“I want him to be honest, devoted, faithful, confident, responsible, goal minded, caring and loving. Want to share common interests with him and enjoy life to the fullest. We live today, not yesterday or tomorrow!!!”

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Testimonials & reviews


Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take our ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members, are saying about us

Jerry / USA Uadreams rewiew

Jerry / USA
14 February 2017
trip to Poltava

Jerry: I actually came back to the U.S.A. with money in my pocket!

I had an awesome trip to Poltava! This was my first trip to Ukraine. I had been planning this trip for some time but she and I both have very demanding jobs and we couldn't make it happen until recently.

My lady and I have corresponded for some time and I went to see her and only her. Every moment my lady and I spent together was very special to me. I do plan on returning again, and hopefully it will be soon!

I had an opportunity to try a lot of food including several of the Ukrainian National Dishes and the Ukrainian cuisine was great! And it was also very affordable. I actually came back to the U.S.A. with money in my pocket!!! Hahaha

My interpreter Kate was the best and she went above and beyond in her job and also in helping my lady and I communicate effectively! At the moment my lady speaks only a little English and I am very proud of her for that! I really didn't speak Russian or Ukrainian. But that will change before my next trip!

I would also like to mention and compliment Irina from the Poltava branch. She went with us on one date when Kate couldn't. She was also great, what a fun, positive and bubbly personality she has!

I would recommend a visit to Poltava to anyone considering it. And I would definitely recommend UaDreams, especially for their first trip! In fact I have recommended the agency to a couple of my single friends.

As I said before, I am already trying to determine when I can return again. Thank you to UaDreams and the Poltava branch, especially Kate and Irina for all of your help!

I don't know if I will need UaDreams for my next trip but if I need your help on my next trip I am sure I can count on you again.

On another subject not related to my review...

I am trying to establish a way for my lady and I to communicate and correspond outside of the agency where it is more economical and faster. But if it is okay we will still use the agency to communicate some until other ways can be established.

Thank you so much!!!




Yes, you may publish my review. It was my honest review! :)
And thank you so much for your continued service to my lady and I.


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Enrico / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Enrico / Germany
12 December 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Enrico: I could see the stars sparkling in her eyes

About meine Lady and me...

It’s so difficult for now to say more as in my thoughts.

It was on a day in October, as I see her for the first time on this site here. And I believe I was fallen down to her even in this first moment. We had written so much letters, talked about our past, our dreams and wishes too.

And now I’m here in Kharkiv in only one reason. I wanted to see her, to get to know her in real. Yes, I believe she is exact this so wonderful woman who I had made my picture of her in my thoughts before. We had meet and I had wish the world would be stay still for some moments, but the time goes. We was walking in the city, sit in the cafe, had evening meal in a pizzeria and breakfast in my apartment. We had a slow dance in the club.

Today is Monday already and she is working now. In the evening we will meet together, the last real for this year, and I hope I could see the stars sparkling in her eyes. I decided to close my account on this site, because I had found the one I’m looking for. And in my thoughts, I hope she will do the same and we will have our future conversation in private way and see each other soon. Big thanks to Victoriya for her translation and assistance in usual things, when can be difficult for a man from abroad in this so exciting city.

With my thanks and best regards,

See what our clients say

Tim / USA Uadreams rewiew

Tim / USA
12 January 2021

Tim: Thank you for the nice re-do of the video chat

I would just like to say how nice the streaming has made the video so much clearer, and to have the option of omitting the self video is much appreciated. Thank you for the nice re-do of the video chat.

Mike / South Africa Uadreams rewiew

Mike / South Africa
12 January 2021

Mike: I wish to congratulate you about the new Chat Feature

Dear Support Staff,

I know I'm a bit late but I wish to thank you all for the professional help you have given me over the years.

In addition, wishing you a late Orthodox Happy Christmas!

I wish to congratulate you about the new Chat Feature doing away with FLASH. It appears faster and it recognised my camera and sellected the high quality and speed automatically. I big improvement over the previous system where there was quite a delay on movement. In addition the image covered more of the person - quite automatically - I didn't fiddle with the driver settings at all. Good work!


Orest / USA Uadreams rewiew

Orest / USA
4 January 2021

Orest: Happy New Year!

Following Ukrainian Tradition I wanted to be the the first male caller to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope everything goes well at uadreams and that uadreams grows, continues to provide such a valuable service for its ladies.

