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Alexandra #2978


25 years old from Lutsk
Birth Date
22 August
172 cm 5' 8''
55 kg 121 lbs
slim (slender)
She is
Field of work
Real Estate
estate agent
Marital status Single and No children
Want to have children? will decide with my husband
My Languages Ukrainian Native Russian Fluent

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Tanya from Lutsk 25 years - girl for marriage. My small public photo.
My future goals are:
I desire to be loved as any woman on this site. Creating a family is the main goal, which was the reason of my joining this agency.
What I do in my leisure time?
I adore going to the cinema and theater. I think I have already seen all plays in my city. I like watching a good movie alone or with my friends. I like to listen to the music when I am doing some chores or other necessary things at home. I like to visit my friends from time to time and meet with them somewhere in a nice place.
Tanya from Lutsk 25 years - photo gallery. My small public photo.
Domestic abilities:
I like to keep my house clean and tidy, but my passion is cooking. I like to cook a nice dinner and share it with my family.
Tanya from Lutsk 25 years - eyes with love. My small public photo.
The type of man that I desire:
I think that a man should be wise, kind, honest, hard-working and confident. If you have these features you will be a good man for me and I would be proud to have you next to me.
Tanya from Lutsk 25 years - a little sexy. My small public photo.
Tanya from Lutsk 25 years - future bride. My small public photo.
My typical day:
My typical working day starts early in the morning when I get ready to work. I work as an estate agent and I usually have many meetings with clients during the day. I am a very communicative lady and it helps me at work. After my long working day, I have some rest at home or meet my friends for a cup of coffee.)))

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Our personal opinion of this Lady:
A well-brought, nice and polite lady. It was pleasant to communicate with her.
About my family:
I was born and grew in Lutsk. My family consists of 4 people: my mother, my father, older brother and I. My brother has his own family and lives apart.