Adam: Staff are lovely and really helpful

Staff are lovely and really helpful. Made the first meeting really easy and very happy to see + visit again.

Adam / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Adam / United Kingdom
23 October 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Arturo: The translator was very professional and courteous

The translator Miss Tanya was very professional and courteous. She made the whole experience very pleasant.

Miss Tanya has a deep knowledge about customs and history about Ukraine and Ivano-Frankivsk in general.

I highly recommend her to anyone who visits Ivano-Frankivsk.


Arturo / USA Uadreams review
Arturo / USA
20-22 October 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Earl: What a time a had during my visit

Wow!!! What a time a had during my visit. Oksana was awesome in every way. She made both me and my lady feel comfortable and at ease. On my return,I will not want anyone but Oksana. Thank you for all you help.

Earl / USA Uadreams review
Earl / USA
19 October 2018
trip to Cherkassy

Ruben: The service keeps getting better and better as time goes by!

Uadreams customer service is Amazing very Courteous and Attentive to the customer as Me… Yes I've been a member for a while now and the service keeps getting better and better as time goes by!

Well I been a customer for a while and in 2017 I visit Ukraine and went to Sumy to meet a wonderful lady and the service they provide me was Great and amazing. And every time I contact customer service I get very courteous, professional caring service and they contact you quick with an answer or reply! I love Uadreams!

Ruben / USA Uadreams review
Ruben / USA
16 October 2018
trip to Sumy

Jeffrey: Olga did an outstanding job translating

Olga did an outstanding job translating for me and my lady.

Jeffrey / USA Uadreams review
Jeffrey / USA
15 October 2018
trip to Kiev

Freddie: Very helpful + a great listener

Oksana is a fantastic interpreter. Very helpful + a great listener. She has a friendly attitude and works to make sure the meeting logistic go well. I appreciate her service.

Thank you!

Freddie / Canada Uadreams review
Freddie / Canada
12-15 October 2018
trip to Zaporizhia

Gangolf: Alles in allem war es wie Familienurlaub

Ich machte Ferien in der Ukraine um meine bessere Hälfte zu besuchen. Wir entschieden uns für einen Trip zusammen nach Lviv, zusammen mit der Tochter von meiner Dame um uns besser kennen zu lernen. Wir lernten uns gut kennen. Wie eine Familie waren wir unterwegs, die alte und wunderschöne Stadt zu erkenden.

Citytour inclusive, ubersetzt in viele Sprachen. Aber das beste sind die alten Restaurants und Caffees in Gewölben unter der Erde, der Caffe Manufactur in Lviv und anderer Restaurants auf mehreren Etagen. Alle haben einen eigenen Stil. Angefangen von einem umgebauten alte Königssitz, zum italienischen Restaurant. Aber alle haben eins gemeinsam, hofliche und Liebevolle Bedienung. Neugierige sollte einfach mal googlen, um alles zu erwähnen wurde zu viel. Ich habe so etwas noch nicht erlebt was die Ukraine zu bieten hat. Als nachstes plannen wir einen Trip nach Odessa.

Habt ihr schon einmal mit einem Flammenwerfer einen Cafee caramelisiert bekommen? Ich habe viele verrückte Dinge hier kennengelernt. Aber das Beste ist, ich kenne meine Dame und ihre liebe Tochter jetzt gut. Einen neuen Freund habe ich auch jetzt, unser Translater Elena, sie ist witzig und sehr hilfsbereit, alles in allem war es wie Familienurlaub.

I was on holiday in Ukraine to visit my better half. We decided to go to Lviv together with my ladys’s daughter to get to know each other. We got to know each other well. Like a family we were on the way to discover the old and beautiful city.

City tour inclusive, translated into many languages. But the best are the old restaurants and caffees in vaults under the earth, the Caffe manufacture in Lviv and other restaurants on several floors. All have their own style. Starting with a converted old royal seat, to the Italian restaurant. But all have one thing in common, courtesy and loving service. Curious people should just googling, to guess everything was too much. I have not experienced anything like what the Ukraine has to offer. Next we plan a trip to Odessa.

Did you ever get caramelized a caffe with a women thrower? I met a lot of crazy things here. But best of all, I know my lady and her dear daughter well now. I also have a new friend, our translator Elena, she is funny and very helpful, all in all it was like a family holiday.

Gangolf / Denmark Uadreams review
Gangolf / Denmark
11-15 October 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Ali: I would be happy to continue with Uadreams

The quality of services and staff behavior was perfect and they were completely helpful. I would be happy to continue with Uadreams.

Ali / Iran Uadreams review
Ali / Iran
9 October 2018
trip to Lutsk

Baldwin: UaDreams arranges everything for you if you didn’t want to bother with the details

I had a wonderful experience in Kremenchug, Ukraine. I was really nervous coming here at first not knowing how to get around and afraid that I would be unable to communicate with the people. After figuring out the best airways online, I was able to find a really nice hotel that helped with the arranging the traveling from Kiev airport to Kremenchug hotel.

UaDreams also arranges everything for you if you didn’t want to bother with the detals. Taxis are readily available to travel around the city and buses also exist for very economical fares. The prices here are very economical compared to the United States. Hotels are very affordable! I downloaded language app and was able to show people what I wanted.

