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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Walter: I had amazing and gratifying experiences in all my travels!

My last trip to Rivne was very successful in all areas.

I would like to thank this opportunity to thank for the perfecten service from the agency. Everything was uniquely prepared, I had with Olga, a really sensitive and attentive Translator. She knew how quickly the voltages of a first meeting to resolve and gave me the feeling of being always been there. 

At this point I want to emphasize that I had this feeling in all my travels and all translators. I would like to congratulate you and encourage you to continue this good work and service so professional to lead on.

As you know I have so done some travel, and I had amazing and gratifying experiences in all my travels. 

But now I have found a Lady what has captured already in the chat and then the real meetings, my heart by storm. It's still hard for me to believe that I should just be lucky but I'll take this gift that has been made possible by your service, gratefully. 

I would like to thank you for your support over the past months, and I assure you that I will always make known your exceptional service. 

I wish you continued success! 


P.S. Please add to them, that i want say thank you for perfect support and to the manager and translator from Lutsk, Sumy, Odessa; Nikolaev, Cherkassy and Rivne wich i was visiting in the last month. If you want you can also use my picture from the profil. After our first common trip to Lviv and Cyprus in the end of may, my Lady and me will give you one more testimonial about our relationship.

Walter / Austria  Uadreams review
Walter / Austria
7 May 2014
trip to Rivne

Robert: I have only positive thoughts from my visit

Dear Sirs

I must apologise for the delay in writing to you sooner but, thank you very much for your help and support with my visit to Cherkassy.

I had not realised that the office shut so early as there seems to be many people chatting and needing translations.

However, I must thank the branch and the Translator for waiting on me and my significantly delayed arrival. It was confusing travel with many confused messages from the airport and airline but, we eventually took off at 09:00 GMT (11:00 Ukraine Time) arriving in Kiev at about 14:30. After passing through passport control and customs, I was on the road to Cherkassy but with an expected arrival of approximately 18:00. I phone the office and, the translator was very accommodating and we arranged a meeting for 18:30.

This occurred and, although there was some nervousness on mine and the ladies side, the Translator helped for the hour, calming all down. She was extremely accommodating and understand and, I would like you to please extend my thanks to the Cherkassy branch and, especially to the Translator for accommodating me.

I carried on with my stay using the options I had chosen but, none of this could have happened, had it not been for the introduction through your agency and, the support for our first meeting.

I felt that the meeting was a great success, especially when I compare this to the first meeting I had in Nikolayev all those years ago.

The translator had hoped that she could take a photo of the both of us but, I declined as, with all the problems and delays with travel, I was not really in as much of a presentable state as I would have liked for such a photo. I had promised your Translator that I would prepare a statement before I left and pop in for a photo but, I wanted to make the best of the time I had, which was limited and left Cherkassy a little earlier to get to Kiev and have a short tour there. Between myself and my lady, we will choose a good photo and send this to the agency. Either she will do this or, I will send to you by e-mail.

I will say, that I was very happy with the help and support you have given as an agency and once again state clearly that the Cherkassy Branch were very accommodating and supportive.

Now, I have only positive thoughts from my visit and plan to continue my contact with my lady and see how things progress over the next few months with a planned visit within the next couple of months.

Once again thank you for your help, support and patience.

Sincere regards,

Robert / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Robert / United Kingdom
14 December 2016
trip to Cherkassy

John: So in UaDreams did fulfill my expectations

First impressions was just great! Maybe better then expected my lady was so sweet and beautiful lady. We had 2 nice meetings. Our translator Anya was just fantastic. She was so full of joy and very professional. So in UaDreams did fulfill my expectations. Big compliments!

John / Netherlands Uadreams review
John / Netherlands
5-6 May 2018
trip to Cherkassy

Massimiliano: Everything was ok with girl and with agency

Everything was ok with girl and with agency

Massimiliano / Italy Uadreams review
Massimiliano / Italy
3-5 May 2018
trip to Poltava

Jonathan: Everything went very smoothly

- Great interpreter, great day together. Everything went very smoothly, I had a great date together.
- Look forward to wing your services again.
- Meeting area is very busy during the day when you meet your lady.

Jonathan / Australia Uadreams review
Jonathan / Australia
3 May 2018
trip to Kiev

Lambros: Kremenchug is a beautiful town and it reminds me of my home in Australia

I would like to say that I had a great time in Kremenchug with my lady and our translator Oksana. We did many things together and got to know each other well. My lady and Oksana also got along well with each other and together the three of us had lots of fun. Oksana was really great, she helped us so much and we are both grateful to her. She was very professional but also lots of fun to spend time with. She always made sure we were all comfortable and things went smoothy because of her help. She really was the best translator we would hope for.

Kremenchug is a beautiful town and it reminds me of my home in Australia. I look forward to returning and seeing my lady again.

Lambros / Australia
1 May 2018
trip to Kremenchug

Shai: Translation was very good

I already been there, meeting was first. Translation was very good. I hope to come to there again. Thank you.

Shai / Israel Uadreams review
Shai / Israel
29 April 2018
trip to Sumy

Martijn: I really liked my trip!

