“I believe that a man is the person who makes a woman happy. I’d like to find a gallant, confident, generous, passionate and caring man. Moreover, I want to feel safe and loved near him, I want to feel like a woman…just because I deserve it.”

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Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take our ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members, are saying about us

Steven / USA Uadreams rewiew

Steven / USA
5 July 2017

Steven: Impressions of the UaDreams video slide show

I wish to thank you and your Tech Staff for a wonderful job on my new video. I never had any doubts that your Tech Staff would, once again, do an amazing and superlative job for me.

You were so conscientious about my wishes and you, again, fulfilled them completely. It is a small project but was magnificently done.

My supreme compliments to your video Tech Staff! They are awesome and I will do another soon!

Sincerely Amazed, again!

On-line "dating" is oft "misunderstood" by those whom have never used it. However, it is one of the best if not the best ways to get to know another human being's "inner-world". There are not "physical distractions", initially, as there certainly are in "conventional dating". It is a unique and very effective way to meet your potential "Split-Apart" as Plato so eloquently described. I know that I will meet mine at UaDreams because I believe in what you do and I believe in you.

Many, many, Thanks for years of excellent service, advise and council!

Sincerely Yours,

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Al / USA Uadreams rewiew

Al / USA
4 March 2014
trip to Odessa

Al: Guys come on over and take a look at these beautiful ladies

Hi! I am here in Odessa, Ukraine. I have come from Plymouth, Massachusetts in the USA. I have been the member of UADREAMS for three and half years. And I can say their service and their professionalism and the service that they have given to me for these 3.5 years have been excellent. I have made two trips to Ukraine. Last year I spent a month in Cherkasy. And this year I've spent a month here in Odessa. And all of the ladies that have been presented to me were all beautiful. They are very lovely and smart. They have everything that I was looking for. And fortunately and finally I have met my Dream Girl here in Odessa. And she has agreed to come back to USA and live with me in the USA this summer as soon as she can get her visa and passport together. And I am extremely excited about finally finding my true love with a wonderful and beautiful lady from Odessa, Ukraine.

And all along all the service that I have ever received from UADREAMS has been first class. The interpreter, Kate (Ekaterina – that is a little bit tough for me to tell that name, but as she said Kate for short) has been excellent. She has been with me all the time I have been here for a month. She has been with me all the step of the way. She has taking me on a guided tour. She has made all the appointments and all the arrangements for my driver. I can't ask for anything better than she was. She is a true friend of mine now. And I will be forever grateful to both UADREAMS and Kate.

I have been living in the past month in this beautiful hotel. It is only three years old, very modern. People here are… at this hotel... It's a family hotel... They have been wonderful to me. They have served me breakfast every morning. Everything in this trip and every time that I have come to Ukraine has just been excellent to me. You know, men from USA really to go to UADREAMS and take a look for themselves. The best luck secret in the world is the beautiful ladies of the Ukraine. And I am just so excited that the only thing was missing in my life and I am so happy that I was persisting enough to finally find her . I went through numbers of ladies. They were all very lovely, they are who are presented in their profiles. Everything about them is true. But I am so delighted and excited. Everything along the way of three and a half years is just been great... my e-mails, my video- chats with the ladies all this time has been excellent. The interpretation has been wonderful. And I highly recommend for you guys in the USA to come and to find the greatest secret in the world.

And even traveling around Odessa... Odessa is beautiful especially is on the ocean. It's very similar to the place I live. I live in Cape-cod, Massachusetts with the ocean and everything that is on the Black Sea is very similar like I said to where I live. I would enjoy living here and living there. We do plan on doing both you know in our lives as well. So my life has been 100 per cent in my favor. And I am so grateful to my interpretor, to UADREAMS for giving me this opportunity. And like I said guys come on over and take a look at greatest secret that this world has and at these beautiful ladies of the Ukraine.

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Azr / India
4 November 2017
trip to Kiev

Azr: You had raised the human value

Dear All (UaDreams.com Team)

In today’s world, when most of us have the value of an intimate relation in between human beings, UaDreams has ensured that value. Thanks for your effort, support and professionalism. Its rare to get such support and service. You had raised the human value.

I met my lady on 11th November and UaDreams helped me to do so. Nastia (my respective interpreter), was kind and smart enough. Thanks for your help.

I want to see this organization grow for better and keep increasing the true value of romance and intimacy.

Steve / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew

Steve / United Kingdom
4 November 2017
trip to Sumy

Steve: Helpful with everything

Dear Uadreams

Thank you for the services you provide on my trip to Sumy meeting. The translator Jane very good at her job, made me feel so welcome. Met my lady who spoke little English, but Jane was so good at her job. This was not a problem. She was helpful with everything.

