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Alexandra #2724


28 years old from Ivanofrankovsk
Birth Date
14 March
170 cm 5' 7''
51 kg 114 lbs
slim (slender)
She is
Field of work
Marital status Single and No children
Want to have children? will decide with my husband
My Languages Ukrainian Native Russian Fluent
English Basic

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Ira from Ivanofrankovsk 28 years - future bride. My small public photo.
What I do in my leisure time?
I try to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially when I'm with my friends. Sometimes I can sit somewhere in the quiet place and read an interesting book. My hobbies are painting and drawing. Whenever I have an inspiration, I take pencil or water colours and create a totally new world on paper. I also like watching movies - thrillers or comedies, all depends on my mood. I like reading magazines. I like doing anything connected with creativity, anything that involves using imagination.
Ira from Ivanofrankovsk 28 years - eyes with love. My small public photo.
My typical day:
I usually wake up in the morning - I am a teacher, and I guess teachers always wake up in the morning :) I have some strong tea or coffee, shower, dress up, do my make-up and go to school where I work. I work as a teacher in the countryside, but i also work as an art manager and a hairdresser in the city. Sometimes I come home after school and have to go to the city to do some projects and to design. I also work as a hairdresser at the local fashion shows, but that doesn't happen very often. When I come home after work, I usually sleep a bit and then watch some nice movie or read, and after that I go to bed.
The type of man that I desire:
I want to meet a person who could make me happy. Other things like appearance and age do not matter. I would do anything for a person who loves and respects me. I think that I could fall in love with a person only if he's interesting to communicate with and nice to spend time with, also intelligent, well-mannered, caring, understanding. They say "other half", - yes, I am looking for my other half here, a nice match, the one missing in my life.
Ira from Ivanofrankovsk 28 years - searching life partner. My small public photo.
Ira from Ivanofrankovsk 28 years - loving woman. My small public photo.
Domestic abilities:
I enjoy cooking and gardening. I like to grow flowers at home and in the garden. I always decorate my garden, so it could bring joy not only to me, but also to other people. I like cleaning everything, and I think that a woman should always keep her house clean, so I am trying my best to do that.
Our personal opinion of this Lady:
Lady is very nice, romantic, communicative and with a nice sense of humour. She's very intelligent, ready to meet her man and create a family. She is willing to start a long-lasting relationship, she seems to be very committed.
Ira from Ivanofrankovsk 28 years - beautiful and wild. My small public photo.
Lady about herself:
I take from life everything it gives me. I am very energetic and never sit without doing anything. I am a positive, joyful, communicative and creative person. :) I am very optimistic, too, you would probably never see me sad. I enjoy communication and meeting new people. I am romantic and caring.
Ira from Ivanofrankovsk 28 years - natural beauty. My small public photo.
About my family:
My family is not that big, but very friendly - my mother, father, my elder sister. My sister has a son, my nephew. We are all very friendly and enjoy spending time with each other. I live in the city, and my parents live in the countryside, not far from the city. I enjoy spending time with them. We always have nice talks, and I know that my parents always wait for me to come. I also enjoy spending time with my nephew.
Ira from Ivanofrankovsk 28 years - happy woman. My small public photo.
My future goals are:
I have lots of dreams, and I am quite ambitious :) I would like to travel all around the world, to find my beloved one and to create a happy family. That's my dream number one, my priority. Another thing I would like to have in my life is to do the work I like, the work that could reveal my talents. I think a person can only be happy when he/she has a loving family and spends his/her time do the things that brings pleasure.
Ira from Ivanofrankovsk 28 years - seeking soulmate. My small public photo.