Ksenia #3355


21 years old from Nikolaev
Birth Date
9 September
160 cm 5' 3''
46 kg 103 lbs
slim (slender)
She is
B.A. Student
Field of work
Marital status Single and No children
Want to have children? will decide with my husband
My Languages Ukrainian Native Russian Fluent
English Basic

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Alla from Nikolaev 21 years - introduce myself. My small public photo.
My typical day:
If you know me better you will notice that I am very smiling person. I believe that people should smile as often as they have a slightest chance to do that. That's why in the morning I wake up, drink coffee and smile because coffee can really make a day. I have a niece so when my sister asks me I help her with great pleasure to babysit Ksenia. Usually I try to plan my typical day, but sometimes need to do things spontaneously. I am not too busy lady and always would find enough time for my beloved man. I like to spend my time in the libraries, where I can read interesting facts about the judicial proceedings and find more experience that would help me in future.
Alla from Nikolaev 21 years - photo gallery. My small public photo.
Our personal opinion of this Lady:
She is an excellent example of warm and cheerful lady. She really wants to make her future soulmate happy. Such people make this world warmer and brighter.

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Domestic abilities:
Now I live separately from my parents and do all domestic chores by myself. My mom taught me a big part of them and some I learned on my own. Housework does not bother me, because I like to keep everything clean and in the right order. So I do it quickly with pleasure. Well, what can I say? It is naturally that women do house work and wait for their husbands with warm dinner at home. But I am not just boring housewife, be sure. ;)
Alla from Nikolaev 21 years - natural beauty. My small public photo.
Alla from Nikolaev 21 years - photo session. My small public photo.
My future goals are:
That would be so fantastic to make somebody happy with my love. Of course it would be great to find mutual love for me also. As my parents are a very good example for me of strong love, I learned one lesson that love never comes without mutual support in the hard times. I am not scared of the hard situations and would do all my best to support my second half. I am sure there is always right solution for every situation, that is why I do not see any reasons for crying or quarreling with beloved person. It is always better to make a the day brighter with a nice and positive mood. Since the relations and family are the main things for me, I put the career on the second place. My dream is to help people who really need this. Nowadays there are a lot of cheated people and I want the justice to win.
What I do in my leisure time?
My leisure time I prefer to spend with benefit. As I live separately from my parents I prefer to do house work and all other things quickly and qualitatively, so then I will have completely free time. I like to read, listen to my favorite music, have a good time with my friends and relatives. But most of all I adore to dream about my future beloved man. I have dreamed a lot and now it is time to find him here. My other huge interest is to help people, because I am studying on the juridical faculty and like this very much. I dream in the future to open a charity juridical firm, that would offer help poor people, that can not afford to hire a lawyer.
Alla from Nikolaev 21 years - Warm-hearted girl. My small public photo.
Alla from Nikolaev 21 years - happy woman. My small public photo.
The type of man that I desire:
Appearance of my beloved one is not so important for me, because our heart chooses people by their acts, mood, behavior... I would like my beloved to be kind, warmhearted, caring and attentive man, who treat woman in a good way. I dream to start every new day in the hugs of my beloved man and that would be so romantic to cook yummy breakfast in the morning together.
Lady about herself:
It is hard to tell about myself, and I prefer to say - ask people about me and they will tell you. But I will try. I consider myself to be loyal, caring, loving, serious and in the same time fun person. My friends and close people never bored with me. In the future I want to be a loving and passionate wife for my husband. I prefer trust and honesty in people.
Alla from Nikolaev 21 years - photo gallery. My small public photo.
About my family:
I have a loving and understanding family. They always support me and respect my own decisions. My parents are a good example of real love. I have a sister, she is older than me for 6 years. We are very close with her and was growing up together. Everywhere we were together with her and I always could rely on her.
Alla from Nikolaev 21 years - searching life partner. My small public photo.

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