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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here you can find testimonials of the ladies who joined our agency and who would like to express their opinion about our work, to share their dreams and hopes.

Why did these ladies join us? How do they feel while searching their second half with We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading reviews and watching the below videos.

Read also UaDreams testimonials of our members — they all visited their ladies in Ukraine and would like to share their impressions. You are more than welcome to check them out!

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

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Phil: There was nothing hidden from me

[I] Was very skeptical of online dating service. When I did search on google saw good and bad, but the bad was not at all bad. When I got here, agency picked me up at airport and got me to the hotel with no problems and made sure everything was good before driver left.

Everything was as the agency stated. There was nothing hidden from me. Translator was very good and enjoyed every minute of my visit. The choices of restaurants were very good. This is my first time abroad and I would do it again. I feel very safe and comfortable with this agency. If you have doubts, you shouldn’t! The agency is one of the best I have found and very pleasant with everything.

All the negative comments that come up when you search this agency is from men that want everything for free. Companies can’t stay in business if everything is for free! Prices are reasonable. I would recommend this agency to anyone that asks me. Thanks again for for your services and help.

Phil / USA
11 August 2014
trip to Sumy

Mark: It's all real, despite anything else you may read or seen!

SUMY. The local complain of cold temperatures, snow, and just bad winter conditions. I have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather (considering I planned for -8 to -20 F). The times it has snowed have been periodic, but nearly perfectly timed to enhance romance- it was snowing at the end of my “Romantic Dinner” creating incredible ambiance. I find myself surrounded by amazing, picturesque settings in the city and countryside that is other wise called “boring” here. Perhaps not having this at home makes me appreciate it even more!

Agency was helpful but I chose to make my own arrangements for transport and hotel. I am staying at the hotel on one of the main streets of the city center. The hotel is updated and very comfortable, with clean room, great service, decent food, and English speaking staff. My room offers an amazing view of the main street, and a nearby square.

What can I say about my “Mother hen” Oksana? Certainly she is my translator and guide. However she has been more as well. She concerns herself with my wellbeing and needs. She has made herself accessible 24/7 during my stay. She handles all of arrangementes for the activities and needs of myself and my lady (her client). She has been my confidant, and my guide to cultural differences, offering suggestions, showing options, and explaining things I would not otherwise understand. Oksana has a whimsical accent and an occasional mispronounced word that add to her personal charm as well as that of this country! So fun!

My time here has been very enjoyable from the first minutes until now. I expect nothing different over the next two days as sadly being this trip to aclose. My activities with my lady have been diverse and many. It started with a tour of the city center with the names of the many things seen now blurring as there was so much. These included the love symbol, the mural of times past, and the symbol of the city the Sumska (Purse), two churches, and strolling of the two main streets. A romantic dinner followed with snow falling at the end of the date. I can’t begin to list all the cafes and restaurants that have been comfortable, warm and inviting. I am no connoisseur of fine dining, but everything I have had has been great!

A new experience for me has been the Ukrainian Banya. Wow!!! So very cool! We prepared a meal, enjoyed the sauna and swimming. BBQ in the middle of winter? Heck Yea! Another afternoon was spent horse riding. It was a long day when we travelled to Kharkov and enjoyed a day of fun at the water park “Jungle”. In the evening we toured a little, and also went for a short stroll in Gorky Park. I hope to return here in the spring.

A spa/salon day is planned for my lady today, and this evening we have reserved a private room at restaurant “Versal” and shall enjoy a special meal, a little champagne, some quite music and hopefully a slow dance or two (more?). We have not planned Saturday yet, but Sunday I will tour Kiev before flying home to California on Monday.

My lady has been amazing! She is beautiful, intelligent, and determined. I find my feelings for her growing each day. I can only hope to win her heart as she has captured mine! I look forward to the prospect of an incredible future with this lady. She has accepted an offer for a committed relationship until we meet again in the spring! :)


So, I have had an amazing time, here in Sumy. And have gone to some incredible places, seen incredible things, and had some really good food. I have spent a lot of time with a lady that I came to visit and I am very happy to say that we have a good relationship and we are going to continue that relationship.

