“ I am looking for a man who is strong. I'm talking not about physique. I am looking for a strong-willed and stout-hearted man. I want my man to be passionate – a man, who will be passionate about me and passionate about his lifework. I am looking for a purposeful and ambitious partner who knows what he wants from life. I'd like my man to be easy ...”

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Testimonials & reviews


Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take our ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members, are saying about us

Jeffrey / USA Uadreams rewiew

Jeffrey / USA
18-24 September 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Jeffrey: In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf

Having lived abroad from the US for 7 years on my own in counties that are not conducive to finding the type of ladies that I prefer I joined UaDreams in hopes of finding the lady of my dreams! I have always enjoyed and appreciated the culture and people of eastern Europe and I knew that eventually... and with a lot of patience... I would find the right lady for me!!

2 years and 2 months ago, I met a beautiful lady from Zaporozhye that absolutely swept me off my feet. We have been communicating since that time via letters and chats... taking our relationship one step a time to learn and know each other. Call it old fashioned, but we are both romantics... but yet reasonable... and knew that we wanted this relationship to grow and develop. There were a number of attempts to meet that did not transpire on account of work/travel situations, son it was finally this week that we met. I was nervous and concerned about our meeting, not about meeting my lady, but how everything would work out in Ukraine.

In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf. My interpreter/guide Artem met me at the airport and got me to the hotel for a good nights sleep before meeting my lady the next day. After my arrival at the agency, I finally met my lady that I had been dreaming of for so long!! She was everything I had hoped for and more... Over 2 years correspondence does have its benefits!! Her humor, laugh and smile draws you to her to want to know more, this is something that cannot always be translated, seen in chat or in photos.

My 7 days in Zaporozhye was the best holiday I have had in so, so many years and I owe this to my lady and Artem. While my lady can speak some English, she is not sure of her abilities (and also wanting to know exactly what I was saying) she preferred speaking in Russian.With Artem, if he did not exactly understand what I was trying to express, or if I did not understand something, we would take the time to make sure all was understood. It was also beneficial that Artem has translated almost all of our letters that we wrote, so her really did understood the feelings e had for each other.

Between my lady and Artem, they mapped out each day with the idea of my learning and knowing more about my ladies city and country. Of course this is very important if you have serious feelings for someone special to you. Our days and outings were amazing, including some silliness along the way.

This trip has been a dream... I met my lady and it was a greater experience that I could have ever asked for! It is with great thanks and appreciation to UaDreams that my lady and I have been able to achieve to wonderful relationship that we have created together!

As I leave Zaporozhye and Ukraine this evening, it is with a very sad heart that I will not be with my truly beautiful lady tomorrow! Bit I know that we will be communicating every day, knowing we will be together again soon.

If you have any preservation about coming to meet a woman you have met on UaDreams, you need to follow your dreams. Everyone here was helpful and wanted to assist you in finding your dream. Thank you for everything!!

P.S. After 7 days with Artem, my lady and I did want to kick him out...HEHEHE!!! Sometimes it does feel like a third wheel, but they are here to help you find your dream and they do a great job assisting you and helping you!!!

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Gregg / USA Uadreams rewiew

Gregg / USA
7-11 August 2014
trip to Sumy

Gregg: I felt completely safe and comfortable during my entire visit

This is my last day in Sumy and has been one of the best of trips of my life. Two months ago I met a wonderful lady online. After exchanging letters and photos for a few weeks, we decided to video chat. We would talk several times a week and still exchanged letters. We decided to meet in person but each of us could not meet before mid-August sue to work obstacles.

Despite the short time to plan and make arrangements, the agency staff made it happen. I can not express my appreciation enough to the staff helped me. When I arrived at the airport, I was met by my driver and was called by the translator to check on me.

I meet a wonderful lady and we had so much fun during our time together. Julia (our translator) was wonderful. She was always there to help translate but also made sure dinner reservations were made. She also helped me in making sure the taxi and restaurants treated me fairly. Thank you Julia! I will remember your kind and professional attitude.

Despite the recent conflict in the southeast part of Ukraine, there was not sign of trouble in Sumy. I felt completely safe and comfortable during my entire visit.

Thank you to the main branch and Sumy branch!

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Steve / USA Uadreams rewiew

Steve / USA
20 February 2015
trip to Sumy

Steve: The costs justify the results

I was pleasantly surprised at the services provided by UA Dreams. I had reservations at the first about online dating and looking for women from another country. But the agency from the very beginning helped me with my trip to meet my special lady. From booking the trip, to car to pick me up at airport, hotel reservation was more than I expected. The translator was great and the entire experience was very romantic and enjoyable. My fears and doubts were put to ease, and the costs justify the results. I highly recommend the agency UA Dreams if you want to make yours come true.


