23 May 2014
trip to Merefa (Kharkov)

Steve: What to say! ALL WAS VERY GOOD!

Last week i was in Nikolaev to meet a special lady, special for me!

I enjoyed my trip. I was pick-up at the airport at time and all was perfect even the sun was there. Very good greeting.

The manager of the branch Tatiana and the translator Galya are two very kind and attentive persons. I don't have many things to say because when all is good....what to say! ALL WAS VERY GOOD!

Good staff and good mood

Thanks for all
Best regards

Steve / France
21 May 2014
trip to Nikolaev

Erik: All services were excellent especially the Translator

All services were excellent especially the Translator. It was wise for me to listen to the trip manager and get the silver service with 6 hours translator, it was quite adequate. The room could have used a shower curtain and the hot water had some problems but I made do.

Erik / USA
21-26 May 2014
trip to Poltava

Manfred: The lady is amazing and beautiful

Everything was beautiful! The lady is amazing and beautiful too and I would be glad if I can see her again. Thank you very much for everything!

Manfred / Austria
16 May 2014
trip to Lutsk

Oscar: Two happy days + enjoying it!

Two happy days + enjoying it!

Oscar / USA
16-23 May 2014
trip to Merefa (Kharkov)

Scott: The staff always takes special care of the customers

I went to Simferopol to visit my darling lady. The office manager, Alex, and the rest of the staff did everything to make my trip a great experience. This was my third trip to the Ukraine using the agency and my first time to Simferopol.

The Crimea region is in a transition state and all the banks just closed prior to my arrival. I did not use the agency for lodging or services outside of translation because my lady and I decided to visit a resort city, Kerch, for our time together.

Little did I know that cash was the only method of payment for everything to include the hotel. Alex and the staff were able to help resolve the matter and my trip went from a possible disaster to a wonderful experience. The staff are will do everything possible to assist you in making your trip a painless success, all you have to do is ask.

My translator, Julia, was friendly and so very helpful. The rates for translation are a bargain compared to other translation services and you cannot beat the customer service you get here.

In all 3 trips to the Ukraine I can honestly say that the staff have been exceptional. Have no fear in trusting them.

The only advice I can offer to customers is not to be afraid to ask questions and to ask plenty of them before your trip or even during your trip because they really do want you to be happy.

I can't wait for my next trip to Simferopol to visit the lady of my dreams.


Scott / USA
15 May 2014
trip to Simferopol

Corwin : I know this is a wonderful start to a promising future

From my continued visits with my search to meet a girl to join me in lifes journey. I have always found the Kremenchug Branch my favorite. Even with different translators I found the same level of professionalism and understanding... Little thing like allowing me to sit with the lady in back seat of taxi. You are treated as friend and family. Such wonderful customer service.

This is my first meeting with my lady. I can only say I know this is a wonderful start to a promising future. We compliment each other very well. Our 6 months of communication has paid off. I will leave for home that I have found a girlfriend in my lady and a friend with Translator.

Corwin / Canada
8-17 May 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Walter: I had amazing and gratifying experiences in all my travels!

My last trip to Rivne was very successful in all areas.

I would like to thank this opportunity to thank for the perfecten service from the agency. Everything was uniquely prepared, I had with Olga, a really sensitive and attentive Translator. She knew how quickly the voltages of a first meeting to resolve and gave me the feeling of being always been there. 

At this point I want to emphasize that I had this feeling in all my travels and all translators. I would like to congratulate you and encourage you to continue this good work and service so professional to lead on.

As you know I have so done some travel, and I had amazing and gratifying experiences in all my travels. 

But now I have found a Lady what has captured already in the chat and then the real meetings, my heart by storm. It's still hard for me to believe that I should just be lucky but I'll take this gift that has been made possible by your service, gratefully. 

I would like to thank you for your support over the past months, and I assure you that I will always make known your exceptional service. 

I wish you continued success! 


P.S. Please add to them, that i want say thank you for perfect support and to the manager and translator from Lutsk, Sumy, Odessa; Nikolaev, Cherkassy and Rivne wich i was visiting in the last month. If you want you can also use my picture from the profil. After our first common trip to Lviv and Cyprus in the end of may, my Lady and me will give you one more testimonial about our relationship.

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Walter / Austria
7 May 2014
trip to Rivne

Xavier: As this is my first trip to Ukraine with this agency I will definitely recommend it

I has a very pleasant time with my lady in her town.
My interpreter was just great and very friendly.
As this is my first trip to Ukraine with this agency I will definitely recommend it because the services are beyond expected.

