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Our branch in Donetsk

You are welcome to make an unbelievable journey along the streets of our wonderful city of magic, hope, love and desire. Here is the city where our beautiful ladies live. Here you may find everything for a good rest and for having a good time with your beloved woman.

The city attracts the foreigners who are always welcomed with warm Ukrainian hospitality. Some new good hotels, restaurants and casinos have been recently built in Donetsk.

Modern Donetsk can rightfully be named as one of the most significant cities in terms of Ukraine's cultural, scientific and business development. You will never get bored here.

As a member of our agency, you will get the very best service and feel the warmth of our Ukrainian hospitality. You will meet beautiful ladies who can give you lots of love, attention and respect, and who will treat you like a real man. Our women are very elegant and have that special feminine quality that best reflects traditional family values.

If you are really interested in finding your soulmate and to have a great time you shoud visit Donetsk.

Donetsk ladies

Modern Donetsk

Modern Donetsk is the largest economic complex playing the important role in creation of material base of Ukraine, turned in due course from coal-metallurgical base in area advanced machine-building, chemical, the food-processing industry, power, and the building industry.

Today in the Donetsk enterprises foreign investors safely put the means, and our businessmen establish successful partner attitudes on international business - arena. In Donetsk optimum conditions for an investment of means in economy today are created - it offers favourable enough stimulus for business dealing. Special economic zones and territories of priority development in Donetsk area are "card" of region.

Besides Donetsk is an attractive place for tourist trips. In fact our city does not grow old, on the contrary, it is under construction and accepts new, really the European shape. In miner's capital to tourists’ entertainments, rest, weight of impressions are guaranteed: it is possible to get acquainted with sights of city or to have a rest in one of our entertaining centers. For foreign businessmen Donetsk offers services on the organization of conferences, seminars, business meetings, programs of reception and stay in city.

160 doctors and 752 candidates of sciences work in sixty Donetsk establishments which perform research and scientific and technical works. The organization and carrying out of complex scientific researches the Donetsk centre of science, in structure of which carries out 5 academicians and 12 members - correspondents National Academy of sciences of Ukraine.


Today it is possible to tell with confidence, that Donbass famous not only the labour achievements, but also sports. Repeatedly sports halls of the various countries clapped to our athletes and boxers, football players and runners, gymnasts and basketball players. Sergey Bubki's names, Lilies Podkopaevoi, Polini Astahovoi, Vladimir Pokotilova, Ruslana Ponomarenko, Nina Zoskovoj, Ilya Mate, Tkachenko, Vyacheslav Olejnika's Hope and other sportsmen are world renowned not by hearsay. And «Stars pole vault» and «the Gold Lily» consider honour to take part in the international tournaments the recognized masters from many countries.

Thus, in Donetsk area a lot of attention as sports both strengthen a body always was given development of sports and physical culture, and tempers spirit, and promotes all-round education of youth.

Near half a million the person of various age categories have an opportunity to visit 110 stadiums, Palaces of sports and sports complexes, 56 swimming pools, 5 track and field athletics arenas, 1590 sports halls and more than 2600 athletic fields.

To Donetsk 50-60 masters of sports, 10-15 masters of sports of the international class annually prepare. Sports stars the best trainers, among which deserved trainer of Ukraine Alekseev V.F. (sports acrobatics) prepare, for Chmutov A.A. (kickboxing), Kotov A.M. (boxing).


To the small settlement located on coast of steppe rivulet Kalmius, it was fated to become huge industrial city, the center of the largest industrial region. And all as the beginning was served with generous gift of the nature - coal.

In first half XIX centuries, being not able to base state metallurgical manufacture, the imperial government began to involve and encourage the private capital. Having estimated all opportunities of reception of huge profits at a gratuitous corner with the help of cheap hands, to Donbass have rushed foreign investors.

The basic part of inhabitants of this settlement was made by immigrants of the Central Russia and Left-bank Ukraine. The ethnic structure of local population was motley: Russian, Ukrainian, Jews, Poles, Byelorussians, Armenians, Greeks, Cossacks, Englishmen, the gipsy, Germans. Inhabitants Juzovki differently carried spent the leisure. At a factory the amateur orchestra consisting of young workers has been organized, evenings of amateur performances at school were carried spent, workers and employees of a factory together with the British workers and employees played football, visited the English club known for the monthly dances and dramatized representations; went to cinemas, walked in a city garden, visited mobile fairs and circuses, for the main church holidays (the Christmas, Easter, the Trinity) went to church. In shape pre-revolutionary Juzovki accents have been placed precisely: religion, education, business.

Within Civil war of 1918-20 the city has been temporarily seized by German invaders and White Guards. The Soviet authority here was finalized in December, 1919.

In 1924 Juzovka has been renamed into Stalino. The number of its inhabitants by then has reached 63,708 people, and in 1925 has increased up to 80,085 people. Began construction of an inhabited file "Standard" for metallurgists and two, three-tier houses for miners.

In July, 1932 the city became the center of Donetsk area. In 1938 the Donetsk area is divided on Voroshilovgradsku and Stalin. The city remains the center of Stalin area.

By 1941 in city there were 223 enterprises of allied and republican submission, 54 - the local and cooperative industry, shafts allowed 7 % of an all-union coal mining, factories - 5 % of steel and 11 % of coke. The population of city made 507 thousand person.