Hi, my name is Steve. I came to Ukraine via the UaDreams agency to meet a special woman, the agency exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anybody that once take a chance in finding love here through the agency, everything that I have said and more. I found the people very warm and friendly here in the Ukraine. There is a lot to do: dancing, gourmet eating, nice coffee shops, and just the food is great, people are warm and friendly, and the women are beautiful!

Testimonial sent by E-Mail:

Thanks for the email and question. First I want to again state that I was so impressed with the trip to Sumy and Ukraine overall. My trip was so great and one of my best trips/vacations ever. I have started to spread the word about your services to my single friends. Kate our translator was off the charts with her ability. She's invaluable.

Marco / Italy Uadreams rewiew

Marco / Italy
20-23 February 2015
trip to Rivne

Marco: Excellent translation service

Everything has been arranged with care and professionalism in every detail. I spent a wonderful weekend in a beautiful city full of life.

Although was still winter, the cold was not but what amazed me immediately was interpreter availability and intelligence.

The timeliness of this girl was ever equal to her passion in performing its difficult task, not only to translate but to avoid in any way easymisunderstandings.

Her presence at my side und the Lady i had chosen was never a burden, indeed a help, a point of support, often essential.

The unique character of the person that i had chosen did the rest.

I remember specially Saturday night past earing local songs and dancing.

Two unforgettable days allowed me to bring home a beam of substantial information, essential for the continuation of the relationship with my lady.

I have to thank you again for the quick and efficient assistant service.


Karl-Heinz / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Karl-Heinz / Germany
20-23 February 2015
trip to Cherkassy

Karl-Heinz: This is my 3rd trip together with the Uadreams

After a situation of not believing in love any more I found with the agency the lady of my dreams and love.

We chatted and wrote several weeks and months and with the help and organization we met this weekend at Cherkassy. We fall in love and we plan to stay together in Germany and marry this year.

The service of this agency is very helpful and unique.
We thank UADreams very much for making our dream alive.


My name is Karl-Heinz and this is my first trip to Cherkassy and the 3rd trip together with the Uadreams. All together I spent here 4 days in Cherkassy and I can say that Ukraine at the moment is very safe, the people that I met here are very friendly, we met a lot of wonderful people here. I've met the lady of my dreams.

I had a wonderful service by agency and interpreter. They took care of me, beginning from when they took me in the airport, they brought me to this town which is around 2.5 hour away from Kiev. We had a wonderful trip here and spent a wonderful time and I met the lady of my dreams for 2 days. I was able to see the city, all important places around the city, we also visited several restaurants.

The food is very good here, the restaurants are very good and I can only say the company and the agency took very very good care of me. And I am very happy that finally I met the lady of my dreams and I thank the agency very much and I recognize and I suggest to all people that see that video and are looking for the perfect match to come here to Ukraine to go with UaDreams for your trip and come here and find the lady of your dreams.

Jesse / USA Uadreams rewiew

Jesse / USA
19-26 February 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Jesse: This agency is first rate

Hi I am Jesse from Alaska USA. My trip to Ukraine was absolutely fantastic! I was very nervous at first but I was received at the airport by branch manager and taken to my hotel. The drive and conversation was awesome. I then met my translator Natasha. She was awesome and took me shopping for my lady.

We then went to meet her and had a great dinner and awesome conversation. Natasha took care of everything I needed and more! Great job Natasha! I could go on and on about details but the bottom line is I am having the time of my life with my lady and we have been inseperatable! All my doubts and fears were immediately put to rest and it’s awesome.

This agency is first rate and they are there to assist me in any way! Exploring this city is awesome and I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with this trip! If you have doubts put them to rest and go for it!


Mo / USA Uadreams rewiew

Mo / USA
19-23 February 2015
trip to Lutsk

Mo: I always felt safe while in the country

The agency was great! I didn’t know how to speak or read the language, so my guide and translator was a big asset and made everything she could. The hotel I stayed at, was the best hotel in the city and the breakfast was a great value. Overall, my experience was excellent and I recommend anyone to try their service. I always felt safe while in the country.

Brandon / USA Uadreams rewiew

Brandon / USA
18 February 2015
trip to Poltava

Brandon: You made it easy to communicate with my lady

Hello I wanted to say thank you for all of your help. You made it easy to communicate with my lady and to video chat with her. You also made my trip to Poltava very easy as well and I had a great time.

