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Summer outdoor pool
Hot days, warm air and sizzling sun. On hot summer days everyone wants to dive into cool water somewhere outdoors. Weekend subscription (for two days) to a swimming pool in the open air will save your lady from hot weather.
Most Popular
Box of Chocolates
Box of finest Ukrainian chocolates will always be the best sweet present. These truffles are absolutely divine for sweet teeth. Let your lady try these chocolate morsels!
Flowers & Box of Chocolate
A bouquet of flowers is a romantic addition to the gift of delicious chocolate! Surprise your lady and make her smiling for a day!

Age verification for alcohol products: we check the birth date 18+ in passport before delivering the order to the recipient.

Pricing & availability: all pricing and product availability are subject to change. Product may be substituted for the same kind and quality at any time. According to the member's or the lady's request, the product can be substituted to another one and/or the Gift certificate.

Gifts Delivery:Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and introduced quarantine, we are forced to temporarily cancel Office Delivery retaining only Home Delivery Service. This temporary measure ensures that our Ladies are safe and secure staying at their homes. We do appreciate your understanding and support.

Delivery time is 3-5 business days. In case the special delivery term is required, please contact our friendly members' service.