Elena #2502


19 years old from Donetsk
Birth Date
17 July
177 cm 5' 10''
56 kg 125 lbs
slim (slender)
B.A. Student
Field of work
Show Business
Marital status Single and No children
Want to have children? will decide with my husband
My Languages Russian Advanced Ukrainian Fluent

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Zosya from Donetsk 19 years - a little sexy. My small public photo.
My typical day:
As for my typical day, now it is difficult to describe it because every day is different. Now I'm part-time student and it gives me more free time which I use in order to find job. I want to combine studies and job. And while I have free time, I dedicate this time to home routine, to help parents if they need my help, take care of pets. If I get up early, my day is more productive. And also I have possibility to take part in social activities.
Zosya from Donetsk 19 years - mysterious beauty. My small public photo.
What I do in my leisure time?
When I have leisure time I like to read works from classic literature or modern detectives. Also I practice dances, to be exact - strip plastics and I dedicate my free time to work as model. When there is enough free time, I take part in social life of my city, attend interesting events. I like very much to meet with my friends and spend time with them, I'm well-know as good organizer of nice parties. And a lot of free time are taken by my pets. I'm happy owner of dogs, cats and a chinchilla.

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Zosya from Donetsk 19 years - single russian woman. My small public photo.
Our personal opinion of this Lady:
According to our opinion, this lady is bright and interesting like a sparkle. And she is able to enlighten with her sparkle the life of her man.
About my family:
As for my family, it is not big - me and my mother. I'm only child in my family. I also communicate with my father, we maintain friendly relationships. I also have a cousin and we have good and warm relationships with her.
Zosya from Donetsk 19 years - morning freshness. My small public photo.
Zosya from Donetsk 19 years - seeking man. My small public photo.
The type of man that I desire:
I would like to meet a man who is kind and open, easy-going and with great sense of humor. He should be active and like to enjoy life with me. I hope he will be caring, generous, frank and honest.

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Zosya from Donetsk 19 years - photo gallery. My small public photo.
Lady about herself:
I can describe myself as extrovert person. I'm open, social, communicative, merry, active lady. I also can add that I'm adventurous person. And I dedicate time to self-improvement and self-development of my personality.
My future goals are:
As for my future goal, of course I want to become happy wife with beloved husband and create a united and friendly family. As for professional sphere, I want to realize my skills and abilities as model and as teacher.
Zosya from Donetsk 19 years - easy charm. My small public photo.
Domestic abilities:
In general, I can say that I fulfill all things at home because it is necessary to do. The only activity which does not cause enthusiasm in me is cleaning my room. ;) I have a lot of home plants and flowers and I like to take care of them. I grow such plants as orchids, palms and room pepper.
Zosya from Donetsk 19 years - search for love. My small public photo.

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