Xavier / France
6 May 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Kevin: My first impression of UA dreams was amazing!

When I first arrived I was amazed at the beautiful architecture of Lutsk city and the people are so very humble and friendly. My first impression of UA dreams was amazing! Luda was my translator and I found her to be very professional and really friendly! Luda was very helpful and she made everything very easy for me. I have found a new good friend in Luda. Thanks for wonderful time and excellent service! I highly recommend UAdreams and moreover I highly recommend Luda.

Kevin / New Zealand
5-18 May 2014
trip to Lutsk

Walter: I spent very lucky days in Rovno and I am sure not the last

After only three weeks I met my lady and I was really surprised about the special feelings during the days.

I met a really nice lady and was supported from an excellent translator, so, I spent very lucky days in Rovno and I am sure not the last. Many thanks on this agency.

Walter / Austria
4 May 2014
trip to Rovno

Joel: I'm very glad of the agency of Rivne

I'm very glad of the agency of Rivne.
I'd like my lady very much.
We're enjoyed our time together.
I was satisfied my translator Julia.

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Joel / France
2 May 2014
trip to Rovno

Fernando: During my adventure and searching for love I really received much help from Uadreams

Hola. Privet

Por medio de esta carta les puedo decir, que en mi aventura y búsqueda de amor,realmente encontre mucho apoyo por la agencia de Uadreams, y en especial por mi traductora Marina que es una autentica profesional y con un gran sentido humano.Pueden tener toda la confianza con ellos. Seguro los apoyaran.


Hello. Privet

With a help of this letter I want to tell you that during my adventure and searching for love I really received much help from Uadreams and especially from my translator Marina who is real professional and with a great sense of humanity. You can really trust them. I’m sure they will help you.


Fernando / Mexico
1 May 2014
trip to Donetsk

Jean-Noël: My general impressions was great about the services and translations

My general impressions was great about the services and translations. I most likely spend a great time with meetings even I was expected to meet only one girl. But I thanks about the possibility to meet others girls. So, I thank you very much about your kindness and disponibility.

With the best,

Jean-Noël / Switzerland
28 April 2014
trip to Lutsk

Fernando: I'm really glad with all the services I got from Uadreams staff

¿Cómo están, todos? Yo me aqui encuentro en Donetsk. Realmente estoy muy contento por el servicio recibido con la gente de Uadreams. Realmente son muy profecionales y, si, enteresan mucho en ti y en tus necesidades.Te contactan, ven por ti y están contigo. Los recomiendo absolutamente. Gracias

How are you all? I'm here in Donetsk at the meeting and I'm really glad with all the services I got from Uadreams staff. They are very professional and, yes, they are very interested in you and your needs. They contact you, they take care of you and they are with you. Of course I reccomend it to you. Thanks

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Fernando / Mexico
27 April - 1 May 2014
trip to Donetsk

Thomas: The lady I met was real and she was very sweet

I have seen this lady on web site. My first impression was that they are very professional. During my stay everything was fine. The translator was really excellent and they always found something what we can visit like: tunnel of love, fortress etc.

The lady I met was real and she was very sweet and she looked like I have seen her in the internet. She really wants to come to Germany and I always had a good feeling that I’m not the number “x” that she has seen in the agency. I will always recommend the agency.

Thomas / Germany
25 April 2014
trip to Lutsk

Keith: I enjoyed my return to Kremenchuk

I enjoyed my return to Kremenchuk. It is quiet peaceful small city. The people are generally friendly. I had top notch service, efficient help and meeting at bus station, translation etc. I felt safe. My translator was helpful and made sure I understood everything.

Keith / USA
24-28 April 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Karl-Heinz: I met the lady of my dreams in a wonderful city

Thank you for a wonderful time at Odessa.
I met the lady of my dreams in a wonderful city.

Karl-Heinz / Germany
18-20 April 2014
trip to Simferopol

Jose: Thanks for your attentions in all senses

I am satisfied with your services. Thanks for your attentions in all senses.

Jose / Mexico
17 April 2014

Dave: Believe me... next trip is just going to be through the agency...

Your staff is wonderful... they found me and were able to save the day!

Believe me... next trip is just going to be through the agency... It does not make any sense to try and manage the trip without the agencies help.

