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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Jeffrey: In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf

Having lived abroad from the US for 7 years on my own in counties that are not conducive to finding the type of ladies that I prefer I joined UaDreams in hopes of finding the lady of my dreams! I have always enjoyed and appreciated the culture and people of eastern Europe and I knew that eventually... and with a lot of patience... I would find the right lady for me!!

2 years and 2 months ago, I met a beautiful lady from Zaporozhye that absolutely swept me off my feet. We have been communicating since that time via letters and chats... taking our relationship one step a time to learn and know each other. Call it old fashioned, but we are both romantics... but yet reasonable... and knew that we wanted this relationship to grow and develop. There were a number of attempts to meet that did not transpire on account of work/travel situations, son it was finally this week that we met. I was nervous and concerned about our meeting, not about meeting my lady, but how everything would work out in Ukraine.

In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf. My interpreter/guide Artem met me at the airport and got me to the hotel for a good nights sleep before meeting my lady the next day. After my arrival at the agency, I finally met my lady that I had been dreaming of for so long!! She was everything I had hoped for and more... Over 2 years correspondence does have its benefits!! Her humor, laugh and smile draws you to her to want to know more, this is something that cannot always be translated, seen in chat or in photos.

My 7 days in Zaporozhye was the best holiday I have had in so, so many years and I owe this to my lady and Artem. While my lady can speak some English, she is not sure of her abilities (and also wanting to know exactly what I was saying) she preferred speaking in Russian.With Artem, if he did not exactly understand what I was trying to express, or if I did not understand something, we would take the time to make sure all was understood. It was also beneficial that Artem has translated almost all of our letters that we wrote, so her really did understood the feelings e had for each other.

Between my lady and Artem, they mapped out each day with the idea of my learning and knowing more about my ladies city and country. Of course this is very important if you have serious feelings for someone special to you. Our days and outings were amazing, including some silliness along the way.

This trip has been a dream... I met my lady and it was a greater experience that I could have ever asked for! It is with great thanks and appreciation to UaDreams that my lady and I have been able to achieve to wonderful relationship that we have created together!

As I leave Zaporozhye and Ukraine this evening, it is with a very sad heart that I will not be with my truly beautiful lady tomorrow! Bit I know that we will be communicating every day, knowing we will be together again soon.

If you have any preservation about coming to meet a woman you have met on UaDreams, you need to follow your dreams. Everyone here was helpful and wanted to assist you in finding your dream. Thank you for everything!!

P.S. After 7 days with Artem, my lady and I did want to kick him out...HEHEHE!!! Sometimes it does feel like a third wheel, but they are here to help you find your dream and they do a great job assisting you and helping you!!!

Jeffrey / USA Uadreams review
Jeffrey / USA
18-24 September 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Dominic: She is so attentive to me

Well it took me over 2 years to make the trip to the Ukraine and see the lady that initially brought me to the site. I had a lot of mixed emotions about UaDreams but the lady was so sincere in her body language on the chats. She always threw me many kisses and was so excited to see me. I kept thinking why should I pay for such service? But I received a response from the agency saying that paying customers are serious about dating and they are most likely single guys looking for real love and not married guys playing around dating sites. This made a lot of sense and I fit the single guy category.

To make a long story short, I was truly amazed to see my beautiful lady in real life. She is so attentive to me and even more amazing than the photos and chat. I hope this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Dominic / USA Uadreams review
Dominic / USA
17-21 July 2017
trip to Kremenchug

Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

Roopam: My visit to Poltava was fantastic

My visit to Poltava was fantastic. I was here over the New Year eve. Kate was extremely helpful in the translation services, as well as giving me a tour of the landmarks of Poltava. It was pretty cold but we did well during my 3 days in the city. I look forward to coming back in warmer weather.

My time with my lady was good, I did get to know her better and hope to continue communication.

The restaurants were very good.

Roopam / USA Uadreams review
Roopam / USA
31 December 2015
trip to Poltava

Oscar: Always excellent!

