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Ladies' dreams about love

Kiss Day greetings from UaDreams ladies 2015

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Kiss Day greetings from UaDreams ladies 2014

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St. Valentine's greetings from UaDreams ladies 2013

For Valentine's day 2013 Ladies of have prepared their video greetings specially for you. They wish you love and happiness and do hope that you will enjoy this video!

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A woman's will is God's will

Women are great dreamers, there is large, incredibly romantic, magic world in their imagination, that they have opened a bit for your today. And of course, you also are a part of their dreams!

Knowing about the devoted wishes of your Beloved, you can become for her the most understanding and close person, predict her desires and get the most precious award – her heart.

Look in the keyhole of the ladies’ dreams – discover the soul of your future Sweetheart from Ukraine.

«What do you dream about, when you meet your beloved men», asked we our ladies and got such answers:

I dream once I will be on the yacht with my beloved and we will suddenly see big whale in the open see or a school of dolphins...

I must confess that I am dreaming to dance for my man, since I am going to classes of belly dances. I have not been dancing for anybody, so, my belly dance will be like a first kiss...

I have many dreams, but there is one dream which I am not able to make come true without my man. I am dreaming to write a book of our love story. I would like everybody to know that it is possible to find your second half abroad.

I have always been dreaming of visiting Switzerland and Australia. I would be very happy to spend our honeymoon with my beloved there

I dream to learn foreign languages so I could communicate with my man without any barriers and we could travel a lot together around the world!

I dream about a romantic dinner with my beloved – together… under the stars… close to the sea, or on the yacht…I would like my man to be spontaneous and could differ our days with interesting plans and ideas!

I have one interesting dream – to paint a beautiful picture together with my soul mate.

I dream that my beloved man presents me bunch which consists of 100 fresh roses and 1 artificial rose with words ”My heart will beat till the last rose fades”

I am not only looking for a romantic feeling of being in love, and for the butterflies in my stomach. What I truly want to feel is a undoubting feeling of trust, support, the will to understand and be understood, hear and be heard. I think those things are essential in any relationship.

Maybe it sounds crazy... I dream that my beloved man invites me to some concert of my favourite band and then he disappears... And in a minute I see him on the stage with a microphone in his hands and together with the band he is singing a song for me, in the end of the song I hear words: Will you marry me?

My fondest wish is to visit France with my beloved man. I want to walk with him on the romantic streets of Paris. I want to see one of the wonders of the world...) This simple wish... I know it will come true!

The most important to me is to realize myself in this life. I want to be a good mother for my future children and to be an inspiration for my future husband. And now I want a piece of chocolate...)

I dream to be needed and loved, to feel care and to give it back to the Only One Beloved Man in my life.

There is a wonderful place in our city that is called "The bridge of loving hearts" and every newly-married couple hang up locks there as a symbol of their love...I walk in that park very often and watch how everything happens and the locks of love are being hanged up...My dream is to come to this bridge with my beloved one and to hang up my own lock…

Ladies about love

For Valentine's day 2012 Ladies have prepared the Valentine's gift. They have written what they think about love (read below) and tried their best for you to enjoy this video.

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«What is love for you?» and we got such answers:

LOVE is life and if you miss love you miss life...:) It is very important that in life of every person there is a real sincere and tender feeling and only then our life will be filled with bright events, feelings and emotions! I sincerely want to wish everybody LOVE and HAPPINESS!

Love is the most wonderful feeling for me when you can't imagne your life without your beloved one, when you are thinking of him all the time, when going past a store of souvenirs and postcards you think of him and want to make a little gift just to make him smile. It's when a moment of parting seems to be eternity for you. Love is life, bright and colorful life!

Love is the freedom to be who you are... the strength to let someone do the same...and always feel comfortable together. Love is why we live. It is selfless, caring and respect for someone. It is un-conditional and protective. Just like you need air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink and shelter to live, we need love to keep us living. If you miss out love, you miss out life as well. I wish love for everyone...

Love is to think about someone else more times in a day than you think about yourself. Love without return is like a question without an answer. Let love be your greatest aim. Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another. Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness.

Love is the greatest feeling given to us by heavens! Our world would't exist if people didn't love!

When you love, you can dream. When you love , you can fly in the sky. When you love, you are inspired to do great things.

Only real love can make people happy!

Every love is a miracle which is shared by two people. Only they can see and feel it. It's a rare gift. Love is joy and passion, it's unition of two souls. Every love is created on heavens, it's like a magic that makes you feel alive and more happy than ever.

Love is when he tells you you are the eighth wonder of the world.

Love is like water. A man cannot live long without water. It is vital. Love gives us wings and we can fly, love gives us strength, and we can do everything, love gives us hope and we never feel down.

Love is the air that we breathe, love is the rainbow in the sky after the rain. Love is peace, love is life.

When people are in love, they radiate joy and happiness, they make the world kinder, brighter and so much better!

Let us let Love rule our lives!!!

Love is when today is the most wonderful day of your life.

Love is something you can’t describe, but you can feel and you definitely know this is love.

It may be interesting for you to watch the Valentine's Video Slide Show of the Ladies made last year

Love is life! Love makes history, love governs people's fates, love creates the Universe. It is the basis of EVERYTHING that exists in the Universe.

Love is the highest blessing one can experience.

We congratulate you with St. Valentine's day! We wish you to love and to be loved! And we want to present you a gift from us and our beautiful ladies.

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