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Your first mail to any lady from our gallery is for FREE, if you start the correspondence. You have 1 free letter per day! Don't wait, choose a lady and start writing!

Special invoice

Your perfect gift exceeds the ones we offer? We're here to help! You can order your own unique present...

Anti-Scam policy

We protect you from scammers and tell you about scam patterns and 'red flags' to ensure your safety...

Our mission

Who are we: a regular dating site? No!.. We have gained the position of the largest match-making operator in Ukraine!.. Know more...

Romantic Date

Plan your night out with UaDreams assistance, and you're guaranteed a perfect first romantic date with the Lady...

Videos of ladies

Now you can see and hear the lady of your choice, as if she were in the same room with you. Experience a preview of a one-on-one meeting with her now!

What does she want?

You should clearly understand all stages you have to go through to marry an Ukrainian woman and choose your own way to ensure success. Know more...

Weekly special

Save on various gifts and services each week! Check the current special offer

Letter Decoration

You can decorate your letter and after it's translated it will be given to your lady beautifully printed like a post card. Romance is the best way to win lady's heart!

About Ukraine

Watch videos and discover Ukraine the way it is - magnificent and unique, modern and fast...

Dental Tourism

Does the dental treatment cost in your country enormously expensive? There is a way out! High quality dental solutions, internationally certificated doctors, the materials of the best global brends - at a surprisingly low price...

Dental tourism with Savings to 65%

Your arrival

How to order travel tickets, your meeting at the airport, dictances between our branches... Know more

Gifts for lady

Your lady needs your attention! Give her a bunch of flowers or some special gift: sexy lingerie or perfume...

Romance dictionary

Tell your beloved gentle words in Russian with the help of romance dictionary.

How we take ladies' photos

Do you wonder how we do photo shooting for our ladies? Now you have a great opportunity to watch the backstage process!

How should I begin?

Quick guide through our website - how to start and develope communication with a lady up to arranging your trip to Ukraine.

Married couples

Only result is considered! See happy couples who found each other with our help and read their love stories

SMS to the Lady

For only one e-mail credit you can send a text message sms to your lady through our site. Reach her wherever she is!

Photo and Audio

Send your photos to your special lady - we will invite her to accept them. Also your lady may send photos to you (at your cost). We will professionally screen them before e-mailing...

Personal correspondence

Update your e-mail credits to stay in touch with your Lady. Need some more freedom in your communication? Unlimited E-mails are just for you!

Travel tips

Useful and interesting tips for travellers to Ukraine - feel home in the foreign country!

Parade of brides

Watch parade of Ukrainian Brides - best Brides ever are here. Find your bride with us!

Our services in brief: why are we the best?

Hundreds of beautiful single Ukrainian Ladies looking for their soul mates are represented on our site. Our ladies are intelligent and marriage minded. They are open to sincere communication and developing of long term relationship leading to marriage.

Why join us?

You are disappointed and have almost resigned a dream to get married? Youve been trying to catch sight of Her in bars, cafes and even theaters and museums but She was not there? You were looking for Her in the wrong place.

Ukrainian Dreams site can help you to find your Soul Mate!

We suggest you to become a member of our site and find your special Lady, which can fill the emptiness in your life and heart.

Look for the right one Here - you may find the woman here that will make you the happiest man in the world!

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I want to start correspondence with a lady.
How do I begin?

By the way, if a lady says that she is not interested in corresponding with you, we will return you e-mail credit. Only our agency provides this!

E-mail: Is it expensive?

No! Lets take for example one e-mail price that we offer our customers to pay. It's from $ 3.50. Now let's see for what you pay. For this price you may type a letter of 4.500 characters (while many of other agencies let only 2000 or even less). Then our translator does translation of the letter if needed and prints both letters in English and Russian.

The lady comes to the office, reads the letter and writes the answer in Russian. Then this letter is translated into English and typed on the computer and sent to you. So as you see you pay only from $ 3.50 for two translated letters.

To your attention we may say that the majority of other agencies charge their clients 7-10 EURO for the same service, or they charge $ 10 for only one translated letter, to get the answer you'll have to pay $ 10 more.

Live Ladies Video Chat: the hottest and exclusive.

One look is worth 1000 words.
Try to use Video Chat and get excited!

By the way, it is very convenient:
you always have time to think what to say and not be nervous «Oh my God, what should I say now?» What is especially good, you can see your beloved in super video quality!

Though if you feel you are ready you can safely pass to our other services in order to see your lady and to talk to her.

What are the other benefits?

  • Giving any gifts to lady(s)
  • Exchanging photos, videos and favourite music
  • Arranging safe and exciting trip to Ukraine to meet your Darling!

Gifts for her

Romance is the best way to win lady's heart. Ladies adore surprises and romanticism. Therefore, we arrange flowers and presents delivery. Our Gifts Shop will satisfy you with a big range of gifts for your lady(s). We are able to organize the most unique orders.

Video, Photo, Audio.... any whim :)

You can send a favorite song to your lady, the photo of your children or watch video where she tells about herself. Watch interesting moments of her life in HD quality.

These are quality videoclips of the big format. You bet, we have made 5 times more dots for every clip then! We strive to create maximum comfort in your communication, as though you are in the same room but not thousand miles away.

Trips to Ukraine

You are welcome to our Trip Area if you are planning a trip to Ukraine. Having decided to visit your lady, you have a chance to have a safe trip organized by

It will give you an opportunity not to worry about all the arrangements and to be sure you will be well taken care of and absolutely safe during the whole trip. Travelling with agency you will always feel support and care.

Personal assistant will help you with the translation and explain all the details of Ukrainian life.

Read more about Trips

Tips and Tricks:

Letter decoration

Decorate your letter and after it's translated it will be given to your lady beautifully printed like a post card. Make your words more weighty!

Send her SMS to wish sweet dreams that will definitely please her.

Dental Tourism

Do you need dental treatment?

Does the cost of it in your country not just expensive, but enormously expensive? There is a way out! High quality dental solutions, internationally certificated doctors, the materials of the best global Brands at surprisingly low price...

Dental tourism with Savings to 65%