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How we take ladies photos

A picture paints a thousand words: Poltava models photo session video

Do you wonder how we do photo shooting for our ladies? Now you have a great opportunity to watch the backstage process!

Specially for you we made a video about our ladies at photo session! It is magic. "We make our ladies feel comfortable and confident at photo shooting" - said staff from Poltava branch. "Our ladies do their best to look beautiful, desired and sexy to be attractive for you!"

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In our opinion they cope with it perfectly. And now you can see it with your own eyes! Don't miss the opportunity to see this video and our gorgeous ladies!

Professional photo session

ladies photo. Beautiful Ukrainian girls

After the photo session every girl can feel like a queen, because in all cases the efforts made by managers and photographers are well worth it. Our duty is to help all of them... It is not always easy to help the girls because many of them when they come to us do not believe in themselves. When the Lady looks at her new photo's, she typically remarks "I am a real beauty!!! However, nobody will write to me!!!".

It takes a lot of work to make these girls, believe in themselves. For this purpose we decided to create our own photo studio where every girl with the help of a staff photographer can take her own "professional" pictures for the site.

Why the ladies are so beautiful on the pictures?

ladies photo. Single Ukrainian woman

Very often our members ask us why all the girls from the agency are so beautiful, most of them look like the models from the modern magazines.When you look at the girls on a site, you think that they are too pretty to exist in reality, but they are real. But looking at the smiling face of a beauty, men very rarely know how much work has been done to show the girl in her best appearance.

A lot of ladies come to our agency every day. All of them are different, age, style, appearance, professions, hobbies, the only thing which unites all of them, is the strong wish to be happy and create their own family. Only the managers and translators know, how many broken hearts are hidden under the smiling beautiful faces.

ladies photo. Ukraine brides

We have very good relationships with all our lady members, a lot of them come to the agency every day, so we become real friends. It is impossible to get to know a person just by looking at the pictures, it is better to see how a person moves, smiles and how she speaks.

That's why we make videos of many girls to help them to show their personality better, they say a little about themselves and it gives them the opportunity to show prospective partners what the ladies are like in real life. Unlike other agencies UAdreams do photo session and video shooting for our ladies free of charge! We work with every our member for the benefit of both sides!

Favorable comments of our lady members:

Svetlana. Ukrainian Marriage AgencySvetlana 6131: I'd like to express my gratitude to the staff of "uadreams" for helping people in their search for love!They have a very noble mission and I wish them success in their job!

When I find my other half and get married I'll invite you,guys,to my wedding party by all means:-)Thank you for your help!!

Oksana. Ukraine bridesOksana 6174: I'm very grateful to the agency for giving me a chance to find my other half.Being a singl mother I spend most of my time looking after my little son.I have come to the agency to find a person who'll be a good Husband for me and a caring father for my child.

The staff is so helpful! The girls interpreters like playing with my boy while I'm writing my mails:-)

I'm very happy that I have got an opportunity to be happy!

Oksana. Single Ukrainian womanOksana 5636: I have two children and I have to work from morning till night to support my daughters.

I was disappointed in life and in men, I am really grateful to the staff of that they gave me the opportunity to believe in myself again...

Elena. Ukraine bridesElena 5772: I am not a young girl, at my age it is rather difficult to find a beloved man. All my life i lived for my children, and now when they are grown up i decided to be happy with a man whom i will love, it was the reason why i came to the agency.

I am thankful to UADREAMS because they help me to feel myself happy again!!! I am sure that i will meet my destiny here!!!

Sveta. Single Ukrainian womanSveta 5747: I came to the agency because i heard a lot of good things about it from my friends. One of them got married and now lives in the USA, they both are happy and soon will have a child.

I also want to create my family, and be happy, and i am sure i will succed.

p.s. Some members testimonials you can find here

This text was helpfully given to us by the directors of Kremenchug, Poltava and Lutsk branches to acquaint you with the everyday life of our Agency.