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26 years old from Simferopol
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Anastasia #5098
Birth Date
29 July

160 cm 5' 3''

51 kg 114 lbs





She is





Field of work


Marital status
Single and No children

Want to have children?
Yes, 3

My Languages
Russian Native
Ukrainian Fluent
English Basic
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Lenurochka from Simferopol 26 years - future bride. My small public photo.
Our personal opinion of this Lady
This lady is very romantic and full of love. She wants to find the love of all her life on this website.
Domestic abilities
I'm really have a lot of domestic abilities and I want to say that I like everything that I do at home, but my true passion is cooking. I think that cooking is the best way to describe the mood. I can give a little more pepper if I'm angry and my dish will be hot like a Spanish sun, or I could make my dish a little more salty and it becomes like the Dead Sea because I'm upset today. But anyway when I start to cook I will make something very tasty, because I like when people eat what I've made and than praise me. I always cook for my family and everybody likes my dishes. So I strongly believe that my special man will like the dishes that I've made.
Lenurochka from Simferopol 26 years - eyes with love. My small public photo.
Lenurochka from Simferopol 26 years - on a summer outing. My small public photo.
What I do in my leisure time?
I think that I'm an active person, so I will tell you just a part of my favorite activity, because it will take me thousand years to name they all. First of all I want to tell about my time with my family. I like to play with my nephews and to spend the time with my family. Also I have a lot a friends and we drink tea together and discuss something interesting for us. I think that interesting conversation helps people to get to know each other better, that's why I'm a very sociable person. But sometimes I think that my life isn't full because I don't have my second part, my beloved man, and that's why I'm here. I enjoy listening to music, something relaxing or energetic, depending on my mood at the moment. And when I'm tired I'm taking the book and go to bed to read it. I always learn something new from the books, and of course they help me in self education. I think every person should never stop learning and I try to learn something knew every day!
Lenurochka from Simferopol 26 years - creative image. My small public photo.
The type of man that I desire
I do not care about the appearance of a man, the only thing I care about is his soul. I want to find a man with a deep and beautiful inner world, maybe he could be a romantic person, somebody who could understand my tender soul and somebody who could stoke it. I want to have a full confidence in my man, I want to be sure that this person would never lie to me. I think lie kills relationships and of course the truth makes relationships stronger. I hope that my special man will respect me as a woman and as a person, and we would have strong and happy marriage.
My future goals are
My primary goal is to be happy and to make my special man happy! I'm really want to find my love, and to keep it in my life. I want to be a good wife and a good mother. I want to keep my house in the warm atmosphere of mutual understanding, love and support. Also I want to be good person. I want to be the perfect person to my husband, I really hope that some day I could become an ideal wife for my husband. I want to be an educated woman for my husband to never be bored with me, I want to be not only beautiful, but also an interesting person to talk to. That's why I read a lot and one day when I have more free time maybe I'll continue my education at the university.
Lenurochka from Simferopol 26 years - photo session. My small public photo.
Lenurochka from Simferopol 26 years - search for love. My small public photo.
My typical day
It's hard for me to you about my typical day, because every day for me is different and special. But I will try to describe it anyway. I wake up to the music, I like to listen to some classic music in the morning, this helps to keep up my spirits up and makes me smile. In the morning I usually do some exercises they give me energy for the whole day, and I'm peppy all the day. So then I have breakfast and go to work. After work I can do everything that I want, sometimes I go to the party with my friends, or I can go to the cinema or just go home, it depends on the mood. In the weekends I like to go outside, to the sea if it's warm or in the forest or to the mountains or somewhere else to see the nature. Of course when I don't have enough time I go to the park, and in the evening I can go to the disco. Of course I have a lot of friends and have a lot of activities, but the one thing id missing in my life. And this thing is my soul mate... I want that my day to begin with a kiss of my special man, I want to wake up in his tender embrace. I hope that soon my dream will come true.
Lenurochka from Simferopol 26 years - Kind-hearted woman. My small public photo.
About my family
I have a very big family! And I like this. There are 6 persons in my family. Besides mother and father I have two brothers one of them 6 years elder then me and the other 6 years younger. Also I have a sister 7 years elder then me. We are a very strong and friendly family. I hope that some day I will have the same family but of my own. I want to have 3 kids with my special man. I think that children are the flowers of life, and I like the flowers, that's why I want to bring these flowers in my and my future husband's life.
Lady about herself
What else can I said about myself? I like to sing, from the age of 7 till the age of 15 I've been attending singing lessons. It is an interesting experience and now I can say that I will sing lullabies to my children and they will like them because I know how to do that :) I'm really like active rest I hope my future life partner will share with me this my hobby. I'm making the pictures. I bead them. I think I do it well and some day I will make portrait of my beloved man. I think he will like it. I can tell a lot about myself but I think that I won't get enough space in profile. so ask me if you interested in me and I will give you an answer.
Lenurochka from Simferopol 26 years - photo gallery. My small public photo.