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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

Besides, we have some interesting UaDreams testimonials about Dental tourism with! And of course, we are happy to tell you about impressions of the foreign guests about Ukraine after EURO-2012.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Tim: Being completely honest, I did not want to leave Ukraine

I thank UaDreams dearly for all of their help during my latest 3 week trip to Ukraine. My lady's translator (from Nikolaev), Natali, was again wonderful (and a great singer!), and I greatly appreciated their long 11 hour travel by train to meet with me for a glorious week in Kiev. I am glad that I was able to get them a room in one of the most glorious hotels in Kiev. In Poltava a lady again, was wonderful and I again had a lovely visit with another lady. Without a doubt in my mind, the better the translator, the better the dates. The translator Marina in Poltava was wonderful and ended my trip to Poltava smiling. The translator Elena in Kiev was equally as wonderful as we turned a planned few hour date into a near all night evening of fun, that was substantially greater than we both had anticipated. It was one of those "wow" moments in life we dream about.

Though I had some sad moments with relationship decisions, I also had incredible happy moments. I mostly thank Irina in Poltava for getting me an incredible apartment to stay, and moving me to another apartment when water was being shut off to the building for several hours. Though the water shut off was not a concern for me, it was for Irina and I can not thank her enough and I regret not going to the agency and thanking her in person.

Obviously, Kate has been the most incredible trip coordinator, again. It is exciting to come to Ukraine where the food and the ladies are the best in world. I only wish you had an agency in Lviv, where I stayed for a week. Ahhhhh, I love Lviv…though it was sad to be there alone. Can I marry a city?

I don't know what will happen, in the long run with any of the ladies in Ukraine, but I can definitely say that my 2 trips there are 2 of the best trips of my life. Being completely honest, I did not want to leave Ukraine. That is how comfortable and happy I was in my trip. I feel more relaxed in Ukraine than I do in my hometown in America. I don't know what that means, but it means something special. That statement says something special about Ukraine and about UaDreams. I learned to read in Russian, but I forgot to learn Ukrainian in Lviv. Oooops.

Having been to Kharkiv, Poltava, Cherkassky, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kiev, and Lviv, I found out that I know more about Ukraine than most of the ladies I met. Does this make me Ukrainian? Hah

Thank you from deep within my heart. 1000 air kisses to all.


Tim / USA
27 October 2015
trip to Kiev, Nikolaev, Poltava

Steve: The costs justify the results

I was pleasantly surprised at the services provided by UA Dreams. I had reservations at the first about online dating and looking for women from another country. But the agency from the very beginning helped me with my trip to meet my special lady. From booking the trip, to car to pick me up at airport, hotel reservation was more than I expected. The translator was great and the entire experience was very romantic and enjoyable. My fears and doubts were put to ease, and the costs justify the results. I highly recommend the agency UA Dreams if you want to make yours come true.


Hi, my name is Steve. I came to Ukraine via the UaDreams agency to meet a special woman, the agency exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anybody that once take a chance in finding love here through the agency, everything that I have said and more. I found the people very warm and friendly here in the Ukraine. There is a lot to do: dancing, gourmet eating, nice coffee shops, and just the food is great, people are warm and friendly, and the women are beautiful!

Testimonial sent by E-Mail:

Thanks for the email and question. First I want to again state that I was so impressed with the trip to Sumy and Ukraine overall. My trip was so great and one of my best trips/vacations ever. I have started to spread the word about your services to my single friends. Kate our translator was off the charts with her ability. She's invaluable.

Steve / USA
20 February 2015
trip to Sumy

Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

Ola: Nice staff

Second visit to Kharkov and it was very good. Nice staff and my translator Olga was very good.

Ola / Sweden
30 June 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Andy: She looks the same as in chat

It’s a great city! Like my translator, he seems like a nice young man. My lady is well known to me, she looks the same as in chat. A.

So I just had my first date with my lady and we’ve been known each other for about 7 months. I had Nazar as my translator, I guess it’s first time is it? But anyhow I’m normally a little comfortable with a male translator but he worked great. I feel like I know that guy and he worked very well, so I am satisfied.

Andy / USA
24 June 2016
trip to Kiev

Linus: It was a privilege and honor

It was a privilege and honor to meet both of these ladies. We had an excellent time. And I hope to meet her again. I am very thankful that they made the trip to Kiev.

Linus / USA
23 June 2016
trip to Zaporozhye and Kiev

Linus: The lady is very charming

Excellent! I had a wonderful time. The lady is very charming and her translator was great. I was lucky to meet both of them.

Linus / USA
23 June 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Dirk: Beautiful city. Safe city

I had a good time. Beautiful city. Safe city. Always music in the streets. Always something going on. People are friendly. The translating was perfect. Even better than my English.

— Hi, I am Dirk and I am happy with everything the way it went. Thank you very much!
— Share with your experience, a little bit, like for several sentences.
— It was good!
— Were you satisfied the translation?
— Yeah, I am happy with it, no worries!
— And what about the lady? Did you like your meeting?
— Yes! She was great!
— Will you recommend to come here and will you come back here if you have such an opportunity?
— Yes, of course!
— So, you liked everything, everything was good!
— Yes!
— OK! Thank you!
— Always!

Dirk / Australia
18 June 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Naiwen: I don’t want to leave

I like Kiev, Ukraine and people here, especially Аня (interpreter). They are helpful. I don’t want to leave. I love to stay here for long time. Спасибо

Naiwen / Taiwan
17-19 June 2016
trip to Kiev

Ron: All translation, help and services are fantastic

All translation, help and services are fantastic. I agreed not to say good bye but rather… see you soon. I am yes a very happy man. I hope to soon return to continue my relation.

Ron / Canada
16-24 June 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Erik: We had a very enjoyable night out

I had a nice quiet evening dinner get together in town, with a chance to meet together with my lady and talk in person. My Russian is not very good and my lady's English is not the best but with Nastia, our translator, we had a very enjoyable night out.

Erik / USA
16-21 June 2016
trip to Kiev

Ron: The trip was as usual Fantastic

The trip was as usual Fantastic. The hotel I stayed at could not be better)) Excellent food great staff. The translator was excellent and a lot of help to me or should I say to us). The transport from and back to airport was very good. I hope to come see this lady again one day soon.

Cheers Ron))

Ron / Canada
16-24 June 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Single33: I was on trip alone to find the girl of my dream

I was on trip alone to find the girl of my dream and hopefully to marry her and have kids. Now I want that before the girl agree is to say her and maybe little give her a push or help her to decide to come to my country Israel for meeting and stay for one week in Israel then decide if she want to live with her man and marry him.

And more about the agency thinking about the man that risking his money. The translator Sasha was great and help me to say sentences in right way.

Single33 / Israel
15 June 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Dean: You all need to come here!

Once again a wonderful trip. I was blessed with great weather. The people in town are friendly to me. The accomodations were fantastic. Lyuda was once again my best friend here. My lady is completely lovely and she wants me to return and I will.

The agency took very good care of me. I will not hesitate to come back through this agency. Lutsk is a wonderful city.


Hi! I’m Dean from USA, back in Lutsk for the 4th time. It just gets better every time I get here. What a wonderful trip! I was blessed with wonderful weather, I’ve seen some wonderful ladies. I enjoyed my time with absolutely wonderful lady. Just the best she was. My translator Lyuda, she is not my translator, she is my friend, my best friend. I cannot help telling you how happy I am during this trip. I will definitely be not my last one. I will definitely return through this agency. You all need to come here!

Dean / USA
14 June - 1 July 2016
trip to Lutsk

Robert: Very nice personality, good translation

Valentine was very good interpreter. A beautiful smart girl.

My name is Robert, a physician from California. I had a meeting with a beautiful girl. Nazar was my translator, young man, he did a very good job of translating. Very nice personality, good translation. I recommend him.

Robert / USA
14-18 June 2016
trip to Kiev

Jacob: I recommend telling my other friends to join this site

Hello UaDreams,

Thank you for making my trip to Ukraine great and fantastic. I can't wait to come back and spend time with my lady again. I recommend telling my other friends to join this site and find their lady. I enjoyed flying with your guys help and the hotel room was very nice.

Not only are you guys a great dating service if a man ever meets an Ukrainian lady on another free site and then they go to this site cause her English is not good. Its very helpful to talk to each other and video chat when both people are free.

