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Halloween joins the hearts

28 Oct 2019

Is it very difficult to get acquainted with the Russian and Ukrainian lady and to build relationships with her? Nowadays it is not a problem at all because there are plenty of websites and agencies that suggest you meet the lady. The agencies help you and make it easier to choose, communicate and build relationships. Of course, some people still believe that it is so hard to meet a lady and to start relationships. Men, who doubt, don’t believe that there are things in common between people who live overseas. Let’s dispel the myths and try to talk only about facts. Let’s find out what Halloween’s role is and how it can help people to fall in love.

It is so easy to cross the borders, to meet new people and to visit different places. It doesn’t cost a lot and it isn’t hard to do. Traveling overseas is not a problem at all and it won’t take too much time. The world seems to be big but now it’s not hard to get from one country to another. The only border is our mind that stops us and doesn’t let our dreams come true.

We talked to many ladies who are in search of the husband and who are members of our agency. We made a survey and asked the women about the holidays. We wanted to know what they thought about new holidays, if they celebrated them and if the new festivals were important for building relationships with a foreign man. More than 80 percent answered that they celebrated Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Days. More than 70 percent of ladies think that knowing traditions and customs would help them to understand the life of her future husband, to know more about culture and traditions. It’s possible to say, that holidays bridge the gap. However, the most popular new holiday in Russia and Ukraine is Halloween.

How do people celebrate Halloween in Russia and Ukraine

Thirty years ago it was difficult to find a person who not only celebrated Halloween but knew enough about it. In the 1990s it was possible to get some knowledge from movies but at first, it was an unusual holiday. At first, people were puzzled and curious about Halloween, why this festival was considered being funny, why children wore mysterious costumes. Time passed and people got additional information, knew Halloween history and origin and at last, they accepted it. Slowly but surely people started to celebrate it.

How Halloween is celebrated in Russia and Ukraine? Of course, the holiday is rather new but people have already had some special traditions and customs. The festival is extremely popular among children, teenagers, and young people. A lot of nightclubs, cafes and entertainment centers put up decorations and invite guests for the Halloween parties. The costume and proper make up is a must. There are different contests for the best costume or the scariest makeup, it’s big fun. Children like these parties, teenagers, and young people love them. Halloween gives a great opportunity to meet with friends, to have fun, to dance, to relax, and to get positive emotions. If you’d like to go out, Halloween party is a great occasion.

What women think about Halloween

Everything depends on age. Younger women prefer to celebrate it. They organize parties with costumes and decorations or go to the nightclubs wearing bright costumes. The older women said that this festival was very popular among their children so the children brought this tradition and introduced this holiday to their mothers. The survey showed that Halloween is very popular and is celebrated by the women of different age and their children in Russia and Ukraine. You will be surprised but girls, who would like to marry a man from another country, try to know a lot about traditions, customs, and history before deciding to start serious relationships. Ladies prefer to feel the country, to visit it and to get as much information as possible. Is it the principal? No doubt, the answer is obvious and clear. Why is it so useful? A lot of women say that it answers the question if they will be able to live in the country. Knowing traditions, customs, and holidays, of course, helps women to understand if they like the country or not. At the same time, they admit that music and art make it possible to understand people and their way of life.

Halloween is extremely popular not only in America. This holiday is fully integrated into Ukrainian and Russian societies. It brings not only entertainment but provides interaction and communication between countries. There are a lot of things like Halloween that join people’s hearts and make it easier to build the bridge. Let’s look for things that join us but not share.

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