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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Simon: I love being there


Wow, I really do not know where to start...

My experience with UaDreams has been amazing, from the very beginning. I quickly met a wonderful lady and we got on so well, right from the start. It was hard to imagine that this was possible, especially as there are so many stories about scams on the internet.

I felt that I was able to put my trust in UaDreams and after a few months I decided to come to Ukraine to meet my lady. Wow! All of my hopes and dreams were realised immediately.

Ukraine is full of the most genuine and caring people in the world. I have travelled to many countries, but I am yet to find other country like Ukraine. I love being there. Our translator Katya is a wonderful lady too and made sure that I was completely satisfied with my experience every day. I felt like I had the royal treatment.

Since our first meeting, my girlfriend and I have been in contact with each other every day, throughout the day. I have also visited Ukraine again and spent more time with my girlfriend and her daughter.

We are now planning our future together, so watch this space!

Thank you so much for all of your help, hard work and commitment. It is truly appreciated and impossible to tell you how much it means to both of us.

Take care,

Yes, you are more than welcome to publish any of my testimonials that I have written, including the original feedback that I wrote at the end of my first visit to Nikolaev. I hope our story will encourage other people to find their soulmate through your agency.

Thank you so much again!

Simon / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Simon / United Kingdom
21 August 2017
trip to Nikolaev

Kenneth: Don't be afraid to come to UA, it's a lot of fun

Hello! I came from Abu Dhabi to Cherkassy to visit with my lady, so far it is when incredible, it is a lot of fun, she is brilliant. It's the best decision that I've ever made was to come here.

People are great, service is fantastic. I'm just enjoying myself. Don't be afraid to come to UA, it's a lot of fun.

I'm having a great time! This lovely country is excellent, people are super friendly, the food is unbelievable, prices are great. How can be it?

It's not a typical tourist destination and i think that actually adds to UA its charm. Welcome to Ukraine!

Kenneth / USA Uadreams review
Kenneth / USA
20-24 April 2013
trip to Cherkasy

Josh: I think we had really good communication and discussion

— So, first question is going to be about me, if I was a good translator? Did you like the service that I provided. If you have any suggestions or a feedback? What is the general impression.

— The translation services - good. So, during the whole time, I think we had really good communication and discussion. And I think the whole communication went smoothly. It would be... in terms of the, maybe, the organizations of the trip, I mean, or this schedule, maybe it would be better if we can... maybe if we could go this schedule maybe in advance because I was expecting to, you know, to spend time for three days but it ended up we only get to spend for two days. So that was disappointment for me, so maybe it would be better next time if we could figure out the schedule earlier.

— Ok. Great. So, how did you like the agency itself. Do you think that we provided the good level of service in general, like the organization or did you have any struggles during your stay here, like maybe we could do something extra or in general the agency did the job.

— For me I had, I normally I have a hard time. So let’s say if I book a hotel I will have a hard time getting from my train station to my hotel because i speak only English and most of the time I don’t have a data with me. So, it’s difficult for me to navigate in a new city trying to find my hotel especially if it’s late at night, something like that. So, it would be really helpful if the agency could provide service like helping to call a taxi, things like that. I don’t know how easy to arrange something like that, but it would be, it would make my life easier, trying to... less stressful if I try to navigate in foreign city without knowing the language, which can be really stressful.

— Ok. Thank you. And you can tell us few words about your staying here in Ivano-Frankivsk. Did you like it or maybe you are planning to come back here. Did you like the city and just a few words about your staying here.

— I think it’s one of the nicest Ukrainian cities I’ve visited. It’s not too big, not too busy but it is small enough that is has, you know, it’s life history. People, they come out nice, you know a lot of restaurants, people playing music and the city is very live. People seem very friendly in general. And I think it’s a good city.

— Ok. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Josh / Canada Uadreams review
Josh / Canada
10 August 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Jay: Over all I was happy with my visit

I visited a girl from Nikolaev. Translation was good. The girl I met was the one I expected. Over all I was happy with my visit.

Jay / Australia Uadreams review
Jay / Australia
10 August 2018
trip to Nikolaev

Edwin: The care during the whole meeting was excellent

I have organized flight and hotel myself.
The pick up at the hotel and first meeting were excellently organized.
The care during the whole meeting was excellent.
There were no open questions.

Edwin / Germany Uadreams review
Edwin / Germany
9 August 2018
trip to Nikolaev

Adam: Lady looks better in real life than on the internet

I fourth time in Ukraine. For me is big city Kyiv and have good and bad part of city, but generally is ok.