Daniel / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Daniel / Germany
3-4 November 2017
trip to Kremenchug

Daniel: Great support

It was great time with my lady. And it was great support from Julia. She arranged all very well.

Captain T. / USA Uadreams rewiew

Captain T. / USA
1-10 November 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Captain T.: Lively, happy, fun!

My translator for meeting was Oxana. She was very attentive.
My conversation over dinner with was very lively, happy, fun!
Oxana made appropriate adjustment for my hearing loss on one side. She adopted her profession very easily, making my evening a success.
Oxana would be very welcome again for her services.

Captain T.

Captain T. / USA Uadreams rewiew

Captain T. / USA
1-10 November 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Captain T.: Translator turned out to be precise


Translator Max was assigned with two different dates.
He quite different at first but Max turned out to be precise. Max also was able to start the translating before statement complete and carry on until finished.
Also he was able to adjust for my hearing loss on my side.
I will be happy to see Max again for repeat translation services.

Captain T

Dominic / USA Uadreams rewiew

Dominic / USA
1-2 November 2017
trip to Kiev

Dominic: I spent a good time to get to know my lady

Kiev is an interesting city. It has everything, the service was professional. I spent a good time to get to know my lady. I will come later to visit her again.

Emmanuel / Canada Uadreams rewiew

Emmanuel / Canada
1 November 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Emmanuel: Trust the agency’s services and follow the guidelines

I can only say great things about UADREAMS, not only my experience up to meeting my lady was top notch, but the introduction to my lady was amazing. To the skeptical people out there, trust the agency’s services and follow the guidelines for your travels and you’ll have an amazing time. Don’t miss out on potentially meeting an amazing lady.

The agency went above and beyond to make all my communications with my lady prompt and amazing. During the 4 months prior to my meeting, and as my relationship with my lady evolved, the agency paid special care to make sure all our communications were delivered promptly.

Great job and thank you!

Rafael / Mexico Uadreams rewiew

Rafael / Mexico
1 November 2017

Rafael: ♥️ Happy birthday, dear Rafael!... what a nice surprice!


What a pleasant surprise to receive your congratulations for my birthday, it is rare that a service how yours are so nice...

Thanks for the good wishes, I believe that soon I will find my soul mate here, there are many very interesting, intelligent and beautiful girls! In my world it is not common for girls to have these 3 qualities and that is why I love their culture, their country and I hope to find my wife very soon!

I thank you from the heart for the detail...

Your friend...

Michael / Switzerland Uadreams rewiew

Michael / Switzerland
31 Oct. – 3 Nov. 2017
trip to Sumy

Michael: Wonderful days

I will say thank you to the Agency and specially to the interpreter. It was wonderful days.

Captain T. / USA Uadreams rewiew

Captain T. / USA
31 Oct. – 2 Nov. 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Captain T.: She was able to make us comfortable

Ms Lera, was my translator with my lady for two dinner engagements after the intro. I must commend Lera on her professionalism during both meetings. She was able to make us comfortable and complete with her translation abilities. Very attentive, wick and able to pass on the „meaning“ of our discussion. Lera is a great addition and part of the Zapo office.

Captian T

Norbert / Portugal Uadreams rewiew

Norbert / Portugal
31 October 2017
trip to Kharkiv

Norbert: She is my dream lady, the woman I always dreamed

So first it was not so easy to find your agency.

But the welcome there was warm and friendly and I feel the good atmosphere there and staff was very helpful.

My translator Helen is / was an open-minded person who exactly knows how to interpret questions from my side and also ladies side and give the lady and me the feeling of perfect understanding what we want to know from each other. We had a very well communication and Helen was helpful with really everything.

We found really nice restaurants with a friendly atmosphere where we can keep in communicating perfectly.

I am really thankful for all support and will sure come back here to Kharkiv but next time I will prefer a warmer season... on the other side I couldn’t wait to see my lady so I’ve to accept the weather like it is here at this time.

And not at least and the most important I met a wonderful, nice lady who takes time for me to feel me well here.

She is my dream lady, the woman I always dreamed.

Wouter / Netherlands Uadreams rewiew

Wouter / Netherlands
27-28 October 2017
trip to Cherkassy

Wouter: It was very pleasant

It was great to visit Cherkassy with this organization and to meet my lady in real life. The translator was very excellent and nice even I speak the English language not good as well. I like my lady very much and I want to see her often. Even our difference about our language but I will try to learn it. It was very pleasant.

