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Our branch in Zaporozhye

Zaporozhye ladies

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Dear friends!

Have you been to Zaporozhye yet?

If your answer is "NO" - then YOU ARE WELCOME! You have the opportunity to change this situation for better and to spend wonderful time in the company of your special lady and caring staff of ZaporozhyeDreams!If your answer is "YES" - YOU ARE WELCOME AGAIN! :)

It is the right time to collect your luggage and come here the sooner the better. But first of all, please, don't forget to choose the lady of your heart and write her a letter! :)

You will feel home with us and won't wish to leave us when it is time - hospitality and warmth is what we really value and consider to be the main components in people's relationship!

Zaporozhye features many parks, the infamous towers on Leninsky Prospect, a large and prosperous industrial sector, as well as the notorious hydroelectric dam dividing the Dnieper River. The natural beauty of Zaporozhye surprises many, as it is primarily an industrial city. Gorgeous landscapes and a variety of wildlife also makes home on the banks of this large river. Its citizens have the privilege to enjoy numerous parks, botanical gardens, and fountains which enrich the overall appearance of the city. READ, WATCH and ENJOY more information about our city on ZAPOROZHYE BRANCH page!

All you can do now is to check and see everything anyoudy :) with Your own eyes! We are inviting you to Zaporozhye! WELCOME, dear friends!

Video of Zaporozhye

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Learn more about Zaporozhye

ZA "must see" is Khortitza Island, the historic home of the Cossacks. The island is a nature reserve but also has many attractions associated with Cossack history. We would recommend the museum and Cossack horse show in particular. There is also a replica of a traditional Cossack fort which will take you in far past and impress with customs of our ancestors.

The island of Khortitsa, in the Dnieper, was headquarters (sich) of the Zaporozhye Cossacks from the 16th to 18th cent. (The word Zaporozhye means "beyond the rapids", i.e., of the Dnieper.) For nearly three centuries the Zaporozhye Cossacks served as the rallying point for Ukrainian struggles against social, national, and religious oppression.

After the union of Poland and Lithuania in 1569, Ukraine came under Polish rule; but the Poles were too weak to defend it from frequent devastating Tatar raids. The need for self-defence led at the end of the 15th cent. to the rise of the Ukrainian Cossacks, who by the mid-16th cent. had formed a state, organized along republican lines and ruled by a hetman, along the lower and middle Dnieper. At its height it occupied most of South Ukraine except the Black Sea littoral, a possession of the Crimean khans. Although they formally recognized the sovereignty of the Polish kings, the Cossacks, for all intents and purposes, enjoyed complete political independence.

Glorious history of Zaporozhye Cossacks is exciting minds of many artists living nowadays and even centuries ago. The most famous picture by Russian artist Repin "The Zaporozhian Cossacks Writing a Letter to the Sultan of Turkey" took it's plot from the real story, which makes many generations feel pride and smile!

"Taras Bulba" movie by Russian director Bortko was shot on the very Island Khortitsa, cause this land is saturated with heroism and variety of wonderful corageous stories and beauty of national art and music!

Even nowadays you can get into reality of old times, visiting the world-known Cossack Horse Theatre on the Khortitsa Island with replica of real fortress where you can easily feel yourself a real Cossack! And when you get acquainted with city and it's history for the first time you will have a part of Ukraine in your heart forever, you will be in Love!


Hotel for members - is the hotel of the European class which offers comfortable rooms. The hotel is located in the very center of the city and this makes getting to the hotel easier and influences on a high-quality work, if you are on a business trip or on a vacation.

Basic trip package

Cosy single room at the hotel or one-room private apartment situated in the city center in the walking distance from the office. It will give you the opportunity to have a rest and think over your future plans.

Silver trip package

You don't like silence and you are used to know latest news? Big and soft bed in front of the TV is the best way to relax after the flight.

Golden trip package

Are you used to have space around? Would you like to have warm bath after a day full of impressions? You are welcome to feel all the comfort you may need in a single occupancy standard room at the Hotel in the city or private apartment of equal standard.

Platinum trip package

Do you want to feel like a King who is going to meet his Queen? Your hotel room or best private apartment in the city with all the modern facilities and design will create the atmosphere of luxury!


If you don't like hotels and want to feel more like at home we will provide the apartment for you. One-room appartment with the facilities which are important for you. Don't be shy in your choice! We are able to make your wishes come true!


The residential areas of Zaporozhye are very spacious with plenty of light and greenery, and the streets that cross Lenin Avenue - the longest in Europe- slope down towards the Dnieper River. The town stretches out for over 30 kilometers along the river, and along its width the new residential districts extend for 25 kilometers.

The city itself has several museums and theatres as well as a permanent circus that is visited by circus troops from around the world.

Eating out is a pleasure and you can choose between a snack at a curbside cafe for a few dollars or eat in a smarter restaurant.

Our(Ukrainian) cooking is good quality, cheap and plentiful. There is Japanese or Italian cuisine as well as McDonalds if that is your preference. One of the most original eating places is the floating restaurant moored on the Dnieper river next to The Embankment.

You can cruise whilst you eat, but if not there is still live entertainment and a small dance floor to augment the eating experience.

The landscape, the Cossacks live horse show, the people, the hospitality, the genuine way of having fun, the spirit of the city, the romantic atomosphere next to the river will become unforgettable for you.

The landscape, the Cossacks live horse show, the people, the hospitality, the genuine way of having fun, the spirit of the city, the romantic atomosphere next to the river will become unforgettable for you.



The Zaporozhye region is located in the maritime - steppe zone, summer is hot (an average temperature - +25 - +35 C ), winter is mild (an average temperature -10 C- 0 ). Moderate and relatively dry climate with mixed weather conditions.


Railways, highways, airlines and water-ways connect Zaporozhye with Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov, Poltava, Simferopol and many other cities and towns in our country. Just beyond the borders of the town to the South, you can find the vast Kakhovsky Reservoir, which is often called a sea, and the Sea of Azov - a very popular health-resort area - lies about 150-200 kilometers further towards the South. Kakhovsky Reservoir finally flows into the Black Sea close to Odessa, one of Ukraine's major ports. You can travel all of the way from Kiev to Odessa by boat on the Ukrainian Waterways.

Most people will fly into either Zaporozhye or Dnepropetrovsk airports from Kiev but there are also good regular flights into Dnepropetrovsk from Vienna, Frankfurt or Moscow. Dnepropetrovsk airport is less than an hour drive from Zaporozhye.The overnight sleeper train from Kiev to Zaporozhye is an alternative way to arrive in our city. A small premium will give you a double berth to yourself or make new friends by sharing a four berth compartment.