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25 years old from Nikolaev
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Jana #4402
Birth Date
18 October

172 cm 5' 8''

50 kg 110 lbs



slim (slender)


She is





Field of work


Marital status
Single and No children

Want to have children?
will decide with my husband

My Languages
Russian Native
Ukrainian Fluent
English Basic
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Irina 25 years - Kind-hearted woman. My small public photo.
Lady about herself
I am a kind, communicative, merry girl with a sense of humor. I love sports and lead a healthy way of life. I like animals, flowers and enjoy taking care of nature!
Irina 25 years - kind russian girl. My small public photo.
Domestic abilities
I really enjoy cooking, cleaning my house and helping my grandfather about the house. My mother used to buy new flowers, that's why I fertilize, transplant and water them. I enjoy taking care of the garden really a lot, especially now, when my grandfather is old, and needs help all the time. I go for shopping with my grandpa and aunt. Also my grandfather has a fruit garden, where we often work together.
The type of man that I desire
I hope to meet an honest, kind, intelligent man with strong moral values. My dream man has to have spiritual values. He has to love children and animals. I hope he will be understanding, affectionate and cheerful. I hope that family would be on the first place for him, and he won't be away from home all the time. I want him to love me just the way I am, and I will answer to him with the same feelings.
Irina 25 years - looking for relationship. My small public photo.
Irina 25 years - sexy lady. My small public photo.
About my family
I live with my mother and my grandfather. So, mom is my friend, my support and my help. Of course there are also close people who don't live in our house, but come to us every weekend and every holiday. They are: my aunt and cousin. These people are the nearest and dearest. My life can't be full without them. So even though we are a little family, but we always have reasons to laugh, and we care about each other. My father lives in another city, but we have good relationship with him and from time to time I visit him on the weekends, or when I have vacation.
What I do in my leisure time?
I prefer reading, watching movies and going to the cinemas and theaters. I also love ping-pong, volleyball and basketball. In the childhood I played for local football team. Also when it is warm, I like to ride bicycle with my friends in the local parks, or even go outside of the city to have a nice picnic together and spend time in nature. I dream about traveling, because I consider traveling as an interesting and useful way of spending my free time. I can help my mother, visit my friends, sing songs and write poems!
Irina 25 years - Music-lover girl. My small public photo.
My future goals are
My goal is to become a good wife for my husband, a good mother for our children and of course to stay a good daughter of my parents. In my childhood I used to think about singer's career. Now I would like to sing for my husband. In general, I can add that I want to develop intellectually and spiritually with my husband together! Even though I am in the process of making career, but for me it would be better to have a caring family and someone who waits for me at home, than some kind of high positions in the office.
Irina 25 years - intelligent lady. My small public photo.
My typical day
Every day I go to my work. My job is a promoter in a little local company. It is pretty interesting job as for me, that is why I do it easy and with inspiration. After I finish all things at work, I can go for a walk, play table tennis or other games, read books, newspapers or magazines (it depends on my mood). I often do aerobics or go in for sports. In winter I can go for cross-country skiing and go skating. As a rule I have time for cooking breakfast, but in the evening I often cook supper/dinner. When my mom isn't tired after work we can do that together. :)
Irina 25 years - independent woman. My small public photo.
Irina 25 years - cool photo shooting. My small public photo.
Our personal opinion of this Lady
Irina is very active and communicative lady, who will make your life very vivid and colorful! She has never ending optimism and she can be your battery when you are sad.