Dave / Canada Uadreams rewiew

Dave / Canada
23-28 October 2017
trip to Dnipro

Dave: I just wanted to say what a great trip I had

I just wanted to say what a great trip I had. Everything went very smoothly. Marina my translator (and friend) did an awesome job! Thank you so much!

The woman I came to meet was everything and more than what I expected. We had a great time together. I would definitely tell anyone thinking of coming to Ukraine to use UaDreams!!

Captain T. / USA Uadreams rewiew

Captain T. / USA
23 October 2017
trip to Poltava

Captain T.: Pleasing, and better than last year!

My lady Great Person!
She made my date and I feel very comfortable!
So helpful with anything needed.
Voice sounded soft sometimes.
Pleasing, and better than last year!

Nick / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew

Nick / United Kingdom
21 October 2017
trip to Cherkassy

Nick: Absolutely first class translation and hospitality

Absolutely first class translation and hospitality. Very skilful management of time and situation. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service received. Many Thanks

Gary / USA Uadreams rewiew

Gary / USA
21 October 2017
trip to Rovno

Gary: The experience I had exceeded what I expected

The experience I had exceeded what I expected. It left me with a genuine feeling of Ukraine and the wonderful woman I was fortunate to get to know over the course of the months. I only wish she wants to build a relationship.

Raphael / USA Uadreams rewiew

Raphael / USA
19-23 October 2017
trip to Lutsk

Raphael: My time spent here was overall very good

I had a really nice time during my short trip in Lutsk. The restaurants we went to were very good and pleasant. I also enjoyed visiting the old part of the city. My time spent here was overall very good with good translation service from Luda, our translator. And of course I had a very good with my lady.

Bruno / Switzerland Uadreams rewiew

Bruno / Switzerland
14-19 October 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Bruno: Hey men… come here!

It was not the first time I was here. I really have to say: Hey men… come here! Here you will find nice ladies, beautiful places and restaurants with a high level.

I met my lady again I visited 2 years ago. Now we have pretty good relationship, I hope that we will be a couple who knows. The translator Irina made a fantastic job. Thank you very much! It was not the last time I traveled to the Ukraine!

Marco / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Marco / Germany
11 October 2017
trip to Nikolaev

Marco: I was happy because she was very friendly

I am Marco from Germany and I stayed here in Nikolaev for 2 weeks. In these 2 weeks I have met a lady from UA agency and we have some nice meeting with translator. Because she speaks not so good English, maybe she understand more as she can speak but I don’t know. For this we have used a translator, and this translator have done a very good job. She always translated all we have say and have done very good job. I was happy because she was very friendly and all the time she was for us and translated. So I want to come next year again and then I will use the same translator.

Gordon / USA Uadreams rewiew

Gordon / USA
10-11 October 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Gordon: I am extremely pleased with the quality services

I, Gordon, am extremely pleased with the quality services I received in terms of translation services. I was very impressed with my translator, Mariana, and her professionalism and positive demeanor on both occasions my date and I went out. She definitely made the occasion a positive experience, and I would highly recommend her if and when I return to IF City.


Stephen / USA
10 October 2017
trip to Rovno

Stephen: My lady was as perfect as I felt she would be

My lady was as perfect as I felt she would be and my surprise it was even better!!

Jimmy / Hong Kong Uadreams rewiew

Jimmy / Hong Kong
9 October 2017
trip to Poltava

Jimmy: In general it was a good meet and nice experiences

Meeting ran very successful, Irena helped us to understand very well, dinner was local and traditional. I can know my lady personally and get good image of her personality. In general it was a good meet and nice experiences: Thanks for UaDreams again!

Laszlo / Hungary Uadreams rewiew

Laszlo / Hungary
6-9 October 2017
trip to Cherkassy

Laszlo: I return home with the lovely meaning in my heart

I am fully content with the service that was provided by the Cherkasy staff, thanks Tatiana my translator and also driver that take me to Cherkasy. The translator was perfect, communication was smooth and enjoyable. I am really grateful to my lady, as she came to meet me, even though she became ill in the meantime. I am happy that she decided to continue communication with me, so hopefully we will meet again in the next future. I return home with the lovely meaning in my heart.

Andreas / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Andreas / Germany
5-8 October 2017
trip to Poltava

Andreas: I speak thanks to the translation service!

I do this trip to Poltava for a outstanding lady. The trip is really a Trip because of the other conditions in Ukraine.
I speak thanks to the translation service! Very good!
One negative: to find this office is to difficult.
I like my lady very much and hope to see her soon.
Thanks for all helping people with my problems.
See you again...

