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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

John: I can say that my experience is even better than the first!

This is my second time to the Urkaine at the Simferopol Branch. I can say that my experience is even better than the first! I went back to see the special lady who I met during my first visit. The agency and staff made my stay extra comfortable and enjoyable.

I am now good friends with both the branch manager Alex, and the translator Olya. They took care of all my needs during my eleven day stay. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be without them. They even provided advice for me and suggestions to help advance my relationship with my lady. They were always on time and punctual when I had to be picked up. Most importantly, they are good people who really enjoy what they do and go out of their way to make my stay relaxing and stress free.

Without the agency half my time would be focused on travel arrangements, learning Russian, taking care of my needs, transportation, and all the other hassle that is involved when traveling to another country. Having the agency in my corner taking care of all this allows me to focus on the most important thing which is of course building my relationship with my special girl! I hope the management of UA Dreams reads this letter.

I think the Simferopol branch staff did a very excellent job and I have the highest praise for both Alex and Olya. Alex is even trying to help me get a baby puppy for my girl! They both should get a raise or at least a bonus!

I plan to return soon and can’t wait to see my friends again at the agency and most importantly to see my beautiful lady!

John Fox

John / USA Uadreams review
John / USA
24 June - 5 July 2013
trip to Simferopol

Mark: It's all real, despite anything else you may read or seen!

SUMY. The local complain of cold temperatures, snow, and just bad winter conditions. I have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather (considering I planned for -8 to -20 F). The times it has snowed have been periodic, but nearly perfectly timed to enhance romance- it was snowing at the end of my “Romantic Dinner” creating incredible ambiance. I find myself surrounded by amazing, picturesque settings in the city and countryside that is other wise called “boring” here. Perhaps not having this at home makes me appreciate it even more!

Agency was helpful but I chose to make my own arrangements for transport and hotel. I am staying at the hotel on one of the main streets of the city center. The hotel is updated and very comfortable, with clean room, great service, decent food, and English speaking staff. My room offers an amazing view of the main street, and a nearby square.

What can I say about my “Mother hen” Oksana? Certainly she is my translator and guide. However she has been more as well. She concerns herself with my wellbeing and needs. She has made herself accessible 24/7 during my stay. She handles all of arrangementes for the activities and needs of myself and my lady (her client). She has been my confidant, and my guide to cultural differences, offering suggestions, showing options, and explaining things I would not otherwise understand. Oksana has a whimsical accent and an occasional mispronounced word that add to her personal charm as well as that of this country! So fun!

My time here has been very enjoyable from the first minutes until now. I expect nothing different over the next two days as sadly being this trip to aclose. My activities with my lady have been diverse and many. It started with a tour of the city center with the names of the many things seen now blurring as there was so much. These included the love symbol, the mural of times past, and the symbol of the city the Sumska (Purse), two churches, and strolling of the two main streets. A romantic dinner followed with snow falling at the end of the date. I can’t begin to list all the cafes and restaurants that have been comfortable, warm and inviting. I am no connoisseur of fine dining, but everything I have had has been great!

A new experience for me has been the Ukrainian Banya. Wow!!! So very cool! We prepared a meal, enjoyed the sauna and swimming. BBQ in the middle of winter? Heck Yea! Another afternoon was spent horse riding. It was a long day when we travelled to Kharkov and enjoyed a day of fun at the water park “Jungle”. In the evening we toured a little, and also went for a short stroll in Gorky Park. I hope to return here in the spring.

A spa/salon day is planned for my lady today, and this evening we have reserved a private room at restaurant “Versal” and shall enjoy a special meal, a little champagne, some quite music and hopefully a slow dance or two (more?). We have not planned Saturday yet, but Sunday I will tour Kiev before flying home to California on Monday.

My lady has been amazing! She is beautiful, intelligent, and determined. I find my feelings for her growing each day. I can only hope to win her heart as she has captured mine! I look forward to the prospect of an incredible future with this lady. She has accepted an offer for a committed relationship until we meet again in the spring! :)


So, I have had an amazing time, here in Sumy. And have gone to some incredible places, seen incredible things, and had some really good food. I have spent a lot of time with a lady that I came to visit and I am very happy to say that we have a good relationship and we are going to continue that relationship.

And it would not be possible without UaDreams and been able to come here, and me and no one another… and I cannot say too terribly much other than thank you. And it has been a wonderful experience!

For the gentlemen who maybe watching this – it's all real, despite anything else you may read or seen! And I would encourage you - check it out for yourself! And come to Ukraine!

Mark / USA Uadreams review
Mark / USA
2-7 February 2015
trip to Sumy

Serkan: I was happy in your agency

It was a good trip for me. They both Genie and Anna was so kind to me. So i was happy in your agency.