Lucas / USA Uadreams rewiew

Lucas / USA
4 January 2021

Lucas: Not a question, but a thanks

As the subject line states, I just wanted to send a message saying thanks to the agency, translators, and other staff here. Prior to signing up, I was wanting to try and put myself out into the world of dating again, but after a difficult, mentally, and emotionally abusive relationship, I could not bring myself to even consider myself worthy of another person’s affection or attention. Even after years of therapy to undo what my ex had done, it took (and sometimes takes) a lot to consider that I am worthy of loving someone and being loved back, and I was just about to give up when COVID first began spreading around the world.

After the pandemic was first declared, I decided one night while on a break at work, “well, why not?”, and looked at different dating sites. I signed up here, after a few had been let downs, where I stumbled upon a lady's profile, and... I cannot imagine any part of life without her in it now.

Whenever I get the notification that I have a letter, sms, or other notification from her I can’t help but smile and feel all happy and full of joy, once again. Hearing from her makes my day that much more enjoyable, brighter, and just overall better. I know that she has said she feels the same, and I wish I could see her face to receiving a letter from me.

I know that it is going to be a little while until I can see her in person (round trip tickets are expensive here), but it is going to be worth all the wait. I am going to end this ticket here before I go on longer than expected. I just want to express my gratitude towards those at the agency, and wish everyone at every branch a wonderful new year!

Ross / USA Uadreams rewiew

Ross / USA
29 December 2014

Ross: Your company is trying to set itself apart from so many of the other 'brides' sites

The reply was professional, very quick, basically it was a broad, safe answer but realistic. I think your website, access to the photos and videos of some ladies and all the source information at the bottom of each page demonstrates to me that your company is trying to set itself apart from so many of the other 'brides' sites on the internet. Thank you for your prompt reply. Ross

Jani / Finland Uadreams rewiew

Jani / Finland
29 December 2014
trip to Jani / Finnland

Jani: I just want wish Very Happy New Year 2015

I just want wish Very Happy New Year 2015 and lot of love and health! and thank you that I have find girl of my dreams... only meeting with this Lady is a bit difficult because she is busy...

Keith / Australia Uadreams rewiew

Keith / Australia
28 December 2014

Keith: Our video chat was a great success!

Our video chat was a great success! With the technician, and most importantly with the lady. I am sure she will congratulate you on making it possible. It was great to have your support and back up. High Regards, Keith. Please thanks the technician for making a special time for me in test chat!!

Niko / Finland Uadreams rewiew

Niko / Finland
27 December 2014

Niko: I feel confident now!

I appreciate the way you help me, thank you! I like your customer service, because you are fast enough for me and your answers help me a lot. I feel confident now! Thank you very much! Niko

Todd / USA Uadreams rewiew

Todd / USA
26 December 2014

Todd: Quality at the top of this organization

The service at this company is the best I have seen. uadreams really is quality from top to bottom. I know enough about business to know that there is quality at the top of this organization and it filters on down throughout.

Dean / USA Uadreams rewiew

Dean / USA
25 December 2014

Dean: You are all miracle workers

UA Dreams is not only professional, but you are all miracle workers. I had the best time in my life, met the most fascinating ladies, even my neighbors at the apartment treated me like I was royalty. No matter what my lady decides, I will never, ever regret going to Ukraine through your agency. Wishing you all a very Happy New years ahead and a Merry Christmas from me and my Daughter.

Christian / France Uadreams rewiew

Christian / France
24 December 2014

Christian: Merry Christmas

Hello all your team,

Thank you very much, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

A thinking to the people in Ukraine, especialy the east, plenty of children cannot eat and be hot. I am so sorry and have a lot of pain for them.

I wish time better for all this people.

Sincerely, Christian.

Marco / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Marco / Germany
24 December 2014
trip to Nikolaev

Marco: I have enjoyed my trip and the city

I have met a lady and she is nice and shy. Sometimes she is too shy. I am have to learn more about her and her life; she answer all my questions but not more.

The translation service was very good. I have enjoyed my trip and the city.

For the lady I hope she will learn more English and to realize what does it mean to live in a foreign coutnry.