And yes, you can quote me on that! I wholeheartedly support the work you do.

Thank You!

Hi! This is Dave, I am from Minnesota, the United States. I am here in a lovely Zaporozhye  and I can't say enough of good things about the staff here UaDreams. It's fantastic! Don't hesitate, come on all, plan a trip.

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Dave / USA
14-17 April 2014
trip to Zaporozhye

Kyle: It was a pretty cool experience

It was a pretty cool experience. Everyone was very nice. Roman, who transported me from airport was very social which made the drive to Poltava much faster. The translation services were excellent and Irina offered many things to do.

13-19 April 2014
trip to Poltava

Bertrand: Je suis tres satisfait de mon dejour

Je suis tres satisfait de mon dejour, excellent hotel et Natalia a tres bien organise unes journees, elle est tres sympathique et bon enterpreter, surtout mon mouvais anglais

I am very satisfied with my trip! The hotel was excellent and Natalia organized meetings very well. She is a very nice and good translator, in spite of my bad English.

Bertrand / France
6-10 April 2014
trip to Lutsk

Matt: I felt more like a local rather than a tourist, everyone was so friendly and helpful

To all the staff at the Kharkov branch,

Your professionalism and attention to detail was simply amazing. From the moment I landed and cleared customs I was greeted by the company driver and given a warm friendly welcome to Kharkov. The apartment where I stayed at exceeded and met all my needs to include wireless Internet. Also having Resturants and Shops close by was also a plus.

I felt more like a local rather than a tourist. To my translator Nastia thank you so much for all of your wonderful help translating my words for my lady and I. And making us both feel comfortable and sharing laughs and great conversation with us. You are a major asset to the agency. You have gained a new friend and I look forward to working with you again soon. Once again thank you for all your help.

On a side note: To all the gentleman that are still searching in their quest, and are considering coming to Ukraine to visit with their lady. Put your trust in this agency, I did and it has been the best choice and decision I have ever made. Thank you UaDreams for making my dream reality.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Matt / Germany
10-14 April 2014
trip to Kharkov

Ron: Very happy with her translating

Olga was a very good translator and became a good friend. Very happy with her translating. Elmira loved the job she did as well.


Ron / Canada
8-14 April 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Rodolfo: Coming to Ukraine wasn't a problem

Hello! I just want to let you know that I'm very satisfied with the service of the agency. Coming to Ukraine wasn't a problem, people here are very friendly, there aren't really problems on this area. Ukraine... I don't know about the rest of the country... However here everything seems perfect and I'm very happy and satisfied with the service. Thank you.

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Rodolfo / Mexico
4-11 April
trip to Lutsk

Joe: Don’t be afraid to chat here, and then decide to come, and you will not regret

I came to Poltava to follow a dream, and I will like to tell everyone who read this, if you like to try something special in your life, and have someone amazing, then Uadreams is the best place for you.

I read many negative information about this type of sites on the internet, and I can say that it's true there is so much bad sites online, but not here, and not Uadreams.

When you arrive to Ukraine to this agency, you will feel that it's not someone stranger from you, the first thing you see before you meet your lady is a beautiful smile on the faces of all the stuff, which make you start feeling so much positive thoughts about your trip.

My interpreter Oxana is an amazing lady, I wish if I can thank you enough for all what you did to me, I didn’t feel that you are a person that work in the agency, I felt that you are more than friend, thank you for all the help not only the translation, then I meet my angel, and it was an amazing meeting and each moment I spent in Ukraine was the best of my life.

Now I am leaving Ukraine, but as Oxana said to me, ( it's the end of the first visit to my angel ) I am leaving my heart here, and I will come to check on him always, until it will be ready to live again inside me, thank you for everything Irina, Oxana and all the stuff, and thanks for my angel and for her smile that shined my life, and for you I say, this is the beginning of Us.

And for you who read this I say, you have a dream to be with someone not like anyone on earth, don’t be afraid to chat here, and then decide to come, and follow your dream as I did, and you will not regret…

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Joe / Lebanon
4 April 2014
trip to Poltava

John: I think I can hear the soft sounds of wedding bells not far away

Great News, I met Viktoria in New York on Saturday night. She was able to get through immigrations without problems. We spent the night in New York and then we flew to Charlotte North Carolina. We are now enjoying each other and working on our communications. Everything is excellent and I think I can hear the soft sounds of wedding bells not far away. Viktoria is very happy and we have been shopping and letting her become familiar with our home and the surroundings. Viktoria is happy and I can not find the words to describe the way I feel. 