During Great Domestic war (1941-45) Stalino has been occupied by fascist armies (on October, 21, 1941 - on September, 8, 1943). The city and its industry have been destroyed, historians mark huge human losses. In city remained 175 thousand inhabitants, and the material damage has exceeded 4 billion roubles. The industry in the first post-war years was restored. In 1949 the pre-war level of a coal mining, and in 1950 - all industrial production has been achieved.

In November, 1961 Stalino it is renamed into Donetsk. Is reconstructed and extends on new technical base coal, metallurgical, machine-building, the chemical industry. Have received development large food and the light industry, many enterprises are constructed during post-war time. The cotton combine, combine of fish products, factory of children's toys (1972) are under construction. In 1961-70 it is constructed more than 4 million sq. m by the common vein of the area. The available housing by the end 1970 has made 11,7 million sq. m of the common area.

By the new general plan Donetsk and Makeevka incorporate in a uniform file on coast river Kalmius.

In April, 1978 the population has exceeded a million boundary - Donetsk has joined cities - millionaires.

25 years ago in newspapers and magazines Donetsk named not differently, as «city of one million roses». And it was not a metaphor is was simple arithmetic’s. Unfortunately, at present time of roses was reduced, but we shall hope, that inhabitants of Donetsk can revive the former status of the city.

So, to city which has passed a way to the names from Juzovki - Stalino to Donetsk, it was fated to learn all peripetias of a labour life, to endure need and lawlessness, to go through revolution, confusion of civil war and the most destructive war of 1941-1945. And the city has stood!

Today Donetsk is a city of regional submission, an administrative centre of Donetsk area of Ukraine, capital of Donbass. It is divided on 9 various on the size and economic potential of areas which together make the city largest in Ukraine. Nowadays Donetsk - the large industrial, scientific and cultural center having the big unit railway, automobile and air-lines.

Donetsk is known also for the oustanding sportsmen, scientific and cultural figures.


When the city is not under construction, it appreciably grows old. Fortunately, it you will not tell about Donetsk. Houses in the central part of city recently have literally changed, having dressed the soft color order. Even the massive colonnade of the dramatic theatre which for the first time has changed gloomy grey painting on white, has found light shape of a temple of the Melpomene. It is executed by own strength and reconstruction of the academic theatre of an opera and ballet by it. A.B.Solovjanenko. 87 city organizations took part in its updating. It was updated not only auditorium, having begun to sparkle gilding and crystal, and there were more convenient secret premises.

As a whole Donetsk by the right can be named the largest center of culture and arts of Ukraine. In city three permanent theatres, a regional philharmonic society are located by it. S.S.Prokofjeva, a circus, 11 cinemas, 53 Palaces of culture and club, 140 museums and museum rooms, 368 libraries with fund over 15522662 books, a planetarium, 16 initial specialized educational institutions of arts.

Theatres of our city are submitted by theatre of an opera and ballet which since 1999 carries a name of our fellow countryman, coryphaeus of opera art A.B.Solovjaneko; the academic musical - drama theatre which many performances became winners of inter-regional festivals «Theatrical Donbass» and «Gold key»; the regional theatre of dolls being one oldest in Ukraine - in 2003 to it executed 70 years.

In 1992 at Donetsk theatre of an opera and ballet the school of choreographic skill of Vadim Pisareva which besides is the founder and the art director of the international festival «Star of world ballet» has been created. By the way, the oustanding soloist of ballet of our theatre of an opera and ballet, the winner of the international competitions, the national actor of Ukraine V.JA.Pisarev is the Honorable citizen of city of Donetsk «for propagation of a ballet art, glorification at the international competitions of school of Donetsk ballet, creation of bright and remembered images in parties of classical and modern repertoire in the big concert programs, the organization of school of choreographic skill and giving to it of the international status, carrying out in city of holidays of arts, increase of authority of Donetsk at the international level».

Besides festival «Star of world ballet», in our city pass festivals «the Gold Scythian», «Belkanto», «Underwater imaginations», «Miss Ukraine», festival of children's creativity where young Donetsk talents take part.

In Donetsk the regional organization of the union of writers of Ukraine which chairman of board, the oldest writer of Donbass P.A.Bajdebura is the Honourable citizen of city for «long-term fruitful work and active participation in a political life of city» works.

In city the specialized educational institutions which prepare for experts and workers for sphere of culture work and arts is a number of musical schools and schools of arts, choreographic school, art school and school sacred music; musical school, school of culture, art school and a higher educational institution - Donetsk state musical academy it S.S.Prokofjeva.


Basic trip package

Cosy single room at the hotel or one-room private apartment situated in the city center in the walking distance from the office. It will give you the opportunity to have a rest and think over your future plans.

Silver trip package

You don't like silence and you are used to know latest news? Big and soft bed in front of the TV is the best way to relax after the flight.

Golden trip package

Are you used to have space around? Would you like to have warm bath after a day full of impressions? You are welcome to feel all the comfort you may need in a single occupancy standard room at the Hotel in the city or private apartment of equal standard.

Platinum trip package

Do you want to feel like a King who is going to meet his Queen? Your hotel room or best private apartment in the city with all the modern facilities and design will create the atmosphere of luxury!


If you don't like hotels and want to feel more like at home we will provide the apartment for you. One-room appartment with the facilities which are important for you. Don't be shy in your choice! We are able to make your wishes come true!


Donetsk is situated in the East of Ukraine on the river Kalmius.
The climate of this city is moderately continental with cool winter and warm (sometimes hot) summer.
The average air temperature is 8,0 °С, the coldest month is January (minus 6,1 °С), but in some cases winter months can be quite colder, and the highest temperature was registered in July +20,9 °С.

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