And it would not be possible without UaDreams and been able to come here, and me and no one another… and I cannot say too terribly much other than thank you. And it has been a wonderful experience!

For the gentlemen who maybe watching this – it's all real, despite anything else you may read or seen! And I would encourage you - check it out for yourself! And come to Ukraine!

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Mark / USA
2-7 February 2015
trip to Sumy

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Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

Katya: A positive experience with UaDreams

My name is Katya and I am a happy client of the UaDreams agency. A lot of people are always thinking of the Mariage Agencies as of place for hopeless people, but I want to break this opinion. I am lucky to have good English skills, but when I decided to find my one and only abroad I knew I will trust it only to professionals, that is why I am here.

A am a person who values the feeling of comfort, who treasures good attitude, and appreciates qualified assistance and welcomes help. The staff of the UA Dreams provides me with all of it and even more. I can't speak from all the ladies in Ukraine, but I am happy that I am registered here. Looking for my beloved abroad I would go to no other place but here. And I would suggest all the lonely Ukrainian Ladies to look wider and be brave in the search of their true love.

Thank you UA Dreams.
Yours happy client, Katya

Lady's testimonial

Lenochka: It is a big pleasure for me to be a part of the UADreams agency

I like very much to be a client of the UADreams agency! I receive pleasant emotions and huge pleasure when I come to the agency. Agency staff is very friendly and they are always ready to help you. I am glad that agency gives free services for the ladies.

It is a big pleasure for me to be a part of the UADreams agency and I believe that I will find my second half at the site. I will advise this agency to my friends.

I want say a big thank you to the agency for their support and understanding! Hope for a new acquaintance.

Lady's testimonial

Irina: I enjoy their help and attention to me

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Lady's testimonial

Irina: Agency's staff is always ready to help

My name is Irina and  I have been a  client of UADreams for already several years. When I was offered to  register at this agency, I did not have doubts  for at least one second, as  before I already  heard about  good work of this agency.  During all the time I'm a client of UADreams, I did not feel disappointment as for work of the agency. I decided to try  to find my happiness with help of  UADreams, because Ukrainian men disappointed me with their attitude.  And agency's staff is always ready to help me with advice and action. And I believe that  I'll certainly find my second half with their help.

Lady's testimonial

Evgeniya: They treat me as a family member :)

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Lady's testimonial

Halya: Especially I enjoy chat service

I am pleasantly impressed with the agency and really hope to find here my second half. Especially I enjoy chat service because it gives an opportunity to see the person almost in reality. Agency personnel is very courteous and responsible.

Lady's testimonial

Svetlana: I can meet my love here and become the happiest!

I put my profile on this site about a year ago! When I cam eto the agency I was met with lots of warmth and friendliness. I was told about the agency, the site and that I can meet my love here and become the happiest!

My interpreter Inna tells me everytime really fast about all the news that are going on on this site! She helps me in everything and tells me what and how to do better here. She is a great professional here! I am so happy that I put my profile here on this site. I recommend to all my friends to do the same! Thanks a lot to the stuff, the huge professionals of the UA DREAMS agency — Odessa branch! I wish them only success and for them to stay the same kind and nice and caring to us...!))))

Lady's testimonial

Katya: I'm sure that I will find my destiny here

I'm Kate

I like this agency so much
I'm not here very long, but I'm sure that I will find my destiny here. I know English, but girls help me with translation and in such way I try to improve my skills. I think that service is excellent here. I'm happy that I decided to join this agency.


Lady's testimonial

Alyona: I want to say a big Thank You!

I am very thankful to the agency "UaDreams" for their good work, friendly team and warm atmosphere in the office!

I am not the first year in this agency and I really like it. I am thankful to the translators of this agency for their work and help me with the translation. They always treat me with warmth and understanding; also I am glad that they do their work very responsible and qualified.

I want to wish this agency to stay on the high level as they are and make a success. I do not know the better agency in whole Ukraine. With best regards and one more time, I want to say a big Thank You!

Lady's testimonial

Anna: UaDreams you're the best!

