“ I am looking for a serious and mature man who knows what he needs and love Life as I do. I hope he will be happy to share his life with me and have a healthy way of life. Main qualities which I value in man: intelligence, calmness, wises. I will be happy to discover new things and new places, countries with my man. ...”

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Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take our ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members, are saying about us

Tim / USA Uadreams rewiew

Tim / USA
27 October 2015
trip to Kiev, Nikolaev, Poltava

Tim: Being completely honest, I did not want to leave Ukraine

I thank UaDreams dearly for all of their help during my latest 3 week trip to Ukraine. My lady's translator (from Nikolaev), Natali, was again wonderful (and a great singer!), and I greatly appreciated their long 11 hour travel by train to meet with me for a glorious week in Kiev. I am glad that I was able to get them a room in one of the most glorious hotels in Kiev. In Poltava a lady again, was wonderful and I again had a lovely visit with another lady. Without a doubt in my mind, the better the translator, the better the dates. The translator Marina in Poltava was wonderful and ended my trip to Poltava smiling. The translator Elena in Kiev was equally as wonderful as we turned a planned few hour date into a near all night evening of fun, that was substantially greater than we both had anticipated. It was one of those "wow" moments in life we dream about.

Though I had some sad moments with relationship decisions, I also had incredible happy moments. I mostly thank Irina in Poltava for getting me an incredible apartment to stay, and moving me to another apartment when water was being shut off to the building for several hours. Though the water shut off was not a concern for me, it was for Irina and I can not thank her enough and I regret not going to the agency and thanking her in person.

Obviously, Kate has been the most incredible trip coordinator, again. It is exciting to come to Ukraine where the food and the ladies are the best in world. I only wish you had an agency in Lviv, where I stayed for a week. Ahhhhh, I love Lviv…though it was sad to be there alone. Can I marry a city?

I don't know what will happen, in the long run with any of the ladies in Ukraine, but I can definitely say that my 2 trips there are 2 of the best trips of my life. Being completely honest, I did not want to leave Ukraine. That is how comfortable and happy I was in my trip. I feel more relaxed in Ukraine than I do in my hometown in America. I don't know what that means, but it means something special. That statement says something special about Ukraine and about UaDreams. I learned to read in Russian, but I forgot to learn Ukrainian in Lviv. Oooops.

Having been to Kharkiv, Poltava, Cherkassky, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kiev, and Lviv, I found out that I know more about Ukraine than most of the ladies I met. Does this make me Ukrainian? Hah

Thank you from deep within my heart. 1000 air kisses to all.


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Steven / USA Uadreams rewiew

Steven / USA
5 July 2017

Steven: Impressions of the UaDreams video slide show

I wish to thank you and your Tech Staff for a wonderful job on my new video. I never had any doubts that your Tech Staff would, once again, do an amazing and superlative job for me.

You were so conscientious about my wishes and you, again, fulfilled them completely. It is a small project but was magnificently done.

My supreme compliments to your video Tech Staff! They are awesome and I will do another soon!

Sincerely Amazed, again!

On-line "dating" is oft "misunderstood" by those whom have never used it. However, it is one of the best if not the best ways to get to know another human being's "inner-world". There are not "physical distractions", initially, as there certainly are in "conventional dating". It is a unique and very effective way to meet your potential "Split-Apart" as Plato so eloquently described. I know that I will meet mine at UaDreams because I believe in what you do and I believe in you.

Many, many, Thanks for years of excellent service, advise and council!

Sincerely Yours,

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Jim / USA Uadreams rewiew

Jim / USA
24 January 2020
trip to Rivne

Jim: I have been treated with extreme care and professionalism

Since my arrival in Rivne I have been treated with extreme care and professionalism. The hotel is top notch!

Olga our translator has been very well versed in her skills, also a true charm to be with. She has taken great pride and care with me as a client. For sure, it did not do unnoticed.

Jonathan / Taiwan Uadreams rewiew

Jonathan / Taiwan
23 January 2020
trip to Kremenchuk

Jonathan: Thanks to the branch office to help this wonderful meeting

1. Oksana does help a good job to me. She is kind. And the conversation between me and lady seems translated well. Both of us are happy. We all have happy mood.

2. For doing pottery, Oksana also helpful. I cannot understand all from the teacher. But Oksana help me a lot to understand clear about what to do. My pottery does not make good. But with her help I do finish it.

3. Hopefully, we can have Oksana help next time. We are enjoy in it. And thanks to the branch office to help this wonderful meeting. We will have next one.

Ronald / Netherlands Uadreams rewiew

Ronald / Netherlands
21-24 January 2020
trip to Kyiv

Ronald: She was more than professional

I was very happy with the service of the agency by translator Janny. She was more than professional and all my wishes came true by her way to support my lady and me. I’m very impressed. Also the meeting / tours / explanations were awesome.

With compliments.

Henrik / Denmark Uadreams rewiew

Henrik / Denmark
13-21 January 2020
trip to Kharkiv

Henrik: It’s my third time using your agency, and I am very satisfied

Not so much to say, it’s my third time using your agency, and I am very satisfied with everything. I only use the translator service. I like very much spend time with my beautiful lady, and also translator Alena, she is so helpful and qualified to her job. We both like spend time with her.


Jeff / Australia Uadreams rewiew

Jeff / Australia
12 January 2020
trip to Zaporizhia

Jeff: People are very good with foreigners

This is my third time to Ukraine since 2018. I have traveled from Odessa to Kiev. The country is good as people are very good with foreigners.

I finally met my match in Zaporozhye. This year her name is and I am sure she is the one for me. We have been communicating for over 1 year now and finally met.

Thank you UADREAMS for making this possible.


Greg / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew

Greg / United Kingdom
10 January 2020
trip to Kyiv

Greg: I advice all men not to give up but keep trying

Very good service from Nazar as interpreter, very fair, helpful and compassionate. He has helped to make the first meeting with very wonderful lady such a smooth and enjoyable experience.

I advice all men not to give up but keep trying until you find your special lady. God has helped me as after many years of searching with this agency I have now found and met my special lady here.

So it is definitely worth the time and search as UaDreams can help others also.

Thank you again to the agency, Kiev branch and our friend Nazar with very helpful service.

Marcel / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Marcel / Germany
3 January 2020
trip to Kyiv

Marcel: It seems already to be the start for the perfect match

To find the agency was not that easy, but finally I met Nazar. He did an excellent job. Since we are both Capricorns the ice was broken. We had a wonderful translation due to him. My lady and me were both comfortable at once. We had a wonderful first evening together with an open and romantic atmosphere. It seems already to be the start for the perfect match. The next days we will see what will happen and where we are leaving to.

Thanks already
Your Marcel

Enrico / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Enrico / Germany
1 January 2020
trip to Poltava

Enrico: I believe that it all was very good

I believe that it all was very good and the translator was very helpful for us.

Thank for this great time.

Even I hope I would not need it more because of I had find the right ONE.

With my best regards, Enrico

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