Lady looks better in real life than on the internet. She is nice women. I do not know that I will have chance meet with her again.

Adam / Poland Uadreams review
Adam / Poland
8 August 2018
trip to Kiev

Mohammed: I had a second understanding of how things work

It really great how the interpreter is the same person from the online chat. And how personal it was with her. I had a second understanding of how things work. Thank you for your care.

Mohammed / Qatar Uadreams review
Mohammed / Qatar
7 August 2018
trip to Poltava

Sampo: I didn’t feel bad to ask people help me

In general my exceptions was more or less neutral at best. Common people in Ukraina are helpful and nice. I was surprised that the overall pricing to me was that this is cheap country.

And I didn’t feel bad to ask people help me found a way to different places. My dear sweetheart was at first little shy, but she still managed conquer my heart. Parks and streets are safe and quite clean in overall.

I will be already waiting to see her next time. And special thanks to our translator Yulia. She was nice and polite. And the coffee is tasteful in most places.

Sampo / Finland Uadreams review
Sampo / Finland
7-15 August 2018
trip to Lutsk

Di: The lady is very beautiful

The lady is very beautiful.
Time is so short.
Food is no good.
Service is good.

Di / China Uadreams review
Di / China
7 August 2018
trip to Kiev

Wolf: Well organised meeting, very good and sympatic translator

Well organised meeting, very good and sympatic translator. The conversation with the lady was good because she speaks very good English.

Wolf / Germany Uadreams review
Wolf / Germany
6 August 2018
trip to Kremenchug

Hari: Agency has real resources, no scam

My translator was very nice, hospitable. Her English level was very good. She was helping us and starting conversations. Agency has real resources, no scam. I wish the fees would be bit more reasonable. But product is real and high quality ;). Kiev is very nice place, I would recommend everybody to travel there.

Hari / Finland Uadreams review
Hari / Finland
6 August 2018
trip to Cherkassy

Josh: She is a very sweet but is quite shy as well

I had a chance to finally meet my lady in person. She is a very sweet but is quite shy as well. We had some nice time together and we got to know each other more. Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend a lot of time together due to her work obligations. I really like her and I would like to visit her again if she feels the same way. Natalia provided a great translation service.

Josh / Canada Uadreams review
Josh / Canada
6 August 2018
trip to Kremenchug

Jay: I am afraid it may become my hobby to come here

I came to visit my lady for 3 days in Lutsk. It’s my first time to visit Ukraine. Many of my friends are saying Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world and now I can confidently attest to that as I have witnessed it myself. Communication is an issue in this country. But there are people who are willing to help you. My interpreter Julia did a very good job in closing the of the communication barrier with my lady. My expectation with her was different when I first saw her.

Actually site exceeded my expectation. The longer that I am getting to know her the more I get impressed by her. She is undeniably beautiful outside. But to be beautiful inside is not something that is common for a woman. All my hesitations and worries were replaced by excitement and hope.

I am thinking to come to Lutsk again in the near future and I am afraid it may become my hobby to come here. Feeling grateful to finally meet my lady and I thank you for providing me an excellent and patient interpreter. Till next time!

Jay / Australia Uadreams review
Jay / Australia
5-7 August 2018
trip to Lutsk

Jonathan: This is the most wonderful meeting that I ever have

1. We have wonderful Interpreter. She is more than an Interpreter. She also find interesting topics for lady and man. The meeting and conversation become more smooth and pleasant. This is the most wonderful meeting that I ever have.

2. This is my first visiting to Dnipro. I asked suggestions for good restaurants to meeting. Thus, I am also surprised to experience wonderful foods, environments, and service. Both lady and me are very satisfied. This is the same as to ask suggestions for visiting some place with my lady. We have a very pleasant experience in Dnipro. Thanks to the agency and our interpreter Marina.

3. The lady is such a wonderful and perfect lady. I feel that I find my lady. Thanks to the agency. I’m so lucky to find her.

4. I have nothing to complain about. This is a so pleasant and successful meeting. Wish me luck!

Jonathan / Taiwan Uadreams review
Jonathan / Taiwan
4 August 2018
trip to Dnipro

Vincent: Even more beautiful in person!

I had many difficulties arriving to my destination at Poltava. But the branch office and especially my translator Irina were very supportive and helped me tremendously!

It was wonderful to finally meet my lady in person after 9 months of hundreds of e-mails and many hours of online chat dates! Even more beautiful in person! And she is gorgeous in photos!

We spent several days and hours together getting to know each other better.

I hope that the future and time to come will tell that we have a wonderful life together. But time will tell.