Serkan / Turkey Uadreams review
Serkan / Turkey
5 October 2013
trip to Zaporozhye

Paul: They really seem to care about my comfort

I want to leave a message about my visit to see my lady in Simferopol on October 4 to October 8. Alex and Dimitri are great. They really seem to care about the comfort and time of my visit. And it is nice that Alex really seems to care about the happiness and future of the lady I enjoyed my visit very much and my lady is very wonderful woman. This was my second trip to see her and it was wonderful time again with her. I really like to mention how perfect and wonderful my interpreter Elena is. She is the best and I wish to always have her by my side on my visits. I have been calling her Ellen by mistake. 

I do believe the agency and all the people who are here working and helping will make my dreams come true by helping me find my best friend. My wife and life partner. Thank you. Paul

Paul / USA Uadreams review
Paul / USA
4 October 2013
trip to Simferopol

Kjell: I had a nice date with an amazing woman! :)

I had a nice date with an amazing woman! :)
And the service from Poltava Branch and the translator was very good.

Kjell / Norway Uadreams review
Kjell / Norway
2 October 2013
trip to Poltava

Dimiter: The trip manager, Irina, help me a lot with advice

The trip manager, Irina, help me a lot with advice and she make a good organisation about my meeting with my girl.
Irina is very good person and it is very easy to work with her.
She is polite and constructive!
I think that office position is not very good, for example, if you are in Poltava for the first time, is not easy to find that place.

Dimiter<br>United Kingdom Uadreams review
United Kingdom

2 October 2013
trip to Poltava

Colin: It was a very enjoyable stay

It was a very enjoyable stay, translators were great and helpful, and the ladies were very nice and would recommend coming here to anyone. And the accomodation that the agency was incredible.

Colin / Australia Uadreams review
Colin / Australia
27 September — 6 October
trip to Zaporozhye

Dag: Very pleasant agency

Nice translator
very helpful
Very pleasant agency

Dag Uadreams review
26-29 September 2013
trip to Poltava

Peter: Very nice and pretty lady

Eine sehr nette, hübsche Lady. Wir hatten interessante Gespräche und Oksana hat zu unseren Verständigung beigetragen damit wir uns verstehen konnten. Im Hotel haben wir per Computer noch bessere Möglichkeiten genutzt.

Ich hoffe, dass ich sie wieder sehen werde.

Very nice and pretty lady. We had interesting conversations, and Oksana helped us a lot, so that we coud understand each other well. In hotel we also had great possibilities to talk with help of the computer.

I hope that I will see her again.
Thank you

Peter / Germany Uadreams review
Peter / Germany
22 September 2013

Shane: All the services were above my expectations

I greatly enjoyed my visit to Poltava. All the services were above my expectations and it is a credit to the Poltava branch and staff.

The apartment has been very comfortable and I appreciate the help of everyone here in Poltava.

Shane / USA Uadreams review
Shane / USA
20-24 September 2013
trip to Poltava

Alex: My translation service did all the best for my stay

I was keeping correspondence for a long time with my lady but when I decided to meet her in Sumy I was a bit afraid at the beginning, but I must recognize that my translation service did all the best for my stay in Sumy and I am very happy to be here with my lady. Thak you very much for all your support Julia. Alex from Spain

Alex / Spain Uadreams review
Alex / Spain
trip to Sumy

Michał: Everything was good

Все было хорошо, спасибо.
Everything was good, thank you.

Michał / Poland Uadreams review
Michał / Poland
13 September 2013
trip to Poltava

John: I can tell you that everything that was on the website is true

I joined UA Dreams and meet a lady. We spend almost a year communicating through the agency. After many emails I wanted to meet her in real life. UA Dreams made all of the arrangements. I was a bit nervous about our first meeting, but the staffs made me feel at easy and soon this lady was introduced to me. I can still remember all of the emotions that I felt at that moment. We spend some wonderful time together and we swan in the Black Sea, toured the city of Odessa and ate great meals.

My lady and I were able to communicate without problems with the help of the UA Dreams translator. The time flew by and too soon my visit came to an end. The story does not end here; my lady and I are planning a meeting in Cancun Mexico in October. We have applied for her US Visa and soon she will be with me in our home. UA Dreams is a great agency and I can tell you that everything that was on the website is true.

I never had a problem and the agency was outstanding and delivered everything as promised. Each UA Dream staff member went beyond what I thought was necessary to make me feel safe and comfortable, one example of the unexpected service I received was they arranged to have a Birthday cake delivered to me and I presented it to my lady. Thanks again UA Dreams for helping me find the most beautiful Lady in Ukraine. Stay tuned you just might see our wedding story if my beloved agrees to marry me.

John / USA Uadreams review
John / USA
10 September 2013
trip to Odessa

Daniel: The most pleasant and welcoming experience

This was my 2nd time in Poltava. Again, Irina, my translator, has made my visit a most pleasant and welcoming experience. Her help has made it very easy and comfortable when communicating with my lady, even inviting me out night when I had nothing planned with my lady. I feel I could not habe been better looked after and I recommend it to anyone choosing to visit Poltava.

Daniel / Australia Uadreams review
Daniel / Australia
9-13 September 2013
trip to Poltava

Claude: I am not satisfy at 100%... but at 200%.....!!!!

