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Frequently Asked Questions About Scam By Potential Members Of Dating Sites

31 Aug 2017

Dating faq for members of dating sitesDating FAQ.

It is really important to feel the support and assistance of dating website where you registered. Today there are many cases of dating scam and other risks which both men and women may face. In order to feel safer, it is important to ask questions and get necessary information.

A trustworthy dating website should have FAQ section which contains the most popular questions and detailed answers on them. FAQ section shows that dating website takes care of its members, and take measures to provide them with comfort, safety and security. It causes more trust from members’ side as well. For example, UaDreams.com as a big Ukrainian dating site offers a big FAQ section which may help members regarding various questions.

Scam Victims

09 Mar 2016

Scam tricks storiesSpeaking about scam, we should say that not men are the easiest victims of online con artists. Statistical numbers state that females is the most vulnerable part of social media and dating web-sites users. It is hard to imagine to what extremes they are ready to go in their hope to become closer to their virtual «knights in shining armour». One should not call them naive or stupid but sometimes love makes all of us blind, so it is better to stay informed before starting your online dating activities. The biggest dating web-sites also have their own ways of protecting their customers. It is our hope that some real life stories published in this article are going to raise alertness of the dating web-sites users and will help them to avoid some familiar scammers' traps.

Why dating in UaDreams is safe?

22 Jan 2016

Date safely on UaDreams!One of the main issues in online acquaintances and dating is fear of meeting a swindler and becoming a victim of a scam scheme. UaDreams is a big multidivisional marriage agency with a long history of success in uniting international couples, so it is a vital part of the company's work policy to ensure each male's and female's safety in their everyday online interaction and communication. Lean some basic tips on the agency's anti-scam policy and the main principles of Anti-Scam Department activity in protecting members from being scammed.

Uadreams follows anti-scam program

14 Jan 2016

Anti-scam programm from UaDreams for safe datingInternet offers numerous possibilities for fraudulent manipulations and online dating business is not an exception.

Both men and women might suffer significant financial losses and moral abuse from unscrupulous con artists and pro daters when using technical means to find new acquaintances and develop trusting relationships with complete strangers, so some major match-making and marriage companies made it their goal to warn their clients about scamming techniques and help them protect their wallets and personal information.

UaDreams agency offers its 10 years work experience in a strictly followed Anti-Scam program altogether with a well-developed procedure of reporting information of scam or scamming intentions to a special Anti-Scam Department aimed at performing a thorough and unbiased investigation of each related case and situation.

Warning about internet dating scams

13 Jan 2016

Police is warning about dating scamsThe following information is essential for anyone who pursues relationships on dating web-sites and social media. Cybercrimes and dating fraud becomes far and wide occurrence nowadays.

You need to know how to evade a fate of a con artist's victim and protect your confidential information in order not to be taken advantage of. UaDreams agency pays a lot of attention to prevent any possible scam instances and protect its members from any harm and abuse.

One of the most effective ways of protection people from being targeted by internet dating scams is familiarization of the agency's members with ways of learning how to identify a fraudster among those who are honetly looking for a beloved person online.