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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Phillip: UaDreams decided to refund 100% of my package

I have been a good customer of for several years and the service has always been very professional and efficient.

Recently, I decided to reserve a trip package. Unfortunately with recent terrible explosion in West, Texas that damaged a friends home I had to cancel my package. The cancelation was 30 days before my arrival date so I knew I would lose 50% of my package money.

I asked UaDreams to cancel but I did not tell them the reason for canceling. UaDreams handled my cancelation very professionally and inquired about the reason for canceling.

When I supplied the reason, UaDreams decided to refund 100% of my package less the administrative fee. To me this was more than fair and honest. UaDreams demonstrated a very professional and ethical business practice. In my experience, UaDreams customer support makes them a very respected company and in the future I will definitely use there services.

Phillip / USA Uadreams review
Phillip / USA
5 May 2013

Jeffrey: In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf

Having lived abroad from the US for 7 years on my own in counties that are not conducive to finding the type of ladies that I prefer I joined UaDreams in hopes of finding the lady of my dreams! I have always enjoyed and appreciated the culture and people of eastern Europe and I knew that eventually... and with a lot of patience... I would find the right lady for me!!

2 years and 2 months ago, I met a beautiful lady from Zaporozhye that absolutely swept me off my feet. We have been communicating since that time via letters and chats... taking our relationship one step a time to learn and know each other. Call it old fashioned, but we are both romantics... but yet reasonable... and knew that we wanted this relationship to grow and develop. There were a number of attempts to meet that did not transpire on account of work/travel situations, son it was finally this week that we met. I was nervous and concerned about our meeting, not about meeting my lady, but how everything would work out in Ukraine.

In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf. My interpreter/guide Artem met me at the airport and got me to the hotel for a good nights sleep before meeting my lady the next day. After my arrival at the agency, I finally met my lady that I had been dreaming of for so long!! She was everything I had hoped for and more... Over 2 years correspondence does have its benefits!! Her humor, laugh and smile draws you to her to want to know more, this is something that cannot always be translated, seen in chat or in photos.

My 7 days in Zaporozhye was the best holiday I have had in so, so many years and I owe this to my lady and Artem. While my lady can speak some English, she is not sure of her abilities (and also wanting to know exactly what I was saying) she preferred speaking in Russian.With Artem, if he did not exactly understand what I was trying to express, or if I did not understand something, we would take the time to make sure all was understood. It was also beneficial that Artem has translated almost all of our letters that we wrote, so her really did understood the feelings e had for each other.

Between my lady and Artem, they mapped out each day with the idea of my learning and knowing more about my ladies city and country. Of course this is very important if you have serious feelings for someone special to you. Our days and outings were amazing, including some silliness along the way.

This trip has been a dream... I met my lady and it was a greater experience that I could have ever asked for! It is with great thanks and appreciation to UaDreams that my lady and I have been able to achieve to wonderful relationship that we have created together!

As I leave Zaporozhye and Ukraine this evening, it is with a very sad heart that I will not be with my truly beautiful lady tomorrow! Bit I know that we will be communicating every day, knowing we will be together again soon.

If you have any preservation about coming to meet a woman you have met on UaDreams, you need to follow your dreams. Everyone here was helpful and wanted to assist you in finding your dream. Thank you for everything!!

P.S. After 7 days with Artem, my lady and I did want to kick him out...HEHEHE!!! Sometimes it does feel like a third wheel, but they are here to help you find your dream and they do a great job assisting you and helping you!!!

Jeffrey / USA Uadreams review
Jeffrey / USA
18-24 September 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

David: The UAD website is totally honest

Gentleman you will not believe anything I have to say because I have been in same position as you are now.

Internet is full of scams
I have been scammed last 7 years
Some how I found UaDreams
I met the most amazing lady mid June
We chatted daily
I met her in Lutsk in end July
The translator Helen just so helpful
The lady and I got on well
We are communicating directly now
The UAD website is totally honest
If you are serious about finding a wife please give your dream one final attempt
You will succeed as I have

David / United Kingdom Uadreams review
David / United Kingdom
26 July 2019
trip to Lutsk

Tony: To tell you things have been great, would be a understatement

You people do a great job here, running the site, and everything else you do. I have been a member here for over a year, and to tell you things have been great, would be a understatement. Thanks for the great experience. If you want to use this in the testimonials section, feel free too.

Thanks Again,

Tony / USA Uadreams review
Tony / USA
26 July 2019

Aivaras: I met the most beautiful girl on the planet Earth!

My name is Aivaras,

The trip to Ukraine was set up in order to meet the girl I met on the UaDreams. The flight was fast, and I came to the city called Dnipro.

I didn’t linger at the airport for long, as soon as I arrived I called a taxi, it arrived very quickly and we had fun talking on the way to the appointed place.

I arrived at the hotel very quickly. When I arrived at the hotel I was greeted well, I settled in a comfortable and cozy room.

