How to stay happy in a long distance love affair

We all have heard many times how difficult it is to maintain a happy love relationship over a long distance? Yes, such relationships offer more life challenges than normal ones. They require constant attention from both partners. Our website has been working on the dating market for many years and we were happy to witness how hundreds of beautiful love stories of Ukrainian girls and men from all over the world arose and flourished. Many of them ended in marriage, started as a simple online dating. We know that among our members there are a lot of people who are open to online romance contacts, which means for sure there are those who will possibly meet the love of all life, where only one, but painful problem is between you and your loved one thousands of kilometers away.

Tips how to stay happy in a long distance relationship

Obviously, people who started a relationship at a long distance aren’t enough together. And it’s likely that you’re losing touch with each other so that love can get rid of itself. You guys can sometimes think that such relationships are doomed to fail, but experts of UaDreams don't agree with this and offer you a set of tips on how to maintain happy relationship over a long distance.

Some words about trust, personal boundaries and emotional connection.

It is clear that in love relationships at a long distance, the development of the personality and individuality of the partners nothing prevents, which is undoubtedly a positive feature. But don’t let this phenomenon go too far, otherwise at some point your roads may diverge. And don’t try to “control” your girlfriend (for example, in the evening / morning she didn’t answer the video call or didn’t write right away and you are already in a panic “she is deceiving or no longer loves me”). Don’t rush into negative!

The most stupid and harmful thing you can do is to take offense or arrange an interrogation. Mutual trust and the “presumption of innocence” in a relationship over a long distance will deepen your love and keep your nerves. And it is also important to create certain rituals that are romantic, tender or funny to maintain the feeling “we are together”.

Modern technology helps to communicate.

Communicate with your beloved girl as often as possible: by phone, video chat, emails. Try to share with each other not only important news, but also talk about the little things, as if you are very close. Challenge the distance and try doing things together. Think that lovers who live next to each other spend most of their time not on talking, but on some kind of joint pastime. And at a distance it is also possible, for example, watch the same program or film at the same time, sing the same song in karaoke or read the same book. UaDreams, for example, has the option "to take part in preparing your girl for a photo session" (you can watch it online) or see how she learns English. You’ll then be fun to discuss this in the chat.

Don’t postpone live date with your beloved long.

Relationships over a long distance can’t develop harmoniously and remain happy, if you communicate only by video chat or letters. Use any convenient opportunity to arrange a date live. We’re ready to help our members with flights, arranging romantic dates with beautiful Ukrainian lady you like, organizing tours in Ukraine. Plan regular visits (the dating experts are advised to meet at least once every three months) and strictly adhere to the plan. Only a clear mutual agreement about the time of live dates will help you keep your long distance relationship happy.

Make sure you are the only one.

No wonder they say that love is blind. Sometimes being in an online long distance relationship with a beautiful girl you may not be the only one but one of the many guys chatting on a dating site with the same lady. To avoid such trouble, use only good quality dating sites. Starting a romantic online chat on UaDreams, you can’t be afraid that you will fall for the bait of deceivers. Our member profiles security policy and thorough check of girls profiles prevent such a situation.

Why don’t you give a cute gift?

If you’re in a relationship at a long distance and want to express your love and tenderness, give your loved one some personal trinket that she can carry and touch it at a difficult moment and feel your warmth. Such cute things give feelings of happiness and make your girlfriend think of you. Members of the dating site UaDreams have the opportunity to give a girl flowers or a nice gift from thousands of kilometers away; you just can use our special service. Do not forget about the important dates for the girl, but rather make yourself a reminder.

Do not overdo it!

Of course, being in a relationship at a distance you miss each other. But this does not mean that you have to hang out in the chat all day or constantly write messages. Let your chat conversations be short but filled with tenderness and love. But letters can be long and detailed (let her see that you take her seriously).

Discuss the future together with your partner.

Relationships at a distance require perspectives, otherwise, sooner or later, one of you will seriously ask yourself whether or not to continue this love affair. Ideally, both of you should discuss that sooner or later you’ll be together (get engaged / marry). And best of all, if you assign the exact date. You both need to know where you are going, in the name of what you’re experiencing all this difficulties of a long distance. If you are confident in your love relationship then fearlessly transfer it to a new stage.

As you can see, there is nothing terrible about love in the distance. The main thing is to remember of supporting a sense of openness, affection, emotional connection. And you shouldn’t forget that such a relationship can’t remain unchanged for many years, and it is better sooner than later you have to decide to become a family or leave if something doesn’t work for you. We wish you good luck in your romantic long distance relationship and let it be your stepping stone to a happy marriage!