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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Timothy: UaDreams is a remarkable agency and one that could be fully trusted

The Agency: UA Dreams: Excellent – high class, very honest and professional. Everything they say is true. They are very transparent in all communications. Their prices are reasonable for the services they provide and security they give.

The Interpreters: Very professional, English is excellent. Translates not just words and expressions but also conveys meaning with all correct emotions. Every day was meaningful and very special as my lady and I built our relationship. The interpreter was dedicated specifically to the lady and myself for many months. We were like a family.

The City: Sumy. During the visit toured the most beautiful Sumy park, monuments, museums, churches and best restaurants.

The Lady: 19 months of communications with letters and video chat twice weekly. By the time I arrived to daily meet my lady, our foundation for friendship and trust were established. We could spend our special time together getting to know each other more closely and in the proper way. My heart will stay in Ukraine, Sumy with my lady.

Overall: I’ve been to Ukraine many times before this trip and love the country and the people. This trip was my most enjoyable and successful. UaDreams is a remarkable agency and one that could be fully trusted.

Hello! I am Tim from USA, from Washington DC. And I am in the Sumy agency of UADreams. I’d just like to give you my opinion. I have been here for about 10 days to meet my special lady. The first thing that I noticed about the agency is it was very very professional. From the very beginning of the time I arrived in Sumy I had many communication with my interpreter and with the agency’s manager.

And I was very impressed about how they handled my introduction. I first came into the office to meet my lady. I was greeted by the managed and by the interpreter who actually spoke very good English. I was very impressed by her ability to understand what I was saying and translate back to me. Then I met my lady. We then had a discussion and went out for a walk in the city and had a bite to eat. And I was just... oh... my heart, it was great, it was great. One thing that I really appreciated was the relationship between the interpreter and my lady.

They had been communicating, the interpreter had been communicating for me for a number of months and established a very good report. So, not only did she know us personally but she was also able to interpret my words in such a way that the feelings were broadcast to the lady and vice versa. And I felt that it was a very important attribute of the communication while I was here. For the 10 days we did a number of things. I went on several tours of Sumy, got to see all the national monuments and the parks; very impressed by Sumy. It’s a beautiful city.

And during all this time my lady and I were building our relationship and our communications with each other. After a few days I felt that we were all a big family. I just want to say thank you very much, UaDreams. You have been awesome and have really helped me to make this relationship possible. And I look forward to working with you in the future.

Timothy / USA Uadreams review
Timothy / USA
17-26 November 2017
trip to Sumy

Jeffrey: In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf

Having lived abroad from the US for 7 years on my own in counties that are not conducive to finding the type of ladies that I prefer I joined UaDreams in hopes of finding the lady of my dreams! I have always enjoyed and appreciated the culture and people of eastern Europe and I knew that eventually... and with a lot of patience... I would find the right lady for me!!

2 years and 2 months ago, I met a beautiful lady from Zaporozhye that absolutely swept me off my feet. We have been communicating since that time via letters and chats... taking our relationship one step a time to learn and know each other. Call it old fashioned, but we are both romantics... but yet reasonable... and knew that we wanted this relationship to grow and develop. There were a number of attempts to meet that did not transpire on account of work/travel situations, son it was finally this week that we met. I was nervous and concerned about our meeting, not about meeting my lady, but how everything would work out in Ukraine.

In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf. My interpreter/guide Artem met me at the airport and got me to the hotel for a good nights sleep before meeting my lady the next day. After my arrival at the agency, I finally met my lady that I had been dreaming of for so long!! She was everything I had hoped for and more... Over 2 years correspondence does have its benefits!! Her humor, laugh and smile draws you to her to want to know more, this is something that cannot always be translated, seen in chat or in photos.

My 7 days in Zaporozhye was the best holiday I have had in so, so many years and I owe this to my lady and Artem. While my lady can speak some English, she is not sure of her abilities (and also wanting to know exactly what I was saying) she preferred speaking in Russian.With Artem, if he did not exactly understand what I was trying to express, or if I did not understand something, we would take the time to make sure all was understood. It was also beneficial that Artem has translated almost all of our letters that we wrote, so her really did understood the feelings e had for each other.

Between my lady and Artem, they mapped out each day with the idea of my learning and knowing more about my ladies city and country. Of course this is very important if you have serious feelings for someone special to you. Our days and outings were amazing, including some silliness along the way.

This trip has been a dream... I met my lady and it was a greater experience that I could have ever asked for! It is with great thanks and appreciation to UaDreams that my lady and I have been able to achieve to wonderful relationship that we have created together!

As I leave Zaporozhye and Ukraine this evening, it is with a very sad heart that I will not be with my truly beautiful lady tomorrow! Bit I know that we will be communicating every day, knowing we will be together again soon.

If you have any preservation about coming to meet a woman you have met on UaDreams, you need to follow your dreams. Everyone here was helpful and wanted to assist you in finding your dream. Thank you for everything!!