The city is beautiful and big, it is located on the banks of the Dnipro River. The coast is very beautiful and there is a lot to see and to keep in memory. I would recommend everyone to come to this city. The impression of the site UaDreams is very good, I rate this site by the highest scores.

Finally, after a long journey, the distance got closer and I met the most beautiful girl on the planet Earth!

Thanks for attention!

Aivaras / Lithuania Uadreams review
Aivaras / Lithuania
22 July 2019
trip to Dnipro

Michel: Friendly and professional

Translation service was as I expected friendly and professional.

Michel / Canada Uadreams review
Michel / Canada
21 July 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Salil: My translator was kind, fluent and supportive and very helpful

I visited Nikolaev office and was greeted and introduced and made comfortable. My translator Liubov was kind, fluent and supportive and very helpful. She made the meeting with my lady very smooth. She also helped with organising date plans so that I was able to spend quality time with my lady. I wholeheartedly recommend Liubov’s services as a translator.

Salil / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Salil / United Kingdom
20-21 July 2019
trip to Mykolaiv

Ronald: Thanks for your excellent care!

I was very satisfied by translator service of the agency. Thanks for your excellent care!

Ronald / Netherlands Uadreams review
Ronald / Netherlands
20-22 July 2019
trip to Lviv

Tony: We had a great day

The visit was good meeting in Kyiv as an alternate place worked out as well. We had a great day at the park and lady was same as pictures. Great!

Tony / Canada Uadreams review
Tony / Canada
19-20 July 2019
trip to Kyiv

Douglas: She organized a surprise dinner for me

About 5 months ago I met my lady here, she was the first lady I communicated with. We have been in contact for a few months. About a month ago she invited me to come celebrate her Birthday. The day I met my lady she was so stunning and beautiful. She organized a surprise dinner of Ukrainian cuisine for me. The translator Oxana was also very nice and encouraging for our relationship to blossom. My lady was good at organizing places to visit and places to eat, I had a ball of a time.

I really enjoyed my trip here, beautiful city and lovely lady. I will be back to Zaporozhye very soon.


Douglas / Australia Uadreams review
Douglas / Australia
19 July 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Douglas: I felt safer in Zaporozhye than when I was at home in Australia

I met my lady from Zaporozhye about 4 months ago, after a while I asked her if I could come visit her, she told me summer was best for her, because she could take some time off work to spend with me.

Before I left Australian family and friends were very worried about my safety in Ukraine, so I watched a lot of YouTube on how to keep safe in a dangerous country. When my plane arrived at Zaporozhye Airport, the rough tarmac reminded me of some old airship in the outback of Australia.

The taxi ride to my hotel was not what I imagined, I couldn’t see many cars or people that are going to rob me, mug me or kidnap me.

I met my lady and her translator Bogdan, that evening. When my lady arrived she was so stunning and welcoming, she was more than what I imagined her to be after our many months of communicating. During my week in Zaporozhye, I met my lady about 4 times, and it was the happiest I’ve been for many years, I can see hope in finding love again and hopefully come back to Zaporozhye very soon.

To sum up my trip, I found the love of my life, thanks to Bogdan he was extremely helpful and encouraging in all our communications. And all that rubbish about danger in Ukraine, I felt safer in Zaporozhye than when I was at home in Australia.

Thanks Zaporozhye Branch

Douglas / Australia Uadreams review
Douglas / Australia
19 July 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Abdullah: I could encourage other people to come

First of all I would like to thank UaDreams for organizing and supporting me throughout the trip and most beautiful lady I have ever met in my life. Thank you. And thank you for the amazing translation service. Very helpful. I could encourage other people to come and look for the love of the life.

Abdullah / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Abdullah / United Kingdom
16 July 2019
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Chris: I am very pleased with the professionalism, friendliness

I am very pleased with the professionalism, friendliness, and the ability of the staff that is employed by Ukrainian Dreams, I would recommend for anyone wanting to come to visit to use the agency.

Chris / USA Uadreams review
Chris / USA
15 July 2019
trip to Sumy

Spencer: Compliments feedback

I wanted to compliment you guys for your support and mentality of thinking out of the box to offer solutions to difficulties. Like you resolve the possibility to make the payment via Ideal for people like who doesn't have a credit card. Thank you very much for that. I am very pleased. Congratulations to you.

Spencer / Netherlands Uadreams review
Spencer / Netherlands
15 July 2019

Jason: If any guy is reading this and is afraid it’s a scam, it is very much not one

I had a lot of doubts that the agency actually did what they said at first but then I saw my lady via video chat all those months ago and all those doubts basically vanished. She and the agency is real as they come. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a lasting relationship. Julia our interpreter was very nice and was very helpful the whole trip. She always made sure I got back to the hotel alright and made sure I had enough time with my lady and the translations were good.