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Lady's testimonial

Lilya: Especially I like videochat

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Lady's testimonial

Yana: I advised all my girl friends to apply to this agency!

I'm very thankful to the destiny for being in this agency! I registered here together with my girl friend and we are very happy!

It's great that the agency gives free services of translation and all the services are free for the ladies! The manager is always ready to help and to give advice in any situation! The staff is happy to answer all our questions and the interpreters support us saying that everything will be ok! I advised all my girl friends to apply to this agency! Because only kind and decent people work in Lutskdreams! They love their job and do it very well!

Thank you very much!!!

Lady's testimonial

Yulya: This agency was chosen by my destiny!

It's great we have such a professional agency like Lutskdreams! They do a very good job-they connect loving hearts! I know that a lot of couples have already got married here. I hope that this will also happen to me one day:)

My interpreter advises me to be patient and optimistic and everything will be ok!

The employees of the agency support the ladies a lot! One day when I came to the office one of their married couples came to visit them. They came from Brasil to visit the girl's parents. When I saw happiness in their eyes I realized once again that this agency was chosen by my destiny!

Thank you, guys! Yulya

Lady's testimonial

Svetlana: I am sure that serious changes will happen in my life very soon

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Lady's testimonial

Ludmila: I want to emphasize a very serious attitude to work

I very much like this Agency. Using it's services I feel myself completely secure and I'm not afraid of being scammed. I want to emphasize a very serious attitude to work (this agency does all the best to help ladies to find their beloved ones abroad). I also need to add that I get professional service of translation here. Every time when I come to the agency, I feel positive and friendly atmosphere. I have a desire to come here over and over again because it feels like home - cozy and sweet!

Lady's testimonial

Julia: Personal information is used only for professional purpose

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Lady's testimonial

Tatiana: Sometimes I do not want to leave :)

I'm very happy that I have registered in this agency. During a short period of time it has won my trust and I know that I can totally rely on it's employees.

I came here to ask for help in finding my only one beloved man, that I have been dreaming of. The agency has a very serious approach to work and I can see that it's workers do all possible things and work maximum to help me make my dream come true.

Every time when I come to the agency office, they always gladly and kindly meet me, always offer a cup of tea or coffee, and always create positive atmosphere, always cozy! Sometimes I do not want to leave :)

I'm sure 100 percent, that the agency will help me to find my beloved man and I will be happy!

Thank you, Uadreams!
I'm very happy I have found you!

Lady's testimonial

Nastya: Deliriously happy that I became a client of this agency

I like agency «UaDreams» very much =) Deliriously happy that I became a client of this agency. I receive a lot of positive emotion and pleasure, when i come to the agency =) Here is everyone greeting me very warmly and cordially! I want to say «Thank you very much for support and understanding» to the director of the agency, to the manager, and of course to my translator Olya =)) I will advise this agency to all my acquaintances who are still alone, because I want them to find their way to the happiness and their destiny, their only one man or woman in the whole world!!!

Lady's testimonial

Inessa: They gave me the chance to realize that life doesn't stop after difficult situations

I am very grateful for 'Ua. Dreams' that they gave me the chance to realize that life doesn't stop after difficult situations. It is vice versa – it regains new optimistical coloration and brightness. It is very cozy and convenient for me to come to the agency as it is located in the central part of Poltava city.

It turns out to be easy to get on with my translator easily. She usually understands me and my circumstances. The letters are very quickly translated and it gives me an opportunity to be 'in real time'.

I hope that with the help of Ua Dreams I will find my second half soon.


Lady's testimonial

Olga: At the agency I feel cosy and calm

My name is Olga! I didn't believe that I could find my love through the Internet! One day my friend told me that I should come to the bridal agency UA DREAMS — Odessa and put my profile there. I agreed and now I believe that it is possible to become happy and meet my love through the Internet! Good and friendly specialists work in this agency. I was told about the site and the agency, how it works and they gave me all the information I needed to be able to put my profile on this site and to be successful in my search for my beloved man. At the agency I feel cosy and calm, I am met by my interpreter Inna with smile and care all the time...)) She helps me with everything.

I am so happy that I chose this agency! Thanks a lot to all the workers of the agency!!! You are the best!!!!