I have enjoyed my trip very much. It where 4 days and those days where great. The translator was good and professional. The hotel where great and my lady where adorable. I really liked my trip!

Martijn / Netherlands Uadreams review
Martijn / Netherlands
28 April — 1 May 2018
trip to Lutsk

Martijn: The service from the agency was also great and I will use it again!!!!

Hello UaDreams I have enjoyed trip to Lutsk from the beginning till the end.

The translator were very professional and have helped me with everything I asked her. And I think I can call her a friend now!! And I can tell you I return to Lutsk in June again and I shall order translation again.

The woman who I have met was really great and we have still contact with each other private and also on at the agency because I find it very important that she feels herself comfortable and get the right translation. And I will certainly use the agency again. So my trip was great and the service from the agency was also great and I will use it again!!!!

Lovely greetings
I return back UA DREAMS!!!

Martijn / Netherlands Uadreams review
Martijn / Netherlands
28 April — 1 May 2018
trip to Lutsk

Ed: Make your choice and travel to see her in person as soon as you can

Helen was our translator for the meeting. Both ladies were polite during the meeting; and I answered all my questioning were addressed for the first time meeting. My suggestion to any man that is interested in any lady with uadreams do not waste your time writing letters for months of month. Make your choice and travel to see her in person as soon as you can. Establish the relations with lady with qualifying questions for meeting. Make sure you ask for a 2 meeting if she is interested. Then write and get to know each other, and return to see her again. Good luck.

Ed / USA Uadreams review
Ed / USA
28 April 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Takehiro: I enjoyed dating with the lady

I am satisfied with this dating.
I enjoyed dating with the lady.
I want to make good relationship with her.
About the interpreter. I thank to help me for making good mood and to advise me about manner.

Takehiro / Japan Uadreams review
Takehiro / Japan
28 April 2018
trip to Odessa

Ed: 10 star rating

My belief is the same, as those that live in Eastern Europe…They believe that their true soulmate “Twin Flame” will be found on the other side of the world. There are horror stories all over the internet… and many negative reviews about UaDreams and yes other online dating sites. I am here to set the stories and reassure you…UaDreams lives up to what they provided and beyond. Yes, I had my doubts in the beginning, but now just returning from Ukraine… I have found my TWIN FLAME.

What I was seeking for, I was not going to find in my country. As a man from a western country, I am a romantic… and have been told that I am one-in-million, and I was not going to settle again. This is my story with UaDreams.

We had planned to meet within the first 6 months, but Mother Nature challenged our relationship with a heavy flood where I lived and 32 inch of floodwater in my home. 16 months later, we set out to meet again, and Mother Nature struck again, this time 66 inches from hurricane Harvey. We worked through so many challenges, and as of this review, I have returned from Ukraine, and I can now say, I found my TRUE – Twin Flame. Be very patient and always communicate clearly is the key.

“Twin flames are actually a single soul that was created at the beginning of time, but divided, as in Plato’s idea”.

“Soulmate- usually refers to a romantic partner, with the implications of an “exclusive lifelong bond”.

To truly understand these statements, one must really be truthful with themselves and discover exactly what it is that you want in your life for a partner….but more than that, you have to truly understand what this means to you.

The Soulmate Formula requires maturity that few people have the patience for, but the only alternative is settling because we weren't prepared to do the work or wait for someone who is both highly conscious and compatible.

We're born with an urge to partner and procreate, but we've evolved past that. Our purpose is more than the survival of the species; our purpose now is to improve the world we live in.

How worth it then, to wait for the one who shares the same vision that we have and who is also the same one that makes our heart race.

To find that one-in-a-million connection we can either hope we get lucky, or we can be more aware just how many things need to fit for us to experience the magic of a Twin Flame. There are five elements that all have to fit, missing one- it’s not a soulmate. Spark, Chemistry, Butterflies, Compatibility, and a Shared Vision.

" Everybody Dreams... but only a few take the actions needed to realize them".

“ GO SEE HER IN PERSON” – A relationship does not start, until you meet face to face!

Thank you – UaDreams for helping bring the two of us together and making our destiny and our dream REAL!

Ed (aka Harley)

Ed / USA Uadreams review
Ed / USA
27 April 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Geoff: I would say that I feel safe here

I like the city Kharkov. It is very clean here and easy to get around. The people are very friendly and helpful. The woman in Kharkov are lovely. I would say that I feel safe here. I have been to this city two time and enjoy myself both times.

The romantic dinner was nice. It was all I felt it should be. We had candlelight dinner.

I have very little hope that uadreams will or could make anyones dreams come truth.

The translator was great and very helpful. I am glad that I got to meet my lady. She kept in touch was me all the time here.

Geoff / USA Uadreams review
Geoff / USA
27 April 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Shai: The agency workers were polite

Everything was ok. The translator was fine. The agency workers were polite. I do not have any other comments.

Shai / Israel Uadreams review
Shai / Israel
27 April 2018
trip to Dnipro

Wayne: A person I’d like to call ’friend’

Victoria, the translator, is a class act. The attention to detail and care of the relationship is at the highest level possible.