Baldwin / USA Uadreams review
Baldwin / USA
7-12 October 2018
trip to Kremenchug

Steve: The agency was fantastic and helpful

Had nice time in Sumy.

The agency was fantastic and helpful. Shame I could not have stayed longer.

I would highly recommend the agency particularly Marina, our interpreter, she did a lot to assist us and made my trip as nice it can be.

Steve / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Steve / United Kingdom
6 October 2018
trip to Sumy

Ronald: The visit to Nikolaev was very comfortable

The visit to Nikolaev was very comfortable. The translator was from very good quality. Like the city and also the services. Thanks for wonderful experience

Ronald / Netherlands Uadreams review
Ronald / Netherlands
4-5 October 2018
trip to Nikolaev

Christian: Helpful, thoughtful, and professional

The service with Anastasia was excellent. She is a very helpful, thoughtful, and professional in not only her translation but also all other logistics. Excellent interpreter. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you.

Christian / Canada Uadreams review
Christian / Canada
4 October 2018
trip to Odessa

Per: I truly have lost my heart

I was very happy to come here and meet my dream lady.

The visit went well, and the translator was perfect.

I wish to have spend even more time here. I love this city. And my lady was amazingly sweet.

I truly have lost my heart to this beautiful girl and this lovely country.


Per / Denmark Uadreams review
Per / Denmark
4-8 October 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Freddie: Beautiful city and good energy

My name is Freddie from New Zealand and I have to say so far a very interesting time in the Ukraine — having to fly to Kiev because of visa difficulties to delaying 5 hours with 3 very difficult immigration men to approving in Kharkov by train after 11:30 pm to be met by company person was much relief and very professional organizing by company. Very nice hotel but on outskirts of city so will move to apartment in city center.

Lady with I talked much for 3 months was not so available in Kharkov but still 7 days to meet other ladies. Beautiful city and good energy. Have had supportive company office and 2 wonderful interpreters Aloyna for first day of wandering city — to Elena who for 3 days has helped so much to understand everything about Ukraine + city and especially lady I come to meet.

Freddie / New Zealand Uadreams review
Freddie / New Zealand
3-7 October 2018
trip to Kharkiv

Josef: It was the right decision to come here

I was satisfied with everything. My lady was super. I will be back in spring. Interpreter was super. I was very impressed about her work. Lutsk is a wonderful place for meeting love. It was the right decision to come here.

Josef / Germany Uadreams review
Josef / Germany
2-3 October 2018
trip to Lutsk

Jeff: The translator was brilliant

The translator was brilliant and such a good personal attitude was great. Would be very nice to have her services in future meetings with my lady.

— Hi!
— Hi!
— Can you share your impressions about your trip to Ivano-Frankivsk?
— Good! A nice little city.
— Did you enjoy the meeting with your lady?
— Yes, I did very much.
— I am glad. Did you like the translation services?
— Absolutely brilliant.
— Would you like to come here again?
— Definitely.

Jeff / Australia Uadreams review
Jeff / Australia
1 October 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Vu: Made me feel safe, secure

Excellent time. Interpretation Excellent. Great time had by all. Made me feel safe, secure.

Vu / USA Uadreams review
Vu / USA
1 October 2018
trip to Poltava

Peter: It was a fabulous visit to Zaporozhye for me

It was a fabulous visit to Zaporozhye for me. But it was a bit difficult to find my way around the city without a map which are not easily available. No excursions appear to be available around the city or are not widely advertised and the same is true for public transport which does not appear to have weekly tickets for tourists or they are not widely advertised.

Peter / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Peter / United Kingdom
30 September 2018
trip to Zaporizhia

Patrik: The service I had gotten from the branch has been excellent

The trip did not end up like planned as my lady had a family emergency.

I will say the service I had gotten from the branch and the translator Vika had been excellent. Hotel was good and I got the chance to see Nikolaev.

Patrik / Sweden Uadreams review
Patrik / Sweden
28-30 September 2018
trip to Nikolaev

Gerard: Helpful, friendly and informative

My translator was very helpful, friendly and informative. I was greatly impressed by her attention and care for myself and the lady I came to visit. Oli (translator) is a credit to your company. It was as absolute pleasure to get to know such a charming woman.

Gerard / USA
27 September 2018
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Leif: The manager was very professional

I was very good received at the meeting with the lady in the office. The manager was very professional (though I have no experience with the dating service…)

The lady was present but unfortunately she was a little bit sick.

We went out for a light meal after the meeting and my opinion is that it was relaxed atmosphere.

All in all I am satisfied.

Leif / Norway Uadreams review
Leif / Norway
26 September 2018
trip to Cherkassy

Brian: I recommend using translation services to make the trip the best it can be

All services provided by the agency were fantastic. I recommend using translation services to make the trip the best it can be. Translator was friendly and professional — a great source of information as well as guide for the city. She also helped me and the lady I came to meet feel comfrtable together and communicate. I would not change a single detail from my trip. The lady I came to meet was more lovely than her photos and a real pleasure to spend time with. I am looking forward to coming back.

Brian / USA Uadreams review
Brian / USA
25 September 2018
trip to Kremenchug

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