I want to tell all of the staff of UA Dreams Thank You for all of the help and support. Without UA Dreams and the great staff I would of never meet the beautiful Viktoria. My life has changed and I am so very happy. Thanks again for saving me from a life without Love.


John / USA
3 April 2014
trip to Odessa

K.: I’ll be counting each day until I’ll return to my second home again

I didn’t just yet meet with the lady whom I admire and love also I meet with my family I didn’t knew they existed before.

I’ll be counting each day until I’ll return to my second home again. Tomorrow I’m going to say one of the most hard farewells of my life.

K. / Ukraine
3-8 April 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Jürgen: I‘ll come back soon

Everything is wonderful
I‘ll come back soon

Jürgen / Germany
1-5 April 2014
trip to Zaporozhye

Jürgen: Come here, it's very nice here

Hello everyone! Come here, it's very nice here!

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Jürgen / Germany
1-5 April 2014
trip to Zaporozhye

Andreas: I would not have found my true love without your help

I just want to thank all at UaDreams for all their help and support. I would not have found my true love without your help. And also I want to add what a big credit the management and all staff at the Simferopol are to the agency.

Without their big help and support I would not have progressed with my lady. My translator Yulia was magnificent, friendly and made me feel very comfortable, well all the staff did. I class them as friends of mine now.

So once again a massive thank you to UaDreams. I applaud all of you for the wonderful work and I have recommended your agency to couple friends and I will continue to recommend.

Kindest Regards

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Andreas / Cyprus
1 April 2014
trip to Simferopol

Sherif: Very nice

Very nice.

Sherif / Slovakia
28 March 2014
trip to Sumy

Ranndy: Excellent translation service

Excellent translation service.

Ranndy / United Kingdom
24 March 2014
trip to Odessa

Gunter: If you are not coming to Simferopol, you are crazy, you need to come!

My name is Gunter, I am from Germany, I am 49 years old, and I am a client of UaDreams. And today is March, the 21st, I am here in Simferopol and I like this city very much, and everybody is friendly, and everything is ok.

And I have met many beautiful ladies here through the agency, and if you are not coming to Simferopol, you are crazy, you need to come! And right now I am the happiest man in the world, because I met many beautiful ladies and I cannot make a choice, I want them all. :) And I really don't want to leave, I wish I can stay here longer and you should come — UaDreams is a wonderful agency and I have the best experience.

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Gunter / Germany
11-21 March 2014
trip to Simferopol

Walter: I had a excellent translation service

I had a excellent translation service and everything was perfect. I spend very nice days with a very nice lady in Cherkassy.

I will come back soon and meet this lady and use all services. Thank you very much.

Walter / Austria
21-26 March 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Oscar: I feel so much better after seeing the video

Hello, my name is Oscar and I have just seen the video posted on the website from a gentleman who works at the agency office in Kremenchug. Thank you so much for that update video. I have been wondering for a few weeks now after this situation in Crimea if we foreigners will be able to travel to Ukraine in the future. I was not sure these days and wondered if I ever will be able to meet any of the ladies that I write to. I wondered also if I should forget about finding a lady in Ukraine.

Then I saw the video and can see that life in the capital city is normal and that we foreigners can still visit your country and be safe there. I come here often to see and read recent information about events there. Because of all the technology we have these days in using the Internet we can see videos posted here immediately from any part of the world and by this we know what is going on now. I agree with Mark's testimonial posted here yesterday 100%!

I feel so much better after seeing the video. These updates really help us to understand so much better about life there these days.

Thank you so very much for the video! There are good people everywhere and there are many here in the West who are praying for all of you there, all of your country. Having love for mankind knows no boundaries of race, culture or nation.


Oscar / USA
19 March 2014

Robert: Very good meeting

Very good meeting
Possible future with potential
Good translation

Robert / USA
18-21 March 2014
trip to Poltava

Mark: I got a tattoo of the Ukraine flag. It's there forever, just as my love for her people

My friends,

I call you my friends because I feel a bond....a connection to not only you at the Agency, but the people of Ukraine... ALL of Ukraine. I have been a member of the site for quite some time. I have traveled to meet one of the ladies from the agency. You have always been so helpful whenever an issue or question arose. Your customer care is second to none, and the website is a masterpiece (it really is!).

