She might be the one waiting for your congratulations on this special day!

Is your lady a Student or her name is Tatiana or Tania, or maybe Tatyana, Tanya? Do you tenderly call her Tanyusha, Tanichka, Tatjana, Tanyushka, Taniushka? So you should know she is having a holiday soon!

The 25th of January in Ukraine is a great holiday for all students and also for ladies with name Tatiana.

In 1755 on the day of St. Tatiana the Empress signed "The decree on establishment of the first university in Moscow". Since then this day is considered to be the student's holiday and St.Tatiana is the patroness of all the students. And this day is an official scholar's day.

Despite the holiday has quite old history, its traditions are still alive. A lot of significant events, historic figures and patron saints are connected with the name Tatiana so far. It is a unique and special name which is considered to be very important for more than two centuries.

Do you know that we have 57 Tatianas and 71 students among the ladies registered on our site?!

Tatiana #1468 Tatyana #1490 Daria #1609 Tanechka #1694 Tatiana #1832 Tanya #1908
Tatiana #1913 Liza #1923 Tatiana #1973 Tatiana #2103 Tatyana #2108 Tatyana #2109
Tatyana #2187 Anna #2282 Tatiana #2354 Julie #2371 Tatiana #2386 Tatiana #2419
Alina #2438 Tatiana #2451 Kseniya #2459 Vika #2460 Tatyana #2618 Victoria #2642
Tatiana #2651 Tatyana #2682 Katrine #5924 Olga #6365 Tanya #6400 Irishka #6408

Do you know Lady Tatyana? If not, for sure you should know the lady, who in the past was or currently is a student. Don't miss this opportunity and greet your beloved Lady. It will be a pleasure for her to realise that this holiday is known not only in Russia and Ukraine, but somewhere in the opposite side of the world.

We congratulate all our students and all the beautiful Tatianas!

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Personalizing the Christmas greetings was great!

I want to tell everyone at the agency that your Christmas celebrations and announcements on the website to everyone was very special imaginative and appreciated. Even personalizing the Christmas greetings was great, at it took energy to put it all together. So thanks again for the holiday wishes and a very nice job to make the season very bright!

Please pass my thanks to all and to see you in 2013!

Thomas G. / USARead more interesting testimonials on our site
30 December 2012