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Best ways to successfully approach a beautiful woman

04 Dec 2018

Our wedding agency UaDreams has been working in Ukraine more than 10 years, and we could summarize all typical mistakes of men who want to approach a Ukrainian woman.

They frequently choose not proper time, place or the main manner of starting a conversation. We also asked women - how do they like to be approached. So, let us introduce you several practical advices how to approach a beautiful women, especially if she is from Ukraine.

No need to be nervous

Don’t be nervous – that’s the clue. A lot of men do such a mistake – they starting to be nervous before opening the bar’s door. Women could easily understand that a man got rattled because of only an idea to start small talk with her. Nobody loves losers, so, you should decide whether you could manage your fear of starting a conversation. You need to be calm and patient, be chill and relaxed - it’s not a job interview or an exam for obtaining a diploma. Ask yourself – how to approach a woman in a bar. An answer is as easy as possible – ask her about her drink, is it good or not. It’s natural to ask something like this in a bar, after it you could start a little dialog on her preferences on alcohol in general, or on cocktail card in the bar. Be creative and flexible in such a conversation.

Do on time

Time is money, so, we could paraphrase it and say – time is your way to success. Before you start a small talk, you need to observe the woman that you liked. May be she is in a hurry, walking down the street and being nervous about business meeting. She could be busy and texting or calling to a colleague or a family member on an urgent situation. Have you ever tried to approach a woman in a gym while she is doing her exercises? If no, don’t even start in such a case, it’s a bad idea. You should find relaxed and calm woman, that’s the clue for starting a successful dialogue.

Don't push her

There is no need to start talking like it is the last chance, and you have nowhere else to go. An excessive pressure or inadequate behavior will lead a man to collapse for sure. Don’t be annoying, Ukrainian women don’t like it. Ask her if you could buy her another glass of drink, or say that you need her help in a difficult exercise in a gym. Be polite and respectful. Say her something neutral like “Could I ask you for a dance?” or “Maybe we could drink a cup of coffee elsewhere?” or “How do you find an idea to go out this week with me?”

Failure is also a practice

You should get it by heart – failure is also a good practice. Every time you get a rejection, you became more experienced and resistant to failures in the future. Her “no” isn’t always “no” for you, so, don’t think that you couldn’t approach a woman after couple of “No”. Ukrainian woman could be nervous about her divorce or new project; she could be tired after a long working day, or you could even look like her school enemy or nasty neighbor. Don’t overthink it and don’t ask her for a second chance. Be polite to the end, say: “So, you said “No”, it’s ok. I want you to know that you look so amazing, so I’ve decided to try. Have a good day!” She will appreciate your compliment.

Leave a chance for another meeting

A man should be able to appreciate someone else's time. In addition, you should not lay out all the "trumps", leave you a chance to be interesting for her on your next meeting. So, after her “Yes” on your suggestion to spend time together – take a pause. If you are on a party, give an opportunity to speak with other guests. If you are in a gym – don’t follow her till the end of her program, it could lead to the opposite effect. Feel the moment and leave her your telephone number for texting after the event. Ukrainian woman will be grateful for your diplomacy and respect to her privacy, because it’s inherent part of her identity.

So, as you see, you need to follow very simple advices for approaching woman in Ukraine. Remember, that Ukrainian women opener and friendlier that other woman from post-Soviet countries. Therefore, we highly recommend you to find an opportunity and come to Ukraine. Our wedding agency UaDreams could help you in organizing of your visit to Ukraine in any time and any big city. You could easy approach a beautiful Ukrainian woman and who knows, perhaps, such a small talk could be the start of something big.

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