Thanks again for everything,

Jacob / USA
13-18 June 2016
trip to Lutsk

Jacob: A memory I will never forget

I really enjoyed my trip here to meet my lady. Seeing your beautiful country and City of Lutsk will be a memory I will never forget. My translator Natalia was great and helped my lady and I understand each other very well. All the restaurants had a great food and made me feel like I never left gome. I’m glad I choose to come and share this experience with my lady. I can see myself coming back to see my lady more and more.

Jacob / USA
13-18 June 2016
trip to Lutsk

Peter: I come back 100 % again

Hello Ua Team. I am Peter and I want to say I am happy every time when I come for a visit to the Ukraine. The service is perfect, my girlfriend is so nice and wonderful and Marina, the lady for translate, is so good. The city of Sumy is for me very nice and so clean, and I see so much nice places, good restaurants and coffees. I come back 100 % again. Thank you for the good service from the office from Sumy and for all ladies who were working in the office. Everybody was so friendly. Thanks for all. Bye, bye. Peter.

Peter / Germany
12 June 2016
trip to Sumy

Fabio: I keep happiness and satisfied

Translator Sveta was professional at all times. Dedicated professional and attentive. I keep happiness and satisfied.

Fabio / Brazil
11-12 June 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Peter: My expectations were exceeded

I would like to thank you Nastia for being an excellent translator and for making my introduction to the city of Kyiv a memorable one.

I am very pleased with my first meeting with my lady. In our correspondence, I found my lady to be an intelligent, beautiful, caring woman with an excellent sense of humor. In my first face to face meeting with my lady, my expectations were exceeded. I am very pleased and look forward to continuing our relations. Thank You!

Peter / Canada
10-13 June 2016
trip to Kiev

Patrick: Everything was better than expected

Great meeting!
- Marina the branch manager was awesome to work with.
- the interpreter Karina was excellent
- the meeting with the lady went very well
- everything was better than expected.

Patrick / USA
9 June 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Bob: Lovely meeting

Lovely meeting / Looking forward to getting to know her better.
Karina was wonderful for translating and all help.
Thanks for agency for your service. Keep up you good wish.

Bob / USA
7 June 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Dominic: I was able arrange all these difficulties

The experience was very pleasant. The translator helped me all the way. She arranged lunch and activities for my lady and I.

I had a flight delay situation but through the help of my translator I was able arrange all these difficulties. My lady was real and had good time together for 2 days. I think it is a very nice trip. I don’t people can expect love to grow just a visit. It takes time...

Dominic / USA
6-10 June 2016
trip to Lutsk

Dominic: There are still good people in this world

My trip was pleasant and full of surprises due to weather and flight delays, but in the end I was able to meet my lady and had a nice stay in Lutsk.

People in this agency really want to do the right thing to take care of their clients. From my lady, the translator, the drive and even the airline delivery man... etc. The goal was to make my visit pleasant and safe.

My flight was delayed in New York, then my luggage was lost.... The first night, my translator was helping me on the phone and my driver was driving around town until 2am to get me teeth brush.

Then in the morning, my translator walked me to store to cloths and things.

I met my lady and we had a good time for 2 days. Meetings were just to let us meet and talk to feel the energy and communication among us. There is nothing more than an initial meeting. It was professional and respectful. When my lady and I were riding horses, our translator was walking right behind us to take care of our needs.

Overall, it was a nice experience. In my opinion, there are still good people in this world. Lutsk is a nice quiet town. People in Lutsk are honest small town people.


Dominic / USA
6-10 June 2016
trip to Lutsk

Phil: I enjoyed my stay

I enjoyed my stay. Marianna was great.
It is sad that my lady didn’t feel well and I didn’t get much time with her.
This is a great city.

Phil / USA
5-7 June 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Phil: I have been treated very professionally

I was met at the airport as promised. I have good accommodations I am happy with my hotel. I have been treated very professionally. My translator is great. Thank you UaDreams.

Hi, I am doctor Phil, I am emergency room physician. I am here in Kiev, I have enjoyed my time here. It’s beautiful. Wonderful city, wonderful people. I was met at the airport by this lovely woman Anna who is my interpeter. She's done a proffesional job and excellent job. And I’ve certainly enjoyed my time with the woman I’ve met. I have nothing to say but good things about this company. And I’ve enjoyed my time.

Phil / USA
1-14 June 2016
trip to Kiev

Mark: This is my seventh trip to Ukraine

This is Mark. I am from California. And I am here in Nikolaev. This is actually not my first trip to Nikolaev and I love it. This is my seventh trip to Ukraine. I had really wonderful time and very pleasant meeting. I am not sure I am going to find love with this young lady but certainly is very dynamic and exciting person in my life. Now I am thankful I was able to meet her in UaDreams and will be coming back and see her again someday.

Mark / USA
1 June 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Edward: I had a wonderful trip, I would do it again

My name is Edward. I have enjoyed my trip to Cherkasy very much. Cherkasy is a beautiful city with some very interesting people, and I had a chance to see many things, and all of them were very good.

I wish to thank my guide and translator Leila for having being such a great companion in my time here. She provided me with great insight into the city itself and the culture of Ukraine and people. I think our conversations were the best part of my trip here.

My service was good. I had good communication with the agency. I could not complain about anything. I had a wonderful trip, I would do it again.


Edward / USA
28 May 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Ola: Friendly and helpful

The service was good and all the staff I met were very friendly and helpful.

Ola / Sweden
26 May 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Saif: They went above and beyond

I stayed in Ivano Frankivsk for a days. I had a great time always. The agency office is located in a very clean and modern building at the heart of the city.

I used 3 translators, Ira, Oksana, and Natalia. They all impressed me with their language competency and professionalism. They are also very friendly and caring. They went above and beyond to ensure a wonderful experience for me.

I met my dream girl on the very last day which made my experience even sweeter at the end. I’m coming back in a few months’ time to get engaged to my lady.

Saif / Australia
24 May - 1 June 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Zack: I was very impressed and happy

I was very impressed and happy with my trip to Ukraine, Rivne. I was tired when I arrived but immediately relived when I met Kate, the translator, and then my lady. Both are very friendly as all the people here. I enjoyed my visit with my lady, only I wish that I had more time to spend with her. The people are very nice, the food is great, as was the hotel. I also enjoyed the city of Rivne.

Thank you so much for introducing my lady to me.

Hello, my name is Zack. I am from Sacramento, California. I arrived here in Rovno 5 days ago and I had a very nice time. The hotel is very accommodating. The translator Kate is very nice, she translated very rapidly and no problems. And the lady that I met, was very nice. We had a good time in Rovno, and we went to several restaurants, we went to the zoo, we went to some park. It was very relaxing and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

Zack / USA
24-29 May 2016
trip to Rovno

Alfred: I plan to return to Poltava in a few months

I was very happy with the translation services, provided with my translator.

The UaDreams staff at the Poltava office was very friendly and kind. I enjoyed my trip to Poltava and I plan to return to Poltava in a few months.

Kind regards,

Alfred / USA
23 May 2016
trip to Poltava

Alex: The interpreter Artem was very good

The interpreter Artem was very good. He went the extra kilometers for me.

Alex / USA
20 May 2015
trip to Zaporozhye

Shannan: I had a very pleasant day

The lady was very charming and also interpreter was nice to talk with. I had a very pleasant day

Shannan / Australia
19-22 May 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Ben: I am looking forward to my next trip to Ukraine

I had a great time in Poltava.
My translator was excellent.
I am looking forward to my next trip to Ukraine.

Ben / USA
19 May 2016
trip to Poltava

Ronnie: I assure you that you must follow your dreams

This is to be my last day here in Kremenchug. And this trip by far, had been the time of my life. A couple, or even a few years ago, I had met this wonderful and amazing Princess online here at UaDreams. At first, as all are, I was a bit sceptical of this company or of their services rendered. Just as many Americans, or of any country for that matter. However as the story goes I had met her online here at UaDreams, and I had been in deep admiration of this girl from day one.

She has been the girl I have dreamed of ever since I was 5 years old, a very young boy. Well after exchange many many letters and almost a full year of video chats, I had finally decided to come to Ukraine and to meet this wonderful lady. Well upon arrival at the Kiev Airport, eventually my plane was late, I was greeted by my amazing interpreter Natasha and branch manager Eugene.