Abraham / USA Uadreams rewiew

Abraham / USA
5-13 October 2017
trip to Lutsk

Abraham: High class service

My trip was very excellent. Yulia my translator was very welcoming and very helpful throughout my stay here. High class service. I really enjoyed my visit with my lady very much and will miss her very much untill my return in May. Thank you very much for such a great service and a great time!

Mahmoud / Egypt Uadreams rewiew

Mahmoud / Egypt
4 October 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Mahmoud: I will repeat this visit again

I would like to thank UaDreams team for the support during my visit to Ukraine.

The service and translation were very perfict and I met with beautiful and nice educated lady, we visited many nice places, restaurants and cafes.

Deffinitly, I will repeat this visit again at soonest time.

Thanks very much.


Will / USA Uadreams rewiew

Will / USA
4-5 October 2017
trip to Poltava

Will: I hope return next year

Thank you again for your support.
I hope return next year.
I like Ukraine and food.
Thank you to Yana for the translation, she is nice girl.


Gordon / USA Uadreams rewiew

Gordon / USA
3 October 2017
trip to Kharkiv

Gordon: I am pleased that we met using this service

I went to the Argentina Grill where I met my date, and our translator. Their sellection of the restaurant was an excellent choice and we had a wonderful time. I am so glad that we met in person and hope to build off this initial meeting.

I am pleased with the translator, the initial meeting and the choice of restaurant. My date is a beautiful beautiful woman and I am pleased that we met using this service.

Tyler / USA Uadreams rewiew

Tyler / USA
1 October 2017
trip to Odessa

Tyler: Everything was great

Everything was great. Great time and good food.

Tyler / USA Uadreams rewiew

Tyler / USA
1 October 2017
trip to Odessa

Tyler: Everything was great

Everything was great. Great time and good food.

Customer / USA
1-6 October 2017
trip to Sumy

Customer: Compared to other websites, prices were cheaper

Overall the quality of services offered by Uadreams.com were excellent. For me personally, the prices were a little hish but I know I compared to other websites, they were cheaper. Tickets that I ordered with support typically were answered in a timely manner. Offering the client with a phone with translator’s number is very beneficial. I have been chatting with my lady for several months before coming to Sumy to see. I like her so much, it is hard to put into words. I am very hopeful for our future together. We are going to try and plan a trip together to some place warm in March.

Tyler / USA Uadreams rewiew

Tyler / USA
30 September 2017
trip to Odessa

Tyler: It was a wonderful experience

First meeting was well nice dinner nice conversation. My lady walked me around the city showed me a good time. It was a wonderful experience.

John / USA
30 September 2017
trip to Poltava

John: Great professional service

Thank you UaDreams for this great professional service.

Translator Marina did an excellent job of translation and was helpful and professional.

The meeting with my lady was very promising and with be a very promising future. I believe a dream come true with result from this experience.

Thank you UaDreams

Per-Fredrik / Norway Uadreams rewiew

Per-Fredrik / Norway
29 Sept. – 9 Oct. 2017
trip to Sumy

Per-Fredrik: The translator received me very friendly

I met the lady first time Friday evening. The translator received me very friendly. After meeting at the agency we went out to a cosy cafe for a cup of coffee and to plan the rest of my time in Sumy with the help of the translator.

I had several meetings with the lady. We also went one day to Kiev and visited a park and a shopping centre. I have to say that the roads in Ukraine are very bad.

We went several times to the countryside and visited different parks. As all, I am very satisfied with the meeting with the lady and I’m very satisfied with the services I got from your translator.

Trevor / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew

Trevor / United Kingdom
29 September 2017
trip to Kremenchug

Trevor: I can’t wait for my next visit

This is the second visit to meet lady and Yuliya, the translator. It has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to get to know the lady extremly well and for that I have to thank Yuliya who was absolutely wonderful at communicating my thoughts and comments. She was perfectly attentive to my needs and her ability to arrange trips and meetings was first class. I have used the agency for few occasions and this time it was the best by far. I can’t wait for my next visit.

Ferenc / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew

Ferenc / United Kingdom
29 September 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Ferenc: Would definitely recommend!

Yes, all very good — interpreter very nice + professional. My lady very nice too — would definitely recommend!

Patrick / France Uadreams rewiew

Patrick / France
28 Sept. – 2 Oct. 2017
trip to Lutsk

Patrick: I like the atmosphere of Lutsk

I was so happy to come again 2 time in Lutsk. We had great time by visiting Tunnel of Love and city of Lviv. I like the atmosphere of Lutsk and I sincerely hope to come again. The weather was also great also this time. Patrick from France.

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