I'm writing this message to show my empathy, support, remorse and encouragement to all of you. You have done so much for me; given me hope and the chance to find my soul mate and my true love. I know she lives within your borders. I believe I found her. But now, you suffer. Perhaps not everywhere, but my love lives in Donetsk, and there things are not so good. I worry and watch and talk when I can.

I am saddened by the recent turn of events....that seemed to coincide with the closing ceremonies of the games in Sochi. The West is watching, and we support your right to live as you wish....however you wish. Soon after the murders in Maidan, I got a tattoo of the Ukraine flag. It's there forever, just as my love for her people and my support and empathy. I wish you all the best, and a quick and equitable non-violent solution and conclusion to the unrest. I am coming back. I must. My love waits for me, and you have played a part in my life. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Mark / USA
18 March 2014

Al: Guys come on over and take a look at these beautiful ladies

Hi! I am here in Odessa, Ukraine. I have come from Plymouth, Massachusetts in the USA. I have been the member of UADREAMS for three and half years. And I can say their service and their professionalism and the service that they have given to me for these 3.5 years have been excellent. I have made two trips to Ukraine. Last year I spent a month in Cherkasy. And this year I've spent a month here in Odessa. And all of the ladies that have been presented to me were all beautiful. They are very lovely and smart. They have everything that I was looking for. And fortunately and finally I have met my Dream Girl here in Odessa. And she has agreed to come back to USA and live with me in the USA this summer as soon as she can get her visa and passport together. And I am extremely excited about finally finding my true love with a wonderful and beautiful lady from Odessa, Ukraine.

And all along all the service that I have ever received from UADREAMS has been first class. The interpreter, Kate (Ekaterina – that is a little bit tough for me to tell that name, but as she said Kate for short) has been excellent. She has been with me all the time I have been here for a month. She has been with me all the step of the way. She has taking me on a guided tour. She has made all the appointments and all the arrangements for my driver. I can't ask for anything better than she was. She is a true friend of mine now. And I will be forever grateful to both UADREAMS and Kate.

I have been living in the past month in this beautiful hotel. It is only three years old, very modern. People here are… at this hotel... It's a family hotel... They have been wonderful to me. They have served me breakfast every morning. Everything in this trip and every time that I have come to Ukraine has just been excellent to me. You know, men from USA really to go to UADREAMS and take a look for themselves. The best luck secret in the world is the beautiful ladies of the Ukraine. And I am just so excited that the only thing was missing in my life and I am so happy that I was persisting enough to finally find her . I went through numbers of ladies. They were all very lovely, they are who are presented in their profiles. Everything about them is true. But I am so delighted and excited. Everything along the way of three and a half years is just been great... my e-mails, my video- chats with the ladies all this time has been excellent. The interpretation has been wonderful. And I highly recommend for you guys in the USA to come and to find the greatest secret in the world.

And even traveling around Odessa... Odessa is beautiful especially is on the ocean. It's very similar to the place I live. I live in Cape-cod, Massachusetts with the ocean and everything that is on the Black Sea is very similar like I said to where I live. I would enjoy living here and living there. We do plan on doing both you know in our lives as well. So my life has been 100 per cent in my favor. And I am so grateful to my interpretor, to UADREAMS for giving me this opportunity. And like I said guys come on over and take a look at greatest secret that this world has and at these beautiful ladies of the Ukraine.

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Al / USA
4 March 2014
trip to Odessa

Michael: I really can find no faults with the services of the agency

My experience there at the agency in Ivano-Frankivsk was a very positive one. In general the translator / guide did a great job to find activities and cafes for myself and the young lady I had come to meet. As for the lady, she was very nice and polite, and I had a nice experience in spending time together. I really can find no faults with the services of the agency, as they were very helpful in every way possible.

Michael / USA
16-19 March 2014
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Jean Michel: For me very good service

For me very good service.
Thank you very much.

Jean Michel / France
12 March 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Francis: It will be something that you won't regret

I would like to say thank you to all the staff at Uadreams that helped me find a very special and wonderful lady. I recommend this site to any man wishing to meet a nice lady from Ukraine.

It will be something that you won't regret. The staff will help you with any questions you may have along the way and they will enable you to meet your chosen lady in a very safe and romantic way.

Thank you and kindest regards

Francis / Australia
7 March 2014
trip to Nikolaev



Harry / USA
6 March 2014

David: Only use this service if you are serious about coming here

My first meeting with my special lady was amazing. Our time was short but I am confident that many more meetings and special times are coming for us.