Both were very happy to see me and to take me to my destination hotel. Such an amazing experience both with the quality of services these nice people have provided to me. Everyone here was completely happy, and in good spirits to see me. Even all people I have run into, while walking around town, in restaurants and especially my hotel were all so very kind and courteous.

This place that I’ve visited, is truly like a home away from home. And everyone here is truly genuine.

My translator Natasha was very professional and captious, and could translate my true meaning and affection towards my lady, even much better than I could express myself towards her , it’s simply amazing. I had purchased the extra dream date with the amazing flowers for our first night out, and I am sure glad that I did, as my lady hs enjoyed them fully and the smile on her face was to die for. The restaurants have had simply amazing food, and was really reasonable considering the amount of food and drink that we had received.

Despite any recent confusion that had arose in the Eastern and Crimea parts of Ukraine the complete rest of Ukraine has remained untouched. The people here are all kind, genuine, and personable. They are all looking out for my best interests, while I am here. A lot of people from my hometown had have bad things to say to me about why not to come here. But I assure you that you must follow your dreams, and to get out to enjoy this lovely country and wonderful people it holds. As well as such wonderful ladies here.

I had gone to the countryside to make a wonderful BBQ with my lady and she even brought some of her family members to meet with me. Everything went as planned and we had the time of our lives here. Words could never express the true meaning of love that I have for this country, these very grateful people, or for my dear lady here in Kremenchug.

The only thing I regret is coming back home and not planning enough time longer to spend here in such lovely country and with such a dear and very gorgeous lady. I’ll come back to America now after not a long enough trip and I must tell you that I must come back very soon again, as this country and a lady still has kept my heart here in Kremenchug. I hope to come back very soon to retrieve it.

Ronnie USA

Ronnie / USA
18 May 2016
trip to Kremenchug

Courtney: Come to Ukraine! Just please, do not be scared!

About Branch,

very helpful. Very nice people. Sveta is very funny, very helpful. I had a few problems but she helped me so much.

Please come to Ukraine. People are very friendly, not to be scared. All is good. I find that prices for us are cheap, food is fantastic.

Do not be scared, go to Ukraine.

— Hi! Hello! My name is Courtney! I have come from England to Zaporizhzhya to see my girl. Zaporizhzhya is a very nice place. There is not many things to do in Zaporizhzhya, but I’ve been driven around I’ve been to a few places, but I would love to come back here. Things in Zaporizhzhya quite, prices to me are cheap, people are very friendly.

Coming from here I’ve been to Ukraine before and I have come to Odessa and Kiev, but Zaporizhzhya is different. Very big place, lots of things too I think you can find where to go. I will definitely recommend people coming into Ukraine. There is nothing wrong with Ukraine. Yes, the situation in Donbass region is not good, but it does not effect the people living outside that area. It’s quite, there is nothing to worry about, there is no need to be scared.

I have come to Zaporizhzhya on my own to see my lady. Yes, at first I did feel a little bit uneasy, but then gone to the agency, speaking to people at the agency — they’ll make you relax. There is nothing for you to worry about!

So, come to Zaporizhzhya. Come to Ukraine! It’s brilliant! Just please, do not be scared! People are very very friendly!

Thank you!

— Thank you!

Courtney /
United Kingdom

15 May 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Patrik: Translator was extremely helpful

I’m very satisfied with the service. I had a very good time visiting my lady and the city. Translator was extremely helpful. I have nothing bad to say at all.

Patrik / Sweden
13-15 May 2016
trip to Kremenchug

Art: Service good

Service good
Interpreter good
Meeting good

Art / USA
12 May 2016
trip to Sumy

Rob: Please my friend, come here soon

— What do you want me to say, just how did I enjoy my time here?

— Just tell about your experience here. What did you like, what didn’t you like, just share your experience.

— Okay. First of of all I want to thank the ladies from Nikolaev, the translator were fantastic and made my lady and me to have a wonderful time. Restaurants were wonderful. I can't know enough to say, it is a really nice place to visit, so please my friend, come here soon.

— So, everything was fine and you are satisfied?

— Oh, very satisfied.

— So will you recommend our...

— Absolutely... The agency was first rate, the translators were very professional, and I had a good suggestion where to go, so, yeah, I had great time.

— Thank you very much!

— Welcome!

Rob / Australia
12 May 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Bob: The ladies are wonderful!

Poltava is beautiful city as is the most of Ukraine.
Come visit! My visit was lovely. The ladies are wonderful!
My translators were very good. Very helpful and professional.
Wishing everyone best of luck!
Kindest regards!

Bob / USA
10 May 2016
trip to Poltava

Tony: We spent 2 weeks with each other having fun

Hello everyone. My name is Tony and this is my 2nd time visiting my lady. We spent 2 weeks with each other having fun and enjoying the Ukrainian dishes. She was all smiles as we enjoyed each other’s company. We went shopping, SPA, poll, sauna, horse back riding (I am not getting on a horse LOL), and eating LOL.

My translator was awesome and showed Kremenchug like I never seen it. I learned a lot from my 2 weeks than the first time I was here. I am hoping to come back for more trips in the near future. I really like Kremenchug and also the company side too.

Tony / USA
10 May 2016
trip to Kremenchug

Gerardo: The translator was so professional

The trip for Nikolaev was a few long by bus but was safety. Nikolaev offer many options of hotels restaurants and it was good.

The translator was so professional and nice and help me in everything. Specially to know the ladies friends.

Gerardo / Mexico
10 May 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Marc: Now we can speak of common future together

J’ai rencontré ma dame à Nikolaev, le centre m’a aider pour la premièr rencontre et je tiens personellement a vous remercier. Grace à UADreams j’ai rencontré la femme de ma vie. J’ai passé une semaine formidable et j’espére revenir trés vite pour retrouva ma dame. Vous m’avez permis de rencontrer une femme formidable et nous samme tombé Amoureux l’un de l’autre. Maintenant nous pouvons parler d’un Avenir ensemble. Merci au centre. Mark

I met my lady in Nikolaev, the center helped me well with the first meeting and I want to say thanks them personally. Thanks to UaDreams I met the woman of all my life. I spent a wonderful week and I hoped to come back very quickly to Nikolaev to meet my lady again. You allowed me to meet the wonderful woman and we really fell in love. Now we can speak of common future together. Thank you very much. Mark

Marc / France
7 May 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Member: I am extremely satisfied with the services

I had the pleasure of visiting UaDreams Sumy Branch. I had received very warm welcome from the moment I arrived in the Sumy branch.

Since the moment I arrived at Kiev, in airport, everything was perfect. Agency sent the car as for my request. I am extremely satisfied with the services. My translator Anya is absolutely great. She was extremely helpful from the moment I walked in UA Dreams office. Thank you to all the people at UaDreams.

Member / USA
7 May 2016
trip to Sumy

Derek: Was really impressed with all services received

I met a wonderful lady and from the first moment I set eyes on her. I was impressed. Myself, my lady and our translator Victoria went for a walk through the city of Sumy. And I learned quite a bit of history of the city through the well learned interpreter Victoria who had quite a good knowledge of her heritage.

We went to visit some art exhibition and visited a few restaurants as well. Was really impressed with all services received. Both by agency and hotel+restaurant staff. Myself and my lady are getting on very well and I think we actually have a future together. She's an amazing lady. I intent bringing her to South Africa during the month of August or September. Last but not least. A Big Thank you!! To all that made this visit possible.

— Hello Derek!
— Hello.
— How are you?
— I am very well. Yourself?
— I am also. Thank you for asking. I want to ask you some questions if you don`t mind.
— Not a problem.
— That's great. Do you like service?
— Absolutely.
— Did you like Sumy branch?
— Yes, I did.
— What about translation?
— Excellent.
— Thank you. Do you have any suggestions?
— Not at all.
— Are you satisfied with everything?
— Absolutely.
— That's great. I wish you a good day. Thank you for your answers. Bye bye.
— Bye bye.

Derek / South Africa
6 May 2016
trip to Sumy

Tony: We had great time, lots of laughs

I think Oxana did an excellent job of not just interpreting but also of information of all aspects of my time with the lady. We had great time, lots of laughs and many adventures and this made my short stay a wonderful experience.

