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What to present for Valentine's day to a Ukrainian or Russian girl in 2020?

13 Feb 2020

Meet a real Goddes this Valentine’s  dayWould you like to impress your woman and to give her an unusual and creative present? Are you puzzled about what to choose? Here are some very helpful pieces of advice. We surveyed the ladies in our agency and they told us what they would prefer to get for the holiday. Here are the best Valentine’s Day gifts ideas, you’ll find out what women dream about and what will make them happy. Tell her about your love and share your feeling. If you don’t know what to say, find for her a great present and let it speak instead of you. Our deeds always worth one thousand words and believe the lady will appreciate your attention and your best Valentine’s present.

Become her hero on International Women's Day!

02 Mar 2018

It's her time! March, 8 is a day when men from all over the world show admiration to their dear mothers, sisters, girlfriends, daughters and female colleagues. They thank women for their love and care, beauty and warm smiles. International Women's Day is a great day when everybody gives women flowers. Men say their women how proud they are of them and how much they love them. It is so great to be a part of this celebration! Think about women who are around you and let them smile suprising them on this wonderful day!

Celebrate your love!

13 Feb 2018

Happy Valentine's day 2018!Valentine's Day is about being together, but what if you still have no girlfriend? Celebrate the holiday of Love with UaDreams! Spend it communicating with our fabulous ladies, fill your heart with warmth and joy! We will show you a lot of ways how to make your Valentine's Day unique and send original and impressive wishes to the ladies you like. You can even organize a little festive dinner with your lady in video chat. You can read romantic poems and see her wonderful eyes. You can ask her what romantic wishes she has and tell her about your dreams. Isn't it a nice idea?

Get ready for Your Day of Love!

06 Feb 2018

Valentine's dating tipsGet ready for Your Day of Love! The most romantic holiday ever is coming soon! Each Ukrainian lady is waiting for it so much. That's why St. Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to make new acquaintances with girls or to make next steps in your relationship, if you have one. It is so easy to win a heart of a lady on St. Valentine's Day! Show her your attention when she is really waiting for it. Be close to her, invite her to chat to celebrate this romantic holiday together. Make her a small surprise to make her smile. Believe, your darling will be so thankful to you! Her shining eyes and warm smile will lift your spirits!

♥ Tatianas and students have their special day!

24 Jan 2018

Tatianas and students selebrate their holidayThe big part of the world celebrates such holiday as Students Day on 17th of November. However, citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus also celebrate this holiday on 25th of January on Tatiana Day. This historically formed tradition came from the year 1755 when the Moscow University was formed. The edict about it was signed on Tatiana Day. Since that time St. Tatiana is considered as a saint patron of students.

If your Ukrainian lady is still a student or her name is Tatiana, on 25th of January you have a great possibility to create a wonderful holiday for both. You have one more chance to express your care and attention to your lady and no doubts, she will be impressed that you pay attention on traditions of her culture.

Even if your lady is not a student any more and her name is not Tatyana, you still have a possibility to create some pleasant moments for you and her. In letter or video chat it is possible to share with each other memories about student life. As both you and your lady are from different countries and cultures, it may be interesting for both to know more about student years of each other.