Hello everyone at all UaDreams staff at all offices and all male clients throughout the world who read this. My name is Oscar and I am a nurse from the southern USA. I have seen the 2015 Christmas and New Year video and I must say it is well done and excellent. I love it! I sincerely do congratulate all the staff from all the branches who took part in the video to give us season's greetings in so many different languages!

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the season's greetings in all the languages. It sure makes me feel good to know that all your staff truly cares about us guys and take the time to make these videos. It helps to bring the joy and love of the season to us all, at least for me it does. As I may have mentioned before, we are not so different after all. Strip away our skin color and other superficialities and we all share the same needs and desires.

Thank you very much. Your Christmas is on the 7 of January so to all staff there and the lady clients I say, " I wish for you all a very Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year and a very Merry Christmas!"

Oscar / USA Uadreams review
Oscar / USA
31 December 2015

Felix: Anna did a great job

Anna did a great job hosting our first meeting. She’s a wonderful lady and very professional.

Felix / USA Uadreams review
Felix / USA
29 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Uwe: All the best and good luck!

Hallo ihr Alle in der Agentur!
Ich wünsche einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und viele glückliche Tage das ganze Jahr 2016 mit großen Erfolgen und viel Freude, alles, alles Gute von Uwe.

Hello everybody in the agency!
I wish you a healthy start into the New Year and a lot of happy days, the whole happy year 2016 full great successes and joy, all the best and good luck from Uwe.

Uwe / Germany Uadreams review
Uwe / Germany
29 December 2015

Mark: My first New Year away from home

This is my third time visit to Kremenchuk and my lady here. It has been a wonderful experience in many ways. My translator Natasha has been extremely helpful, explaining Ukrainian traditions, as well as showing me all there is to see, and also doing her main job - translating for me and the lady as she knows no English and my 20 or so words of Russian won’t make for a very long conversation. LOL

Thanks to Natasha and my Lady for a wonderful new experience - my first New Year away from home. Everything has been EXCEPTIONAL.

Mark / USA Uadreams review
Mark / USA
28 December 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Mark: I am very happy with services I perceived

Hi, this is Mark Hall from the US. I am here in Nikolaev for the second time having very wonderful time. I would like to thank my translator Karina for assistance with young lady I came here to meet. The services of UaDreams have been above my expectations and particularly my translator here has been with incredible job, showed me around, took me to places and I have been to use her both visits. And I am very happy with services I perceived.

Mark / USA Uadreams review
Mark / USA
26 December 2015
trip to Nikolaev

Roopam: I totally enjoyed spending time with her

My visit to Nikolaev was excellent. I experienced wonderfully warm weather except the last day of my visit. Nastya, my translator was phenomenal. We had lot of good conversations and she was outstanding in facilitating conversations with the lady. My lady is a wonderfully funny and beautiful young woman. I totally enjoyed spending time with her and look forward to getting to know her better.

I did not get to explore too much of the city and would like to come back in summer. I think the roads need improvement :)

Roopam / USA Uadreams review
Roopam / USA
26 December 2015
trip to Nikolaev

Ahmet: I felt so comfortable with assistance agency served

I met my lady at office and liked her so much. Moreover, the day we like do up was so entertaining and I felt so comfortable with assistance agency served. Translation was so good that even my English was not so good; she understood want I mean every time. I am so pleased that I am a member of the agency.


Hello! Nice to meet you. It was a perfect date I had in Kiev. I loved the places my lady showed to me. And the translator was the best translator in the world. Her skills were perfect. Everything was perfect. Thank you very much.

Ahmet / Turkey
25-26 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Norm: Christmas and Seasons Greetings

At this time I wish to say thank you for all your help this past year in allowing me to make new female friends in the Ukraine. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas season greetings video you provide to us now from your staffs in all locations. Each and every year you do a great video for us customers. I know your Christmas in Ukraine is around January 6th so I wish you all the best on that day in your country. Thank you. Happy New Year! Norm, Kelowna BC Canada.

Norm / Canada Uadreams review
Norm / Canada
24 December 2015

James: When we get married, I will invite you to the wedding

Ana (translator) was very pleasant and helpful.
Inform the client about passport requirement.
Better direction about procedure with coming to office and going on date.
When we get married, I will invite you to the wedding.