I can recommend highly Oxana and the IV branch.

Tony / Australia
6-9 May 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Walter: Everybody helped very much

My voyage from Kiev to Sumy was a real adventure. Everybody helped very much. No time to see interesting things. Hotel also helps with everything. Ok. Will come back. I eat sandwich and coffee. Now we will go and have supper. Maybe my lady wants to meet me tomorrow. Good luck.

— Hello Walter!
— Hello Victoria. How are you?
— I am fine and you?
— I did not know that you had to wait for me for a long time. So, I am fine but I am hungry. — Soon you will go to eat, don`t worry. I want to ask you few questions. Do you like our service?
— Very much, yes.
— Are you satisfied with everything?
— Yes, really.
— Do you like translation?
— Very much.
— Maybe you have some suggestions?
— I don`t know what I can say.
— But... are you satisfied? Yes?
— Very much.
— Oh, I am very glad. Thank you. Good bye.
— Bye.

Walter / Sweden
6 May 2016
trip to Sumy

John: Great job conducting the translation in a positive atmosphere

My time in Kharkov was superb. Seeing my one and only lady was more than I expected. UaDreams provided a very professional service which was kind, courteous and helpful when needed. Translator they appointed was extremely helpful and she did a great job conducting the translation in a positive atmosphere.

Thank you UA Dreams,

John / Australia
31 April - 3 May 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Belal: Friendly reception

Everything was fine and thank you.
Friendly reception by the good translator Marina, she was very nice, and thank her for me.

Belal / Egypt
1 May 2016
trip to Sumy

Michael: Felt very safe

Felt very safe. Was very satisfied with the translator and her service of showing me the city and exploring what the city had to offer. She is an amazing translator and a very good person. I would be happy to come again and have her take me around the city and be my translator.

Michael / USA
29 April 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Henrik: The food is very fine and it is very cheap

I had a very good experience with agency. The service is very fine. Specially Anna the translator, was very nice, and so helpful with all. She make the trip very fine for me.

The city here is very fine, with beautiful places, and nature around the river. Specially when weather is fine. I had bad weather many days. but we can’t do about that. The food is very fine and it is very cheap here going restaurants cafes. So all in all, a good place to spend time.


Henrik / Denmark
28 April 2016
trip to Sumy

Marco: Interpreter has a very pleasant personality

Interpreter has a very pleasant personality and explains a lot about Kiev history and sightseeing :)

Marco / Malta
28 April 2016
trip to Kiev

Frans: I'll be back soon to Sumy

ik will het agency office in Sumy bedanken voor hun gastvrijheid en met name dame Victoria zij heeft ons prima begeleid en wij zijn zeer tevreden over haar-wij hebben prachtige dagen gehad. ik kom spoedig terug naar Sumy. nogmaals dank u.

I want the agency office in Sumy for their hospitality and especially lady. Victoria she has guided us well and we are very satisfied with her we had wonderful days. I'll be back soon to Sumy. thank you again.

Frans / Netherlands
27 April 2016
trip to Sumy

Benny: To my comfort the country is peaceful

Before made the visit to Ukraine, the number one concern I have was not if I can meet the lady of my dreams but the safety in Ukraine. To my comfort the country is peaceful and many things to offer to visitors. So, be assured, it is very safe to travel to Ukraine, especially with the support offer by UaDreams office team.

My translator also play a key role to make my trip successful. Without Alina help my lady and myself has no way to communicate. I strongly feel the money spent to engage a translator is worth every penny.

Benny / Singapore
26 April 2016
trip to Poltava

Danny: I recommend this place definitely

This was a wonderful trip / vacation. Everything in Poltava is beautiful, aright to behold, from the parks, restaurants, my lady and Olga the translator was lots of help. I would be lost without her, she understood me without repeating myself once. Also Irina the trip manager was tremendous help, answering questions without lighting fast response. The apartment had all the furnishings I needed and was as good as a hotel. I recommend this place definitely.

Danny / USA
23-27 April 2016
trip to Poltava

Jordan: Great help in translating and explaining procedures

Thank you for a great opportunity to explore and learn about your city and culture. Tanya was very friendly and very professional. She was great help in translating and explaining procedures.

Jordan / USA
22-24 April 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Frans: I have a very good impression from my lady

The lady was very great. I like Sumy. I like the hotel. The lady translator. We have fun. I was happy with the time with my lady. It was very relaxed. I have a very good impression from my lady. The evening 23.04 was great and I was very glad. The service from the branch was good. I like it all.

— Hello Frans!
— Hello Victoria!
— I want you to answer me some questions. Did you like our service?
— Yes, very well.
— What do you think about it?
— It is good organized.
— Maybe you have some suggestions?
— No.
— Are you satisfied with everything?
— Yes.
— Did you like Sumy? Did you like Sumy branch?
— Yes, I like Sumy. Beautiful city and I like UaDreams branch.
— What can you say about translation?
— Very good.
— Did you like the lady?
— Yes, she was very nice.
— Thank you for your answers. I very appreciate it. Good bye.
— Good bye.
— Tot ziens.

Frans / Netherlands
22-24 April 2016
trip to Sumy

Dave: I must give Yana an excellent review

I must give Yana an excellent review. Her translating ability and knowledge was very, very good. What was even better than her great translation service was that she was also genuinely and personally concerned about the welfare happiness, and success for the meeting between the lady and I.

She also provided a lot of extra services and did them very well. For example, I wanted to buy a gift for the little boy for the lady I was seeing. So she met me at the agency, took me personally to the toy store, and she took her time, and was very helpful in looking for the best gift possible, but also being concerned about the cost of the gift, so I did not over spend.

She also handled the logistic of the arranging a picnic for my lady and her family and I, when included her 3 sons.This included finding a beautiful place and making reservation, purchasing the food, transportation to the site and preparation of the food.

She even with her own money purchased a device in which to hold the food for grilling. A very good time was had by everyone and it was all thanks to her. So, she is very skilled at what she does as I know it is much harder to translate when there are 3 extra people.

So in summary, I’m sure that there are a lot of translators that are good translators as far as their technical skills and then knowledge of the 2 languages.

But with Yana you only have a very good translator with excellent skills for translating letters and speech, you also have a very personable, friendly, helpful, resourceful person that taken great pride in her word and seems genuinely interested and hopeful that the couple she is translated for, will be happy and able to develop a happy relationship.

I’m hopeful that my lady and I will develop a successful relationship, and that I never again will need the service of a translator. But if some reason I did, I would hope it would be Yana, because I do not think anyone could do a better job then she did.

Dave / USA
20 April 2016
trip to Sumy

Danny: Do not hesitate if you’re unsure

At first I was skeptical of this website. After giving a little time I became a believer in it and the women from this country are real ladies, beautiful inside and out.
Translations was excellent. 5 stars.
I was greeted warmly the second I arrived and transported efficiently to Cherkasy from Kiev.
All around this was a pleasant experience and I recommend this website to any man.

Do not hesitate if you’re unsure. Trust me.

Danny / USA
20-23 April 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Bob: Looking forward to many more meetings

Thank you for your support UA. Everything was done well. Oxana our interpreter was excellent. Wonderful meeting with my lady. Looking forward to many more meetings and getting to know one another. Tx! Tx! Tx!

Bob / USA
15 April 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

John: UaDreams always provides excellent service

My first trip to Cherkassy was wonderful. I spent great time with my lady along with excellent translator Leila. We had several wonderful days and evenings together as well as excursion to museum in Cherkassy. UaDreams always provides excellent service and the translators are very nice and very friendly.

Thank you

John / USA
14 April 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Bob: Overall was wonderful

Overall was wonderful, profesional service and experience. Things may or may not work out with the lady, but my translator Karina was more than helpful, always trying to make things work out. Simply profesional and wishing for my best. I will always appreciate it.


Bob / USA
14-21 April 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Kerry: What a wonderful translator you provided

Great work from translator. She was able to make the conversation very easy! Thanks!

What a wonderful translator you provided. She was really great at making the communication easy. She even knew some of the more informal english expressions. That was impressive and surprising. Keep up the good work — very professional!

