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Ladies online now

List of ladies who are online now and ready to chat.

In case you don't have any chat minutes, but you have other credits, for example E-mail or photo credits, you will be offered to exchange them to chat minutes.

Afterwards you will be able to chat with the lady.

Coming soon

List of ladies who will be online relatively soon

Connect to Video Chat

If the Adobe Flash Player version is lower than 11, please update it:

- follow the link to download and install the newest version of Adobe Flash Player.

When you start video chat, Adobe Flash Player will request webcam connect permission, so the lady could see you. Allow the webcam to be connected to Video Chat, if you have one.

Once you have entered Video Chat, you'll see the following picture:

Room on hold

If the lady leaves Video Chat (for ex.: by accidentally closing the browser etc.), then instead of her video you will see the message: Room on hold.

Within 3 minutes the room will be either activated back or closed. When video room is on hold chat time is not counted.

Room closed

Within 5 minutes Video Chat room will be either activated back or closed. You will see the following message: Room closed. Lady will not be able to enter the same chat room again. Please go to Video Chat main page to check if she is online or not.

Room closed message is also valid if you have both agreed to finish conversation.

To finish Video Chat conversation

You should click on X in the right upper corner of video chat room or simply go to any other page.

"Invitation to Chat" messages look like this

  • You can accept this invitation and click the button "Chat Now"
  • You can move this invitation for 5, 10 or 15 minutes or 24 hours. If at this moment the lady is still online, you will receive this invitation once again.
  • Reject the invitation, so the lady will be able to invite your for chat once again next time.
  • Reject the invitation, indicating the reason. If you choose «Can't chat, I am looking terrible right now» — we will offer your to chat with switched-off camera and reject the invitation (in this case the lady will not be able to invite you for chat for 6 hours)

Manual for web cam settings:

  • the latest version of Adobe flash player installed on your computer. You can get it Adobe Flash Player
  • make sure that your web cam is not used by another program (for example skype) simultaneously with the chat - just close the applications that may use the web cam before starting the chat
  • allow the web cam by clicking on "Allow" in the adobe flash player pop-up window, that will appear after you connect to chat.
  • if the lady is not able to see you try to access the site and video chat from another browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

Chat with Mac OS

From now you are welcome to use Video chat service from your Mac device! Apple Inc. launched new OS X Mavericks which is fully compatible with Adobe products. It gives an ability to use applications which are supported by Adobe Flash Player, the one we use for video chat service. This information has already been offcially confirmed by Adobe Inc. Detail information how to get OS X Mavericks for your Mac device you can find here