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Lesia #3463


31 years old from Sumy
Birth Date
13 November
157 cm 5' 2''
46 kg 102 lbs
She is
Field of work
teacher, biologist
Marital status Single and No children
Want to have children? Yes, 1
My Languages Russian Fluent Ukrainian Fluent
English Beginner

Public files

Elena from Sumy 31 years - ukrainian woman. My small public photo.
The type of man that I desire:
A simple man? - No! An ideal person?- Ideal people hardly exist! But reading this profile, you even do not expect, you can become ideal for me and very important. Just give me the happiness, hug me tightly in the morning, kiss me gently in the evening, help me on weekends and when you come back home, be sincere and frank with me. Open your soul and let me come into your life. And then I will pay you the same!!
Elena from Sumy 31 years - ukrainian bride. My small public photo.
About my family:
I'm the only child in a family, my parents were divorced, but it happened so in life that now I have no father because he died. Now I live with my mother. She is an accountant by her profession but she is already retired and doesn't work.
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Elena from Sumy 31 years - nice smile. My small public photo.
Lady about herself:
I am completely positive and smiling person. I like my friends, I like to enjoy this life. But it is so short to live it alone! Do not yo agree?;)
My future goals are:
Women come into this world to care about their families and men. So, I want to find a person who is ready to enter my life, who can realize me close to him in hard and good times, who cannot realize his life without me. To take create a family with such a person and take care about it is my most important goal. Everything else I have!;)
Elena from Sumy 31 years - eyes with love. My small public photo.
Elena from Sumy 31 years - favorite dress. My small public photo.
Our personal opinion of this Lady:
This lady is pretty, easy-going, communicative and friendly.
Elena from Sumy 31 years - joy and happiness. My small public photo.
My typical day:
I usually get up early in the morning. Then I have my tea with a cake. After having my breakfast I go to work. After my studies I return home, have my dinner, do my house-keeping duties, have a rest (sleep). I adore a good day nap and having a couple of dreams or so. After sleeping I have a snack, then I can meet my friends or do whatever I want to do... Different things come to my mind different days. I love spending some time outdoors in the evening before going to bed.
Domestic abilities:
Washing, house-keeping, cleaning, cooking and taking care of pets and flowers. I live with my mother, so usually I do most of housework.
Elena from Sumy 31 years - girl for dating. My small public photo.
What I do in my leisure time?
I usually communicate with my friends, go outdoors, especially in summer. I like to go to the river where I like swimming. One of my hobbies is also watching sports on TV. I like to watch football, especially when my favourite team plays. I do not like night life, I am not a club hanger. I prefer nice cosy cafes and restaurants with good cuisine and calm romantic music, looking into the eyes of my partner. I am an artistic person. I like exhibitions and theatres. So, have we something in common?;)
Elena from Sumy 31 years - sunny day. My small public photo.

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