Kerry / USA
14-19 April 2016
trip to Kiev

William: I want to notice the great quality of service at the Kiev Branch

It is my second visit to Ukraine. First time it was Kharkov and second time it is Kiev. I want to notice the great quality of service at the Kiev Branch. I want to say thank you to my amazing translator and guide Alexandra. She was helping me from the first meeting, every day for my dates with my lady and made everything very easy. Thank you to Valentine (second translator), my driver, Agency. I want to with all Ukrainians to stay courage. I will keep all this moments in my memory. William

William / France
14-20 April 2016
trip to Kiev

Joe: I have never been more pleased with a dating service

The city, office, staff, and ladies are the perfect combination. I have never been more pleased with a dating/matchmaking service or website. Great work!

Joe / USA
13 April 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Runar: My stay in Poltava met my expectations

As I wrote in the evaluation paper I had a great stay in Ukraine - from the moment I was picked up at the airport till I left at the same airport two days later. Service in Poltava was great, and translator Julia did and excellent job, and so did the woman in charge of Poltava office, Ira. Having a good time with lady of course also made the stay worth remembering.

So thanks a lot for your contribution in order to make the stay the very best!


Runar / Norway
13 April 2016
trip to Poltava

Mark: I found everything was just right

I had a great time in Kharkov and found everything was just right. My translator was very helpful and enjoyed her company and support. It was a delight to see Kharkov and I didn’t even mind the taxi ride. As for my meeting, I thought she was beautiful!

Mark / United Kingdom
12-15 April 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Joel: Unforgettable trip in Kharkov

The lady was very kind. The translator Elmira was excellent and friendly. Thank you very much for Kharkov branch, unforgettable trip in Kharkov.

Joel / France
12 April 2015
trip to Kharkiv

Naiwen: I don’t want to go

I love Ira and Karina. Very satisfied with their translation and help. I don’t want to go and would love to stay here a bit longer. I hope I will have chances to visit Poltava and Ukraine in the future! Many Thanks!

Naiwen / Taiwan
12-18 April 2016
trip to Poltava

Bruno: I enjoyed every minute of me being here

Everything was perfect! Oxana made her job pretty well. I enjoyed every minute of me being here.

Bruno / Switzerland
12 April 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Jeff: The branch office was very efficient

The branch office was very efficient and the service was excellent!

Jeff / USA
12 April 2016
trip to Lutsk

Kenneth: Timely and good company

Timely and good company. English capabilities good.

Kenneth / Denmark
11 April 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Carl: Beautiful and Caring Lady

Hello, I made the trip to Poltava to meet with a Lady I had been chatting with for several months. It was worth the trip. The City has so much to offer, the history, the food and the people are very friendly. I did not feel at anytime like I was a stranger. Our interpreter Olga really made us feel comfortable together and made the visit much smoother. We enjoyed several excursions while I was there.

Guys if you are thinking about this agency it is well worth it. I had no issues and would recommend to anyone that asks.

I have asked my Lady to come to the USA and visit me. I am also looking at flights to make another trip over.

Thank You UaDreams for a wonderful experience.

Carl / USA
11 April 2016
trip to Poltava

Thomas: I really appreciate our interpreter Anna

Thank you for your services. Everything was nice. It was not my first time in Kiev, but the first time with UA Dreams. And I really appreciate our interpreter Anna. Good translation, good person, smiley and always wants to help me.

Thomas / France
9-14 April 2016
trip to Kiev

Bob: Nice people as always

Nice mtg. Nice people as always. Unfortunately there was timing misunderstanding but that’s life. Translation was good.
TX / Bob

Bob / USA
9 April 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Peter: Ukraine must visit

The trip to Sumy was demanding! Finally met a lady after many months. The translator Julia helped us in the first time, so that we could understand each other. We had fun and good funny moments. Although I have not see much of the city, so my eyes were mainly directed to my girl. I hope we meet again soon and be able to continue our start in a common future. Who want to get to know the most beautiful woman, Ukraine must visit. Thanks for all. Peter from Germany.

Peter / Germany
9 April 2016
trip to Sumy

Joe: Great atmosphere

Fantastic breakfast time. Lovely locations, great translations and great atmosphere. Thank you for everything!

Joe / USA
8 April 2016
trip to Poltava

Bill: I enjoyed the company of my lady and my translator

I was very satisfied with my trip to Sumy. My translator was excellent and I would be happy to have her again on my next trip. We visited many sites and restaurants around city and we traveled to country side and Poltava which was very nice.

I enjoyed the food and the company of my lady and my translator.

My translator was excellent, she translated for my lady very well, I am very happy with the tour she gave me, we went to other cities to visit and I saw nice plenty of sites and I would come again. Thank you!

Bill / USA
8 April 2016
trip to Sumy

Tim: The translators were very helpful as tour guides as well

I had an amazing visit in Kiev and the translators were very helpful as tour guides as well. Anastasia was amazing both as a translator and guide. Her English is substantially superior and I like her as a true friend. She was very helpful in suggesting restaurants and places to go. I had a lovely experience and I look forward to my return visit this year.

Tim / USA
7-14 April 2016
trip to Kiev

Tony: So professional!!

Victoria was professional! She made the evening so relaxed. She was so helpful and made the meeting so positive. She was awesome!!! So professional!! I have visited many Agency but I have found Victoria to be best!!!

Tony / USA
6 April 2016
trip to Kiev

Joe: Great time, lovely lady!

Great time, lovely lady! Translator Nastya was very good and had a great sense of humor. Keep up the great work!

Joe / USA
6 April 2016
trip to Kiev

Naiwen: People are friendly and nice here

People are friendly and nice here. Lady is nice and special. Thanks to my dear translator Natalia. She helped me a lot and I really appreciate. I hope to see her again.

Naiwen / Taiwan
5 April 2016
trip to Lutsk

Manny: My stay here has been everything that I expected

I had a wonderful Trip to Poltava. My stay here has been everything that I expected and more. Everyone was very kind and professional. Thank you all for your help and for making my stay here a memorable moment.

Manny / USA
4 April 2016
trip to Poltava

Ronald: Service was good

Service was good;
Translation was very nice and professional.

Ronald / Netherlands
4-7 April 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Tim: I felt like I was treated like a king

Upon my arrival, I was given a lovely tour of the center of I.F., including historical information of I.F. Translation was excellent and I felt like I was treated like a king. I loved going to Bukovel, except for the roads - ha ha :). Food was very good, and the translator gave me excellent new suggestions on food i had yet to try on any of my three visits. I want to thank all, including Kate, for making this late change to come to I.F. on a few days notice. Thank you

Tim / USA
4-6 April 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Dirk: We had a good time in a safe atmosphere

The meeting was very professionally organized, my date was really the girl I had been writing to and spoken to in chat. We had a good time in a safe atmosphere. The translation service was really good and she knew nice places, where to go to. Thank you very much for the good service.

Dirk / Germany
2 April 2016
trip to Kremenchug

Emerson: Come to Ukraine especially Kiev for great time!

I had a nice time in Ukraine. Everyone was kind and helpful especially the staff. My translators were outstanding and I would definitely recommend Olya, Vika and Anna for their excellent service and attention to detail. Come to Ukraine especially Kiev for great time!

Emerson / USA
3-6 April 2016
trip to Kiev

Armando: Excellent experience with my lady

My trip to Rovno went very much according to plan. Our translator Kate was on top of the schedule and helped facilitate the meeting we had. The different dinner meetings venues made for an excellent experience with my lady.

I found Rovno to be a very nice and quaint place with friendly people ready to help some one that does not know the language.

Armando / USA
2-4 April 2016
trip to Rovno

Joel: My lady was very romantic woman

I was very happy with the agency. Thank you very much. My lady was very romantic woman. And my translator was wonderful!

Joel / France
2 April 2016
trip to Kiev

Runar: Very good service from manager

I had a nice experience in Poltava, from I was picked up in the airport till I left. Meeting with my lady was great, and translator Julia did an excellent job. Very good service from manager Ira.

Thanks a lot!
Greetings from Runar

Runar / Norway
1-3 April 2016
trip to Poltava

Ralf: I felt very comfortable during all days

Everything was well organized, my translator was always there when needed and made very good suggestions for everything. I felt very comfortable during all days. If I have the chance I will visit the branch again. It’s a very nice city, not to big, as I like it work.