James / Canada Uadreams review
James / Canada
23 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Saif: I highly recommend that you organize your trip through the agency

My experience was simply beyond my expectations! The managers, the interpreters and the drivers went above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience for me. They are not only professionals in their own fields but also are fun to be with.

The ladies that I met were stunningly beautiful, friendly, easygoing and intelligent. I enjoyed their company thoroughly. I will be going back to Ukraine to meet one more lady in May 2016 before I make a final call.

In summary, Ukrainian women are generally social, friendly, intelligent, extremely beautiful looking and have very strong family and moral values. I am totally convinced that I want to live the rest of my life with a Ukrainian woman. I just don't know who that woman is yet. But, I'm sure that she's a Ukrainian and I'll find her soon!

And of course, if you want a safe and an unforgettable experience, I highly recommend that you organize your trip through the agency. I wish the best of luck to everyone who shares a common dream with me.

Saif / Australia Uadreams review
Saif / Australia
23 December 2015
trip to Kremenchug, Poltava

Hector: Both made me feel like in home and I love them!

I want to thank the agency (Poltava) for everything, the city tour and the meeting was awesome, special thanks for my city guide (Irina) and also for my translator (Elena) both made me feel like in home and I love them!

I hope to see them soon again!
Thank you very much!

And about my meeting I have to say that at the beginning I felt too nervous and the translator help me and make me feel comfortable, I hope everything could work between the gorgeous and intelligent lady that I meet!

Best Regards,
Hector, Mexico

Hector / Mexico Uadreams review
Hector / Mexico
23 December 2015
trip to Poltava

Hector: I appreciate all their help to make this adventure amazing

I want to thank you for this great opportunity to know a great lady and also for your attentions (the guide for the city Vika was wonderful and showed me many things and places around Kiev, also Valentine in the introductory, he was also helpful and attentive) I appreciate all their help to make this adventure amazing. Thanks for everything. Hector. Mexico.


I want to thank you for the agency and for the other attention. Also, for the guide tour and also for interpreter. Everything was great. Thank you for all. I have an opportunity to meet a great lady and I hope to be here soon. Thank you.

Hector / Mexico Uadreams review
Hector / Mexico
22-28 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Georg: Nice young lady

Nice young lady
Nice translator
Nice restaurant, nice music
Good service of the agency

Georg / Germany Uadreams review
Georg / Germany
22 December 2015
trip to Nikolaev

Georg: Wonderful translator

Nice lady, wonderful translator, nice restaurant.

Georg / Germany Uadreams review
Georg / Germany
20 December 2015
trip to Kharkiv

Georg: Excellent translator

Excellent translator, good service, nice lady.

Georg / Germany Uadreams review
Georg / Germany
19 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Saif: Please don’t be sceptical about following your dream

This was my first ever visit to Ukraine. I came to Poltava to meet my lady for the first time.

The experience has been fantastic. The team at Poltava has gone above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience for me. My Interpreter, Irina, is not only a high class professional but also a great fun to have around.

I am also extremely happy about my dating. The lady has exceeded my expectations in every way. We have both agreed to take our relationship to the next level and I’ll be coming back here soon.

So, if you have a dream, please don’t be sceptical about following it.

Saif / Australia Uadreams review
Saif / Australia
18-20 December 2015
trip to Poltava

Jean-Pierre: We are both optimistic

I met my lady at the agency office. The expectations of the date was confirmed. We like each other after meet. We spend a wonderful evening in nice restaurant. The translator was excellent and we are both optimistic that it is beginning of something more.

Jean-Pierre / Germany Uadreams review
Jean-Pierre / Germany
18 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Mats: Ukraine is forever in my heart

Dear support and co-workers on UaDreams,

This feedback applies throughout your organization in general, but for the office in Lutsk in particular.

My stay in your beautiful country during the period 4 to 7 December 2015, and I've rarely been better treated. After a few months of exchanging letters, and video chat with my dear lady in Lutsk so we decided to meet. We set the date and then I chose to use UaDreams to arrange hotels, interpreters, transportation and more.

