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Dental Tourism

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Dental tourism with Savings to 65%

How did we choose the clinic for you?

How did we choose the clinic for you?
  • We talked to our members and examined the situation of medical services outside as well as within Ukraine.
  • We chose an excellent dental clinic and negotiated to obtain the best prices for you.
  • We have checked and verified, qualifications of the doctors, certifications of equipment and dental materials being used.
  • We have even sent our staff for personal dental care as a means of verifying the quality of workmanship and materials. Our staff is very satisfied! :)

About Clinic

«Ecodent» - is well equiped dental clinic, where you are welcome by the highly qualified staff. The consulting rooms are technically maximally equipped, including ZOOM-2 Whitening, Vector-therapy, a modern programmable endodontic micromotor for endodontics, operating microscope, X-rays.

Traditions of the clinic's work have been forming during more than 12 years of practice on the dental services market in the Kharkov city. The dentistry has its style expressed in some comfort, attractive atmosphere of the clinic of family type, which allows to relax closing eyes in the arm-chair, to forget about treatment and ache in general, and otherwise to imagine for a minute, that you are at your home.

The main principle of work: The highly qualified expierenced doctor, his ability to listen and to understand the problem of the patient, using herewith the quality equipment, the most modern materials and technique for dentistry influences on the reaching the great result of treatment in Ecodent clinic.




In the dental clinic «Ecodent» you can take advice and to recieve the help of the real professionals knowing their business. Our doctors are the hight quality experts in dental Practice.

Scherbakova Tatyana Olegovna

Scherbakova Tatyana Olegovna
Dentist of the 1st grade.

Professional expierence: 14 years.
Academic expierence: Kharkiv National Medical University (1996).

Specialization: restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics.

Scherbakova Tatyana Olegovna
Toryannik Mariana Evgenievna

Toryannik Mariana Evgenievna
The dentist of the highest category.

Professional expierence: 18 years.
Academic expierence: Kharkiv National Medical University (1993).

Specialization: Maxillofacial Surgery, paradontology, restorative dentistry.

Toryannik Mariana Evgenievna
Slinko Julia Alexandrovna

Slinko Julia Alexandrovna
Dentist of the 2st grade.

Professional expierence: 7 years.
Academic expierence: Kharkiv National Medical University (1996).

Specialization: surgery, restorative dentistry, prosthodontics.

Slinko Julia Alexandrovna
Kutlubaev Grigoriy Valerievich

Kutlubaev Grigoriy Valerievich
Orthodontist doctor of the 1st grade.

Professional expierence: 14 years.
Academic expierence: Kharkiv National Medical University (1996).

Specialization: orthodontics, maxillofacial orthopedics.

Kutlubaev Grigoriy Valerievich


  • Endodontics
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    (Restoration of the tooth, Bleach, Dental jewelry)
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthetics
  • Restoration of the tooth

Clinical examples

Here are introduced the practical results of our clinic's specialists:

Clinical examples
Clinical examples Clinical examples Clinical examples
Clinical examples Clinical examples Clinical examples

Clinic's advantages

1.The developement of the clinic is not in scaling and opening the new departments, but in the improvement what we have: regular staff's traineeships, seminars, exhibitions, including abroad: Moskow, Tel Aviv and so on.

2.Equipment: operating microscope allows to make restoration of teeth at the absolutely another quality level, and contributes the high quality of the root canals' treatment (endodontics) with a purpose of saving hopeless teeth.

3.The absence of own dental laboratory allows to choose the best and the most quality variants of crowns and dentures. The clinic “Ecodent” cooperates at the same time to four laboratories.

4.The specialists of «Ecodent» give to the patient an opportunity to choose between a few variants of treatment, that allows in future to build the confidential relationships and to do the treatment maximally quality, as the patient realizes what is him made.

5.The dental clinic uses in its job only best expendable materials included in the best positions Dental Advisor: Restorations - Eatet X, Clearfil magestik, LuxaCore Z,  Optibond solo plus/// Prosthetics - material for fixation of crowns -  Fuji plus, glass ionomer cements - capsule forms Fuji 8, Fuji Triage/// and others.

6.The clinic “Ecodent” cooperates wtih 3D diagnostics Centre, which makes not just the panoramic images, but the CT scan of any required place.

7.The doctors of the dental clinic oficially represent the company AlfaBio (one of the leaders in implants' production in Israel) in the easten region of Ukrain.