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Dating rules for men

26 Jan 2016

If you’re wondering how to make a good first impression on your first date, we’ve got all the information you need to know in our pages dedicated to dating advice for men.

You are wondering what to do to make first impression during your date with one “fresh” lady. Here we have some dating tips for you!

If we speak about picking –up, we do not mean flirting but meeting the first time with someone you have been communicating for some time through the internet but still have never seen each other. So this is your chance to make first and the last impression. Think about those five minutes, everything is important – from the “Hello” till your smile.


Your smile should be sincere, wide and tender. Certainly, this gives an impression about you as a positive person and opened for communication. And sure it is better and easier for someone to get in touch with such a person.


You never know what exactly a woman wants on a first date, but you suppose to guess what she would not want. This may help you to figure out how to estimate your techniques within making good impression. Woman will run away from a man who I so dull during a conversation, if he normally forgets about his look, appearance and clothes on, whatever; in case he doesn’t have sense of humor (Godness!) and sure if he doesn’t have a simple confidence feeling.


What is date today? Is this event retro-romantic or what? Should you bring flowers or just forget about all that staff. Think beforehand. And imagine what your lady would like. Of course some forever-general rules you must remember: a man pays the bill (this is really mature act), pass your lady first when you enter any place, be kind with good actions sometimes – this must be sudden but pleasant and sincere; be attentive to your woman – as modern lady is not that one from the 90-s) She likes attention but she also may change places with that.


You like her. But how to tell? One of the most significant signals of dating is eye contact. You may analyze how your precious one look at you – with admiring gaze or just take her look away suddenly when you are trying to catch her eyes or she just staring on some object without any interest to what you are saying. The next stage is physical contact, this can be a subconscious sign. A simple touch is considered to be not a flirt but just a test to be closer. And the same as if lady’s body is turned towards you – you have to be sure, she definitely is interested in you.

FINAL advices of general meaning.

Never mix real interested with fancy dating. The first step is to denote what each of us tends to find, how serious your date is, what his or her intentions or at least is that a boring event for your date or a daily staff. Anyway if you decided to meet finally, that means your online conversation took the virtual end-point that leads to live communication. That means both of you do want to meet personally to understand if there is any further reason to continue or just look for next one.

  1. Now we will talk about some signals that will show that something went wrong with your dating. Probably that will help you to take the situation in control. All of us like our mobile phone – this is our small private world and we are leaning to it every free minute, that is why like a snowball, if not interest outside we go back to our virtuality. So if your sweet lady checks her gadget carefully very often that means she is definitely not interested in the subject of conversations, so we advice you immediately change the situation with any joke or interesting news. Never focus on interview, just focus on your interlocutor.
  2. Suddenly you notice that she bites her nails. This signal shows the only thing – lady feel uncomfortable or worries or just is anxious about the situation. Check the situation with a smile or a good joke – and you will impress her with your warm and kind attention.
  3. You noticed that she crossed her arms. This is the way of protection and her arms creat a barrier. May be your date is rather a covert interrogation and this is your chance to take a leading position. Again we underline, you should focus on her to make relaxed and to enlighten the atmosphere. Put simple questions with a smile – this will clear the air. At last we want you to remember that dating is the joyful thing, this meeting should be a happy time for both of you, so take your chance to enjoy! Take our advices, be yourself, be attentive partner - and you will feel relaxed and your date will go naturally.


We have investigated lots of sources about men asking them who likes to pay on a date. And our statistic shows that usually a man is relucting when woman rejects his request to pay the bill. That is why we kindly recommend insist on being initiative.

That awakward moment, when both sides take their wallets out and it comes to decide who will pay. When you try to calculate which part is hers and which one of the order is yours- this will take time as well as romance. It slightly resembles just a friendly meeting than a date. So we advise you kindly to be traditional. Man will pay, definitely!

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