If any guy is reading this and is afraid it’s a scam, it is very much not one. I had the same fears at first but they do everything the site says. It is expensive but the ladies are as real as they come. Just remember these ladies cannot be rushed. I do my best to make one happy and she and any lady you talk to will do the same. My thanks to Julia for being a wonderful guide and always being helpful. I look forward to next trip to see my lady again.

Jason / USA Uadreams review
Jason / USA
13-19 July 2019
trip to Lutsk

Michel: I initially had a very good impression of her

July 11th

I was simply impressed with what she wrote in her profile. When I met her, I initially had a very good impression of her and she was more beautiful in person than her profile. Her femininity and her body language are exactly what I am looking for in my loving wife. I really would like to get to know her better and see if we can have mutual chemistry and desire to embark on a lifetime loving and respectful relationship. I really hope that I will get a chance to see her again.

Michel / Canada Uadreams review
Michel / Canada
11 July 2019
trip to Sumy

Bruno: As always I enjoyed my trip to the Ukraine

As always I enjoyed my trip to the Ukraine very well. The translator made a very good job and she was very kind, helpful and funny. My lady is a fantastic woman and I wish to meet her again — maybe my home country.

Bruno / Switzerland Uadreams review
Bruno / Switzerland
11-18 July 2019
trip to Kyiv

Michel: I really enjoyed meeting her

Very nice lady, I really enjoyed meeting her. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet her second time since she had a business travel out of the country. Hopefully, we will be able to communicate when she return from her trip.

Michel / Canada Uadreams review
Michel / Canada
10-19 July 2019
trip to Sumy

Patrick: She was great company and fun to be with

I went to Cherkasy to meet my lady. It was a great time, saw many sites and she was great company and fun to be with. Cherkasy is a nice little city with beautiful nature and really friendly people. English is not spoken by many people, but everyone tries to help. I had a super time with the lady and hope to come back soon. Alona helped us during our conversations and was a great help in our translating and helping us to go around. Thank you!

Patrick / Netherlands Uadreams review
Patrick / Netherlands
8-9 July 2019
trip to Cherkasy

Michel: I am delighted with this stay

I enjoyed staying at Nikolaev for 4 days despite a bit of mess with my luggage that was not there the day I arrived in Odessa, but I was able to pick them up the next day. Thanks to UaDreams Nikolaev for the reception and the accompanied for this first meeting with my lady. Thank you also for the professionalism, the good humor and the very good translation cleared by the interpreter Lily. It was essential because it allowed to be able to communicate and to share the taste of each much more easily, and that allowed me to spend my four days with a lot of pleasure and discovery.

So in word, I am delighted with this stay, the only concern I found, was that my lady did not speak English at all and that the present of the interpreter proved absolutely necessary to communicate. In addition, my lady has kept a certain reserve in my regard may not be she attraction to me that I would have liked. So, I am not sure that this relationship last in time with my lady because of this language barrier, it seems to me even to be compromised because communication is paramount in a couple, it does not detract from her beauty and openness mind that is great.

This is with emerges from this stay where I spent an excellent moment with my lady and Lily (translator). Thanks again to UaDreams for the professionalism.

Best regards,

Michel / France Uadreams review
Michel / France
8 July 2019
trip to Mykolaiv

Josh: I will miss her until I return

Though my trip was short I had a wonderful time. My interpreter was great. She was very friendly and was always ready to help. Each day I would ask her honest Feedback and she would without hesitation. Lviv is a great city especially when it’s not raining. My lady was wonderful and I will miss her until I return. I wish I could have more time here in Lviv, and most importantly, more time with my lady. Will be back soon.

Josh / USA Uadreams review
Josh / USA
8-12 July 2019
trip to Lutsk

Amir: We feel like a family

I am happy.
It is my first trip to Ukraine.
I met a beautiful lady at this site.
I am very happy for this meeting.
Translator is good and nice too.
We feel like a family.
We had a nice contact and time.
I have not any doubts about this site.

Amir / Netherlands Uadreams review
Amir / Netherlands
5 July 2019
trip to Rivne

Michel: Simply the best!

Vlada is very kind and helpful and professional. I strongly recommend her. Vlada goes above and beyond the call of duty. Simply the best!

Overall things were very good.

However I would have liked a briefing before meeting the lady on does and don’t. I would have liked to better understand the ladies expectation of how the meeting should progress. Like ask her more questions and so much more. I feel because of being from different cultural background we might be clumsy in my approach and give the wrong message to the lady.

Best regards, Michel

Michel / Canada Uadreams review
Michel / Canada
3 July 2019
trip to Mykolaiv

Jim: Extremely helpful during my stay

I found this agency local office, and Natalia my translator to be completely professional as well as a pleasure to work with.

Natalia tended to my every need and was extremely helpful during my stay.

My special lady was very comfortable using Natalia for help in translation as she was a bit shy using her own English.

Thanks again!

Jim / USA Uadreams review
Jim / USA
2-5 July 2019
trip to Kremenchuk

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