The Uadreams agency has been great. From the very first contact with their staff via the website, or through physical contact with the interpreter (Oxana). Only use this service if you are seriuos about coming here and meeting your potential love for life.

David / USA
1 March 2014
trip to Zaporozhye

Jeremie: I was wrong – Everything is great!

When I first booked a trip with an agency on the Internet, I was a sin decision — with all the bad things we can hear or read — But I was wrong – Everything is great!

The Hotel is cozy and very clean – The room is very nice – it's very well located in the center in the city. Agency, shops, restaurants, banks are all in the walking distance. The translator is a nice and very helpful. She always explains everything I need to know.

Agency's people are very serious and considerate – Because of a misunderstanding, I had no driver for car transfer between Odessa and Nikolaev. I had to take a taxi, but they give the money back.

Every Ukrainian people I meet and talk was nice and polite – for a Frenchman from Paris, I know it's not always the case in every city:)

Jeremie / France
24-28 February 2014
trip to Nikolaev

Peter: The service with Irina was excellent

The service with Irina was excellent and next time when I come to Poltava I am happy I see lady again and have a good time together.

Thank for a good time and perfect service.

Peter / Germany
23 Ferbuary — 2 March
trip to Poltava

Adrian: It will be a pleasure to return again in the near future

The collection, transportation, translators, office staff and service is excellent.

I had a very relaxed and enjoyable time. Excellent food, wine, beer and company.

Everyone was really friendly and helpful. It will be a pleasure to return again in the near future.

Adrian / United Kingdom
22-27 February 2014
trip to Poltava

Bernd: Meeting my lady was the highlight

Dear Irina,

I already made my trip to Nikolaev and promised our translator to write a few sentences to you, because I was absolutely keen of your service, of the whole trip and especially of my lady. Before my trip your costumer support helped mit with everything in a very kind way, afterwards the branch did the rest. I felt treated very well and safe. Your driver and the translator collected me at the airport and the agency chose a wonderful appartment for me.

I felt very comfortable and meeting my lady was the highlight, of course, and we had a few wonderful days. Finally I will come back to meet her again. Everything was really fine and I can recommend your services.

Thanks for this great time
Kind regards

Bernd / Germany
19-22 Ferbuary
trip to Nikolaev

Angel: I hope Ukraine solve the issue about the political relation with Russia and EU at good level

I hope all people in Ukraine solve the issue about the political relation with Russia and European uni0n at good level of understanding (both relations can be a complement of new Democracy for good of all Ukraine People). Angellc.

21 February 2014

Paul: I am extremely happy

I have fully enjoyed my time.

My lady and I are having a great future, we are both very happy. I am grateful for Eugene and Natalia to pick me from the airport and delivering me back. I am very happy that I came here, no matter on the events happening in Ukraine, I came here just for one person, for my lady, and I am extremely happy that I did it.

I am planning to come back here for her and we hope for the future.

The trip was great. And the Kremenchug branch was doing excellent services.

Paul / United Kingdom
20-28 February 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Tony: Very helpful desk for organization of transport & meeting

Very helpful desk for organization of transport & meeting.
Nice meeting, however with the sad background of the happenings in Ukraine.
Good translation.
Nice visit to Rivne & Lvov.

Tony / Sweden
20 February 2014
trip to Rovno

Mustafa: Let peace and sensibility prevail

It really pains me to see that innocent are being killed throughout the world and now in Europe too specially a beautiful country like Ukraine!!!

One day I plan to visit Ukraine and marry me dream girl earlier the better.

My humble request to all is to avoid blood shed and settle the differences amicably on the table let peace and sensibility prevail.


Mustafa / Canada
20 February 2014

William: Valentine's greetings for all ladies on UaDreams :)

To all UA women this Ukrainian night,
Who have no one to hold them tight.
My wish is for them to find a beau,
Who will never, ever let them go.
May hearts of valor seek their best,
And pin a Valentine on each chest.

William / USA
13 February 2014

Andreas: Friendly and Professional staff and made me feel very comfortable

I visited Simferopol (Ukraine) recently and I was overwhelmed by the service and friendliness of the staff and their help and assisting me whilst I was visiting. Also with the help of UaDreams I have found my one true love and I am already looking forward to visiting again in April. I had a fantastic time and Ukraine is a beautiful country with the most beautiful ladies. The people are very humble and pleasant. I felt very comfortable instantly and I recommend it highly to any man looking for true love.