Lady's testimonial

Svetlana: Special thanks go to my interpreter

I want to express my gratitude to the stuff of Uadreams agency. People here treat their work very seriously and also they are interested to help ladies in our searches of second half. The professionalism and attentiveness of workers of the agency create very warm and romantic atmosphere.

Special thanks go to my interpreter Vitalina, who also pay attention to me and my destiny not only at work time but also become a good friend to me in my private life!

I believe I will find my soul mate here on this site, because I am sure that site and people working here would help me in it.

I would like to wish the prosperity and success to the agency and strong health to workers. Thank you for your precious work.

Lady's testimonial

Antonina: Waiting becomes harder with every single day

Life passes with a crazy speed if your working day starts when sun only rises and ends when it's already dark. Waiting becomes harder with every single day if your soul is lonely and all you want is domestic cosiness and warmth of beloved person. This agency helps me to become closer to implementing my dreams.

Lady's testimonial

Anna: "Uadreams" is the best agency I know and I wish the prosperity for them

It is almost one year as I am member of this agency and I completely like what they do for me. I like this agency because I found here very kind and friendly professionals who can help in every question I ask. I like to go here because every time I know I will receive positive emotions here.

I am satisfied with the work of translators and manager of the agency. I'm very grateful them for their help to find my soul mate to spend the rest of my life with.

I want to express special thanks to my translator Julia. She works very well. She helps me. Julia is not only translator for me. She is my friend also. I want to say great Thanks to the whole agency for their work. "Uadreams" is the best agency I know and I wish the prosperity for them.

Lady's testimonial

Natalia: I want to find only my love

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Lady's testimonial

Tatyana: I believe that with their help I'll finally meet my love

My name is Tatyana. I am 36. I came to this agency approximately 2 years ago to find my second half. It's well known that people have different attitude to matchmaking agencies, mostly mistrust them. I also wasn't very confident when I came here. But after communicating with Donetsk branch staff I was convinced that my doubts were groundless. Manager ant translators in Donetsk are always happy to help me and pay as much time as I need. I feel their wish to help me in my search and I believe that with their help I'll finally meet my love.

With gratitude, Your Tatyana

Lady's testimonial

Olga: I come to the agency with a great pleasure

My name is Olga. As a lot of other lonely ladies I have decided to become the client of the agency that joins hearts. All that was needed is to fill in a profile, bring photos and start this not easy way of the search of my second half. From the very first day I was filled with trust to the people who are ready to help me. I can come to the agency any time that is convenient for me and I come there with a great pleasure. Thank you so much dear staff of the agency for your understanding, warmth, patience, care and inexhaustible enthusiasm.

Thanks to you I believe that my long-awaited happiness will come to me one day.

With gratitude and hope Olga

Lady's testimonial

Irina: I'm sincerely grateful to this site for the bright moments in my life

My name is Irina. I'm a young, but tired from meaningless acquaintances with irresponsible men lady, who decided to find my second half on this site. And I'm sure I'll succeed!

I can rely on the translators, who always understand and support me. I'm a lady and I want to be happy! And I will be! I'm sincerely grateful to this site for the hope the give and for the bright moments in my life.

Sincerely yours, Irina

Lady's testimonial

Olga: I am very happy that I am here

I am a client of this Agency and I like this service and Agency. I know that there is a lot of kind men here and there has been a marriage here. I like to feel that somebody is ready to help me to find my destiny. I am very happy that I am here. I should say that if someone says me that she wants to find her love abroad I would recommend this Agency to her. I like this Agency and I appreciate their work. Thank you very much!

I am sure that I will find my Destiny very soon. I am an optimistic person. I want to congratulate everybody with New Year and Christmas! May New Year bring a lot of happiness for you and if you are lonely now, you should be optimistic and you will find your Love in New Year!


Lady's testimonial

Alyona: Thank you for giving hope to lonely hearts

My name is Alena. I am 34 years old. I had to use all my courage to apply to matchmaking agency after my unsuccessful marriage. I couldn't even imagine that the search of my second half will be so easy and will be so much supported. Every woman dreams about her 'little happiness' and I am not an exception. I still hope to find good husband and father for my eleven years old son. Thank you for giving hope to lonely hearts to find each other.

