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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Phillip: UaDreams decided to refund 100% of my package

I have been a good customer of for several years and the service has always been very professional and efficient.

Recently, I decided to reserve a trip package. Unfortunately with recent terrible explosion in West, Texas that damaged a friends home I had to cancel my package. The cancelation was 30 days before my arrival date so I knew I would lose 50% of my package money.

I asked UaDreams to cancel but I did not tell them the reason for canceling. UaDreams handled my cancelation very professionally and inquired about the reason for canceling.

When I supplied the reason, UaDreams decided to refund 100% of my package less the administrative fee. To me this was more than fair and honest. UaDreams demonstrated a very professional and ethical business practice. In my experience, UaDreams customer support makes them a very respected company and in the future I will definitely use there services.

Phillip / USA Uadreams review
Phillip / USA
5 May 2013

Phil: There was nothing hidden from me

[I] Was very skeptical of online dating service. When I did search on google saw good and bad, but the bad was not at all bad. When I got here, agency picked me up at airport and got me to the hotel with no problems and made sure everything was good before driver left.

Everything was as the agency stated. There was nothing hidden from me. Translator was very good and enjoyed every minute of my visit. The choices of restaurants were very good. This is my first time abroad and I would do it again. I feel very safe and comfortable with this agency. If you have doubts, you shouldn’t! The agency is one of the best I have found and very pleasant with everything.

All the negative comments that come up when you search this agency is from men that want everything for free. Companies can’t stay in business if everything is for free! Prices are reasonable. I would recommend this agency to anyone that asks me. Thanks again for for your services and help.

Phil / USA Uadreams review
Phil / USA
11 August 2014
trip to Sumy

Jose: The atmosphere that I found in UaDreams was very warm

I arrived to the beautiful city of Kiev for finding a good opportunity to find my second half. I met a good manager. With name Anna who helped me very much although I speak Russian. The lady was interesting and the future will say if we are couple. Anyway the atmosphere that I found in UaDreams was very warm. Jose

Jose / Spain Uadreams review
Jose / Spain
5 December 2015
trip to Kiev

Adam: I was given all of the help I could be given

All the support was very helpful. Sometimes things don't work out, but I was given all of the help I could be given.

Adam / USA Uadreams review
Adam / USA
4 December 2015
trip to Nikolaev


What could I say. I LOVE UKRAINA. Everything is just great, the hotel, the translator Luda and my special la

Mats / Sweden Uadreams review
Mats / Sweden
4 December 2015
trip to Lutsk

Joseph: Friendly and professional

All good. Friendly and professional branch manager and translator.

Joseph / USA Uadreams review
Joseph / USA
1 December 2015
trip to Nikolaev

Richard: I hope to continue the relationship

I had a wonderful time. А fantastic lady. Julia is a great translator and made communication very easy for me and the lady. I would recommend her to anyone. I hope to continue the relationship well in the future.

Richard / USA Uadreams review
Richard / USA
30 November 2015
trip to Lutsk

Alan: Meeting I had went very well

Agency stuff was very helpful with good translation service. Meeting I had went very well, I have to see lady again!

Thank you.
Keep up the good work.

Alan / United Kingdom
29 November 2015
trip to Poltava

Benoit: Un grand merci pour tout

Pour moi, ce voyage s’est déroulé de manière formidable.

Les responsables de l’agence sont très sympathiques et sont prêtes à rendre service.

Pour ma réuni0n avec ma dame, se fût une rencontre formidable. Elena est une femme très belle, très charmante et malgré toutes ses qualités, elle reste une femme simple avec une grande âme extraordinaire. Pour moi une femme parfaite, comme je les aime.

Un grand merci également à Oksana pour son travail d’interprète. Son travail nous a aidé, ma dame et moi, pour mieux se connaître et se comprendre.

Pour terminer, je voudrais te dire, ma dame, un grand merci pour tout.

J’espère à bientôt.


This trip was wonderful.

The agency's employees are very nice and ready to provide services.

As for my date with my lady, it was great. My lady is a very beautiful and charming woman, but at the same time she is an easy-going person with a wonderful soul. She is a perfect woman, these are the types of women that I like.

And I want to thank Oksana for the translation. Her work helped us, me and my lady, to understand each other better.

In the end I want to thank you, my lady, for everything.

See you very soon, I hope.


Benoit / Belgium Uadreams review
Benoit / Belgium
28 November 2015
trip to Cherkassy

Joseph: Anna, translator, was great

Anna (translator) was great. Friendly, and she helped to create a relaxed atmosphere at the first meeting with the lady. JT

Joseph / USA Uadreams review
Joseph / USA
28 November 2015
trip to Kiev

Joshua: I would definitely consider coming back here again

The translation service was fantastic. I had a wonderful time and learned a great deal about the history and culture of Ukraine. Everything went for better than I could have ever hoped. I would definitely consider coming back here again.

