Tatiana's Day

Tatiana's Day

Is your lady a Student? Or her name is Tatiana or Tania, or maybe Tatyana, Tanya? Do you tenderly call her Tanyusha, Tanichka, Tatjana, Tanyushka, Taniushka?

So you should know she will have a holiday soon! January 25th is both Students' and Tatiana's day.

Why? It is one more queer Russian and Ukrainian tradition :) But all students and Tatianas ALWAYS celebrate this holiday.

In 1755 on the day of St. Tatiana the Empress signed «The decree on establishment of the first university in Moscow». Since then this day is considered to be the student's holiday and St.Tatiana is the patroness of all the students. And this day is an official scholar's day.

Despite the holiday has quite old history its traditions are still alive. A lot of significant events, historic figures and patron saints are connected with the name Tatiana so far. It is a unique and special name which is considered to be very important for more than two centuries.

Therefore if she is a student, congratulate her on passing winter exams and ask her abour her studies — she would love to tell you about her progress in the online chat! And if she used to be a student once (almost 80% of our woman), talk about these happy days ih her life. Tell her about your experience. Know each other better through our online dating service!

Personalized cake with the name Tatiana. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Personalized cake with the name Tatiana

Unusual surprise! Unique Cake with the name Tatiana - made specially for your lady! What can be better?! Your creative and original gift will emphasize the sincerity and seriousness of your feelings. Moreover you can order cake with different name.

Bouquet of Camomiles. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bouquet of Camomiles

Huge, gorgeous white bouquet of camomiles will present good summer mood for a great while. Because it is camomiles that don't fade for a long time and bring pleasure and festive mood due to its white color.

15 roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

15 roses

The bouquet of 15 roses is a gentle hint on a big love. Seductive combination of big buds and delicate greenery will tell about your serious intentions. Usually it is presented on a special occasion. But if you make such a present on a usual day you will make your lady extremely happy with such a surprise.

Lilies. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Bouquet of white lilies symbolizes purity and innocence. To present a bouquet of lilies means to tell her about your tenderness and faithfulness. If you want to express your feelings in symbolic and fine way it will be the best choice.

Flower plant & Fluffy toy. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Flower plant & Fluffy toy

Send a wonderfully thoughtful and unexpected gift to let her know how much she means to you. Our very cute and cuddle-ready fluffy toy brings warm wishes with a miniature rose plant It’s such a romantic duet, isn’t it?

Medium box of Chocolates. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Medium box of Chocolates

For special occasions, a medium box of finest chocolate of different sorts will express all beauty and richness of your emotions! From decadent darks to creamy milks, these silky-smooth chocolate truffles will show her how much she is appreciated.

Assorts of pastries. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Assorts of pastries

Gift box of different delicious pastries. Includes creamy, chocolate and coffee pastries. Be ready to get a lot of sweet words from your lady when she tries these mouthwatering creations.

Medium basket of Fruit. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Medium basket of Fruit

Medium basket of different exotic fruits will allow you to show a special care to your beloved woman! This gift box comes packed full of succulent flavor and organic goodness. Bursting with fresh fruit, it is sure to keep you dreaming of the tropics for a while.

Stationery Set. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Stationery Set

If your lady is still a student do not hesitate to present her this usefull stationery set. She will surely appreciate it! This bright set also would look perfectly at the home table.

Day planner . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Day planner

It is a necessary thing for every person. It is easy to plan, write down memos and contacts with day planner. Pink day planner is a dream of every lady! Make your lady the most feminine and romantic student.

USB Flash card. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

USB Flash card

Information carrier that uses flash memory for storing data and connection to the computer. It is the most important thing in the life of every student. It is very convenient to store and transfer information. USB Flash card in the shape of a heart is also a good gift to remind about your love.

E-book . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


It is the best present not only for a student but for every lady! If you wish to make a worthy gift e-book is the best choice!

Mp3 player. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Mp3 player

This device stores, organizes and plays music tracks stored in digital form. While listening her favorite songs she will dream about you. Present her the moments of dreams.

Lap Top Bag . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Lap Top Bag

Lap Top Bag is a stylish and indispensable accessory for each person. It is also a safety for the Lap top of your lady. The bright color of the bag will highlight image and style of your beautiful beloved.

Warm socks. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Warm socks

Do you want to please your beloved lady and to guard her at the same time from the winter cold? Give her the warm socks as a present — a nice and practical gift, ecpecially valuable in the cold season. These socks will give the warmth, cosiness and comfort in the house.

Two tickets for skating rink. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Two tickets for skating rink

Tickets for two to visit a great skating rink. An amazing event for the ladies looking for a way to get active and for a more authentic skating experience.

A card for two cups of hot chocolate with sweets. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

A card for two cups of hot chocolate with sweets

A cup of Hot Chocolate can make most anything better. Treat your lady in this cold winter with a cup of hot chocolate and some sweets for her and her best friend.

Tickets to the Cinema + big popcorn pack. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Tickets to the Cinema + big popcorn pack

The best way to entertain a lady is to take her to cinema. It's a well-known fact. Now you have such opportunity! Two tickets (for her and her girl friend) for any kind of movie in one of the best cinemas! She will appreciate convenient places and a big popcorn pack!

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