The translator Natasha did a wonderful job. I am still with my lady but she has moved away from the agency and has canceled her account so I still need to do the same with mine. I am very hopeful that it will work out bit if it doesn't and I still decide to look abroad from a special someone I will be back. Again thank you for everything.

Ronald / Canada Uadreams rewiew

Ronald / Canada
17-21 February 2015
trip to Nikolaev

Ronald: Everything in Nikolaev was calm and safe

I visited Nikolaev and met 2 girls that I had prior communication with, and especially enjoyed spending time with one girl that I hope to further build my relationships with her.

Everyone was friendly and helpful. Translators were willing to help if needed.

Even with the crises going on in the Donbass region everything in Nikolaev was calm and safe.

I am glad I made the trip.

Gage / USA Uadreams rewiew

Gage / USA
13-18 February 2015
trip to Lutsk

Gage: I meet with my lady every day

It was awesome had a great time! I meet with my lady every day and spend our time together. My translator was also awesome!

Larry / USA Uadreams rewiew

Larry / USA
12-16 February 2015
trip to Kharkov

Larry: This trip was well worth it!

This trip was well worth it! You discover the real people and their way of life by being here. Take the time to come over and enjoy the world. My lady was even better than I imagined. Wholesome and kind.

Keshav / Canada Uadreams rewiew

Keshav / Canada
11 February 2015
trip to Kharkov

Keshav: Sensitive to client’s requirements

Team player
Good listener
Good translator
Sensitive to client’s requirements

Paul / USA Uadreams rewiew

Paul / USA
7-15 February 2015
trip to Kharkov

Paul: Karina is an excellent translator

Karina is an excellent translator. She met my every need and was very attentive. I will gladly use her service or every trip to Kharkov. Her knowledge of English is excellent.

Colin / USA
6 February 2014

Colin: Thank you all my new friends and Cupids!!!

I wanted to thank the staff at the Nikolev office for not only translating my messages but expressing my emotions. I have met a person that has touched me in a way I have never felt before and she feels the same. This isn't possible if you all my new friends and little Cupids at the Nikolev office thank you! You have to care to express the emotion behind the letter and sms and its obvious you do! Thank you all my new friends and Cupids!!! Colin

David / Switzerland Uadreams rewiew

David / Switzerland
5-15 February 2015
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

David: I did know a really nice people

The reception was very well.

The people of the office was really great people with me and my reception. I can only tell Thanks. Thanks for this nice experience, thanks because between a war that unfortunately live this country, I did know a really nice people that did show me the real, beautiful and more important thing of this country: "his people"!

I go at home with a real nice souvenir of Ukraine!

Thanks again!

Joel / France Uadreams rewiew

Joel / France
4 February 2015
trip to Nikolaev

Joel: Thanks for this very pleasant meeting

Thanks for this very pleasant meeting. Everything was fine!

Mark / USA Uadreams rewiew

Mark / USA
2-7 February 2015
trip to Sumy

Mark: It's all real, despite anything else you may read or seen!

SUMY. The local complain of cold temperatures, snow, and just bad winter conditions. I have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather (considering I planned for -8 to -20 F). The times it has snowed have been periodic, but nearly perfectly timed to enhance romance- it was snowing at the end of my “Romantic Dinner” creating incredible ambiance. I find myself surrounded by amazing, picturesque settings in the city and countryside that is other wise called “boring” here. Perhaps not having this at home makes me appreciate it even more!

Agency was helpful but I chose to make my own arrangements for transport and hotel. I am staying at the hotel on one of the main streets of the city center. The hotel is updated and very comfortable, with clean room, great service, decent food, and English speaking staff. My room offers an amazing view of the main street, and a nearby square.

What can I say about my “Mother hen” Oksana? Certainly she is my translator and guide. However she has been more as well. She concerns herself with my wellbeing and needs. She has made herself accessible 24/7 during my stay. She handles all of arrangementes for the activities and needs of myself and my lady (her client). She has been my confidant, and my guide to cultural differences, offering suggestions, showing options, and explaining things I would not otherwise understand. Oksana has a whimsical accent and an occasional mispronounced word that add to her personal charm as well as that of this country! So fun!

My time here has been very enjoyable from the first minutes until now. I expect nothing different over the next two days as sadly being this trip to aclose. My activities with my lady have been diverse and many. It started with a tour of the city center with the names of the many things seen now blurring as there was so much. These included the love symbol, the mural of times past, and the symbol of the city the Sumska (Purse), two churches, and strolling of the two main streets. A romantic dinner followed with snow falling at the end of the date. I can’t begin to list all the cafes and restaurants that have been comfortable, warm and inviting. I am no connoisseur of fine dining, but everything I have had has been great!