P.S. After 7 days with Artem, my lady and I did want to kick him out...HEHEHE!!! Sometimes it does feel like a third wheel, but they are here to help you find your dream and they do a great job assisting you and helping you!!!

Jeffrey / USA Uadreams review
Jeffrey / USA
18-24 September 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Dallas: I recommend highly UaDreams

I had a wonderful time. My lady is a very pleasant and beautiful woman and I real enjoyed my time and agency was very helpful, translator did wonderful job.

I recommend highly UaDreams.


Dallas / USA Uadreams review
Dallas / USA
1 June 2018
trip to Zaporizhia

Michael: This woman has a big heart

I have a good time in Rivne.
I have met my woman many times.
We have a very good time with my woman and our translator.
This woman has a big heart and take good care about you.
I would like to come back again.
We will overcome this language barrier.
I love Ukraine.
We are very happy with agency service and our translator.
We exchanged the information. It is a good start.

Michael / Denmark Uadreams review
Michael / Denmark
1 June 2018
trip to Rovno

Trent: I feel like we are part of family already!

I came to this website in hopes of finding true love, true companionship and was eager to set my life straight again after so many years of not being able to find the lady with all the qualities I desire to have in a future wife. "UaDreams" has helped me in getting the process-started and guiding me down that path of marriage eventually by letting me choose from a vast list of beautiful women who has same goals and aspirations as mine, and some who do not. Having that choice to pick and choose is really a good service to have for customers.

I am happy to say that I have narrowed my search down to two ladies that I feel I am most compatible as of now, and looking forward to working with the agency regarding any future steps that has to be taken, if marriage turns out to be the outcome. If and when that does happen, I will have this Agency to thank, and I would know at that time, my goal to married, having someone to spend the rest of my life with who shares the same goals and interests as myself, will not have gone in vain, and my goal to have a wife, raise a family and have someone share life’s up’s and down’s with is what I seek, using this agency with minimal costs, get everything done. I understand the Agency is well organized in the process of getting people married and am counting on their experience on doing it properly and legally. I feel like we are part of family already!


Trent / USA Uadreams review
Trent / USA
30 May 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Paul: UaDreams has very excellent service

Meeting with lady has been excellent. The translator has been very good and has helped me at every opportunity.

UaDreams has very excellent service.

Paul / USA Uadreams review
Paul / USA
25 May 2018
trip to Odessa

Alan: I like the country and people very much

1) Yes it is my first to UaDreams Kiev.
2) Yes I like the country and people very much and have many friends here.
3) Lady was very nice and I hope to see her again :-)
4) Lady wears nice dress.
5) We went to a nice restaurant which I hope we can visit again together.
6) Enjoyed the meeting well and hope to see her again very much.
7) Translator was very good at her job and made to feel comfortable together.

Alan / United Kingdom
24 May 2018
trip to Kiev

Eddie: I think the "Mail History" feature on the website is fantastic!!

Hi Team,

I just wanted to write and let you know that I think the "Mail History" feature on the website is fantastic!!

It's so good to know that there is a trail there in case immigration or some government agency wants proof of communication with the lady.

You do a very good service.


Eddie / New Zealand Uadreams review
Eddie / New Zealand
22 May 2018

Ronald: Meeting was successful

I was very glad with translator.

Meeting was successful.

Ronald / Netherlands Uadreams review
Ronald / Netherlands
22 May 2018
trip to Kiev

Keith: I promise you will not regret it!

I am writing this testimonial to my fellow UaDreams members who would be considering a trip to Ukraine. Let me first start by saying that a trip like this was complete out of character for this man from Phx, Az in the US. I was invited by such a beautiful woman that I just couldn’t resist. While the first time here I set up my own travel plans and traveled with my brother, I can say next time I visit I will use the agency.

Guys, I want to tell you that my translator Natalia was so much more than I could have hoped for. She greeted me as I exited the car and calmed my nerves with her warm smile and wonderful nature. I was so relieved that she understood exactly what this experience much be like for a stranger in a far of land who is meeting someone special face to face for the first time. Natalia spent the day with us and made the experience one of the best of my life. Thank you again, Natalia!  From what I have experience here in country I can sum it with one statement: "the women of Ukraine are this country’s greatest treasures!"

If you are for one second considering an invitation from someone special you have met here on this site or if you would like to meet several beautiful women, all I can say is "DO IT". I promise you will not regret it!

Keith / USA Uadreams review
Keith / USA
21 May 2018
trip to Kremenchug

Gerard: They took all stress away from me since the beginning

My trip to Nikolaev was great and a really good experience. They took all stress away from me since the beginning. I had a very experience taxi driver waiting for me. The translator did an excellent job for me from the first day to the last day and she helps me with all questions you have and a good explanation about the city.

The lady I met was everything I hope for. We had a really great time together during my stay and we will continue our relationship and work it to a great future together. I will use uadreams again, but I will use only the shuttle service and maybe some translator service if needed. I want to say to all uadreams staff that they do a great job and continue like this. Many thanks.

