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Tanyusha #6454


23 years old from Poltava
Birth Date
9 July
170 cm 5' 7''
52 kg 116 lbs
slim (slender)
She is
Field of work
Marital status Single and No children
Want to have children? Yes, 2
My Languages Ukrainian Native Russian Fluent
English Basic German Beginner

Public files

Nataly from Poltava 23 years - seeking man. My small public photo.
My typical day:
In my typical day - I use to wake up with the warm mood :), after freshing myself and some morning Physical Training I have breakfast - and go to work ) After that - meet with friends, attend cinema or just staying at home - cleaning or cooking pleasant dinner for parents. :) I attend gym few times a week, like to read in the evening - or to listen to good music! I like yoga)
Nataly from Poltava 23 years - sunny day. My small public photo.
About my family:
I have wonderful family - best parents, with the help of which I do sure what real strong family values are. I am only child in the family, but I have cousins. Talking about my family - we have lots of warmth and special family traditions.
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Domestic abilities:
I like my home to be cozy), I like to invite guests, and to prepare dinners for dear people. About my domestic abilities, I do everything:) I like ironing and looking after the flowers.
Nataly from Poltava 23 years - introduce myself. My small public photo.
Our personal opinion of this Lady:
Very nice lady - who is tender and self confident in the same time. Beautiful and kind.
Nataly from Poltava 23 years - sexy lady. My small public photo.
Nataly from Poltava 23 years - seeking man. My small public photo.
Lady about herself:
I want to say one more time that I am the person who knows what she wants and I do really hope that I will be able to find the person who will make me whole - make me feel beloved.
My future goals are:
I know what I want in life - strong loving family, self-realization. I do really want to be happy - to love and to be loved!
Nataly from Poltava 23 years - photo session. My small public photo.
Nataly from Poltava 23 years - sunny day. My small public photo.
What I do in my leisure time?
I am active person - and I almost have no free time, life is time for doings and for spending it the best way - way you will never forget! I like to spend time with dear people, friends :) Like to attend theater, cinema, art galleries - great thing to get to know more and more new and interesting things! I am fond of sport - I use to play volleyball professionally. And I like to stay active and in a good shape).
The type of man that I desire:
The main question ;) and I have my honest answer - the person I am looking for is reliable, honest, responsible, caring and loving man. Who is self confident, brave and manful.
Nataly from Poltava 23 years - independent woman. My small public photo.

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