Sincerely yours Alena

Lady's testimonial

Irina: Here work a lot of serious people

My name is Irina, I’ve been with this Agency two years and I try to find my Destiny. I wanna say that the main reason why I like this Agency is that here work a lot of serious people and they try to help me to find my Love. I am sure that I will find it.

Thank you very much for your Help!

Sincerely, Irina

Lady's testimonial

Lilia: Friendly and joyful atmosphere is always present in the office

I got to know about this agency from my group-mates that are also registered here. I liked contract terms for ladies a lot and they turned out to be suitable for me.

There is also a great staff, that know their work and do it properly. Friendly and joyful atmosphere is always present in the office. I want to come there again and again.

I've got a lot of admirers, with whom I have interesting talks. Hope to find my second half here soon. Maybe I have already found him :)

Thank you for your cooperation!

Lady's testimonial

Lilia: The name of the agency says for itself

Hello everyone,

I am using the site for just a month, but I feel that I will find the person I am looking for very soon. It is like a fairy tale and I can hardly believe it, but nevertheless it’s a reality. Having the bad experience in life didn’t make me optimistic. Everything has changed and I feel my heart beating faster when I am going to the agency to check my mails.

The job you do is really wonderful. I guess it’s so exciting to help people in finding their love. I have to say that it’s very rewarding job and I am sure that many people are happy that one day they made the decision to fill the Uadreams application and make their dreams come true. I think that the name of the agency says for itself.

So thank you for everything you do.

Lilia I.

Lady's testimonial

Anna: It's a pleasure to work with UaDreams

I've been the member of this agency for more than a year already. I like it very much as people who work here are very kind and responsible! Translators are always cheerful and sympathetic. It's a pleasure to work with them as they always help you. I'm glad being a member of this agency. Manager Tatyana is highly professional person! I always advise this agency to my friends and have never regretted joining it.

Lady's testimonial

Anna: Thank you for your support and understanding!

I like to be a client of the agency UaDreams and I like to come here. I think very friendly and high-class specialists are working here. I hope I have found my soul mate here! Thank you for your support and understanding!

Lady's testimonial

Alina: I am very grateful to each of you for a lot of smiles and inspiration

I am very grateful to each of you for such an amazing attitude, for an ocean of positiveness, a lot of smiles and inspiration. I never thought that communication with foreign men would be so impressing and so real. I wish you to keep developing your company, to get enjoyment from your work and to help people to create their future!


Lady's testimonial

Tatyana: Thank you for your good attitude towards your clients

I very much like the matchmaking agency UaDreams. It's situated not far from my work. It's very comfortable to come there to check my mailing. You're always welcomed by friendly staff, that will always serve you tea and will present you with a pleasant talk and kind smiles. I've heard a lot from my friends that other agency don't work so conscientious as UaDreams does. This is the best agency in Ukraine. I like staff of the agency very much, mostly translators. They are more than just translators, they're friends who will always give an advise and help in a hard minute.

Thank you for your good attitude towards your clients and for help in searching my love.

Lady's testimonial

Irina: Thank all of you, guys, for such a good service

Thank you for you wonderful service, a very nice attitude of the workers, for always warm atmosphere at the office, smiling and friendly workers who often warm me up with a hot tea and coffee. Thank all of you, guys, for such a good service that you provide to your clients! :-)

With the best regards,

Lady's testimonial

Alina: You're always welcomed with a smile

I receive a colossal pleasure and a huge amount of positive emotions every time I come to the agency. You're always welcomed with a smile. Most of all I like the manager of this big family – Tatyana. She's very attentive and kind. I just love all the agency's staff and translators. I'm thankful to them for helping me find my second half. Additionally the agency is situated in a very convenient place in center of the city, which is very comfortable to reach any time.

Lady's testimonial

Inna: I am very grateful to you

I am in a full delight from translators and a manager, they are always sympathetic and ready to help, I am satisfied with a professional translation they provide. When I come to the agency, they always meet me with a smile so I try to come to office as often as possible and communicate on different interesting subjects. I am very grateful to you, girls, for such a good attitude to clients and for your friendly team.