Joshua / USA Uadreams review
Joshua / USA
20 Oct. - 11 Nov. 2015
trip to Lutsk

Miclo: I will be back very soon

Dear UaDreams,
Thank you for the great Services, I will be back very soon.
All was great.
Thank you!
Greeting from Belgium

Miclo / Belgium Uadreams review
Miclo / Belgium
27 November 2015
trip to Poltava

Kevin: I was very happy with everything in general

This is to certify that I visited UaDreams branch in Zaporozhye and found everything in order. I would like to add that my interpreter Nastya was very helpful and acted in a very professional manner which allowed my meeting with my lady which took place in a very nice restaurant, proved successful. I was very happy with everything in general.

Kevin / Ireland Uadreams review
Kevin / Ireland
26-27 November 2015
trip to Zaporozhye

Miguel: It is an agency of trust

The agency is very good. But the most excellent is the staff of the agency. Translation in Spanish is very good. It is an agency of trust.

Miguel / Spain
25 November 2015
trip to Kharkiv

Philip: She even knows what the ladies she help translating like

Everything is good. My interpreter is very friendly and able to help with everything. She even knows what the ladies she help translating like and advices me on some staff like what flowers should I get for the lady.

Nevertheless, very satisfy with the service.


Philip / USA Uadreams review
Philip / USA
25-26 November 2015
trip to Cherkassy

Kenneth: The sweetest and most loving person!!!

My trip and visit to Zaporozhye was just great! My lady is a very shy but once we got to know each other she is the sweetest person and I have come to love her very much!!!))) She and I both have the same thoughts and ideas as to what we want on our relationship and plan to continue to see each other because we care enough to see if we can have a permanent relationship!!! I do hope our future will be awesome together and lead to marriage in our future!!!))) I just can’t say enough good things about my lady as she is just the sweetest and most loving person!!! ))) Wow!

My interpreter Sveta, is the very sweetest person!!!)))She always is ready to help with all issues related to her job and gives 110% of herself to make sure everything goes the way it should!!! ))) If I ever needed anything she is always ready to help me!!!))) Wow!!! Couldn’t ask for better help!!!)))



– Got ahead. How are you doing?

– I am doing real good. Have enjoyed my trip. And all different cities I’ve been to in Ukraine and I would definitely come back and visit for a longer period of time. All the people have been extremely nice to me. And I’ve made a lot of good friends and met a lot of new people... And all the people that worked at UaDreams are excellent at their job performance and duties. And any time I need any help everyone has been so kind and thoughtful and asked me to just call if I needed anything. And they are willing to help and do an excellent job.

– What places impressed you the most?

– Probably the shopping centers are a lot different than they are at home. They are very clean and neat and all the restaurants and most of them, the waitresses were very nice and I just loved the food here.

– Would you come back here?

– Definitely I want to come back and stay a lot longer next time.

– That's great, thank you.

– You are welcome.

Kenneth / USA Uadreams review
Kenneth / USA
25-30 November 2015
trip to Zaporozhye

Xavier: We were comfortable together all time

My time in Poltava with my lady and her tranlator, Julia was great. We were comfortable together all time. We ate at some wonderful places and saw much of the great city of Poltava.

My lady is a beautiful lady, and I am so glad I was able to meet her and spend time with her.

My only regret is that we were limited in spending time together alone. I understand that the language would be the issue, still I would have tried to walk together, just the two of us.

Julia was wonderful and so helpful in making our experience together.

I hope to return soon and spend more time with my lady and maybe even Julia as well. A beautiful lady and great translation.

Xavier / USA
24-28 November 2015
trip to Poltava

Marcel: It was hard to go back to Holland again

Dear Ira,

Thank you for all of You're kind words.
Yes the woman where i continue with is from Kremenchug.
Its a pleasure to give you a feed back about my experience with the Agency.
It all started about 16 months ago when i came to this site.
A new world was opening for me.
So many woman who where interested in me, it was amazing.
I was listening to my heart and i'am not made out of stone, and my beautiful woman stole my heart very fast.
After a couple of months we decided that we wanted to continue with each other.
We had lovely chats twice a week and we where writing each other many letters.
In November/December 2014 i was meeting her in Kremenchug they where the best days in my life.
Everything was so good organized, it was great when i arrived in Kiev that the manager of the branch in Kremenchug and our translator where waiting for me on the airport.
They both done a amazing job.
We had to travel for about 4 hours by car to Kremenchug, the time went so fast we had enough to talk about and was was feeling very comfortable and save with them.
Later that evening i had my meeting in real with my lady, i was (a little nervous) lol.
Meeting the woman of you're life in real, so beautiful and amazing she was.
The restaurants we went where so amazing and the food was great.
Its feeling so great to see the photo's back what we took from all those places.
It was hard to go back to Holland again, and of course our meeting was way to short.
But at least we seen each other in real and we where both happy that we knew it would 't be our last meeting.
After about a year being on this site and knowing each other better it was time to stand on our own feet.
The biggest issue we have now is our language barrier.
My lady did already for half a year English class three times a week and she is doing great.
Its so nice if we are on Skype now that she is talking a little English to me.
And she is already busy with her next course.
I'am real proud of her.
Soon i have my own private English teacher lol.
Our next step will be that i can invite her to Holland after she feels comfortable enough with her English.
The whole staff of UaDreams, thank you for all the things you're done for us.
Its the best site if you're looking for you're beloved.
Its so true, it became a part of my life and now i'am leaving.
In Holland we have a saying, there is a time to come and there is a time to leave.
Thank you Uadreams!!!!!!
You are the best!!!!
Keep on the good work!!!

