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Travel information and tips

Trip Preparation and General Information

Dear Customers, in this link we would love to give you some general information that can be very helpful in your trip preparation and make you staying in our country more comfortable.

Trip Preparation. Single Ukrainian woman


For over a century, the official language was Russian. Since independence, Ukrainian is being promoted as the state language although Russian is still the most widespread, especially in the major cities. In villages people speak both Russian and Ukrainian. As a rule you can manage by speaking Russian, although you may receive a bit of resistance from public officials who are being pressed to use Ukrainian.
The easiest way around? Get a Russian-English interpreter from UAdreams!

Crime situation

You will be safe as long as you don't show around big amounts of money or walk alone at night along dark lonely streets. Murder is considered to be an extraordinary event in Ukraine that usually happens with people who are involved in organized crime. You can visit any place and peacefully walk on the streets. However, you can easily become a victim of pocket thefts; so take care of your wallet and do not keep big amounts with you.


Ukrainian currency is "Hryvnya". But if you have American dollars or Euro, you can change them in the bank in the city you travel to or at the airport. If you are from UK we recommend you to convert Pounds into Euros or Dollars in your country.

There are plenty of currency exchange offices (some of them working 24 hours) in every town so it won’t be a problem for you to exchange money. Take only bills with a series date of 1993 or later. Worn out or marked with a pen bills are not accepted.

Plan on spending approximately $80.00 - $150.00 per day average (depends on whether you’ll spend time alone or with your girl friend). Take your Visa or MasterCard.

We don’t recommend to take American Express neither Travelers cheques as it’s very problematic to cash them.

Be sure your money are in a safe place!! Don't keep them just in your pocket! In cafes, restaurants and shops they accept local currency. In some restaurants and shops you are able to pay with your credit card.

Gifts and pictures

Don't forget to take your pictures with you! You'll be able to give them to the ladies with your personal info written on the back side for the lady to be able to get in touch with you in future. Take your camera with you to make the pictures of the lady(s). Such pictures taken in Ukraine may be useful for you both in visa preparation in future. Ask the lady you like to write her personal info in your notebook: her name, address, phone number in Russian and in English. Be sure the lady doesn't see the notes left by the ladies you have met before her.

Please, do not forget to take your camera with you to make some unforgettable photo shoots of your lady and the city.

If you are going to visit your Lady(s) and possibly her family, don’t forget to take some gifts or souvenirs to present on your meeting with her (them).They will surely appreciate it!

Weather and clothes

Take an umbrella and warm clothing (jacket and sweaters)! Walking around the city alone casual type of clothing would be the best for you. Take the clothes you'll feel comfortable having them on. If the purpose of your visit is matrimonial, put on jeans rather than shorts - shorts are not the best wear for important things such as courting.

Before packing your bags you may consult our support center staff and we’ll recommend you what clothes better to take depending on the season and current weather.

Washing of your clothes in hotels may be expensive and in some of them may not be available at all. If you need to wash your clothes, ask the chamber maid - it will be done with utmost care. The easiest way? Take a small packet with washing powder and 'do-it-yourself'. Socks, undies, and shirts all can be washed at night and hung up in the bathroom. In the morning, move half-dry clothes to the closet. They will be ready the same afternoon.

Take a converter with you for electrical items. Electricity throughout Ukraine and Russia is 220 volt. The plug is 2 pin thin European standard.

Food, water

Restaurants and cafes offer a wide range of dishes, and you will find something according your tastes. We have many cafes and restaurants representing cuisines of different nationalities. Nowadays Japanese cuisine is extremely popular in our country.

The only problem you can face is that they may not have a menu in English. Tipping is expected (usually 10%) but not mandatory. Check your bill before paying it is likely to have counting mistakes.

Ukrainians are very fond of soups (which include meat, vegetables and broth), potatoes, vegetables and different kinds of meat. Ukrainian cuisine is not spicy.

Quality of tap water varies from city to city but normally is quite poor. It will be wise not to drink tap water. Be aware though, that some Ukrainian mineral water maybe salted and has a special taste. Buy imported water or ask a salesperson which one is not salted. You can get gas, non-gas water.

Trip Preparation. Single Ukrainian woman


Ukrainians call their services "non-obtrusive". Be aware that public toilets are difficult to find, and usually you have to pay there. You can use one at a cafe or restaurant if you are a customer there otherwise they won’t let you use their toilet.

To use a public phone you will need a card that you can obtain in any tobacco stall. International calls can not be made from street phones. You can do those from your hotel. You may also use your mobile in Ukraine if you have Roaming but it’ll be expensive. If you want to make local mobile calls we recommend you to get a chip card of local mobile net (MTC, KievStar, Beeline, Life) and use it on your phone.
It’ll be much cheaper! Unfortunately American cellphones are not adjusting to local chip cards in this case you can get another phone to use it here. You can get one for $ 30-40 US.

As a taxi we recommend not to use any car but only a specific one (they have taxi marks on). Taxi fee must be discussed with a driver before a journey.

To send e-mail you can use Internet cafes. Ukraine has become quite Internet savvy and you will easily find a place with access to the Internet. The best hotels will also provide you with this facility.

In all cities you can rent a car for a reasonable price. Public transport in Ukraine is quite good, cheap and easy to use though sometimes overcrowded. If you take your lady on a date we recommend you to take a cab.

Trip Preparation. Single Ukrainian woman

Medicines and Medical travel insurance

Medicines Take over the counter medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, cough syrup, Alka Seltzer, antacid, anti-diarrhea compound, laxatives, throat lozenges, allergy medications, first aid cream, and the like. If you take some special medicine be sure you have enough of it with you. In case you run out of the medicine you have to take - we cannot guarantee you'll find the same in Ukraine. Or it may be very expensive.

Medical travel insurance although not required, is recommended. The cost of this insurance is between $3.00 and $4.00 per day.


Photocopy all of your documents, and carry wallet separately. Check your Visa (if one is needed) and make sure the entry date coincides with the actual date of your arrival. If you have any questions contact your travel agent immediately. You don’t have to carry your original documents around and can keep them in lock boxes at your hotel. But have all the copies on you when go out.


  • Don't drink with strangers!
  • Don't walk alone late at night!
  • Do not get into a taxi that has more than one person (only the driver)
  • It would be great If you learned some basic phrases in Russian: "How can I get to the (hotel)...", "I need help"
  • If you loose your way, consult the city map (if you have one) or ask people about the way.
  • Don't be shy to ask people in the street about getting to the place you need. Most of Ukrainians would be happy to help you!
  • Feel confident but don't forget that you are a tourist.
  • If you get into trouble, call the local police

Weather in Ukraine right now

The climate of Ukraine can be described as dry and continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly severe winters.

The daytime tempetartures in winter are below zero (-5-10 °C), rarely they can reach -20 °C. Heavy snowfall or even snowstorms are also possible on some days. In summer daytime temperatures reach 25-30°C, but sometimes quite higher, 35°C or more, especially in the inland areas. The summer months enjoy dry and sunny weather. July is the warmest month with an average Temperature of 24°C.

Generally, the weather is best May-September, when days are warm and the nights are cool, although it rains more in Spring than in summer. Autumn and Winter are usually a little chilly and wet along the coastal areas of the Black Sea, and dryer further inland.

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You are welcome to learn more about the weather in all our branch cities, as well as to read about their history and culture, transport and hotels. Also watch interesting videos about the city and ladies who come from it!

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