Glen / Australia Uadreams rewiew

Glen / Australia
23 December 2014

Glen: An apology was not necessary as there was no inconvenience

Hi, Thank-you for your response, i do appreciate it but really an apology was not necessary as there was no inconvenience. UaDreams has always provided me with good service and i sincerely appreciate the service that you are providing now! I wish you all the very best for the x-mas / new year season ! Best regards, Glen

Shahir / Trinidad and Tobago Uadreams rewiew

Shahir / Trinidad and Tobago
23 December 2014

Shahir: Very Overwhelmed

I am truly overwhelmed and excited about this site... it really changed my life... now i have two wonderful girls that I am chatting with and hopefully choose the right one in the long run...

Joe / USA Uadreams rewiew

Joe / USA
22 December 2014

Joe: I want to thank you for your video

I want to thank you for your video. I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I pray the coming days will find peace again in Ukraine!! God Bless & have a Merry Christmas!! Joe

Robert / USA Uadreams rewiew

Robert / USA
22 December 2014

Robert: I always get an honest, prompt, and polite answer

I always get an honest, prompt, and polite answer. Your company is well thought out, and organized. Your staff is top notch. I have never been made to feel I was imposing.

Andre / USA Uadreams rewiew

Andre / USA
22-24 December
trip to Kharkov

Andre: The lady and I had nothing to worry about

To the workers of UaDreams, I would like to thank for all of the things you did for me doing my visit to the Ukraine. This is my second trip to the Ukraine. Each time I have gotten great service from your workers.

The translator work was outstanding, she made me feel like I was back in the USA. To me she went out of her way, so that the lady, and I had nothing to worry about. She really broke the language barrier between the lady and I. With the translator, I got a chance be happy and this was due to the fact of her putting me in a comfort zone. The translator was always on time, and went she saw time where we didn’t need her, she would stop translating, so I and the lady came to visit got the max of the time when we need it.

And by the way, the lady I came to visit, she was everything I thoughts her to to be and more. The lady was even more beautiful in real life, and it was a pleasure to have met with her. I do feel a great connection with her, and I can see something more for us in the future, so I may have to take the translator with the lady as a package.

Once again thank for all of your help.

Shahir / Trinidad and Tobago Uadreams rewiew

Shahir / Trinidad and Tobago
20 December 2014

Shahir: I am very proud of them for making the Anti-Scam policy the main objective

Uadreams offers the best dating service in the WORLD and i am very proud of them for making the Anti-Scam policy there main objective in this service. Thank you Uadreams for helping me find my dream girl, I never thought she existed, but now i do. Thanks So Much, Shahir

Mel / USA
20 December 2014

Mel: UaDreams is a lovely and beautiful site

UaDreams is a lovely and beautiful site, I would recommend this site to anyone interested in finding a spouse, or friend. Respectfully, Melvin

Steve / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew

Steve / United Kingdom
18 December 2014

Steve: Once again your help and support is first class

Once again your help and support is first class. It's so nice to know there's a genuine matchmaking service out there that cares about it's customers and puts our needs as well as the ladies first and makes us a top priority. Steve, Nottingham, England

Phillip / Indonesia
18 December 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Phillip: I recommend the agency to be a genuine experience

I had a lovely time with my introduction and would recommend the agency to be a genuine experience for though seeking a relationship.

Robin / Norway Uadreams rewiew

Robin / Norway
17 December 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Robin: I did meet a very lovely and kind girl

I did have a great time in Cherkasy and I did meet a very lovely and kind girl. I hope to meet her one more time, and i did have a very good and kind translator that I also would be my translator next time too.

Thanks for a nice visit.
Kiss from Robin

Phillip / Indonesia
16 December 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Phillip: I am very satisfied

I am very happy with the service.
The meeting was very good and I am very satisfied.


Tadej / Austria
16 December 2014
trip to Kharkov

Tadej: Everything is perfect

Everything is perfect. Thank you!


Joseph / USA
15 December 2014

Joseph: UaDreams.com is the most polite, respectful, professional and caring dating website

Dear UaDream Support Team: In my experiance so far, UaDreams.com is the most polite, respectful, professional and caring dating website on the internet! The Support Team is decent and do honable things for their customers not because of others, it is because the Team is fundermentally good. The Team is maned by good people. Please keep up the good work. God will richly bless every one of you. Respectfully yours, Joseph

Kerry / USA Uadreams rewiew

Kerry / USA
14-16 December 2014
trip to Poltava

Kerry: I had a great time

I had a great time.
Oksana was very helpful and a very nice person.

