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Tag: scam protection

Why You Meet So Many Wrong People

07 May 2016

Wrong people. Wrong love storiesDo you know how many lonely people are there in the world? In order to just imagine this number approximately, we suggest you to think about those people you know personally. And what are the chances for a person to find a perfect match in his own city, country, continent? Modern Internet technologies offer and excellent opportunity for people in their search of a company, partners, friends and even love.

Big distances and language barriers are no longer such a big problem, the main task is not to loose the chance, not to scroll down away from the profile of someone who is meant only for you. You may read the following article to give a deeper thought to the problem of loneliness and they ways to find your personal happy ending.

UaDreams Performs New App

15 Apr 2016

UaDreams dating chat appBeing connected with your online dating partner, to finally see each other in real life motion, to text and exchange your photos is an excellent feature that was realised in a special application for Android devices. Simply download the free UaDreams video chat app from Google Play on your gadget and save your time communicating with a beloved person whenever and wherever you are.

There will be no problems with your conversation with a lady from Ukraine, as both of you will receive professional assistance of a personal interpretor, so no other barriers except for distance are going to stand between you.

Stay Tuned With 10 Apps For Dating!

22 Mar 2016

10 dating app reviewModern realities dictate their own rules for dating and meeting new people these days. It speeds our life, changes the ways and means of communication and interaction, time management is not something strange but rather a necessity. People's life is concentrated around smartphones and computers and interlinks real world with a virtual reality. Dozens and dozens of web-sites, programs and applications enter our routine and one needs a way to sort them out based on his own requirements and demands. Read those short reviews on the most popular apps for dating online and sellect the best one to use yourself.

Scam Victims

09 Mar 2016

Scam tricks storiesSpeaking about scam, we should say that not men are the easiest victims of online con artists. Statistical numbers state that females is the most vulnerable part of social media and dating web-sites users. It is hard to imagine to what extremes they are ready to go in their hope to become closer to their virtual «knights in shining armour». One should not call them naive or stupid but sometimes love makes all of us blind, so it is better to stay informed before starting your online dating activities. The biggest dating web-sites also have their own ways of protecting their customers. It is our hope that some real life stories published in this article are going to raise alertness of the dating web-sites users and will help them to avoid some familiar scammers' traps.

Virtual dating – what it really means?

19 Feb 2016

The meaning of virtual datingTechnologies transform all the aspects of our life, including the ways of matchmaking, dating and pursuing relationships. Dating websites allow people to pick out potential partners before the normal physical meeting of guys and ladies takes place, saving their time and energy, singling out like-minded matches based on their location and other key features. One of the most advantageous traits of virtual dating is an opportunity for men and women to have complete control over who they sellect and how they interact. It helps to establish a sense of familiarity prior to making a physical and emotional investment.