Season gifts (Autumn)

Season gifts (Autumn) Autumn is a very beautiful time of year when all around is yellow, orange and red. Day becomes shorter while night becomes longer. Autumn is time for long evenings at home when it is raining and time to walk on the beautiful nature when the sun is shining. You might wish to present some special autumn gift to your lady. Therefore we have collected interesting variants for you!
Autumn bunch of asters. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Autumn bunch of asters

Asters and crown daisies are the best flowers that flourish in the cooler autumn months. So, a bunch of autumn flowers is a marvellous autumn present for your beloved. It will bring her your warm and sunny feelings and light breath of Indian summer.

A card for two cups of hot chocolate with sweets. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

A card for two cups of hot chocolate with sweets

A cup of Hot Chocolate can make most anything better. Treat your lady in this cold winter with a cup of hot chocolate and some sweets for her and her best friend.

Tiramisu. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


True Italian dessert. One of the most popular desserts in the world. Thanks to classic mix of coffee and chocolate, tiramisu is considered to be a treat that awakes pleasure and excitement. We offer Tiramisu in the form of the cake so your lady could extend the pleasure of eating this delicious dessert.

The stylish bonnet. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

The stylish bonnet

The bright, nice, attractive women's bonnet — it's so womanlike! The bonnets have always excited the women's imagination. After the queen's wedding this year, the popularity of these headwears has flushed with a new bang. The bright floral bonnet is called to revive any autumn mood. The bonnet is the most luxurious, snazzy and extravagant detail from all the elements of the future season wardrobe.

Scarf. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


In a rainy, unfriendly day, every lady wants a bit of warmth and comfort. Ideally, certainly, every lady imagines the warm evening in a company of her beloved man, near the heat of the home fireplace. However the wishes not always come true so fast. And on the way to the work the lady doesn't want to freeze, but to feel the warmth and comfort. There is only one way out — to bundle out in a warm scarf, which will warm the body and create the unique feeling of comfort, calmness and security.

Pink scarf . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Pink scarf

Elegant pink scarf will look stunning on the blond as well as on the brunet and will gently warm her in autumn weather.

The hat. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

The hat

It's getting cold on the streets and it's not comfortable without it. This reliable hat ideally fits to the beginning of autumn: it's warm enough, but at the same time it's not extremely heating.

Luxurious gloves. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Luxurious gloves

To have gloves is important to every true lady. Gloves serve as the protection from cold and at the same time they are indispensable luxurious accessory for gentle girl. Take care about your beloved.

The leopard umbrella. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

The leopard umbrella

The trend of this season is leopard coloring. It'll emphasize the style of your lady and add a special zest to her appearance. Do you want your lady to look special in rainy days? So surprise her with the leopard umbrella. It'll emphasize her style and add some special zest to her appearance.

Red Umbrella. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Red Umbrella

Umbrella is a special attribute of the female wardrobe. Choose any color of umbrella or pattern that you like! Just let us know about your choice, and the elegant umbrella will make your lady smiling even during the rain!

Purple Cap + Scarf + Gloves. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Purple Cap + Scarf + Gloves

Purple Set is the most convenient gift for autumn! Knitted cap, scarf and gloves made in one style will show your care even in the distance

The gummi boots. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

The gummi boots

The gummi boots, it's not only fashionable, but is necessary for the health. In autumn they come in handy very much. When it rains on the streets, there are puddles, or slush and the wet snow, these boots will reliably protect the lady's feet from drench and cold. They are the real salvation for the active inhabitants of the megapolis and for the more provincial towns, besides, appearing in those boots at the friendly get-togethers in the country house, the lady will look stylish and fashionable.

Red Purse. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Red Purse

Your lady will be happy to get this leather Red Purse from you. Only a caring man can give such a gift!

Black Purse. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Black Purse

Classic black purse is an elegant gift that suits any lady.

Candy Bouquet Tenderness. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Candy Bouquet Tenderness

Candies or flowers? It is hard to make the right choice as both are sweet for your lady’s heart :) We really know about it. BUT, the best variant EXISTS: chocolate bunch! The wonderful shape combines delicate taste. What else one can dream about? Show your Tenderness to your lady!

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