A person I’d like to call ’friend’.


Wayne / USA Uadreams review
Wayne / USA
27 April - 13 May 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Ed: You have helped with achieving a dream of finding my TRUE SOULMATE

UaDreams-Member Support!

I want to take this moment, now that I have returned back to the USA. My trip to Kharkov, to see my lady was the most wonderful experience. She is everything her profile states and more and I am looking forward to returning in June to see her once again.

As for Alena my translator. I was so blessed to have her for this trip. She and I have become such great friends while in Kharkov, that we still communicate, even now that I am back in the USA. She is a great asset to UaDreams and even more to my relationship with my lady.

Thank-you for all of your help over the years and our first introduction meeting. My only wish is that I could have come sooner, but mother nature created havoc with trip plans twice, one with heavy rains flooding my home and again 16 months later with a hurricane.

I want to part this with a quote I read while in the Kharkov, airport before leaving. "Everybody Dreams"... It is only those top 1% that leave the comfort of their home and reach out and achieve their Dream "...

With your help and your agency... you have helped with achieving a dream of finding my TRUE SOULMATE... Without you... this would have taken a much longer time to find her...

Thank-you so much!

Ed / USA Uadreams review
Ed / USA
27 April 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Jonathan: She made communication transport and co-ordination very easy

* Olga was a very good translator. She helped and made communication transport and co-ordination of everything very easy.

* My lady's profile states she speaks fluent English. My understanding as a client means that a translator would not be needed much. This was not the case, but more of a reflection either on site or the girl itself.

* Everything else was great.

* I think the lady should be able to review her own profile from time to time to reflect correct situation and to check all info is correct.

Jonathan / Australia Uadreams review
Jonathan / Australia
26 April 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Donam: The translator was really good

I like UaDreams Romantic date service. In their office, I met my lady and then went to the restaurant. The translator was really good and she did memorize very long sentences and translated without any obstacles. If I visit Ukraine again, I will must sellect UaDream’s service again.

Donam / Australia Uadreams review
Donam / Australia
25 April 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Guillermo: The places are so comfortable to spend the time and relax

The city is nice, and the translator service was excellent. Is nice place to know, the ladies are pretty, the places are so comfortable to spend the time and relax.

24 April 2018
trip to Kiev

Erik Jan: The kindness of the people makes you feel at home soon

Well, it is time to sit down and write down my impressions of my visit to Sumy and the meeting with my lady. Those days were overwhelming with many new impressions but after all it was all worth it!

Sumy itself is a nice and quiet city. The kindness of the people makes you feel at home soon.

Also the translator, Katryn, is a very kind and nice person. She does not only understand very well her job as a translator but she also was a good support in the meeting between me and my lady.

My lady made me making the decision to make this visit to Sumy. Before the meeting, we had contact by letters and videochat. Her warm letters and amazing smile took me to Sumy.

The date itself started quite uncomfortable. I guess both my lady and I needed time to find each other in this situation. Katryn, our translator, handled the situation very well. Yes, the date with my lady surprised me and I sincerely believe that when our shyness fades away she will be much more than just woman from the warm letters and the amazing smile!!!

Erik Jan / Lithuania Uadreams review
Erik Jan / Lithuania
24-25 April 2018
trip to Sumy

Jeff: Great meeting

Great meeting
Nazar was an excellent translator interpreter
Happy to have him

Jeff / USA Uadreams review
Jeff / USA
23 April 2018
trip to Kiev

Joe: The agency took much of the stress out of my travels

I have had a great trip to Sumy. The agency took much of the stress out of my travels and I had a great trip.

The lady I came to visit is amazing. She was everything that I thought she would be! I will be continuing our relationship.

Our translator Marina was great. She was very helpful and she made a big difference! She did a great job explaining the Ukrainian culture. It was very comfortable to have her with us. I had expected it to be very weird to have a translator on a date.

My opinion of the agency is both good and bad. The services that the agency provides are great. I like security the agency provided. Really the only bad part is the price of the services. It’s difficult to recommend the agency to friends because I do not know anyone who can afford it.

I think your female members greatly limit their opportunity.

Hello! My name is Joe. I’ve come from the USA to Sumy, Ukraine. I’ve come to meet my amazing lady. She was everything I’d hoped for. And she was absolutely amazing. The agency helped me with my travels and we had a great trip. My translator was excellent. She helped us choose where to go. We had a great time. And I wish you luck.

Joe / USA Uadreams review
Joe / USA
20-28 April 2018
trip to Sumy

Michel: Meeting the lady was fantastic experience

This was a very good experience, meeting the lady was fantastic experience and the translator was good help in organizing and accompanying. Thanks.

Michel / France Uadreams review
Michel / France
20 April 2018
trip to Kremenchug

Luciano: With a great emotional feeling I spent last days

Dear Alls, with a great emotional feeling I spent last days. Luckily the agency assisted me with car and empathy and so this experience I’ll keep in my memory as one of the best thing made in my life. The meeting with the lady was an important appointment that with the agency was possible. Thank very much.

Luciano / Italy Uadreams review
Luciano / Italy
19-22 April 2018
trip to Dnipro

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