Thank you!

Fernando / Sweden Uadreams rewiew

Fernando / Sweden
13-14 December 2014
trip to Poltava

Fernando: It was the most important day in my life

When I came to this agency, I was little uncertain about the service may be, and if I really can find some lady. Now when I have been a client in about more then 1 year, I really found my dream lady. So I am very thankful about this agency.

It was the most important day in my life. And I hope it was the same for my lady. So I really hope this relationship has to go a long time.

I am very thankful to this agency, for all the service and for help for me to communicate with my lady.

Gage / USA Uadreams rewiew

Gage / USA
12-16 December 2014
trip to Lutsk

Gage: Everything was safe

I had a lot of fun in Lutsk. Everything was safe and met my expectations!

Michael / USA Uadreams rewiew

Michael / USA
11 December 2015
trip to Lutsk

Michael: Great staff

Thank you, great staff, nice town.

Joseph / USA
10 December 2014

Joseph: I believe you an excellent company

Dear UaDreams Customer Service: I believe you an excellent company. You treat your customers with respect and professionalism. You respond to your customers' questions and concerns promptly and adequately. To top it all, your site has some of the most beautiful women on this planet! God bless. Joseph

6 December 2014
trip to Rovno

Dik: I enjoyed the hospitality very much

I appreciate for service from the Rivne agency in general and from Svitlana in particular. I enjoyed the hospitality very much.

Mark / USA Uadreams rewiew

Mark / USA
5 December 2014
trip to Cherkassy

Mark: I consider a return visit to Ukraine

UADreams did a wonderful job on the arrangement for my trip to Cherkasy, and the meeting with the Lady. The flights arranged for were as desired. However, I will not do the same thing on my next visit. I asked for departure from LAX that was convenient for me, but ended up with an arrival time that was late in the evening in Ukraine. Then the car drive was another 2.5 hours from Kiev to Cherkasy.

The branch manager, Natalia, was at the airport, on time and ready to meet with me, even though my flight had arrived early. If I recall correctly, the flight was about 20-30 minutes early. I don't recall a time I have ever had early flights. :) Natalia was bright, bubbly, and friendly. It was a nice surprise. I am not sure what I was expecting, but that was not it, and she was a pleasant sight to see after nearly 22 hours of air time, and a prior 6-8 hours of ground time. Travel time from the time I left my door to the time I arrived at the apartment was about 30-32 hours, and I was exhausted.

The driver was pleasant, but did not speak English. I was a little uncomfortable being a passenger, as I typically drive myself everywhere I go at home. But it was an OK drive, and we did not have any accidents. :)

The apartment was nice, centrally located, close to banks, market, city center, and everything I needed. I have to admit the styling of the interior decoration are not what I prefer, but for the short time I was there, it made little overall difference. Natalia, was careful to explain things such as the operation of the building access code, and the door keys (easy, but different than what I knew), and the refrigerator had some food in it! Natalia even went out of the way and got me a small room heater, as I was not accustomed to the cooler weather, and absence of building heat (not a common practice in my region of the country to have central heat, and I live in a house, not an apartment/flat).

I was introduced to my translator, Kate, the next day. I was apparently Kate's first client, and we were both nervous about our events what we would be doing. I can not say enough positive things about Kate! She is a super star! She took care of all my needs, getting me around the city, helped with sightseeing, took me shopping for groceries, and much more. She made herself available at any time of the day or night, though I never needed her outside of our arranged times. I have only one negative thing to say about Kate's services, and I think this would apply across all translators/guides. Kate did not have intimate knowledge of the city's sites, attractions, events, and such. Ultimately, we worked past this, and I went to many things, saw lots of sites, and in general had an excellent time.

Kate was also very accommodating in her translation duties with the lady I came to visit. The lady spoke a little English so there was periods of pause as Kate determined the need to translate. But it was great the way they got along.

I did not go to the agency office during my trip. But, I think I probably should have. Being somewhat of a skeptic about all this, it would have reinforced the reality of the agency, and the services provided. Being so far away, it is a huge leap of faith to send money for a trip with someone you have never met face to face, fearing that it all could be some part of a huge scam. Until I saw Natalia at the airport, I was concerned that all of this might not be real, and until I met my lady, I was still unsure.