Ralf / Germany
1-5 April 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Carl: You should make definite plans to come and visit

Had a wonderful time in Poltava, meet with my lady and had several outings with her. The city is very nice, restaurants are great. Olga, the translator was wonderful and helped very much. Was very comfortable with my stay. Took a trip to Lviv with my lady and translator, had a great time.

I will come back and visit again.


Hello, my name is Carl from the United States, I am here in Poltava, at the UaDreams agency I had a wonderful time on my trip. If you are thinking about coming, Poltava is a beautiful city, and you should make definite plans to come and visit.

The restaurants are wonderful the food is great, the people are very friendly here, so don’t be scared, its a very special town and you will enjoy your time here, visiting.

Carl / USA
26 March 2016
trip to Poltava

Joseph: First rate!

Yana was friendly and helpful.
First rate!

Joseph / USA
24 March 2016
trip to Sumy

Dik: I like lady very muсh

Management branch office very friendly and helpful. Translator/guide very professional. I liked the city tours with lady very much, Victoria did provide a lot interesting information about Sumy. I like lady very muсh. She is a great lady and we plan to meet again soon. Maybe this summer. Thanks for everything.


— Hello Dik.

— Hello Victoria.

— I wanted to ask some questions. What did you like most of all?

— First of all, the lady. And secondly, the support from Victoria. Sumy is a beautiful city. And Victoria did provide me a lot of historical information about the city. And she is very talkative. I like it very much. And she did very well.

— Oh, thank you very much. Are you satisfied with everything?

— I am 100% satisfied. I am 100% satisfied.

— I am very happy because of it. Thank you for this and good bye!

— Good bye!

Dik / Netherlands
19 March 2016
trip to Sumy

Ronnie: I will stay and continue our happy moments in love with my lady

It was a long travel way to reach Kiev after that Zaporozhye. I had a great feeling when met my girl for the first time. The translator was awesome, helpful and intelligent.

We went together for the lunch as they suggested. I found myself in a new world and forgot all unpleasant memories during my long travel way. I got some red roses for my lady when gave it to her found teer her eyes and deep passion in her smile. She hold me all the time. How could I forget our first date?

However for more dates I will stay and continue our happy moments in love with my lady, also make an engagement for our future together. Continue...


— I need your general impressions of the agency and whole your trip to Ukraine, Zaporozhye.

— This company is a professional and I like it. People are honest, straightforward and then I tell you something. It’s hard for people to come first time because... The communication... A lot of people do not understand the language.

— You come from where?

— I came from Sweden, Stockholm.

— Was it hard for you to get to this city? You managed it...?

— I just take a friend with me in case so... he just helped me as he knows the language

— At this time was it safe for you in Ukraine?

— It was safe. Yes, it is. And I learn a lot of things.

— And people here? Agency’s Staff?

— The agency is a professional, very helpful. Not the fraud, a lot of companies out there are funny, get advantage from people like us...

— Was it hard for you to manage your living in the city? Staying in Zaporozhye?

— No, everything was planned that is why it was not too hard for me.

— Would you come back?

— I’ll come back, yes, the next time I will come alone...

— Alright, thank you...

Ronnie / USA
19 March 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Alan: Very good for us

Very good meeting, interpreter. Very good for us. What more can I say. Keep up the good work!

Alan / United Kingdom
19 March 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Luca: Our first meeting is perfect

I am satisfy about the meeting. Hotel is very good and the translator very ok. The translator many patient with me and we visit many place to Kiev. The service of agency is very good. And for me very comfortable we have eat tasty dish here in Kiev. Our first meeting is perfect. Many interesting place to Kiev.

Impression about Kiev is good and all people I have met here make me very comfortable.

Luca / Italy
18-21 March 2016
trip to Sumy

Marcello: Start of a new life for both of us

Well, I competely satisfied with your services. I spend quite a nice time at Kharkiv. I’d like to return here again. Btw - girl was nice and gentile. For the moment, that’s all. Hope that my visit will be a start of a new life for both of us.

Marcello / Italy
18 March 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Carl: Interpreter was excellent and very professional

Sasha interpreter was excellent, very professional, kind and tender. Agency in Mykolaev is very good. Tatiana is the best manager. City was very nice and had very good restaurants and good attractions for excursions. The zoo and river were very nice attrections. Hotels are good and are located close to the agency. Agency is easy to locate. Airport is less then 2 hours by taxi. Weather is fine.

Carl / USA
17 March 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Jim: We are making BIG plans together

I have made a trip to Kremenchug to meet my lady in March of 2016.

Now, through the great help of Oksana my initial translator I have met the lady of my (UaDreams!) My lady and I from the very beginning have hit it off and are making BIG plans together. Wish us luck!

I want also to express my special thanks to Oksana for her professionalism and help. Also to the staff from the Kremenchug branch.

Thank you!

Jim / USA
16 March 2016
trip to Kremenchug

Tim: I am one very Happy Customer of UaDreams!!!

This was my third visit to Poltava and I almost consider Poltava as my second home — Ha! Again, my dates with the ladies were wonderful. Having been here twice previously, I could make suggestions on places and restaurants to go to. Learning the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet allowed me to, somewhat, read restaurant’s menus, road signs and buildings names, and I highly recommend anyone coming here to take one day + learn their alphabet to make the experience even more enjoyable.

I, again, can not praise the trip coordinator, Kate, and local trip manager, Irina, enough. Both provided customer service beyond what most would expect. Even times that I did not have a date, Irina want to make sure I had something to do and would never have a boring moment.

I dearly want to thank Kate for helping me with my desire to go to another city in the middle of my trip. I am one very Happy Customer of UaDreams!!!

Tim / USA
15 March 2016
trip to Poltava

John: She has captured my heart completely

The whole process has been very good. I was treated as a honored guest and not as a customer. The beautiful lady I was introduced to was even better that the pictures or description. She has captured my heart completely.

Julia, our translator is so excellent in so many ways. Her translations were amazing and without her excellence we never could have had a successful meeting. I can not even begin to say what a blessing she was.

I would and will highly recommend this agency to anyone. I feel like I have found the love of my life through this agency and the excellence of Julia is helping us get to know each other.

Thank you very much!!

John / USA
14-18 March 2016
trip to Sumy

Mehmet: Beautiful lady

Kiev is beautiful city. Beautiful lady. Beautiful site. All is Ukraine.

Mehmet / Turkey
13 March 2016
trip to Kiev

Phil: Very pleased with agency as always

Translator was great, very helpful. Lady was great, would like to see her again. Very pleased with agency as always. Thanks again.

Phil / USA
11-12 March 2016
trip to Kiev

Marius: I have been the luckiest man this weekend

The trip has been really nice. I have seen a lot of nice restaurants and bars. There has been few places to see that is tourist friendly, but I have had a wonderful time with two beautiful ladies.

The lady I met was much more beautiful than I expected. So I have been the luckiest man this weekend.

Thank you so much for the hospitality, hope to see you again soon!

Marius / Latvia
11 March 2016
trip to Rovno

John: I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice of introduction

I was very impressed by the excellent service at the UaDreams office. The staff very friendly and helpful. Anna was an excellent translator and made sure my lady and I understood everything each of us said. The evening with my lady was a delight and I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice of introduction. Kiev is a vibrant and colorful city and I have enjoyed seeing it very much.

I am looking forward to returning in a few months and also look forward with sweet anticipation the chance to get to know more about my lady. Very pleased.

John / United Kingdom
9-10 March 2016
trip to Kiev

Adam: Meeting was good

So I think that meeting was good.
Good translation and good lady.

Adam / Poland
7 March 2016
trip to Sumy

Peter: I want to come more times in Ukraine

I come many times in Ukraine and everywhere I come, the service is perfect. The translate is very good and all ladies so friendly. I want to come more times in Ukraine and I want your good service. By Peter.

Peter / Germany
3 March 2016
trip to Sumy

Robert: Very good, very attractive, very intelligent

Lady was beautiful very nice girl. Translator Victoria was very good.


My name is Robert, I am physician from California. I had interview with UaDreams yesterday. Translator was Victoria. She is very good, very attractive, very intelligent and very good communicator. So I have to recommend UaDreams and Victoria as a translator. Thank you.