Thank you UaDreams for helping me to meet one of the most unique and wonderful woman ever!


Vincent / USA Uadreams review
Vincent / USA
3-12 August 2018
trip to Poltava

Markus: There is nothing – absolute nothing to claim

Dear UA-Team,

the visit in Kiev was amazing and there is nothing – absolute nothing to claim.

My lady is a wonderful woman and she care about all our trip and organized all day and the restaurant for evening.

The translation service was just excellent and made conversation between my lady and me absolutely understanding and clear. The English knowledge of Valentine is absolutely great.

Thanks for your support

Markus / Germany Uadreams review
Markus / Germany
3-4 August 2018
trip to Kiev

Bob: Wonderful visit

Wonderful visit. Jane our translator was professional, helpful and super. The lady was very lovely and we shall see and looking forward to learning about each other. Thanks as always!

Bob / USA Uadreams review
Bob / USA
2 August 2018
trip to Kiev

Tony: I would not hesitate to recommend this service to other men

I traveled all the way from New Zeland to meet a lady. At all times the agency was very professional. The translation service was fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to other men.

Tony / New Zealand Uadreams review
Tony / New Zealand
1-17 August 2018
trip to Poltava

David: I think that I will never forget the first time I saw her

I made such a wonderful trip to Kremenchug at summer time. My meeting with my lady was so sweet and nice. I think that I will never forget the first time I saw her. I want to add also a special thanks to our translator Julia!

David / France Uadreams review
David / France
1 August 2018
trip to Kremenchug

Brandon: Lassen Sie mich Ihnen sagen, kommen Sie hier!

Everything was wonderful. If you are hesitant about coming, let me tell you, do it! The lady I met was wonderful. We are already planning our next trip. Translator was helpful with both the translations and our patience. Ukraine is a great country and I will always be thankful I came. We will be continuing our relationship after I left. And like I said, planning on meeting in just a few short months!


Brandon / USA Uadreams review
Brandon / USA
31 July — 7 Aug. 2018
trip to Lutsk

Henrik: Best service that money can buy

Really nice service. Cool translator that made this evening amazing. Very professional. Made this evening special for me. Best service that money can buy.

Henrik / Sweden Uadreams review
Henrik / Sweden
30 July — 4 Aug. 2018
trip to Kiev

Marco: Ho una buona impressione dell’Ukraina

In generale ho una buona impressione dell’Ukraina, le person sono molto gentili e amichevoli, purtroppo c’e molta poverta ma e in paese accogliente. Sono molto conento di aver conosciuto mia ragazza e spero che diventi la Mia Futura dolce meta.

Anche il servizio di traduzione e ottimo.

In general I have a good impression of Ukraine, people are very kind and friendly, unfortunately there is a lot of poverty but it is a friendly country. I am very happy to have met my lady and I hope she will become my sweet future.

Also the translation service is excellent.

Marco / Italy Uadreams review
Marco / Italy
29 July 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Wolfgang: She lead me and helped me in every way

The translator is very organised and professional. She lead me and helped me in every way. The sightseeing tour in Lviv was perfect. She made this trip to a nice experience. My lady is nice but it is a problem that she don’t speak English at the long Range. I will see what happened in the next month.

Wolfgang / Germany Uadreams review
Wolfgang / Germany
29 July 2018
trip to Lutsk

Torben: Marta was helpful and accepted to work Sunday evening

My lady appreciate Marta very much. For me important.
Marta was helpful and accepted to work Sunday evening without problems.
Marta behaves very well is polite and do a great job.

Torben / Switzerland Uadreams review
Torben / Switzerland
27 July 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Carl: I have had the best week ever in my life

I didn’t know quite what to expect before I left the UK my friends were all telling me I would be kidnapped in Ukraine. I have had the best week ever in my life, I am not exaggerating. I have been so well looked after the translation was spot on and Irina made herself available whenever she was needed. I have had such a good time I don’t want to leave. Meeting my lady was amazing and if this two had of kidnapped me I would be the happiest man in the world.

Me leaving =(

26 July — 1 Aug. 2018
trip to Poltava

Shai: Lady was very sweet

Lady was very sweet and the service translation was fine. We should wait and see.

Shai / Israel Uadreams review
Shai / Israel
25 July 2018
trip to Poltava

Rob: This is my second trip to see the same lady once again

This is my second trip to see the same lady once again everything has been fantastic. Our translator has been as professional as possible at all times. I have enjoyed three special days here and look forward to returning soon.

Rob / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Rob / United Kingdom
24 July 2018
trip to Kremenchug

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