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Watch videos and discover Ukraine the way it is - magnificent and unique, modern and fast...

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Useful and interesting tips for travellers to Ukraine - feel home in the foreign country!

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Tell your beloved gentle words in Russian with the help of romance dictionary.

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How to order travel tickets, your meeting at the airport, dictances between our branches... Know more

Dental Tourism

Does the dental treatment cost in your country enormously expensive? There is a way out! High quality dental solutions, internationally certificated doctors, the materials of the best global brends - at a surprisingly low price...

Dental tourism with Savings to 65%

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Quick guide through our website - how to start and develope communication with a lady up to arranging your trip to Ukraine.

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You should clearly understand all stages you have to go through to marry an Ukrainian woman and choose your own way to ensure success. Know more...

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Who are we: a regular dating site? No!.. We have gained the position of the largest match-making operator in Ukraine!.. Know more...

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Travel with us to Ukraine!

Welcome to our Trip section! Here we would like to introduce you all opportunities related to your trip to Ukraine. We will create conditions under which you will make minimal efforts to organise your trip. And most importantly, you will be completely safe! Would you like to know the details?

How to stay within a reasonable budget?? How to book a trip? How to order air tickets? Here are all the answers, and also general information about Ukraine and very interesting travel tips that will help to make your trip really successful.

By the way, during almost 10 years of the agency's work, more than 2600 trips and introductions took place, and some members visited us more than once. The number of members, who came to Ukraine by our trip-programme, reached 1000. Watch the interesting video below and make sure that it is the best decision to travel with us!

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Hotel and so on...

With us:

You have an opportunity to choose any type of accommodation: hotel or private apartment.

And it will definitely correspond to the one you've seen on photos and in descriptions.

We book and pay for your accommodation before your arrival – it guarantees your 100% checking in accommodation.

On your own:

Booking accommodation through a third party makes a great risk of being cheated by scam artists. Alas :(

Promotional photos and descriptions usually do not respond real accommodation condition.

To save money they actually never book the accommodation beforehand. Result: you may be settled in another lodging, of course if they can find it for you.

Airport & local transfers

With UaDreams:

You will be met by our representative who knows the region. We can provide an English speaking translator while driving by request.

In case the flight is delayed or you don't come out of arrival gates, we won't leave until we find you.

In case of any problems with luggage - we will help to settle it down.

Your transfer will be safe and comfortable.

On a stand-alone basis:

Most Ukrainian taxi drivers don't speak English, so it will be difficult to explain where to go.

Since you are a foreigner you will be offered a very high taxi-fee that isn't fair.

If your flight is delayed regular taxi won't wait you. On your arrival you will have to look for a another taxi.

... and you know that at the airport taxi is VERY expensive.

What about flights?

Our staff:

We thoroughly search for the most convenient flight within the country as well as outside to save not only your money but your time too.


You will have to apply to different passenger transfer operators as some provide international flight services only and other operate passengers within the country.

Your dating schedule

With us:

We will make the most convenient schedule of your dates with ladies taking into consideration your special requests, number of dates, wishes about spending the leisure time.


You will have to plan your meetings, transportation and places for dates independently.

Due to incorrect planning, you can fail to meet the lady as your visit can be unexpected for her and thus she may not have enough of free time to spend with you...

Support and entertainment

Travel with us!

Traveling with agency you will always feel support and care. Our personal assistant will help you with the translation and explain all the details of Ukrainian life.

Also we will supply you with cell phone with Ukrainian telephone number.

In every city, you will be advised and informed of fun, interesting excursions and activities: Traditional cuisine? How to spend evening? Interesting events and places? Tour for the weekend for you and your lady? We will do our best to make sure your time is well spent!

Still not sure? Read testimonials from our members! Also see our Trip area.

Without us:

Lonely, dangerous... and boring. Really.

Dental Tourism — New Service at

Do you need dental treatment?

In your country, is it not just expensive, but enormously expensive?

High quality dental solutions, internationally certified doctors, the materials of the best global brands – at a surprisingly low price...

Dental tourism with Savings to 65%

Are you ready to reserve a trip?

If you have already made up your mind to get one of our trips, please fill out the special form. This will allow us to proceed with arranging a tour agenda and hotel accommodations that will best fit your timetable.

Read more about our trip packages and prices