Robert / USA
3 March 2016
trip to Kiev

Phil: They are always gone above and beyond

Never have a problem with agency. Always go above and beyond. Translator was always available and made trip very pleasant. Manager was great and didn’t expect her to pick me up at the airport. Always felt safe. Lady was nice and had much fun. Cherkassy was fun for my 4th time here to Ukraine. Thanks again for everything.


Ok, so this is my fourth trip here, first time to this branch and I never had issues with the agency or with the translators or the girls. Everything is real, they are always gone above and beyond, helped me to make my trip that much easier plus hectic. So for all guys out there if you have any doubts don’t have any doubts with this agency.

I had a lot of researches and backgrounds staff with this and this is by far the best one I have ever done with. And it is always been a pleasure ever since my first trip to Ukraine with this agency. I don’t use any other agency when I go to Ukraine because when mess with the rest you can deal with the best. Ok, thank you and good bye.

Phil / USA
27 February 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Michael: I felt me always good

I felt me always good, will not say perfect, but verry good with interpreters.

Michael / Switzerland
24 February 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Karl-Heinz: Very thankful for this wonderful time

We spend a wonderful time in the city of Kiev. Visited exciting places and restaurants. The agency organized everything perfect and the translator did a great work and was always an excellent help and support. The lady I met was an inspiration of positive energy.

All my best wishes are with the agency, lady, translator and this wonderful country of Ukraine. I will never forget and very thankful for this wonderful time.

Karl-Heinz / Germany
22 February 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Ryan: Ukraine is truly a country of many wonders

I made a very long trip to Kharkiv from the other side of the world. I met the most wonderful lady in the universe but I already she was. My guide (translator) was wonderful, she guided me through this beautiful city with amazing ease. The guide was very willing to help in any way she could and delivered fantastic service.

Ukraine is truly a country of many wonders that should be seen and felt by all. My favorite part of the aside from the lady of course is eating the food. The food is truly amazing and (while) anything I have had at home in the united states. This is my second trip to this wonderful country and I promise it will certainly not be my last.

I know many of you are reading this right now and doubting these words, I promise you they are indeed true and if you are on the fence about visiting this city I will tell you take the chance as you will not be disappointed.

Ryan / USA
21-28 February 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Gaz: The atmosphere was fantastic and warm

Jane was amazing, friendly, helpful and feel I’ve made a true friend. We had a good time visited many places and the excursion through the city. The weather was cold and windy but the atmosphere was fantastic and warm and comfortable.

I spent great days in the company of two beautiful amazing ladies and I am completely satisfied with the service of translator super Jane and I would like to come back again. Thank you for arranging meeting in Kiev and not in Sumy office. Had best time ever.

Gaz / United Kingdom
19 February 2016
trip to Sumy

Johan: No problems

Everything seems to be really good / no problems

Johan / Sweden
19 February 2016
trip to Kiev

Bjorn: Better than perfect

Everything has been excellent, the homepage, the support service, the translator, but most of all the date. Even do I didn’t thought it was possible to be better than in the chat my lady was better than perfect. On a scale of 1-10 it’s been a 12!!! Thanks for everything! Regards.

Bjorn / Sweden
19 February 2016
trip to Kiev

Matte: 5 star treatment and a good service!

5 star treatment and a good service! A really good meeting and I really recommended it - the service and girls + translator is really great.

Matte / Sweden
19-21 February 2016
trip to Kiev

Karl-Heinz: I believe in the Ukraine

I spend a wonderful time at the city of Poltava.

The Agency organised my transportation from Kiev-Airport to the City of Poltava. The Hotel was wonderful and had a very good quality. I was supported by the translator Kate and the manager of the agency Irina in the best possible way.

I meet two wonderful ladies, the future will show the success and how it will be.

I wish all ladies and the agency good luck. I believe in the Ukraine. The people and the power of the future.

Thank you

Karl-Heinz / Germany
18-21 February 2016
trip to Poltava

Raj: It was a nice meeting

It was a nice meeting and I enjoy the presence of Nasti as the translator. Thank you

Raj / USA
16 February 2016
trip to Kiev

Peter: It was a warm welcome

Nach vielen Monaten traf ich meine Lady. Es war ein freundlicher Empfang und die Übersetzerin hat sich viel Mühe gegeben. Wir der weitere Lauf ist kann ich zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt nicht sagen.

I met my lady after several months of communication. It was a warm welcome and the translator made much effort. I cannot say now how our relationship will develop.

Peter / Germany
15 February 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Alistair: I had a great time!

I had a great time!
Thank to Maryna for her translation today, it was much appreciated!
Best Wishes

Alistair / United Kingdom
14 February 2015
trip to Poltava

Oscar: Surprise Valentine Video – it was done in very good taste

Hello, this is Oscar from the southern USA. I have just seen the Surprise Valentine Video and it is excellent! It portrays all the ladies on the video in very good way. The video was done in very good taste. Congratulations to all who made it and all the ladies that took part in it.

Thank you!
Best Regards,

Oscar / USA
12 February 2016

Freddy: All was great

Olga was excellent translator. She did a great job. I was very satisfied with the service. I met my lady. All was great. Thank you.

Freddy / USA
11 February 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Myung: It was a good experience

I like very much the meeting. And also the translator. It was a good experience and will try in the future again.

Overall a positive trip.

Myung / Netherlands
7 February 2016
trip to Poltava

Lennart: A memory for life

A very enjoyable stay where the interpreter did her utmost to make me and my lady first meeting to become a memory for life.

She showed very professional behaviour at all stages. She suggested excellent restaurants arranged transport and ensured that the currency exchange was performed correctly.

Finally, she has an incredible singing voice!

Lennart / Sweden
5 February 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Carel: Friendly reception, professional service and great translation

Thank you for the friendly reception, professional service and great translation.

I was happy to finally get a chance to visit my lady after 5 months of communication. I hope this is the start of something really special and I wish to return soon to visit her again.

Keep up the good work at UaDreams!
Thank you

Carel / South Africa
5 February 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

David: I will never forget those nice days

I passed a wonderful long weekend in Kiev.

In spite of the winter, the city keeps it’s beauty and stay a very nice place to visit (and I advice a little walk on the frozen river sides for people who’ve never seen that from their life).

After a shy first meeting with my lady, I will never forget those nice days that I hope, would be only the beginning of a long story.

I would like to thank in particular, our translator, Nastia, who succeeded to set a smooth climate and for her support all along the meeting, and of course for the quality of her translation.

David / France
29 January 2016
trip to Kiev

Kevin: The women are real and I have great time

Hello, this is Kevin! I am from Texas. I am here in Nikolayev, Ukraine. It is always a great trip. UaDreams is everything they said is works: the women are real and I have great time. You know, restaurants are good, translators are fantastic and everything is good. If you don't come, you are wasting your time. You get on a plane, come and enjoy your life. Ukraine is great, it is very safe here. I walk around. You had to worry about, don't be. Just buy your ticket and come on down. UA Dreams number one!

Kevin / USA
23 January 2015
trip to Nikolaev

Yogi: Agency was good!

Agency was good! Translator was perfect, and very considerable of my needs. Sincerely, Joseph

Yogi / USA
20 January 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Matthew: Always attentive

Irina was very helpful and always attentive.
I never felt ignored or like she was impatient.
I had a wonderful time with my lady and Irina translated very well.

Matthew / USA
20 January 2016
trip to Poltava

Naveen: My Trip to Dnepropetrovsk

Just a short note of Thank You.

I made my first trip to Dnepropetrovsk - in September last year to meet a lady.

Though my relationship did not work out - but I must say that your staff was very co-operative and specially Anna - the translator did her best to make it a wonderful experience. I have taken back some very wonderful memories...

I plan to return to Ukraine again later this year and hopefully get lucky :-)

Thank You very much!!

Naveen /
Saudi Arabia

18 January 2016
trip to Dnepropetrovsk

Matthew: I recommend the service

The translator Anna was very helpful and provided good support through the trip. I met with my lady and she was very lovely and I was able to communicate clearly with her thanks to the translator. I recommend the service.

Thanks for working with the change in plans. Victoria the translator was an excellent translator and tour guide. She was very cheerful and made my date and myself smile. She has excellent english skills and really helped make our first meeting very nice. Thanks UaDreams :)

Matthew / USA
16 January 2016
trip to Kiev

Dimitris: Everything was good

Everything was good.
Nothing to report.