12 February 2014
trip to Simferopol

Torben: For sure I will be back and stay for ever

I was happy to visit Lutsk and was well treated by everyone. The girl was very sweet, and the translator was kind and very helpfull.

I saw many parts of the city, ex. the castle, cathedral and other beautiful places. For sure I will be back and stay for ever, because my lady is the true owner of my heart.

Torben / Denmark
3-10 February 2014
trip to Lutsk

Kai: Everything was great

I am very satisfied. Everything was great.

Kai / Norway
9-10 February 2014
trip to Poltava

Andrea: I am very well impressed regarding the organisation and the human touch


I had never tried to use UA DREAM or others before this trip but I must say that I am very well impressed regarding the organisation and the human touch that I felt in the time I had spent in Rivne.

The Ukrainian people is very nice and I wish to the Rivne branch and to all the Ukrainian population all the best.

Thanks a lot!

Andrea / Italy
8 February 2014
trip to Rovno

Michael: God Bless you all in your struggle for a Free and Democratic Ukraine

It would seem that the American media is more focused on the violence, fires and sensationalism rather than the "real"story. As a former member of the American 5th Estate I find that embarassing and shameful. My heart, my soul and my support are with the people of Ukraine.

I have already contacted my Senators and Congressmen from the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and have asked them to support the people of Ukraine and to bring harsh, swift sanctions against it's current government. God Bless you all in your struggle for a Free and Democratic Ukraine.

Michael / USA
1 February 2014

Customer: When I came 'on the ground' I realized that your team was just WOW!!!

I was afraid in the beginning because all what we see on the NET!...

But when I came "on the ground" I realized that your team was just WOW!!!

I do not know what to say more, I could just add: May God bless you! May the keep you and give you peace and wisdom!...

You are just amazing!!!
See you soon!

Customer / USA
25 January 2014
trip to Rovno

Brad: My recent trip to Rovno was awesome

My recent trip to Rovno was awesome. The people are very friendly and willing to help. The hotel Ukraina was a nice place to stay. Rovno has a lot of nice restaurants and attractions.

The translator, Ivanka, was great. She showed me the best places to visit. She was always wonderful to deal with. She made sure I had the best that possible. It was wonderful to work with her for 2 weeks.

Brad / Canada
25 January 2014
trip to Rovno

Colin: All the staff are friendly and professional

This is my second time I have visited Zaporozhye and again I have had a great time.

My translator Marina is the same one I had the last time I visites and in my opinion she is a credit to the agency because she speaks good English and is very friendly, helpfull and explains everything so I understand what my lady is saying. And I consider Marina as a friend.

And I find all the ladies I have met here are excellent and friendly and I would recommend this agency to anyone who is thinking of visiting Ukraine because all the staff are friendly and professional.

And when my lady is busy and can't see me the agency always find me something to do if I want.
And there's no doubt in my mind about me coming back and I intend coming back very soon, again.
Thank you so much to all the staff.

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Colin / Australia
17-27 January 2014
trip to Zaporozhye

Ken: All very nice!

All very nice!

Ken / USA
15 January 2014
trip to Sumy

Misha: Translation is 100% true and always in good time

This is another trip back to Sumy office. It is always for me to return. The office is friendly, professional and makes me feel like a family member. I know that everything is done to help me be as happy as possible. Translation is 100% true and always in good time. Yulia is the best to keep communication going between my lady and I. She does very much for which I am thankful!!!

Sumy office is one I can say does all to help people find love and happiness. If you want to meet someone from this branch, it will be a very good experience! I can say with 100% happiness. Thank you so much!! I know my life will forever change for happiness from coming to Sumy branch! Yulia is awesome!!

Misha / USA
10 January 2014
trip to Sumy

Patrick: It was nice that most of the staff was able to speak to me in English

I would like to thank the Merefa agency in making my stay comfortable, and it was nice that most of the staff was able to speak to me in English. The food was good + the rooms were kept clean.

My interpreter was exceptional and translated accurately, with my lady.

My lady, was very much a lady, thoughtful and elegant.

I hope our relationship would go further.

Thank you

Patrick / Canada
9-14 January 2014
trip to Merefa

Bertrand: Très bonne organisation

Très bonne organisation.

Very good organization.

Bertrand / France
2-7 January 2014
trip to Merefa

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