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Svitlana #6440


25 years old from Merefa
Birth Date
26 March
165 cm 5' 5''
45 kg 99 lbs
slim (slender)
She is
High School Diploma
Field of work
Marital status Single and No children
Want to have children? will decide with my husband
My Languages Russian Native Ukrainian Native
English Basic

Public files

Olga from Merefa 25 years - girl for marriage. My small public photo.
The type of man that I desire:
What can a simple and fragile girl like me say about her desirable man...Just like millions of other girls in the world, I'm eager to meet handsome and honest person with a good sense of humor, truly kind and reliable, carrying and loving man who will value and respect me, the one with high moral and family values. Sounds like I'm looking for a perfect soulmate? Nothing of that kind, I know people aren't perfect. Still I'm sure that genuine soulmates are always perfect for each other no matter what! And I know he is there somewhere, my true second half whom I'm eager to meet! I would feel protected and safe beside him, holding my hand so tender and carefully... We would become better with every minute that we are going to spend together and supplement each other with our knowledge, thoughts, hopes and intends. That's how I picture my life with a decent man by my side :)
Olga from Merefa 25 years - girl for dating. My small public photo.
My typical day:
My usual day starts with morning exercises! I'm for the healthy way of life, so I prefer to keep my spirit in a healthy body. Besides, I want to keep my young look that's why it's important to start taking care about beauty since the early years :) After that I usually have light and healthy breakfast and go to my work in a great mood, fresh and ready to enjoy life and my working day, creating something beautiful and unique:) By the way, I'm occupied as a designer at the publishing house. My duties are text make-up and also creating book covers. I'm fond of my job, because it helps me realize my creative abilities and my inner world. At the end of my working day I usually start planning my evening activities, which could be diverse. Sometimes I just go home and have some calm rest with a book. But mostly I spend my evenings at the rehearsal with my band. As I've already mentioned I cannot imagine my life without music, that's why my band became so important to me, too! We're all very friendly and harmonious. so we enjoy not only our rehearsals, but our concerts as well :) Another big passion of mine is Japanese culture, especially cosplay, so I spend some of my free time on this when I've got a chance. Well, it's obvious that I have no time for being bored! :)

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Olga from Merefa 25 years - look for a man. My small public photo.
Lady about herself:
That is not so easy to describe myself, it'll be more objective to ask about this people who know me , but...I guess I'm not mistaking when I consider myself loyal and optimistic person, who enjoys every day of living and having chance to do favorite things! :)
Olga from Merefa 25 years - ukrainian bride. My small public photo.
My future goals are:
Nevertheless I'm quite active in different spheres of my life, my future goals are simple and typical as for every woman, who is eager to build strong and healthy relationship with her beloved man and create a family. Of course, I would be happy to achieve something important in my career, to develop further my creativity...but if there is a choice between this and my family, I would sacrifice my career without hesitating. To my mind, family is the biggest and blessed treasure, it is the point of living, the most wonderful thing that a person can create, which is approved on Heavens! As for me, I often dream about it at night...about tight and friendly family of my own, a cozy house with loving husband and about taking care of people I love...That is the main aim I want to achieve!
What I do in my leisure time?
My life is full of different activities and I can call myself a busy person, but I still can find some spare time for things that make me feel happy - my hobbies. I think of myself as of a creative and active young lady, who is fond of culture in its every image, so attending different concerts, going to the cinema and theatre sounds to be my thing! That is also the reason why I enjoy singing. Actually, I can't even say that singing is simply my hobby. It has become the part of my life since childhood, for I've been taking vocal lessons since then. Now I can enjoy the result of it myself and also bring people pleasure of listening to me when I sing in rock bands while taking part in different contests. Speaking about the other hobbies of mine, I also like dancing! As for me, the dance itself can reveal lots of feelings hidden within humans' soul, but I like it because this is the way to spend a great time in the company of my friends, and besides it's one of the best ways to stay fit! :) I'm also keen on reading, because I enjoy the process of absorbing new information in different spheres of our life. That is why I like to read diverse literature. Another way of spending my free time is shopping. I'm not a shopaholic of course, but just like any lady I want to look beautiful and attractive, so I need to spend some time on it:)
Olga from Merefa 25 years - on a summer outing. My small public photo.
Olga from Merefa 25 years - ukrainian woman. My small public photo.
About my family:
Though my family consists only of my grandparents and my mother, it is quite enough to get all the necessary support and love. We are always ready to help each other and I know that no-one understands me better than my relatives do. We are kind and tolerant towards each other and always respect opinions and decisions of people we love. My mother is the best friend of mine, actually. She was the one to find out my secrets from the early childhood and she keeps the most special place in my life. I can tell everything what's in my head and soul to my mother and she will listen to me and give a nice advice if I need one. Thanks to my closest relatives I've become who I am now and I'm grateful for that. I've also got a cousin and it's very interesting to spend time with him which I do with the greatest pleasure!
Our personal opinion of this Lady:
Romantic, calm, sincere and charming family-oriented girl with an optimistic point of view
Olga from Merefa 25 years - waiting for husband. My small public photo.
Olga from Merefa 25 years - attractive lady. My small public photo.
Domestic abilities:
Being a lady means a lot! Harmonious and well-looking lady is a mix of balanced inner world, wisdom and pleasant appearance, and the last one is impossible without tidiness! I'm convinced that real woman can not stand dirt and frowziness! Being clean, tidy and fresh all the time - that is one of my mottoes! :) I like tidying up my apartment and bring up cozy elements to it. Any domestic work doesn't scary me, because I had time to get used to it, thanks to my mother and grandmother. On the contrary, it makes me feel better when I tidy things up, because it seems like I'm arranging my thoughts at the same time. Anyway, I think those people who say that order in life starts with the order at home are right! :) I'm also good at cooking, so my beloved man will have to try diverse and nourishing meals everyday!

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