A new experience for me has been the Ukrainian Banya. Wow!!! So very cool! We prepared a meal, enjoyed the sauna and swimming. BBQ in the middle of winter? Heck Yea! Another afternoon was spent horse riding. It was a long day when we travelled to Kharkov and enjoyed a day of fun at the water park “Jungle”. In the evening we toured a little, and also went for a short stroll in Gorky Park. I hope to return here in the spring.

A spa/salon day is planned for my lady today, and this evening we have reserved a private room at restaurant “Versal” and shall enjoy a special meal, a little champagne, some quite music and hopefully a slow dance or two (more?). We have not planned Saturday yet, but Sunday I will tour Kiev before flying home to California on Monday.

My lady has been amazing! She is beautiful, intelligent, and determined. I find my feelings for her growing each day. I can only hope to win her heart as she has captured mine! I look forward to the prospect of an incredible future with this lady. She has accepted an offer for a committed relationship until we meet again in the spring! :)


So, I have had an amazing time, here in Sumy. And have gone to some incredible places, seen incredible things, and had some really good food. I have spent a lot of time with a lady that I came to visit and I am very happy to say that we have a good relationship and we are going to continue that relationship.

And it would not be possible without UaDreams and been able to come here, and me and no one another… and I cannot say too terribly much other than thank you. And it has been a wonderful experience!

For the gentlemen who maybe watching this – it's all real, despite anything else you may read or seen! And I would encourage you - check it out for yourself! And come to Ukraine!

Mark / USA Uadreams rewiew

Mark / USA
1 February 2015
trip to Zaporozhye

Mark: Lady is real, sweet and everything

Zaporozhye is my second stop in my second trip to Ukraine. Although I am sure that this city is even more beautiful in the spring and summer and fall as my lady has suggested several times, I find an interesting beauty in this city deep into winter. It is unusually mild, perhaps even «warm» for this time of year.

Everywhere we go the people tend to be warm and pleasant. The food is amazing and I am sure I will be needing to diet and exercise when I return home shed some giant pounds! Zaporozhye is another Ukrainian city with a rich history I have enjoyed becoming slightly familiar with.

My gratitude to Valentine, my interpreter from the agency, for facilitation of conversation with the lady.We have had a lot of fun and many laughs over the last few days.

As with previous stop, this lady is real, sweet and everything, and more, that I discovered in letters and chat. Will love come as does spring? Time will tell, life will show, we shall see.


Now it’s my second stop in my second trip to Ukraine. I am in a city of Zaporozhye. And even though it is winter here, it is a beautiful city. And I find an interesting look and feel for this winter time. It is very mild. It have been very comfortable, a little rain. People are wonderful. And my experience here has been good. I would certainly recommend to others to come and visit Ukraine

Mark / USA Uadreams rewiew

Mark / USA
26-29 January 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Mark: I would strongly recommend agencie’s assistance if this would be your first trip

This being my second trip to Ukraine, customer service was very heplful while I worked through my plans and options. Although I didn’t book my travel arrangements through the agency, customer service was always helpful and supportive. However, if you are reading this, I would strongly recommend agencie’s assistance if this would be your first trip and/or you have not travelled internationally before.

This was/is my first time in Kremenchug. My translator Natasha was amazing in so many ways. She was dynamic, engaging, educated, intelligent, expressive, interactive and even humorous. Natasha was also very well versed in the local area and general region. Natasha provided excellent service and made it very easy to communicate with the lady.

The lady I came to meet was everything, and more, that I had come to know through letters and chat. She is also dynamic, educated, intelligent, expressive, interactive, humorous and quite charming. In fact, she a lady of some humility as well, as she is woman of significant prestige in her field, and was never boastful. She has plenty of causes to be proud of her accomplishments.

One might ask if I found love with my lady. The short answer is «No». However, I realize these things take time, at least for me. And, not everyone is for everyone else. Certainly, if that were the case, I could have stayed at home and filled this viod with the first lady I met on the street! :) I am however, still quite found of this lady.

In general the services of the agency and the local branch have been extraordinary. The people are helpful and generous. Though not arranged by the agency, my ground transport and hotel staff have been very pleasant and enjoyable to interact with.

It has been an amazing trip so far, and I will look back with great pleasure on my stay and activites in Kremenchug, even as I prepare for another adventure.

Thank you UADreams, Natasha, and the Lady.