P.S. A special thanks for our translator, she really done a great job. I hope you will send my regards and thanks to her.

With regards,

Marcel / Netherlands Uadreams review
Marcel / Netherlands
23 November 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Philip: A really good job

Really good. The branch responded to my request of a translator really great and my translator Julia has done a really good job showing me around the city.

Philip / USA Uadreams review
Philip / USA
23 November 2015
trip to Rovno

Philip: Communication with my lady was perfect

Before coming to Ukraine I was worrying of the service since the respondence with support center was slow and not as satisfying, but they were still able to provide me sufficient information to get me going.

Right after landing to Ukraine I contacted the office manager immediately and she was able to tell me what would happen when I reached Lutsk since it was Sunday and my lady was only able to meet me on this day.

The lady’s interpreter, Julia, was being really helpful. We had a nice meeting with my lady at the cafe and the communication with my lady was perfect. She also assisted me in going around Lutsk. Overall, the service of UaDreams is very good.

Philip / USA Uadreams review
Philip / USA
22-23 November 2015
trip to Lutsk

Ben: If you are considering a trip to Ukraine, you should do it

I recently travelled to Kiev to meet a lady from Ukrainian Dreams dating agency. My driver was waiting patiently for me at the airport, which was a huge relief after my flight had been delayed.

He was professional and very helpful with suggestions for restaurants and places to see in Kiev.

After arriving at my hotel, I was introduced to my lady with translator. I was not disappointed! My translator was key in arranging activities and making things comfortable for my lady and I.

If you are considering a trip to Ukraine, you should do it. Ukraine is a beautiful country with good things to see and to experience.

Sincerely yours, Ben

Ben / USA Uadreams review
Ben / USA
20-24 November 2015
trip to Poltava

Guillaume: All my trip is perfect

Everything was really good. My transport from Kiev to Sumy was nice, the driver was kind.  My meeting with my lady was perfect, with the help with the translator. The translator was really good and help us a lot.
My hotel is nice too.
So all my trip is perfect.
Thank you very much.


Hello, my name is Guillaume. So, everything with my trip was perfect. The translator was really nice and kind and helped us to understand each other.

All my trip was perfect in Sumy. We went to a picnic and went to a BBQ and we went to bowling too. Sumy is a very friendly city and always really perfect.

Guillaume / France Uadreams review
Guillaume / France
19-22 November 2015
trip to Sumy

Alfred: I would recommend the services of the UaDreams agency

I was very happy with my visit to Kremenchuk. My translator was excellent. And I was very with the time I spent with my Lady.

I would recommend the services of the UaDreams agency to others.

Alfred / USA Uadreams review
Alfred / USA
18 November 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Adolph: The meeting went reasonably well

Hello, the meeting went reasonably well, but we will need to talk more to make any decisions. The hotel conditions and all were very good.

Adolph / USA Uadreams review
Adolph / USA
16-22 November 2015
trip to Poltava

Robert: I may ask her to marry me

A very beautiful young lady. I may ask her to marry me.
Sasha is very good interpreter. Very good job.

Robert / USA Uadreams review
Robert / USA
16-17 November 2015
trip to Nikolaev

Alexandre: My intentions are serious and sincere

The whole agency team is very polite and I had a great pleasure passing by. I guess this is the first and last time I use this service because my intentions are serious and sincere.

Alexandre / France
15 November 2015
trip to Rovno

Paul: The lady I met was incredible

Perfect. Interpreter Yuliya was fantastic. Very personable and great to be around. The city Kremenchug is very nice. Clean and beautiful with very nice people. The lady I met was incredible. Funny, smart, beautiful and a great person. She made quite a lot of time for me even though she is very busy lady and I thank her.

A meeting in real with a lady is a must for anyone who is interested for real in her.

Paul / USA Uadreams review
Paul / USA
14-17 November 2015
trip to Kremenchug

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