I begin with to give praise to my chufför, I felt great confidence in his driving. Then my hotel, very good hotel with good breakfast and very helpful staff. I also want to commend all the Ukrainians I have been in contact with the taxi drivers, staff in restaurants, shops yes everyone has been very nice to me. So my first meeting with your culture I would not have done without you.

Finally, I want to talk about our interpreter, Luda, I do not know if she named Ludmila really but it does not matter. What a woman, what a wonderful friend. I am deeply impressed by her work and tremendously grateful for her attention to people's feelings and needs. I do not think I had gone home with the knowledge of my lady, Lutsk and Ukraine without her help.

I am forever grateful and I will forever be indebted to her. Unfortunately, I missed to show my gratitude in place, but I will try to repair the damage at a later time. Me and my lady have decided more meetings, however, no definite date. Although we can meet without UaDreams involvement, I will like to have the help of an interpreter. When there is only one and it is allternativ Luda. We have also decided to use part of your letter service and above all you video chat.

Maybe a few words about my reason for my trip, she, my lady. Or as I call her my princess, she is absolutely stunning. I've really got a winning ticket and I hope that all the other guys who are looking for beautiful, smart, super friendly and more find their way to this gold mine that UaDreams is.

I greet and thank all your staff.

Warmest Greetings from the land of the north, Sweden.


Mats / Sweden Uadreams review
Mats / Sweden
15 December 2015
trip to Lutsk

Saif: My heartiest thanks to the entire team

My trip to Kremenchug has been fantastic. All people at the agency have been extremely friendly and helpful. The agency manager Eugene, and the interpreter Oksana have gone above for beyond to ensure the best experience I could possibly have.

My heartiest thanks to the entire team. I will certainly come back.

Saif / Australia Uadreams review
Saif / Australia
15 December 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Alexis: This is the only agency I would recommend

The agency has always made me feel comfortable; and this is the only agency I would recommend. The ladies are all very nice, and yes, they look like their photos, but even more amazing in person. The the translators made me feel very comfortable; and made everything easy. The agency was also nice enough to make some quick changes; due to unexpected issues with my luggage and transportation. I felt welcomed at all times. Everyone was nice to me in Ukraine.

Alexis / USA Uadreams review
Alexis / USA
14 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Bill: She made me feel comfortable and welcome

The translator Marina was excellent. She made me feel comfortable and welcome.
My first meeting with my lady was fantastic.
Thank you very much for your assistance.
It was great experience.

14 December 2015
trip to Sumy

Felix: Everyone left content

Oksana, though not needed for interpreting was very helpful.

My only complaint is the the address provided "from headquarters" isn’t correct. Maybe that’s was the locals call it, but, better to list what’s on the side of the building. Things ran efficiently, we had a good meeting, everyone left content. Oksana was kind enough to walk me to her bus stop and introduce me to the downtown and its lovely sites on the way there.

The staff at UaDreams-Kremenchug are just as professional as any other if not more so.

Felix / USA Uadreams review
Felix / USA
13 December 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Alexis: Very honest

The agency was very nice and professional. Very honest. I felt very comfortable with lady and translators; my lady was terrific and nice, she recommended a really nice restaurant and the food was excellent. Everyone in the agency including the ladies were very nice. The gentleman translator was very nice also, and I felt comfortable also; very nice experience overall.


My experience here in Kiev has been excellent. Everybody have been very professional. I felt nothing, but comfortable with everybody. I will definitely recommend every man must to come here. And it will be treated I think very good. I had a great time and I am looking for my next experience here.

Alexis / USA Uadreams review
Alexis / USA
10-12 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Justin: I have formed a deeper, stronger connection with the woman

Kate was solid, and helped me acclimate to my surroundings well. She helped me communicate with my lovely girlfriend and through her, I have formed a deeper, stronger connection with the woman I had most dear to my heart. Poltava, I’ll see you again.

Justin / USA Uadreams review
Justin / USA
10-15 December 2015
trip to Poltava

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