Phil / USA Uadreams rewiew

Phil / USA
25 Jan. – 1 Feb. 2015
trip to Lutsk

Phil: The agency and the ladies they represent are real

Hi my name Phil from U.S. there was nothing hidden and translator was very good. When I got picked up from the airport my driver was there and very helpful never felt that there was problems. Met with my lady and we met that same day I was there. I had very good time. I would suggest this agency to anyone who asks me about their concerns of it. The agency and the ladies they represent are real. Thanks you for everything!

Bruno / Belgium Uadreams rewiew

Bruno / Belgium
22 January 2015
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Bruno: Great moments because of the agency

Very good service for flat, translation, meeting and great moments because of the agency.

Gerald / USA Uadreams rewiew

Gerald / USA
19 January 2014
trip to Sumy

Gerald: The Sumy branch did a nice job

The Sumy branch did a nice job.

My translator Julia has done a very professional job for me and my lady

Shahir / Trinidad and Tobago Uadreams rewiew

Shahir / Trinidad and Tobago
14 January 2015

Shahir: Your site is the most trustworthy and scam free site

Thank you so much for answering my questions. Your response was excellent and i really am impressed by your agency.

I want to assure you that i am now totally convinced that your site is the most trustworthy and scam free site... And i also love the ANTI-SCAM POLICY. But i am also convinced, not by your excellent response, but to ALL the testimonials on this site, both ladies and gentlemen. I believe that there are negative about this site because of how costly it is....but they don't look at the positives of this site and how effective it can be...I really love this site because i found the girl of my dream and all i want in my life is to be with her every second of the day. She means the world to me and my intentions towards her are very strong. Again i just want to thank you for being particularly precise about those letters and i am very glad that my girl replies to ALL.

I just got a bit scared because of some negative reviews which said the translators read and write the letter without the ladies knowledge. But i am surely convinced now that my lady and all other girls on your site are the ones doing the replying...and are also scam free.

Thank you for your support and i will surely let you guys know when i plan to visit the Ukraine.

Thank You,

William / USA Uadreams rewiew

William / USA
12-15 January 2015
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

William: Very good service!

Very good service!
Very good translators!
Very nice ladies!
fun trip
nice town

Customer / Mexico
12 January 2015
trip to Poltava

Customer: The stuff made my staying warm in Ukrainian Winter

Poltava people are great. Irina the branch coordinator was very attentive an supportive. Definitely the stuff made my staying warm in Ukrainian Winter.

Peter / USA Uadreams rewiew

Peter / USA
12 January 2015

Peter: I am brought to tears by your charity work in all your cities!

Dear Company President and all at uadreams,

I have been involved with internet dating with hopes for marriage for going on 12 years. I have made three trips to Ukraine, doing Christian work and dating. I have used many fine, and not so fine agencies.

But what I am leading up to say is that I am brought to tears by your charity work in all your cities! My humble ministry sponsors our own orphanage in Kenya, as well as helping some Ukrainians, Pakastanis, and Indians (India). But I have never seen an dating agency that is so pro-active in helping kids.

I salute you, and pray your business multiples so you can do MORE for the kids!

Keep up your excellent work with disadvantaged children. May God bless you abundantly for it! Every one of your special videos has brought me to tears being that I have seen these kids in Nikolaev.

With admiration and respect, Pastor Peter Olson, Wisconsin, USA

Dan / Denmark Uadreams rewiew

Dan / Denmark
9 January 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Dan: It was a great pleasure to come and visit you

It was a great pleasure to come and visit you. I have had a good experience from the pickup at the airport to all the days I spend with my lady. My translator is very good and did a very good job translating for me. Thank you all for a wonderful visit.

Oliver / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Oliver / Germany
3 January 2015

Oliver: Glück und Gesundheit und immer nur das Beste

Ich möchte eurem ganzen Team noch ein Frohes und Glückliches neues Jahr wünschen. Glück und Gesundheit und immer nur das Beste.

Lieben Gruß

I would like to wish all your staff a Joyful and Happy New Year. Be happy and healthy and all the best.

Warm regards,

Gangaiah / India Uadreams rewiew

Gangaiah / India
3 January 2015

Gangaiah: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015

My Dear all UaDreams Staff
Good morning to you all
It had been a wonderful experience with you. Your dedication and commitment has made this Agency worth its name. At this juncture, I WISH ALL UaDREAMS STAFF a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2015. Thank you for all the help, so far. I know, I will be with you for some more time.
Best of Best to all of you
Warm Regards

Shahir / Trinidad and Tobago Uadreams rewiew

Shahir / Trinidad and Tobago
3 January 2014

Shahir: Happy New Year

Hi I just want to wish the staff at Uadreams a happy new year and thanks for all the support and advice I got from them. Hope you guys have a safe and productive new year.


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