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What Men Want in a Russian Woman?

21 Jun 2018

Every man is different, so everyone wants something unique in his woman. Moreover, his desires depend on whether he is looking for a friend, wife or just a girl to have fun with on Saturday night. But what are foreign men looking for in Russian women and what qualities are so special for them to make them search for a bride overseas? If to believe in what the media says, it turns out that mostly foreign men love Russian women with a perfect body and a perfect face only, not paying attention to their inner traits.

However, if to look closely, one will realize that this is not so true. In the end, the perception men from abroad can not be so one-sided, so let's try to figure out what do men look for in a relationship with a woman from a Slavic country. Each man has his own special needs and motives, but there are a few points which they find lacking in their female compatriots but which are nevertheless important to all of them.

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1. Beauty. This concept is different for everyone. It does not mean that foreign men as so spoiled and only want to see a top model girl in bed beside them. For the foreign men beautiful girls are those who have slender figures, correct facial features and well-groomed appearance. For foreigners all Russian women are hot. After all, only our women do not go out of their home without makeup. So the lady should be confident and that should be enough. Men like it when their women are confident. It is easier to be around with women who are confident in their appearance and abilities, than with those who need constant self-affirmation. Western women do not take care of themselves, do not exercise, eat a lot, and the weight loss industry in the West is one of the most profitable areas of business. In Russia and Ukraine a lot of girls regularly attend the gym, the vast majority of women still walk a lot or climb stairs every day, so you can safely say that all those women are fit and in a good physical shape.

2. Youth. Foreign men over 50 are looking mostly for much younger women. Marriages with a difference in the age of 10-15 years are very popular. There's nothing wrong with that. We must mention the fact that foreigners are taking care of their health. They are engaged in sports, lead a healthy lifestyle. Foreigners do not abuse alcohol. This all helps them to look good and feel much better .

3. Femininity. It is Russian women's femininity to what foreigners are so attracted to. Western women do not pay much attention to their femininity. Rather, the opposite: they are constantly competing with men. They want to prove that they can be better on the career ladder and while rising on it higher and higher they sometimes forget that they are women trying to demonstrate that they do so well. Foreign men are tired of it. They want a normal, calm and modest woman with whom one can create a quiet family and enjoy comfort and happiness. Absolutely all men looking for a bride in Russia, want her to be feminine. This is one of the root reasons why they look to the East. Western men are looking for women in Russia who want to live with men and not compete with them, who need a man, a husband, and will not constantly threaten divorce, because they can calmly do without it.

4. Honesty and loyalty. Of course, any man really wants honesty in his woman and needs her to be loyal to him. He needs a guarantee that she won't flirt with his friend as soon as he leaves the room. Therefore, it seems obvious that foreign men look for loyalty and reliability in a Russian wife. They need someone who will be with them to the end, no matter what. Looking at the number of separations and divorces due to infidelity, it is not surprising that this quality is so highly valued in women.

5. Care. Foreign men are most fond of women who take care of them and make some effort to show them their care and attention. Small attentions, such as a freshly-pressed shirt, play a big role in family life. Men like it when their girlfriend or wife pays attention to them, noticing minor details, and takes care of his needs. But, at the same time, they like to have their own personal space, so women should refrain from being overzealous. Girls with a cheerful disposition and a positive outlook on life are always attractive to men. Good disposition, kindness, honesty, care, decency, faithfulness, lovingness, gentleness, affection, friendly attitude - these qualities of character are present in each of Russian ladies - to some extent, depending on mood, level of fatigue and nerves. With a decent, faithful and loving husband it is easy for them to be kind and affectionate. Caring for her husband and family is in the blood of Russian and Ukrainian women.

6. Love. This is a dream of every man. Respect, trust, patience. It never goes away. Foreigners are able to feel deeply. They want to be truly loved. Fortunately, it's not hard to love them. Foreign husbands cherish their wives, remain faithful and love them. They are not late in the evenings, and hurry home to their loved ones. How could you not love them?

7. Intelligence and education. Foreign men admire smart women who are ready to talk on different topics with them. Relations with such women will never be boring. The mind is one of the most popular features that attract men in women. If a woman has something to tell, she can attract a man. The Western concept of an educated person means having at least a secondary school education. If the Russian woman received a graduate degree - it gives her weight in the eyes of a foreign man, if she has a postgraduate degree or two higher educations - then such a lady is a very well-educated person and a way to earn some extra points too.

In general, foreign men are looking for women that are sincere, friendly, cheerful, with whom it is interesting to spend time together. They do not have such a choice of women as spoiled men in Russia who have already forgotten how to take their women seriously. Foreigners trust, love, appreciate and cherish true feelings. They do not try to change their wives, they give them freedom to make their Russian wife feel comfortable with them. Kind, honest, caring, decent, faithful, loving, gentle, affectionate, friendly – these qualities are present in each Russian and Ukrainian lady to some extent.

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