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Phishing and Internet frauds

23 Jan 2016

Phishing as a Modern Way of Victimizing.

Within this post you will enjoy your internet vocabulary with new notions. So, let’s talk about PHISHING.

If we imagine a fish, there is a fisherman somewhere next to her dreaming about a good game!

Modern life dictates new rules of surviving and internet can lead to a lot of income or a loss. For now we mean process of activities of a group of people who represent a “trustworthy entity” in the sphere of electronic communication.

The aim is to obtain secret information (logins, PIN numbers, etc.) from social websites and online payment processors via spam mailing. Such spam messages may contain malicious website links, as a rule they are infected. Such messaging is instant and aimed to deceive users with false information, for example, a letter contain usually make a user to enter his personal details on the website looks like legitimate one, real and with the good reputation (good job!). All these data is to be used for illegal purposes of course.

To Each Other Known From Afar All Of The Fishermen Are

Let us say that such ascension of this way of earning money with malware disquiet us and tends to become striking fraud of 21 century. Educated and smart fraudsters can create powerful groups that are difficult to disclose, neutralize and punish.

However web security technologies are on the way of recovering. We should say that thief use his chance within the moment of poor usability of such systems. Each year the number of reported fishing incidents grows, nevertheless, good attempts to deal with them are to be taken regularly.

So we will try to give you the proper advices how to be attentive with all of that.

  1. First of all always check your mailbox with occurrence of phishy emails. Usually such messages commonly come from legitimate organizations as bank, government agency, retailer and etc. You receive a request to confirm your personal information. You will be deceived with the reasons: loss of your personal information due to system failure, you receive an order placed on the name of yours, closing your account and etc. One of the latest and popular nowadays kind of spam letters could be requests from fictitious fraud department to verify your information. You are suspected to be a vulnerable eventual victim of identity assignment or theft. We should admit another amusing and popular phishing signal: state lottery commission that requires personal billing information for their accounts for winners.
  2. Never follow the links with suspicious emails you receive, as all they need from you – your personal information for so-called legitimate agency or company websites. Thus when pasting all you information it goes directly to malicious hands. Profit! In order to check if the company is real – use any search engine by investigating their website or you may call them if you find any phone number. Such “real agency” tricks intend to pay attention for the main subject but not to the details. As a rule, people react surprisingly fast without thinking. That is why if you stop for a moment and analyze, probably you won’t find any characteristic of a real organization.
  3. The most modern and powerful online ID theft is called “pharming”. A malware virus used to be operated secretly, it hijacks your browser when set on your computer. So if you try to enter any website, their system will redirect you to the fake website and you will use your personal data for logging just without mistrust. Therefore this information will be easily stolen.
  4. Ok. Pop-up screen. Please remember: real legitimate organizations never ask to confirm your data within pop-up screen. Such system is often used by fraudsters: if you browsing a website, pop-up screen appears suddenly and asks to paste the information. Never do that, this a regular phishing trick!
  5. Do not ignore anti-virus and anti-spyware software, never forget about spam filters and a firewall. Watch them to be always updated. Note that your mailbox settings system is smart enough and offers to you have a spam filter: you will see how less mails of such a kind you would receive. Be aware about the usefulness of your anti-virus software to scan messages you get. Keep you anti-spyware software on for looking for suspicious programs you installed and keep your computer from pharming and other phishing tricks. Firewalls should not be disregarded as well, it secures your computer from unauthorized phishing attacks.
  6. When receive emails with attachments, open those ones you are sure in safety of its content (if you know exactly or expect). :et us warn you that sometimes it seems like you receive a letter from someone you know but message would be a specific phishing attack.
  7. Phone phishing. Call from company representative requesting for your personal data due to false claims.
  8. Warning message signifying that you have been a victim of fraud. In this case verify this information carefully as well as identify the person you receive such a claim from. This won’t happen with legal organizations. Obviously they may contact you after you proceeded particular transactions but with no request for personal or worse – billing information. Anyway, our general advice is to find the proper number and try to contact directly to investigate the issue.
  9. When you are looking for a job – be careful with job search websits. Fraudsters use their chance of being company-employer, the scheme is the same: they need your personal information (social security number, for example).
  10. Each unexpected thing should give you a sign for paying attention to. You will not spare your free time for checking the matter. Be careful with all “legitimate” fraudsters: representatives of serious companies who are trying to fish out any significant piece of information from you.
  11. After providing any information to a phisher - each minute is important. Companies you have accounts should be informed about this case immediately.
  12. Report about your victimizing in details. That will help to fix the issue.

  Remember: serious companies never behave this way, so do not be trustworthy thing, use your time carefully and never regret: you will not waste it, you will spend it for saving your money and reputation.

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