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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons.

This year Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on October, 12 in Canada and November, 26 in the USA. So, it is a wonderful opportunity to make your beloved Ukrainian woman feel the spirit of your country!

Of course you may say that Ukraine does not celebrate the holiday that is supposed to be "very American" or "Canadian". But if you and your Lady from Ukraine are very close, if she knows something about your traditions and culture of your country, she will be happy to share this holiday with you! It is a great chance to introduce her the world of your traditions with help of our online dating service. Let her feel a part of your family and a very close person to you using UaDreams online dating! Surprise your beloved woman, giving her the main symbol of Thanksgiving: a Thanksgiving turkey or a Thanksgiving dinner for her family!

Thanksgiving is a holiday of togetherness, love and sharing and giving thanks for our blessings. Strengthen the ties that bind you and your family and loved ones together! Use this nice opportunity to wish Happy Thanksgiving to HER, enjoy Russian women dating! Your sweetheart will appreciate this touching gesture of care even though she might have never heard about Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving flowers. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Thanksgiving flowers

Thanksgiving flowers involve the fall colors like purple, orange, red and yellow. They will be a great gift for your lady, because they will play a major part in Thanksgiving decor of her house. They also create a great atmosphere for the holiday meal. Your lady will be vert grateful to you, who went to so much effort to make the day special for her.

A Thanksgiving Turkey. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

A Thanksgiving Turkey

A huge, big turkey - cooked already and delivered to your Lady!

Turkey is 13-15 lbs also mashed potatoes, vegtables, fruits, bread and salad with dressing.

A delicious gift!

“Karavai”. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Karavai – round, sweet bread – the main product on the table of every Ukrainian family. It is always decorated in Old Slavic style with ornaments and patterns. In Ukraine it is considered to be the symbol of happiness, prosperity and wealth. Ornamented Karavai is the best present on Independence Day of Ukraine or Thanksgiving day. Odorous, big and beautiful Ukrainian bread will decorate any table and will be the best expression of wishes of well-being.

Pumpkin pie. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie must be on her table on Thanksgiving Day. Just imagine how your lady will be amused to try this special dessert! Most probably she has never tried it before.

Thanksgiving  family dinner . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Thanksgiving family dinner

The most important attention is given to a family and a family dinner at this day. Everyone tries to spend this holiday with close and dear people. You can present this great opportunity to your lady for her to spend this holiday around the table with her parents.

Large box of Chocolates. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Large box of Chocolates

Spoil someone special with these romantic treasures.Many-many sweet pieces of your attention are here. Your lady will be excited when she gets a large box of best chocolates. Let your sweet tooth take a bite out of one of these delicacies! Be ready to get many sweet words from her in return.

Large basket of Fruit. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Large basket of Fruit

What can make her feel on the warm island while the cold wind is blowing outside? What can make an ordinary day become a holiday? This great basket of exotic fruit is the thing that will cheer her up and make her think of you like of a kind wizard!

Flowers & Wine. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Flowers & Wine

This unforgettable sellection of beautiful flowers and premium wine is a terrific gift to send at every holiday celebration!

Mixed flowers. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Mixed flowers

Luxuriant bouquet, big armful of bright and beautiful flowers in festive style. It is the best for versatile and intelligent lady. Attractive composition radiates happiness, kindness and energy. It is usually presented on festive occasion to keep up merry atmosphere.

Luxury Pink Satin Set. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Luxury Pink Satin Set

Who wouldn't feel sexy with this under armour!!! A tender and beautiful lingerie set, that any lady would like to have. She'll adore it from the first sight! Get it for your Lady to show your great taste and appreciation!

Rose Ring. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Rose Ring

Stainless steel ring with beautiful enamel rose will make her figure! This gorgeous combination of yellow and pink parts in this striking ring packs as much personality as it does glamour.

Sunny Disc Earrings. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Sunny Disc Earrings

This bright stainless steel jewelry will make her figure. Beautiful disc earrings with shining stones will accentuate her beauty.

Basket of wine, fruit, and gourmet food. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Basket of wine, fruit, and gourmet food

This Christmas basket of wine, fruit, and gourmet food is both a superlative culinary and aesthetic gift. The fruits may include exotic and domestic fruits such as Pineapples, Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Kiwis and Tangerines. The gourmet items will include savory delights such as Cheese, Nuts, Sausage, Crackers, and Hard Candies. The basket is the perfect finish for the holiday theme. Basket and fruit sellection may vary depending on the branch location.

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