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4 tips for getting out of the friend zone

03 Sep 2019

You feel that you get stuck in the friend zone and you don’t know what to do and how to get out of there? Of course, nobody wants to find himself in the lady’s friend zone, what can be worse? But don’t be sad, it is easy to change everything for better. It is time for action, don’t delay or you will stay in the friend zone forever. Read more about the relationships and find out the answers and simple steps for yourself. Follow the advice, you will be able to build strong relationships and you will be happy with your lady.

What is a friend zone? It is an awful place for the person who wishes to have relationships, for the person who is in love and dreams about his lady every day and night. Will you argue? You got stuck in the friend zone, it is a high time to get out of there. Don’t know how to do this? Here are the tips for you, 4 easy steps and 4 easy ways for getting out of the friend zone and being happy together with the person you fell in love with. Easy steps will help you to build the relationships correctly and to avoid a lot of mistakes that men often do. There is no difference where you meet a lady, online or offline, these tips will be very helpful and you’ll get a bonus. We know a lot of secrets about online dating and we will tell you how to avoid getting into the friend zone when you meet you Russian or Ukrainian woman. Are you curious enough to read the whole article?

Start with a little hint

What do you need? First of all, you need some changes, you realize that you want these changes and you are ready for them. What to do now? If you feel that your attitude has changed so it’s time to change you behavior. You need to show your interest, you should give the lady the signals that will help her to understand that you want more than just to be friends. Of course, you may not be successful but anyway you don’t want the relationships that you used to have. Now it is that very moment when it will be clear if your couple will be able to get out of the friend zone. You start to show your interest and your lady should show if she is ready to move and to change the relationships.

Add physical contact in communicating

If you have already shown her your interest, it is time to go ahead. Physical contacts is a great way to show that you want more. What to do? Touch her hair, sit closer, touch her hand. Of course, it’s better not to do everything at once. Try something very carefully and wait for her reaction. Be sure, women are rather smart and intelligent and your Russian woman will understand that you want more. One example that will help you. When you go to the café or to the restaurant, try to sit closer to the lady, don’t sit opposite. Be close, smile and when you feel that the moment is right, touch her hand or hair. Your lady will feel the warmth and she will understand clearly your intention. If she doesn’t want to go further, she will let you know. But if she is interested in you, her actions, her words and her body will let you know about this.

Show interest in a woman

Don’t ask yourself million times: how do I get out of the friend zone? It’s better to show your interest to the woman from the very beginning. It will be easier for both of you when you know what another partner expects from the relationships. Don’t wait too long or you are in risk to become friends. To wait is the worst thing that you can do. A lot of men do this mistake, they don’t want to frighten the lady and they don’t want she thinks he is too quickly. That’s why the man decides to wait and to slow down. But it is very dangerous and it is a wrong strategy. Of course, don’t be too fast to frighten her but at the same time you don’t have to be too slow and to get to the friend zone.

Do not forget about body language and other signals

Sometimes we don’t need the words, because our body tells better that we. We are shy and we don’t want to do something wrong but our body language speaks and sometimes even shouts. Let’s imagine, that you are on the date with the Ukrainian or Russian woman and you like her a lot. How can you body talk instead of you? Your smiles, your eyes, your pose and gestures speak loudly and cry about your intentions. So use these. Smile and look in her eyes, your sparkling eyes tell more than 1000 words.

Bonus ways to getting out of the friend zone from Russian and Ukrainian women

If Ukrainian women or Russian ladies come to the dating agency or dating websites, that means that they are serious and they would like to build the relationships. But sometimes something goes wrong. And it is very easy to get into the friend zone when you build the relationships on the Internet and communicate a lot. Everything seems great, you understand that you like this person and want to know her closer but here is a surprise. She is your friend, she gets used to communicate with you, to share thoughts and discuss different things. You are friends, you are a person to talk, it is easy with you, you listen and support her and she doesn’t expect more.

Arm yourself with patient and think carefully what you can do in this particular situation. First of all, try to prevent getting into friend zone. Don’t write the letters for too long time, that means if you feel that you like the Russian or Ukrainian woman, don’t delay and meet in persons. It’s better to meet that to write letters for years and become friends. But if you are in a friend zone, don’t delay as well, follow our simple tips and you’ll get out of the friend zone and you will be happy with your bellowed Russian or Ukrainian woman.

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