So in summary, the overall experience of the trip was excellent. However I rated only 4 stars. So, here is the reason for that. When I started this, customer service was always helpful and pleasant. However, I had trouble with wire transfers to your bank. The wire transfer information provided to me by the agency was out of date, and the bank had changed it intermediary bank. I can not even begin to share the frustration I felt with this experience.

I suspect that money transfers of this type are done to avoid US taxes, and to ensure that you have money in hand before performing services.

Now, despite my criticisms, I consider a return visit to Ukraine, and will likely use agency to make / handle my travel arrangements. So, I am not completely dissatisfied, just highly dissatisfied with one small element. The rest was great! Natalia, was wonderful and accommodating! AND, KATE was amazing!!!!!!! If I could have her with me on my next visit I think I would do that (not likely possible as I consider multiple cities and none are her "home" city).

Thank you, Mark

Martin / United Kingdom  Uadreams rewiew

Martin / United Kingdom
5-9 December 2014
trip to Poltava

Martin: Everyone should visit Poltava!!!

Wonderful experience... the mood perfect

Translator and beautiful girls in Poltava I am very sad to leave so early...

Everyone should visit Poltava!!!

Its short ride from Kiev...

Edward / Netherlands Uadreams rewiew

Edward / Netherlands
5-13 December 2014
trip to Nikolaev

Edward: I was very pleasant again to be at Nikolaev for the third time

I was very pleasant again to be at Nikolaev for the third time.
The translator was good again and the girl I met again was very pleasant.
I like the people over there and will try to help these.
Because I also did kind of business.
And I have learnt again many new things of this culture.
I want to meet this woman again by this agency.

Yutaka / Japan Uadreams rewiew

Yutaka / Japan
5-13 December 2014
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Yutaka: My lady is extremely nice to me

Excellent translation service & very good organization of my trips. & My lady is extremely nice to me, thanks to our translator.
Nice hotel. Good hospitality.
...I am satisfied w/ all the services provided here.

Thank you so much, Ira. I appreciate your assistance in my communication w/ my lady since videochat, skype & email.

Marcel / Netherlands Uadreams rewiew

Marcel / Netherlands
1-3 December 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Marcel: I did enjoy every minute

It was great to be here.
Everything was arranged very well..
Taxi driver was driving with responsibility.. What I really liked No Rush just drive careful.
Translation was great no other word for that. She did a great job.
She was friendly and helpful.
I did enjoy every minute of it when she was with us.

Ryan / Taiwan Uadreams rewiew

Ryan / Taiwan
30 November 2014
trip to Poltava

Ryan: I would love to visit my lady again

This trip is good. And I am happy to be here.
I would love to visit my lady again.

Benjamin / USA Uadreams rewiew

Benjamin / USA
30 Nov. - 6 Dec. 2014
trip to Kremenchug

Benjamin: Everything is very affordable

It was very cold but not too bad, everything is very affordable, a very nice meal costs very little. The people are very helpful + it is not hard to find anything you are looking for. The whole trip was very good. I do not like writing.

Justin / USA Uadreams rewiew

Justin / USA
24 November 2014
trip to Poltava

Justin: They were professional!

My experience was unique and special. I had the great experience to see a few ladies and had a few dates with each.

I learned a lot and experienced a different outcome with each. I would change a few things the next time I would come.

I booked most the travel and arrangements on my own. But the translators were fabulous and personel. They were professional! I couldn’t say enough about the ladies there at the Poltava office.

Wayne / Australia Uadreams rewiew

Wayne / Australia
24 November 2014
trip to Poltava

Wayne: That was the best decision in all my life, and I don’t regret, because that was magical

Hi, my name is Wayne, I am from Sydney, Australia. Before coming here I was skeptical and I had a plenty of skeptics behind me. Upon arriving agency I was met by Galina and Irina, they were very welcome me, especially Galina, before my meeting with my lady. The week did I spend here was amazing with my lady as the interpreter made that a lot easier to communicate and she was very friendly and open person.

If you have any doubts about people of Ukraine and the sincerity, wipe it away from your thoughts, because they are sincere and I am glad that I made this trip. I am more then glad. That was the best decision in all my life and I don’t regret, because that was magical. To spend one week in Poltava. So I invite anybody looking for true love with Ukrainian lady.


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