Dimitris / Greece
15 January 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Wes: The stay was fantastic

Sumy is a great place, friendly people and as always great food! The stay was fantastic, especially Marina. She answered all my questions about the area as well as my lady! I hope to return A.S.A.P!

Thanks UaDreams!!

Wes / USA
14-17 January 2016
trip to Sumy

Lovell: I had a wonderful trip to Ukraine


I would personally like to thank UaDreams staff on my most pleasant trip in Lutsk (January 2 through January 5 2016).

I appreciate Vladimir for my safe pick up and return to L’viv airport. The translation support provided by Lyuda and Natalia were fantastic. They both did a great job, and I was completely comfortable during the entire process.

I will definitely use UaDreams on my future travel to Ukraine (In fact, I am planning another trip to Ukraine in the upcoming months, and I will use UaDreams for all accommodations).

During my time in Ukraine I could see the devotion and hard work by many Ukrainians. I would have enjoyed seeing a bit more of Lutsk, such as Lubart Castle, and some churches. However, weather was not ideal for these services, but if UaDreams can offer clients more options, such as “half day sightseeing package” to truly experience the culture of Ukraine it will help tremendously.

In addition, perhaps the agency can send options to client as to which apartment sellection to choose from. The apartment I had was comfortable. Overall, I enjoyed my trip tremendously.

I highly recommend UaDreams to all gentlemen seeking loving relationships, trust this agency for the services rendered. I would also recommend to all members patience when communicating with ladies. There are so many beautiful Ukrainian women that truly seek a loving relationship with a foreign man, it’s easy to get a bit side track by so many lovely women :) . However, once you experience the lady who really becomes dedicated to developing long term- loving relationship. Invest time and trust in her and UaDreams as an agency.

Thanks again to UaDreams
I look forward to my future travels to Ukraine, and a successful loving relationship with my Lady.

Very Best Regards,

Lovell / USA
13 January 2016
trip to Lutsk

François: New level of understanding

I had a really wonderful time in Kiev with my lady during there few days despite the weather!

A big thank you to Julia for her help to bring our communication level to a new level of understanding, and I hope that it could have helped our relationship to evolve in the good way!

My lady has been so joyful and kind that these days will stay in my memories, for sure!

More to come, I hope...

François / France
12 January 2016
trip to Poltava

Laercio: Para mim este site é magnífico

Para mim este site é magnífico, os profissionais são excelentes, já faz tempo que estou maravilhado com a Uadreams, e principalmente o povo Ucraniano são maravilhosos e suas damas são lindas, parecem até moças de cinema e filmes!! As vezes fico me perguntando elas são reais? Rsrs, mas já indiquei este site para alguns amigos meus daqui do Brasil e mando um abraço a todos.....

For me this site is magnificent, the professionals are excellent, a long time ago I was amazed by UaDreams and especially Ukrainian people. They are wonderful and their ladies are beautiful, just look at the girls in the videos!! Sometimes I wonder if they are real? Lol, but I have pointed out this site for some of my friends here in Brazil and I send a hug to all...

Laercio / Brazil
12 January 2016

Dominic: Thank you very much for this beautiful reality

Hello! I am Dominic from USA. I came from New York. And I had Victoria as my translator. And she was really really helpful. She found me a beautiful hotel room. And she really made my experience magical and she is bringing my Ua Dream, thank you very much for this beautiful reality and I thank her very much for the excellent translation and tour guiding and the service. Spasibo bolshoe! (“Thank you very much” in Russian)

Dominic / USA
10-11 January 2015
trip to Kiev

Mark: Amazing first meeting with an impressive lady

An incredible visit to Ukraine has been completed with an amazing first meeting with an impressive lady. My gratitude and appreciation to Ksenia my translator for her service on my date. An evening, that did not last long enough.


Greetings from Kiev. My name is Mark, I’m from California, United States. Completing a three week journey through Ukraine and before I depart tomorrow morning I have had the opportunity to spend a wonderful evening with a wonderful young lady. I want to thank UaDreams for helping me to meet her as well as to say thank you to my translator Ksenija. She did an excellent job. And if you have the opportunity to come and visit, it will worth your time.

Mark / USA
8 January 2016
trip to Kiev

Dylan: It was a good time

It was a good time, lovely lady and excellent translation company.

Dylan / South Africa
8 January 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Dylan: Had a great time

Had a great time, lovely lady and excellent translation company.

Dylan / South Africa
8 January 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Steven: Request to send my lady and her family a lovely Turkey Dinner...

Dear Madam/Sir:

I wish to thank UaDreams for it's expeditious completion of my request to send my lady and her family a lovely Turkey Dinner for New Year's Eve. I have heard from her that the meal was very tasty and delivered on time.

I have been with UaDreams for almost 5 years and I cannot think of even one incidence in which your fine company let me down. The pleasure that I have derived in being associated with your company and the beautiful women whom I have had the pleasure of knowing through your Agency; are beyond comparison.

I look forward to continuing the beautiful relationships that I have made through your fine Agency.

I wish to thank the Manager of the Ivanofrankovsk agency for doing such an excellent job in accomodating the my wishes for this dinner for my Lady.

Respectfully yours,

Steven / USA
6 January 2016

Jeff: All of the staff are the best!

I have had the most wonderful experience with UaDreams. All of the staff are the best! When I had questions or even last minute travel plan changes they made all the arrangements that were needed. I can not put in words how wonderful my experience has been with UaDreams.

I am currently in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, where I met my beautiful bride to be. We are engaged to be married and I could not be happier. Ukraine is a wonderful place full of history, traditions and a very rich culture. It is a must visit place. I have met the most wonderful people and family. Word can not describe my experience. The staff at Uadreams are the best!



I am Jeff. I just had the most wonderful experience with UaDreams. It’s, it’s... I am almost speechless how wonderful time I’ve had. I am in Zaporozhye. Very peaceful city, quiet. People are just fabulous. I mean very respectful. I met my... I am currently engaged, I’ve got engaged to a wonderful lady. Parents… introduced to parents. I was here for Christmas, her birthday, it’s just mind-blowing how wonderful this trip has been for me. People at the agency are great, the translators are great, services they provide is great. It’s, it's an incredible experience here. You have to try it.

Jeff / USA
4-16 January 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Mark: It was kind of like a random first meeting

Another amazing trip through Ukraine finds myself coming to Cherkassy once again (third time actually).The service of the Cherkassy office is again outstanding and the work of done by Ira my translator has been to the level, or better than what I expect now, from the agency.

Although I am no stranger to this city, Ira has been very helpful. The meeting with this lady was great! We have little history in letters so it was kind of like a random first meeting. The lady is kind, and sweet. Will anything come of it? Not sure, but we shall see.

Although I still feel the prices are high, the ladies I have met through UaDreams are all they said in letters, they are real, and except for one, the kind “you take home to mother”.

Thanks to lady, Ira, Cherkassy Branch and UaDreams.


Coming to you from Cherkassy. This is my third time to the city. It has been a wonderful trip again. We have snow outside. It is interesting for me. I don’t have snow in central California. Thanks to my translator Ira, I had a wonderful time and my lady that I was arriving to and we had a great time the last a couple of days. And probably we will continue the correspondence. Come to Ukraine, use UaDreams. If it's good for me, it should be good for you.

Mark / USA
4 January 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Hossein: I like your introduction service

Thanks for cooperating with me as your help made me happy. I like your introduction service to meet my future wife here. Also I like the city with a nice architecture. People are easy going and try to help. I’d like to improve my friendship with my lady. Thanks. Hossein


I am very glad that I came here and I was very happy to meet some girls here. Actually this agency helps me to meet some real girls in life. And I was able to learn about them and was able to make friendship. It was good, it was very good help from this agency. Thanks for your help. Thanks

Hossein / United Kingdom
2-6 January 2016
trip to Kiev

Lovell: I felt secure and happy during entire process

I was very impressed with UaDreams as an agency. I recommend highly for men seeking to try their service. The translation service was great and I felt secure and happy during entire process. I met a wonderful lady who I will continue my communication and having relationships with. Gentlemen you can trust this agency, take your time during the sellection and communication with your lady.

Lovell / USA
2 January 2016
trip to Lutsk

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