Gerard / Netherlands Uadreams review
Gerard / Netherlands
21-27 May 2018
trip to Nikolaev

Andy: This will surely be one of my unforgettable moments in my life

I enjoy my time here very much with my lady. Cherkassy is a beautiful city and I toured around it all thanks to my interpreter Irina. She was friendly and an excellent person at her service. She always caters to my needs and accommodates to my request. This will surely be one of my unforgettable moments in my life. All thanks to Uadreams for making this happen for me in such a nice and smooth process. Thanks again for such a splendid service.

Andy / USA Uadreams review
Andy / USA
20-24 May 2018
trip to Cherkassy

Bob: Lady was wonderful, the supply super

Lovely visit. Lady was wonderful, the supply super.
Translator was super! Professional!
Thank you so much!

Bob / USA Uadreams review
Bob / USA
20 May 2018
trip to Sumy

Martin: Translator is helpful and excellent in translation

Translator is helpful and excellent in translation. I’m very glad to have her help.

Martin / Hong Kong
19 May 2018
trip to Nikolaev

Michael: My translator, Anton, was very attentive

Translation service was excellent. My translator, Anton, was very attentive and made sure I was comfortable. His suggestions for the date were good, and we were related. He followed up with me after the date to make sure my stay here was good.

Very professional!

Michael / USA Uadreams review
Michael / USA
19 May 2018
trip to Dnipro

Davide: The translation was punctual and exhaustive

Irina was a perfect translator and I really appreciated her kind support.
She was fully supportive running the meeting with the lady and her presence was never invasive..
If summy this weekend, everything went I wished is also because of Irina..
The translation was punctual and exhaustive in creating a perfect connection with the lady..
Thanks again and see you soon!

Davide / Italy  Uadreams review
Davide / Italy
19-20 May 2018
trip to Poltava

Pat: I would like to see her in the future

Yanna was outstanding (translator).
And my lady was a very social and I would like to see her in the future.

Pat / USA Uadreams review
Pat / USA
18 May 2018
trip to Poltava

Sergio: A great trip! A great adventure!

I like the service a lot. I enjoy the company of the lady and my translator was really fun to be with.

The agency provide everything I required and requested ahead time.

A great trip! A great adventure!

Sergio / Guatemala Uadreams review
Sergio / Guatemala
18 May 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Kjell: I am was satisfied with service in Nikolaev

I am was satisfied with service in Nikolaev and the translator Helena during evening in Nikolaev.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards.

Kjell / Sweden Uadreams review
Kjell / Sweden
17 May 2018
trip to Nikolaev

Paul: It’s just beyond what I thought it would be

UaDreams agency was fantastic and interpreter Iryna was very good. City is beautiful and all people nice. My lady was beyond expectations. Great personality.

Hello! I am Paul, Here in office of UaDreams in Rivne. Wonderful city, everybody here is very polite and nice. Beautiful lady, even more special in person. Interpreter Iryna has been great, we had here a great time in beautiful city and I am coming back and I do recommend everyone use introduction coming if you need to see your special lady. It’s just beyond what I thought it would be.

Paul / USA Uadreams review
Paul / USA
17-22 May 2018
trip to Rovno

Ronald: I was very glad with the meeting with lady

I was very glad with the meeting with lady. The translator was excellent, she supports me in all facts. The trip / dinner was very pleasant I want to come back.

Ronald / Netherlands Uadreams review
Ronald / Netherlands
17-19 May 2018
trip to Kiev

Alix: Loving the experience

No question just a thank you. Although I questioned this site at the start, over a year ago, I am now 100% convinced, I have had many women contact me, many BEAUTIFUL women, and age gap was a concern until a 22yr old, 15 years younger than me and only 4 years older than my little sister, named Sophie opened me up and read me like a book and understood that book, something that NO ONE, no exaggeration, has ever been able to do, including highly qualified psychoanalysts. If I had not stuck with it I would never have met this extraordinary young lady, I cannot predict the future however I have a very positive feeling about this and my instinct is never wrong. I hope to meet her soon. So you and your people have my deepest thanks.


Alix / Australia Uadreams review
Alix / Australia
17 May 2018

Steve: A very nice exciting hours to Kiev!

Many thanks to Anna for standing in for ladies normal translator. I think we had fun, but I let her confirm that view. After meeting my lady we both enjoyed the night as experts in chinchillas and their breeding habits, so every day is a school day. My spicy horse still needs breaking in on the Asian food spice, so lets see how long this takes. A very nice exciting hours to Kiev!

Steve / Belgium Uadreams review
Steve / Belgium
15 May 2018
trip to Cherkassy

Robin: I found the staff very helpful and professional

I found the staff very helpful and professional. They arranged my first date and provided very effective translation. The office was easy to find and everything went well. We will plan more meetings with translation, for the next few days.

Robin / Singapore Uadreams review
Robin / Singapore
15 May 2018
trip to Kiev

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