With the best regards,

Lady's testimonial

Tatiana: The name of the agency says for itself

Dear UADreams Staff,

I was asked to evaluate your work and of course I have much to tell you. There are also a lot of things I have to thank you for. First and foremost I like your attitude. Whenever I enter the agency office it seems to me I am the one and the only for them! There are days when I have to work late at night, but the translator would always answer my calls to let me know if there is any news for me personally. When I have no access to the Internet and cannot come to the agency, I can listen to the translation of my letter over the phone! Believe me, I’ve got here even more than I ever hoped for...

I know there were made happy couples and I do hope the next year another happy couple would be mine…

I could tell so much more…if interested just call me!

Lady's testimonial

Ulyana: There is always such a pleasant atmosphere

I got to this agency accidentally, even I didn't know, that such agencies exist in our city. My friend worked at the nearby office, and she advised me to register here. At first, I didn't want to do that, but now I am amused. There is always such a pleasant atmosphere, almost family atmosphere in the agency. Very good and jolly girls work here, they try to pay a lot of attention to each lady, who is registered in the agency.

Every time, when I come here, I wait impatiently for a letter from a man, who can become my second half, my destiny.

I hope, that it will happen as soon as possible. I guess, I can wait for something real and eternal in my life.

Lady's testimonial

Galya: I recommend all to join Uadreams!

I have never thought that it was possible to find your love via the Internet. When my friend who has been already registered here, suggested me to apply for the help to the agency, my reaction was skeptical. But having read the terms of the contract which appeared to be very loyal toward the clients I decided to try. Soon I became assured that I correspond with real people.

So, I recommend all the girls who haven’t found their second half to join Uadreams. You’ll be lucky for sure!

Lady's testimonial

Yana: I am always happy to come to the agency

I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of the agency for their help, their positive attitude, for all their work done in time and for their wish and readiness to help. I am always happy to come to the agency knowing that friendly and smiling workers are waiting for me as well as a cup of cheering coffee :)

Lady's testimonial

Ella: You can always feel a warm atmosphere

I would like to say thanks to UaDreams staff for warm attitude to clients and for their support in everything. Providing a great service, they never forget about professional attitude to any situation and give much attention to every client individually. Besides, you can always feel a warm atmosphere and find a cup of hot coffee there.

Respectfully, Ella.

Lady's testimonial

Olga: I will recommend this agency to my unmarried friends

I don’t know what to say first about this agency. It is really difficult to do when you have lots of nice words about the staff and the agency. I came to the agency to find my man. My life is not easy and I have not time to meet somebody, so I thought that it would be great to find Him here. I have heard lots of words about foreign men and all of them were nice.

I like the staff of Cherkassy agency and I like the opportunities which they give. I took English lessons and I see big results in it. I hope that when my man comes to me I will be completely ready for our communication. Besides, I like to be informed about his letters and I get not only the translation of the letters, but the original variants. This is very convenient for my learning lessons.

I will recommend this agency to my unmarried friends, because I really believe that it is possible to find the only one;)


Lady's testimonial

Larisa: Nice, isn’t it? :-)

Hi to everyone who is reading this message!

You will definitely not be the first who learns my experience as I spent a great deal of time before this sharing my thoughts with girls. You know, I have such a job that involves constant communication with people. So, I usually spread the word about unique services I can obtain with you free of charge. It is no secret that a humble hairdresser cannot allow hiring a translator, and so here the agency interprets it for free! I can use their office computer to write a letter, they are always glad to see me, even on weekends, and if I cannot type the message I just jot it down on a piece of paper and (!) the translator comes to my beauty salon where I work to take it. Nice, isn’t it? :-)

There was one drawback, it was hard to communicate through letters, having only a few photos, but they’ve recently introduced video chats and now it is like meeting in real.

To tell the truth I’ve tried other dating agencies, but this one is right for me. Our city is quite small, people talk, but I trust them and I know other clients who also appreciate confidentiality.


Lady's testimonial

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