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Season gifts (Summer)

Season gifts (Summer)

Amazing idea: Make this heat work for you!

Good News: Summer is the favorite season of Ukrainian women.

Bad News: It can be TERRIBLY hot. Last year thermometers (those that haven't melted yet) showed +39°C / 108°F in Ukraine.

Unbelievable, exhausting weather!

Make this heat work for you and show your attention to the woman you care so much about. As it's said: a spoon is dear when lunch time is near. Believe, she will never forget it!

A bouquet of orchids and a card for two ice-coffees.. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

A bouquet of orchids and a card for two ice-coffees.

A hot coffee with a ball of cold ice-cream in combination of a beautiful, romantic bouquet of orchids. Those gift combines a passion, a lot of emotions and a hint of the strong feelings.

A basket of exotic fruits . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

A basket of exotic fruits

Do you wish to surprise your lady? You can present a mini-trip with a taste of lichee, quince, mango, passion fruit, pitaya, geow mangon, pineapple and plum to your darling with a help of so exotic fruits. Not only to surprise, but to give an opportunity to get acquainted with so unusual and unfamiliar tastes for your Ukrainian bride.

Camomiles and ice-cream. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Camomiles and ice-cream

Huge bouquet of snow-white summer camomiles and set of Ukrainian ice-cream. It is tasty and festive gift that will arouse a fountain of positive emotions.

Summer hat. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Summer hat

To maintain health, beauty and femininity a lot ladies wear summer hats to protect from the sun. Tender elegant hats of any color.

Summer outdoor pool. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Summer outdoor pool

Hot days, warm air and sizzling sun. In summer one always wants to dive into cool water somewhere outdoors. 'Fresh weekend' is a visiting of outdoor pool in special leisure area. You can present weekend subscription (two days) for outdoor pool to your lady.

Bikini boom: Stylish swimming suit . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bikini boom: Stylish swimming suit

That will nicely flatter her body. Pamper your woman with attention and accentuate her beauty. Choose the color: red, white, blue, black, green or pink. All bikinis are made of quality stuff that is easy to wear. Every time she goes to the beach or swimming pool she will think about you. This gift is a perfect match to Swimming pool subscription or Aquapark tickets.

One-piece. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


You will emphasize the beauty of her female body if you choose a conjoint swimsuit for your lady. Among the great variety of models and colors you together with your beloved can sellect the right one for her according to the color of her eyes, hair or to the paints of the bright sun and glimmering sea.

Sun Protection + After Sun Sprays. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Sun Protection + After Sun Sprays

For safe tanning with pleasure. Sun Protection Spray will help your lady to get amazing tan and protect her delicate skin. After Sun Spray will moisturize her skin after being on the sun and prepare it to next sunbathes.

Sun Protection Premium Set. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Sun Protection Premium Set

Includes high and very high protection creams (especially for the first stages or long lasting sunbathing). It is not necessary to use such cream every hour, 1-2 times a day will be enough. It isn't washed off with water. Protection Spray for face will care about sensitive skin. Sun Stick is indispensable cosmetic for uniform tanning (it is used for shoulders, knees, nose)

Inflatable Beach Mat. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Inflatable Beach Mat

Inflatable Beach Mat is very compact and comfortable so it is easy to take to the beach. This mat is great for both the lady and her child. It is a necessary thing for summer time. All colors and shades are available.

Shaker. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Special device to make beverages and cocktails. Having a shaker as a gift your lady will be able to try her hand in making exotic drinks. It is pretty engrossing pastime, besides, making cocktails at home is cheaper than buying it in restaurants of cafes.

Sunglasses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Spring sun, bright days and first sunbeams influence the eyes of your beloved. Stylish sunglasses are indispensable accessory of every lady specially in Spring.

Beach Set. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Beach Set

Beautiful summer bag, light-pink straw hat and translucent pareo in separate colors. Seaside Set will inspire your lady for summer activities. Light hat and pareo will defend her from the scorching sun. The bag from the natural materials dries quickly. Nice, comfortable, fascinating present for your lady that shows your care.

Thermal Water. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Thermal Water

During summer a spray with thermal water is a must-have. A highly concentrated water with 15 mineral salts and trace elements, to soothe the skin and reinforce the skin’s natural protective function. On hot summer days, it saves the skin from dehydration in the office or at the beach. When thermal water is over, she can add usual water and continue using a spray. Nice and elegant gift.

Rain Call-Up Drum . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Rain Call-Up Drum

When all other ways of calling up a rain, such as going out without an umbrella or group praying, failed – try ancient shamanistic instrument. Even if it doesn't help to call a rain, at least she will chill out! Quite exotic and unforgettable gift!

Mojito Card. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Mojito Card

Five free mojito cocktails in the best central city bars! Amuse her with such a creative idea. Classic summer cocktail, crazy popular in the Ukraine. The lady can choose both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants.

Chinese Fan. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Chinese Fan

Elegant. Stylish. Creative.

P.S. It's a perfect match to luxurious underwear

Extreme Ventilator . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Extreme Ventilator

Powerful desktop ventilator for coolness and restful night dream. Hot offer for hot season. Moreover cheap ventilators are melting in Ukrainian shops faster than people can visit them. Did you know there is a ventilator crisis in Ukraine? That's absolute true. For whom? For the lady you are starting to pay attention to. Warning! The amount is limited! As a bonus for ones who don't seat at home: a cap with built in ventilator.

Water Filter. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Water Filter

You must drink a lot of water in such a scorching wheather. Believe it or not, but it is impossible to drink that liquid streaming from the Ukrainian taps. Intelligent person won't drink it ever! From the other hand buying clean water in the bottles is really expensive for the average family. High quality water filter gives clean and clear water, silver inserts guarantee a unique water cleaning system.

Heart Ice-trays . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Heart Ice-trays

Usually when we think about ice trays, we imagine kinda boxes that fall out the fridge when we don't need them, but look only for the thermos On the fridge :) But not this Summer! Starting from last week people began to love these trays with all their soul (in contradistinction to thermoses). Ice makes your life easier. The gift is a perfect match to the «Extreme Ventilator». sellection of three classic shapes and one special heart shaped.

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