Dear Olia (UaDreams support manager)

Now I think it's time to write you after my trip to Kharkov.
I know that your goal is to have client satisfy at 100%.
I am not satisfy at 100%,............................ but at 200%.....!!!!!!

Yes, everything was perfect, and it's a pleasure to have such professional people, as Tonya and Nastia the interpreter. Really very helpful, always listening and ready to please you and find the best solution.

As we talked together before, meetings were very nice, simple, frank, honest, and it was a pleasure to see such interesting ladies.

I have a special thanks about the lady from Nikolaev branch who accept to come from Nikolaev to meet me, and UaDreams did the maximum to help our meeting.

Now, as you can imagine, the more difficult is in front of me. Due to the quality of ladies I met. We continue to be in touch to improve our relationship and see what will be our decision.

Have a good day and enjoy Indian Summer which was planned after my departure ...!!!!!


Claude / Czech Republic  Uadreams review
Claude / Czech Republic
6 September 2013
trip to Merefa

Paul: This is my 3rd time to Cherkasy

Well, this is my 3rd time to Cherkasy and I had another wonderful time.
Things are progressing very well between us and we have decided to marry.
She will come to visit me in my homeland in the spring to make sure it is a good choice for her, I think she will be happy.
So I will be very anxious for spring to come.
So again I had another good time in Cherkasy I will be back again with my wife.

Paul / USA Uadreams review
Paul / USA
1 September 2013
trip to Cherkassy

Hakan: The branch ladies helped me a lot in everything

I really enjoyed my trip to Donetsk. The branch ladies helped me a lot in everything. Thanks for everything.

Hakan / Turkey Uadreams review
Hakan / Turkey
31 August 2013
trip to Donetsk

Daniel: I think there are great possibilities here in Ukraine

Great time in Odessa.

Anastasia was super helpful and terrific translator.

I think there are great possibilities here in Ukraine but destiny is a difficult thing to try to control. I had fun also just meeting people here not necessarily through the website. The one girl I met thru UA dreams was very nice.

Daniel / USA Uadreams review
Daniel / USA
20-24 August 2013
trip to Odessa

Maurizio: Agenzia cordiale,
e sempre presente

Primo visito a Kharkov, fantastica...
Ragazza fantastica...
Agenzia cordiale, e sempre presente.
La consiglio...

The first visit to Kharkov, it's fantastic....
The lady is fantastic...
The agency is very hearty, they were always close by,
I recommend...

Maurizio / Italy Uadreams review
Maurizio / Italy
19-20 August 2013
trip to Merefa

Jocke: Interpreter was nice

Nothing special to add.
Interpreter was nice and did good work

Jocke / Sweden Uadreams review
Jocke / Sweden
13-14 August 2013
trip to Nikolaev

Maurizio: Tutto bellissimo, ragazza bellissima...

Prima volta a Poltava...
Tutto bellissimo, ragazza bellissima...
Servizio di traduzione perfetto.
In agenzia tutti cordiali
Lo consiglio a tutti, venite a visitare...

The first time in Poltava...
Everything was the best, the lady was the most beautiful...
The translation service was perfect.
Everybody in the agency was very hearty
I recommend it to everybody, come here to visit...

Maurizio  Uadreams review
17-19 August 2013
trip to Poltava

Mick: I proposed to my beloved on her birthday 14th August and she accepted


I would like to thank you for helping to meet my dream come true.

I have just returned from my visit to Odessa. I met my real true love, right from the start we got on brilliantly with each other, I was even introduced to my lady's son and mom.

We both love each other very much and we would like to spend the rest of our lives together. I proposed to my beloved on her birthday 14th August and she accepted. We plan to marry on her birthday 14 August 2014.

I shall be visiting her again for her Christmas in January 2014, also my lady would like to visit me in the United Kingdom for my birthday in March 2014.

Would you please be so kind as to advise us in the next steps we can take, so that we can spend the rest of our lives together as a lasting loving relationship in marriage.

Your Sincerely

Mick / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Mick / United Kingdom
10-14 August 2013
trip to Odessa

Torben: We had a good time

My lady and Jane (translator) are very nice people with a good humor.
We had a good time.

Torben / Denmark Uadreams review
Torben / Denmark
10 August 2012
trip to Sumy

Torben: Very nice and polite translator

Very nice and polite translator.

Torben / Denmark Uadreams review
Torben / Denmark
9 August 2012
trip to Merefa

Vincent: Very nice welcome

Very nice welcome from the agency

Vincent / France Uadreams review
Vincent / France
6 August 2013
trip to Odessa

Larry: Overall the stay was what I asked for

My trip to Poltava was very good. I had good transportation from airport to the apartment I stayed in. The apartment was clean and had everything I needed for a stay.

The agency provided good service and cared about my stay being fullfilled.

Overall the stay was what I asked for and was happy with the trip.

Larry / USA Uadreams review
Larry / USA
3-11 August 2013
trip to Poltava

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